Şubat 17, 2021

Lesbian Lust

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My friend Julie had been having problems with her boyfriend Mark, he had been going out a lot with the boys, drinking, seeing strippers and basically making Julie feel like she meant little to him. He would go out to the local strip club, and come home demanding sex from her.

One night she called me up, it was quite late, I could tell she had been crying, she said that Mark had come home from one of his nights out and she had got all dressed in her sexy lingerie for him, seeing as he liked the strippers, Julie thought he would appreciate her more if she dressed like one.. But, when he got home and saw her, all he did was abuse her. He slapped her face and told her she was a whore, and then he walked out on her.

So, she called me, asking me to go over.. So I did… When I walked in to her house, she was still crying, I grabbed her and hugged her, told her everything will be ok.

She started telling me more about how Mark treated her, I was so mad at him, she said he calls her ugly, and she is far from ugly… She stood before me and said, I am ugly see, look at me, I said, No, you are not ugly, you are beautiful in so many ways and again, I hugged her.

She rested her head on my shoulder and sobbed, I could see her breasts sitting against me, she has large round breasts that look so smooth and white, I tried to ignore the feeling that seeing them gave me, but suddenly, I felt her hand on my left breast, I didn’t push her away, she then looked up at me, and our eyes met.

I felt strange, but I wanted her so bad. Our lips met, and we kissed the longest kiss, her long dark hair fell over her shoulders beautifully. She moved her head away from mine, she said that she was sorry for kissing me, I put my hand on her face, moving her hair away and told her it was ok. I didn’t mind at all, I told her that I didn’t want her to do anything she didn’t want to do but if she wanted to, she could do anything.

She kissed me again, very passionately, she grabbed my left hand and placed it on her right breast, I could feel her hard nipple poking through her lace bra, I rubbed my thumb over it, and she gave a little moan, she fondled at my breasts again and was happy that I wasn’t wearing a bra, I had left my house in such a hurry to help her, I didn’t have time to dress properly, I was only wearing a loose shirt, and some loose beach shorts, and no under clothes at all. Julie lifted my shirt and lowered her head to my breasts; she kissed each of them gently, flicking her tongue over my now very hard nipples, one after the other.

We were in her bedroom, I could see the back of her in the reflection of the full length mirror behind her, she looked so beautiful, her long dark hair draped down her back, the shear gown she was wearing over her white skin looked sexy, she had the most gorgeous casino şirketleri light pink bra and g-string set on with white stockings and a white suspender belt, she had an amazing body. As she sucked my nipple, I removed the gown she was wearing, she looked up at my face, I kissed her, and touched her breasts, all that was going through my head was, Mark has mistreated her, I want to please her, even if for one night, I wanted to show her how beautiful she was.

I unclipped her bra, and let it fall to the floor, her breasts fell a little to rest against her skin, I held them in both hands, and one after the other, I sucked her nipples, she touched mine as I sucked hers, all I wanted now was to taste her.

I lay her gently on her bed, I lay beside her, kissing her neck, as I touched her breasts, I ran my hand down the smoothness of her very hot body, as I got closer to her pussy, I felt her leg press against me, she had spread her legs a little for me, I ran my middle finger over the lining of her g-string, she moaned softly then she said, touch me, I pushed her panties to one side, and stroked her pussy lips, I said to her, spread your legs for me baby and she moaned and did as I asked.. My middle finger glided softly over her clit, it was hard, from her clit, I let my fingers slide down to her pussy hole, she was so wet, I pushed my finger in to her, as I kissed and sucked her nipples, she moaned louder, she raised her hand to touch my breasts, but I pushed it away, and told her to just lay back.

She rested her head on a pillow, and I kept moving my finger from her clit, to inside her pussy, I kissed her mouth, then her neck, and made my way down her body.

As I made my way down, I could smell the sweetness of her pussy, I wanted to taste her so bad.

She lifted her hips as I removed her panties, she opened her legs wide, I lowered my head to meet her pussy lips, and I flicked my tongue over her erect clit. Her moaning grew louder as my tongue slid over her skin, tasting her juices as I tongue fucked her, she tasted so good, she was lying on her back, legs wide apart, I was lying between her legs, I reached up with my right hand to pinch her nipples as I sucked and licked her sweet pussy, and with my left hand, I inserted my fingers inside her, one finger at first, then a second one, her hips swayed a little, and her pussy was so tight around my fingers. I sucked her clit harder and nibbled it gently, she said, I’m gonna cum, then, give me more, with that, I pushed in another finger, and pressed in hard all three fingers, she moaned so loud, her clit was so hard under my tongue, I wanted to taste her cum, I licked her clit hard, and fingered her pussy, her hips started to raise, her pussy got tighter, then her body started to tremble, she held her breathe, then let out casino firmaları an exasperated moan as she come to a climax, my thumb pressed her clit, and I licked the sweet juices from her hole, she kept moaning and wriggling, her climax had ended. I couldn’t believe how good she tasted, I wanted more.

