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Lessons from My School Teacher – August 14 1981

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Lessons from My School Teacher – August 14 1981
My name is Kevin, I am 6’1′ and very handsome,olive skin,curly hair,aged 18 This title itself will give you some idea about this real life incident which happened in my life

It happened when I was just 18 years old. At that time I was in 12th Standard. And this was my first affair, that too with my Teacher. Now I would like to tell you about my teacher. Her name was Julie. At that time she was 26 years old. White in color with good shaped Boobs. But she doesn’t have any c***dren

I was studying tuition there since the 8th standard. I don’t have any intention to have her on the bed. Honestly speaking even I don’t have the intention to see her boobs or curves. This happened just 4 or 5 months before my exams. It happened on one evening. I was very poor in Maths. Even I would say I would be the first mark on all other subjects. But still she compelled me to take the Maths group on my 12th standard. Whenever I am doing Maths she would call me just near to her. Normally she wore a saree at the time of taking tuition. Very rarely she was in Nighty.

On that day she received the tuition fees from other student, and she searched the place to keep the money, because of she was wearing a Nighty, she opened the upper zip and try to keep it in her bra. But on that day she wasn’t wearing one. Then she kept it on other side which is available nearby to her. But she forget to close the zip, which she opened before. At that time I have shown my note to her for correction. Since I have committed a blunder in the maths problem, she bends towards me to teach the problem. She was just watching my notebook. But I was very keen on watching the boobs, which were very clearly visible to me, up to the portion of nipple.
Almost all the time I spent only to watch the same. That was made me in compulsion to see her boob and curves in all the days. From that day I started watching her structure, how that was made. Even I would think of her in night, whether God has done some homework before he invented her. She had such a beautiful figure.
Because of some illness to me I was not able to attend the tuition for 4 days before the Diwali Festival. Normally we would celebrate the Diwali in our native place of one village. But since it was my last year of School and the exam were going on, it was important for me not to attend the festival this time and also I was unable to attended the tuition for 4 days, so my father and mother decided to leave me at my aunt’s place for attending the tuition. I went there a day before Diwali. When I am entered my teacher’s house for tuition she came out and asked me why I was absent for 4 days. And I said all the things that happened with me in those 4 days.
Then she said me that I should sit at her house and study for my exams. And asked me where you will take lunch. I told her that I am staying with my Aunty. Then I studied güvenilir bahis there for 1 hour and was watching her, how she is cleaning her house. I asked her of any help she require from my side. And she admitted me to help her. During that time I got several chances to touch her and get the vibration from her body. In one of such job we both wanted to change the place of one table from one place to other. . In that process she slipped and fell down with me. At that time I just fell down with her and my face was exactly on her boobs. I could not recover my self from that position, she lying on my hand. Then my tuition got over. And she told me to come in the evening around 4.30 PM and told me that she will take me to a class, which I have not attended due to my leave. I came there on time, but I was a bit confused, because she was packing the luggage. She asked me to wait 1 hour. After that she is free at around 6.00 PM. Then she called me and said I am bit tired and I will take the class in my bedroom. I said no problem. At that time she was wearing a Rose color Saree with same color Blouse. It was transparent to show the Black Bra. Normally she will tie her saree below Naval. She called me. I am just following her by seeing her back, which is very good to see. Then she asked me to take the Zoology Book. The Chapter she is going to teach is “Human Reproductive Organs”.

