Nisan 20, 2021

Library Surprise

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***This story is purely fiction. It was written at the request of a dear reader who was off in a remote part of the world… He likes blow jobs, large breasts and super shiny black hair pulled into a bun…xo K, enjoy :)***

It was an old library, about to be closed down for renovations , an echoy palace of knowledge with mahogany stacks and marble floors. . The lights were dimed by the crusty dust of a hundred years. Tarps flapped like bored pirate sails over the gaping hole where the atrium used to be.

Ravi sat alone bunkered behind piles of books, studying for the bar. He’d been studying a long long time and was the only person in this part of the building. It was very late at night. The library could have closed for the evening for all he knew. He didn’t care. He had to pass this time. He’d tried twice now. He’d put himself through so much stress over this that his hair had prematurely grayed. His sink caught more follicles each morning when he combed his hair. Ravi hadn’t had a girlfriend since his freshman year of college and at 29, he remained a virgin. His family felt sorry for him, but they were also proud of his dedication to his studies.

Ravi looked up from the illegal bahis giant law book he was studying. His eyes were so very tired, he wondered if he’d go blind before he passed the exam. It was dark outside. He gazed around the empty room to give his eyes a break. The silence was broken by the light click- clack of high healed shoes on the floor.

He scanned the room for the source and then he saw her. High heals, tight knee length pencil skirt, glasses. Her shiny black hair seemed plastered to her head. It was long and pinned in a bun, flawlessly, to the back of her neck. Her suit jacket was open – she most likely could never have buttoned it. Beneath it protruded the magnificent breasts he had ever seen. They pushed the fabric of her scoop neck top to limits not to be believed.

She grabbed a book off of the shelf and shuffled over to his table. She plopped her self down in a chair across form him with a huff and franticly riffled though the book. He simply stared at her. The fervor with which she truned the pages made quite a lot of noise. She felt his gaze and looked up at him.

“You want to fuck my tits, don’t you?” she said abruptly.

“Ummmm” he stammered, shocked illegal bahis siteleri at her forward frankness. There was a stirring in his jeans that said yes but he could only gape and stare in reply.

She got up, knelt on the table facing him, chest out knees open. “You wanna fuck my tits, don’t you, student boy!” She hissed, ripping open her shirt revealing her bra incased breasts. The top and jacket fell onto the table behind her as she arched her back, removed her bra and tossed it onto the book he’s been reading.

The breasts before him were absolutely humongous. They were full and heavy looking with big areolas and gumdrop nipples. His penis was knocking the table. She leaned forward like a cat, monster tits hanging in his face. “You want to fuck my tits don’t you law boy?” she hissed, planning a kiss upon his lips.

She lay down upon the table, pinching her nipples, slapping her breasts around, “oh!” she said. “Take out you cock and fuck my tits, baby!” she writhed around on the table enjoying the feelings she gave her self. She had some lotion in her bag and squirted it all over her chest before she put one of her own nipples into her moth and sucked at it while canlı bahis siteleri her other hand got to her pussy under the skirt. From this, she started to cum.

He couldn’t contain himself any longer. He jumped up, tore off his jeans and jumped up on the table saying, “I’m going to fuck your tits lady!” and slapped his hardened 8 inches across her nipples. He grabbed both massive mams and smashed them around his cock – o-o-o-o-oh! He shuddered. The soft tit flesh around him felt exquisite. He pinched the nipples between his knuckles and held hard onto the breasts. He thrust between them like a train trying to get somewhere.

When his cockhead peaked out of the top, she licked it, took it into her mouth. He was fucking her tits and her mouth at the same time. She reached under him and toyed with his balls at the same time. He grunted and swooned, pounding his meat harder and harder into her tits and mouth. She loved it, moaning in pleasure, keeping one hand inside her hot wet pussy.

“UUUUUUUUNNNNNNH” he grunted coming hard and fast down her throat. She gulped it down like a milkshake, coming as she swallowed.

When he finished his final spurt and lay back onto the table, she rolled over and kissed him, whispering ‘”Happy birthday, baby. Hope you do well on your exams. Love mom and dad.” Then she got up and walked out of the library topless, hair still shiny and perfect, pulled back in that flawless bun….

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