She lay there catching her breath, I lay beside her, touching her nipples gently, they were sensitive and still hard.

Julie looked at me, and smiled, she leaned toward me, and kissed me, her hands stroked my body, but all I wanted was to keep touching her, she pushed my hand away when I tried to touch her, she lay me on my back, and pushed her hand down my shorts, then told me to get undressed, as I did, she leaned over the side of the bed and pulled out an 8 inch vibrator, she told me to lay down once I was naked, and I did.

We kissed some more and she ran the vibrator between my breasts and down to my pussy, I grabbed it from her, pushed her on to her back and told her I wasn’t finished with her yet, she smiled again, I slid the vibrator between her wet pussy lips, and slid it inside her, she opened her legs so wide. She said she wanted to touch me as I fucked her, so, I moved myself so my head was level with her knees and her head was level with my knees, she was on her back and I was mainly on my side but leaning back, I could see her pussy beautifully open for me to fuck her with the vibrator, she ran her hand up my leg to meet my now throbbing clit, I was so wet, she fingered my hot cunt as I fucked her, we both were moaning, watching the vibrator slide in and out of her, I had to taste her again, I told her just that, she said, no, I want to taste you.

She got to her knees and was about to lick my pussy when I moved my head between her legs, she was facing my feet and I told her to stay where she was, so she got comfortable straddling my face, the vibrator was next to me on the bed, she grabbed it as she wiggled on my face, my tongue was deep inside her.

As she sat on my face she leaned forward to access my pussy, the vibrator was switched on high, she placed it between my pussy lips, it vibrated loudly over my clit, it felt so good. I opened my legs wide for her, my tongue pushed deep inside her, I was loving it.

She leaned over more until we were in 69 position, her tongue ran over my clit, and she pushed the vibrator inside me, I held her hips tight and pulled her pussy down hard on to my face as she sucked my clit and fucked me, the vibrator felt good on high buzzing around inside my wet hole, her pussy was getting wetter for me, her juices were dripping into my mouth, I wanted to orgasm, she could feel I was about to cum, so she pushed the vibrator in harder, and with my clit between her teeth, she bit gently as she sucked it. She fucked me so hard with the güvenilir casino vibrator it felt so good. She quickly moved her left hand to my left nipple, squeezing hard, she sucked my clit and fucked me as my body shook in to an explosive orgasm, it was uncontrollable, my juices spurted from my body as I cum, it was fantastic.

Julie pulled the vibrator from my pussy, and licked my hole, licking up all my juices, I pulled her back and sat her up, she moved a little so she was resting her weight on her feet as she straddled my face, then she got to her knees, I reached out to grab her hand, and guided it to her clit, basically instructing her to play with her clit as I tongue fucked her some more.

She wiggled some more with my tongue inside her, thrusting her hips forward a little, she wanted to watch my face as I licked her out, and she also wanted me to have a close up of her fingering her clit, so she turned around, leaning back a little.

I could see a close up of her fingering herself, fuck she looked hot, then she lowered herself on to my face again, my long tongue pushed up inside her again, she leaned back and rubbed her clit, her big breasts bouncing gently as she rode my face.

I reached up for her nipples with my right hand, and held her hip with my left, I pinched her left nipple, she was moaning and she looked beautiful as she looked in my eyes as I licked her juices from her, she threw her head back and she got wetter very quickly, I knew she was about to orgasm again, my tongue thrashed around inside her, she pinched her clit, and she started to shake, she spurted her sweet juices in to my mouth as she cum hard, she went to move off my face, but with both hands I held her there, she kept playing with her clit and I kept tongue fucking her, I wanted to drink her juices, I wanted her to finish her orgasm on my face, she moaned so loud as she came.

When she was finished, she lay beside me, and looked in my eyes and said, thank you. I asked her why she said that, and her reply was that she hadn’t felt that beautiful and wanted in a long time.

I kissed her again, and then after a little while we got up, I asked her if I could have a quick shower, she said that was ok, so I made my way to the bathroom, I got in the shower, and then Julie came in with me, we washed each other sensually, it was so nice, we fingered each other in the shower, and she sucked on my nipples, very quickly she brought me to orgasm again.

Her fingers felt great inside me and she sucked my nipples perfectly, I fingered her harder as I cum, and she again was brought to climax as well, we both come together in a breathless moan, then when we had both cum again, we continued washing each other, then finally got out of the shower. I left her house not long after.

She rang a few days later, to say thank you for a great night, and invited me over, Mark had gone out with the boys again and she wanted to make it our night, so from then on, up until they broke up 5 months later, when Mark went out, Julie and I had our own fun.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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