She told me “If you are strong in this chapter you not only secure 22 marks from this chapter but also you able to be good husband to your wife”. You can ask me any question without any hesitation because this is a very important chapter from study part and your life part. I kept silent and was watching her lip movements. Then she asked me that “Do you have any relation ship with any of girls or ladies before”. Suddenly I said “no”. Then she asked whether you are having any experience of seeing XXX Movies. I said cleverly “I don’t know what is XXX”. Then she laughed and said, “Have you seen any sex movies”. I said yes. She asked “what kind of movie was it?”. I said “some bond movie”. Is it a BF category movie? No madam it was ordinary one. Then she laughed and said you have seen only XX movies not XXX ones. Then she asked me “what are the reproductive organs”. I said cocks of gents and pussies of ladies. Then she asked me how does the reproductive process is organized. I said by inserting the cock into the vagina and by delivering the semen from the cock inside the pussy. Then she asked me how the semen would come out from the cock. I said “I don’t know”. Then she asked me what all the sexual organs are. I asked is there is any difference in the reproductive organs and sexual organs. She said “Yes”. I said “I don’t know”. Then she explained, all the parts of human which is attracted by others are sexual organs.
For example ladies are concerned with their Eyes, Lips, Boobs, ass, buttock, lap, etc. türkçe bahis for gents Lips, Arms, Chest Hairs, Lap, etc. These all come in the range of sexual organs. She asked “You have not answered me that how will the juice come out from Penis”. I said, “It won’t come automatically”. Then she said the juice would come for both. That will come because of over excitement. I asked how the gents would get excited. She said by kissing, by seeing the boobs& curves, etc. I said I don’t understand. She explained when the person is kissing other person who is lady, and then automatically the both get excited. I kept my face a little confused in manner. Then she said would you like trying that with me. I laughed and kept quite. Then she said “No problem try once”. And she taught me how to kiss a lady. First, have an eye contact and then try to bring her face in your palm and slowly kiss her. I did just the same. I first touched her face and brought her face very near to me and slowly I brought my lip towards her lips and placed my lips on her lips very slowly. And after some minutes I pressed her lips though my lips. Only after few minutes I opened my lips and try to open her lips. First she didn’t co-operate but then she very slowly opened her lips and allowed my tongue to go inside her mouth and try to get her saliva. After some time she did the same with her tongue. I have done the same process at least for 15 minutes and she disabled her self from me. And asked me how you are feeling now. I said with shy I was excited like anything. Then I asked her “what about you madam”. She said very casually little bit excited. Then I asked her “What I have to do to make the lady fully excited”. She said the lip kissing is only the starting. After that you have do some other things like squeezing the boobs, sucking the boobs, sucking the pussy. And I listen to her quietly. She asked “would you like to do it with me”. I slowly said “Yes madam”. She showed the green signal for me to do whatever she wanted.

Then once again I brought her face towards me and kissed her lips. But this time more vigorously. As I was still kissing her cheeks I tried to place my hands on her boobs. Exactly the same way as I was told by her, then I squeezed her boobs very well and stripped her down and opened her blouse. I have come to the front side and kept my lips on her boobs with bra on it and sucked them. But that was not enough for me and I have opened her bra. Now my loving boobs were in front of me to suck. I just forced her towards bed and started sucking her boobs directly while my one hand was squeezing the other boob. I have become mad while sucking those hot boobs. And now I have come to the bottom. Her red panty was already wet. I smelled the panty and sucked the same from outside. Then I tried to remove her panty. But she pulled me from bottom and she started removing my shirt and pant and my under-garments güvenilir bahis siteleri in no time. She was wondered by seeing my 8″ cock in front of her. She just showed some hesitation to touch it. I signaled her that do what ever you wanted. She kept it in her mouth directly. And try to take the cum. At the same time I was in a bit hurry to see her pussy. So I kept my cock in her mouth and turned down to suck her pussy. Then I removed her panty and was very excited to see that her pussy . She has made it ready for me to suck. I sucked the outside juice. For the first time I was going the open the lips of the pussy. I opened the lips and saw the rose color. I kept my lips inside her pussy. Due to over excitement the juice was coming-out very frequently. I don’t want to waste any of those. I have taken all the juice in my mouth. And she asked to me to give the milk juice on her mouth
Then I started playing in out play with her mouth and loaded all the milk in her mouth. Then she called me to come up. Then we shared the milk, which is available on her mouth by kissing each other. Then she asked me to continue the sucking job, which I had stopped. I started sucking her very vigorously. She started shouting “fuck me now Kevin”. Then I came to know that this is right time to go for the climax. Then I went upwards and started kissing her lips and squeezing her boobs. I asked her to keep her legs broader in V shape. She just showed the way in which I have to proceed with my cock. She kept her two fingers as gateway person for sending my cock inside. I just placed my cock in front of her pussy lips and just pushed it inside. Because of over juice my cock doesn’t find any problem in going inside. But still her pussy was showing the stiffness in having my cock inside. Then I started jerking my penis in & out. She shouted ” make it fast”. I made it fast. Then she shouted in pain. But I don’t bothered and made it faster. The show was beautiful to see the dancing of her boobs. Then I exploded my large volume of cum inside her tight pussy and the same was done. Then I have taken my breath back but she was breathing very hardly. And I was making myself disabled from her body and laid next to her. After some time back she started kissing me. Now the time was 8.30 pm. She asked me that can you stay with me. I said I have only one problem to stay with you. The problem is that I have to inform my Aunty. Then she took the phone and dialed my aunt’s phone number and told her “for some reasons I will keep Kevin with me”. My aunty also accepted it. Then she asked me what you would like to take for dinner. I said I already finished my dinner and you have served me very well. She kept quite. And we had our dinner nude. After dinner we had a combined bath and the full night we were very busy in having sex with each other. We had sex on all the 4 days.

I love sex and would love to explore it more. Those who wish could give me more are fully welcomed to contact. The identity will not be disclosed under any circumstances. If you liked my sexual excitement/experience with Juile my teacher Thinking of this experience itself makes me horny.

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