Şubat 17, 2021

Lexi Ch. 01

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Hi my name is Alexis, but you can call me Lexi, everyone does. I am 28 years old, I live in Miami, in a very trendy neighborhood. I am 5’6″, I have long auburn hair down to my waist, my eyes are hazel, I weigh about 125lbs and wear a size 8, my breast are 32D. I have always known I am beautiful, I consider myself quite lucky I do not have anything about myself that I would change, I am perfect!

I have always had a very healthy sexual appetite, I am comfortable with who I am and I love erotic playtime or an unforgettable fantasy. I am very adventurous, and this is the reason I am starting this journal of my escapades. The things that I am writing about may be true, or may be fantasy. I will be writing about past, present, and future. I have had a very fulfilling sex life and I wouldn’t want anyone to miss any part of it. We will keep it simple, I will start this first entry as Lexi, Chapter 1, the next will be Lexi, Chapter 2, and so on. I am willing to try anything a few times, so I may have stories in multiple categories. I hope you enjoy the read as much as I enjoy writing it. All persons in this story are 18 years old or older.

I decided the best place to start is at the beginning…

The summer changed who I was, I was a good student and was excited to be home for the first time since I started college. My best friend Ann was staying with my family for the summer. Ann was tall 5’11” she was about 175lbs. She was of Brazilian descent, she had very dark brown hair that was long and mousey, her eyes were dark brown as well. She could have been beautiful, but she had thick untamed eyebrows, almost a uni-brow. She was not shapely, she looked like she didn’t have any curves at all.

Ann and I were attending different colleges, and we hadn’t seen each other much since we started school. We were not kids anymore, and I enjoyed having my privacy, she had always slept in my room when she would visit. I had really begun to explore myself sexually and having her spend the summer break at my family’s home made it almost impossible to discover new pleasures.

At this point, I masturbated at least once a day. If it was rounded and would fit in my pussy, I would try it. Some of my favorites were a cologne bottle, the handle of my hairbrush, and the handle of a screw driver. I had tried everything though, my fingers, the curling iron, a frozen popsicle, ice cubes, polish sausage, and various kitchen utensils. I could not wait to have something real inside of me for the first time. Even though I was a young adult my parents were overprotective and I never really had the privacy or casino şirketleri opportunity to experiment with the opposite sex.

My mom and dad went out for the day and Ann and I decided to go snoop through their bedroom. While we rummaged through their closet we found a stack of dirty magazines stuffed in the back under some boxes. They weren’t cutesy Playboy, they were hardcore, like the ones you buy at truck stops. In high school Ann and I wrote dirty stories and sold them to the boys at school for 5 bucks each. We decided we should study these magazines, they might give us ideas and new content for our stories, this could have been a lucrative business. Can you image what college boys would pay for them?

We laid on our stomachs, on the floor in my parents bedroom, next to each other. I grabbed the first magazine off the top of the pile of about 20. The cover had a picture of a woman with her huge tits squeezed together by her arms, her hard nipples seemed bigger than life. They were huge, half dollar sized, and dark brown. I had an ample bosom, Ann however was flat chested. I took a deep breath as we opened the magazine on the floor between us.

The photo’s showed more flesh than I had ever seen before, and I am sure more than Ann had seen before too. Each picture was very graphic, I could feel myself becoming very aroused. The centerfold was a colored woman with very long red fingernails. She was laying on her back with her left arm holding her enormous boobs up around her chin and she had her legs spread wide open. It was all pink inside, this was the first time I had seen between a woman’s legs besides my own. I would use a mirror to watch myself masturbate as often as possible. She had 3 of her fingers deep inside her pink snatch. We studied the picture for a moment to long, and I realized we were both staring at it. I quickly turned to the next page.

Finally a story, some reading material. I read the story aloud, it was about a man and a woman who went on a picnic. They got naked, had sex in the park, and then the man rewarded his lover with a golden shower. While I was reading, Ann scooted her boyish body closer and closer to me. I thought she was reading along with me. Once I was finished reading the story I turned to look at Ann, she was breathing heavy. I started to ask her if she was alright. I was laying more on my side now, she leaned over and kissed me, actually pushing me over onto my back. She was laying on the floor next to me but her chest and stomach were on top of mine.

She was a good kisser, I didn’t think she had ever kissed anyone before. But then casino firmaları again neither had I. We laid right there on the floor in my mom and dad’s bedroom kissing. The way she kissed, and caressed me felt really good, I wanted more. I was so nervous though, I couldn’t stop thinking that we were going to get caught. Just as I was going to tell her to stop, because my parents could be home anytime. She started to slide her hand under my shirt. I never had anyone make me feel like this before. I could feel how swollen my pussy was, it ached. I could feel how wet my cotton panties were.

She touched my stomach and it sent tingles through my body. She continued up and pulled my underwire bra up and over my breast, freeing them for her to see and touch. She caressed my firm tits first with her hand, and then licked my nipples and sucked on them gently, her tongue and mouth were warm and wet. This was amazing, I had played with my own nipples before and even sucked on them but it did not feel like this. My cunt ached so bad now that I was rocking my pelvis, and rubbing my pussy on her leg through our clothes. She then turned her movement downwards. She slid her hand between my stomach and my panties, I know she could feel how wet I was. She moved my panties to the side and rubbed between my pussy lips with her fingertip.

She was still kissing and sucking my nipples, I unbuttoned and unzipped my pants. I lifted my ass up off the floor and slid my panties and jeans off. She immediately pushed my thighs apart and looked lustfully at what was between my legs. She used one hand to spread open my lips and the other to touch around my opening. I was very wet, I could hear a swishing sound as she touched me. She then put one finger inside my virgin pussy and slid it in and out very slow. She started licking from my hot spot to her finger inside me. I was rubbing my own breast and squeezing my nipples, I slid a hand down to my crotch and started to massage my nub in a circular motion. I cummed within a minute or two. She loved it, she was moaning as much as I was.

When I was done she wanted me to do to her, what she had just done to me. I wasn’t really interested in doing that, but how could I say no, this was already an awkward situation. I told her we had to go to my bedroom though, my parents would be home anytime. She went to the bedroom while I put the magazines away and went to the bathroom to clean up and put my clothes back on. Ann was rushing me the whole time, yelling from the bedroom to hurry up.

I walked into the bedroom to see her naked except for her cotton, white ankle socks, and güvenilir casino some jewelry she wore. I was really not in the mood, I had already gotten off and I was exhausted. I think Ann knew I wasn’t into it. She was laying in the middle of my bed, with her legs spread wide open and she had her hands between her legs holding her pussy lips apart. She was moving her hips towards me, I could see how excited she was. She begged me to just touch her pussy so she could cum too. I obliged and leaned over the edge of the bed. Her pussy was gleaming it was so wet. I started licking her cunt, from top to bottom, but I was focusing mostly on her clit, that is what always got me off quick. She asked me to put my finger inside of her virgin twat. I rubbed around the opening, it was so slippery. I slid my index finger inside of her but it would only go into the knuckle.

I was starting to feel nauseous, her juice was so thick and had a peculiar odor. I had to stop lapping it up, and move my head away. I was holding her lips open with my left hand and I removed my finger on the right hand from her pussy. My finger was really wet, so I started massaging her clit with it. She started to arch her back and opened her legs even wider, I knew she was almost there. She started begging me to put something in her cunt. I used the thumb on my left hand to continue to massage her sensitive spot, and I grabbed my trusty cologne bottle from the headboard. I put it between her legs and rubbed the tip of the long neck on the bottle around her almost spasming opening. I didn’t want to hurt her, I was pretty sure she had never had anything inside of her before.

She started yelling, “Just put it in me”. And I did just that, I put the top of the bottle in her hole and pushed slow but constantly. Pulling it out almost all the way and pushing it back in until I could go no further. I starting rubbing her nub faster with the thumb on my left hand, after a few seconds the bottle slid in past where it had previously stopped. Ann started to moan and thrash around. Finally, I was so glad it was over and just in time. I laid down next to Ann, to take a well deserved nap when my mom and dad got home. She was already asleep so I just threw the blanket over her still naked bottom half.

Even though I did not want to have Ann the way she had me, it was a life changing experience. She was a natural at eating pussy, I have never really been attracted to women. In some strange way that act changed who I was. I am glad that Ann and I shared that afternoon together, she was my first and I was hers.

We never spoke about this again, but remained close friends for many years. This was my very first sexual encounter with another person. This was only the beginning of the summer, I was determined to experience as much as possible over the next few weeks.

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