Nisan 22, 2021

Laurie Ch. 03

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The salt-and-peppered haired man read the text on his phone again. ‘The door is unlocked, just come in when you get here.’ Happiness tinged with nervousness filled his thoughts. With a smile on his face he opened the door to his truck and stepped out of the blazer. Laurie had invited him over for dinner for their third date. She swore she was a good cook and laughed that only her kids had ever complained about her cooking. Dinner only though, she had emphasized, no sleeping over.

Laurie’s house sat at the end of a cul-de-sac and was as easy to find as she had indicated. Luckily her car was in the drive, he didn’t need the embarrassment of walking into the wrong house. With a soft knock he pushed the door open and stepped into a medium sized living room. The entryway to the kitchen was to his left with a hallway that led deeper into the house to his right. “Hello? Anyone home? I’m here,” he called into the emptiness.

A muffled voice from the hallway to his right answered him. “I’m still getting ready. Come on back.”

Walking down the hall he went through the only open door and found himself in a room with a queen sized bed surrounded by two end tables, but no Laurie. “Are you sure? This room is empty.”

“In here Shane, the door to your left.”

Walking through the door he stopped abruptly. He had expected her to be brushing her hair or putting the finishing touches on her outfit for the night. Instead she lay submerged to her neck in steaming water with the shower curtain pulled far enough to cover everything but her head and a bit of her shoulders.

“Laurie, I don’t think this qualifies as getting ready. This looks like a relaxing end of the night soak,” he said sitting down on the closed lid of the toilet.

Laurie splashed a bit of water in his direction. “So sue me,” she replied with a laugh, “It’s been a very long day and a long hot bath sounded really good. You won’t starve. Most of the food is ready to go. Just have to heat up the sauce and boil the noodles.”

“Sauce and noodles huh. Sooo spaghetti?”

“Yeah, you said pasta was one of your favorites so we are having that with a salad. I picked up a bottle of wine too.”

Shane crossed his legs and leaned against the back of the toilet. “Alright. I’ll just wait here until you ready,” he said craning his neck to see past the edge of the shower curtain.

One of Laurie’s eyebrow’s raised, “Oh you think so do you? Good thing I got rid of that see through curtain I had then.”

Shane rolled his eyes, “Whatever, it’s not like I’ve not seen it all already anyway.” His hand snaked out quickly and pulled the curtain back revealing her full nakedness. Her hard nipples stood at attention as her full breasts crested the water. The image blazed across his mind as her right hand shot up to cover them while her left went between her legs.

“Hey now!! No peeking at the goods before dinner!”

Shane sighed and kept looking at her, the desire plain on his face.

Laurie laughed, “What’s that sigh for? Pouting because I covered up everything?”

His reply was soft, barely above a whisper. “No, I’m just constantly amazed at how great you look. I love seeing every part of you, from your toes to your ears. It’s all beautiful.”

“Shut up!!” she yelled splashing him again, “I don’t believe a word of that.”

Shane slid from the toilet to the floor on his knees and leaned in closer. “You should,” he replied before kissing her soft lips in a passion filled kiss. Their tongues intertwining around one another over and over. Her right hand rose from her breasts and rested upon the back of his head, pulling him to her. His own hand slipped into the water around her waist and slowly slid up and down softly against her ribs.

After what seemed an eternity she pulled away. “You are such amazing kisser, I can’t believe you’ve not done it more.” Her finger tips caressed her lips, remembering the feel of his lips on hers.

A sad smile crossed his face. “Me either. I guess I was just saving them all for you.” He pulled his hand through the water across her midsection and out of the tub. Picking up the towel from the vanity he dried his hands off. Next he pulled his phone out of his pocket and launched the camera app. “I want a pic of you. You look too amazing not to immortalize.”

Her hands instantly went back to her chest and between her legs. “I Don’t Think So!” she said emphasizing each word.

“You can leave your hands like that if you want, its more of a sexy tease that way anyway. Please?”

“Fine. But I get to see it and if I don’t like anything about it you have to delete it.”

“Deal.” Leaning back he framed her entire body into display of his phone. “Move your right hand down your chest a little. Your nipple is showing under your arm just a little.” Her arm moved slightly. “Perfect. Now move your left arm up and closer to you. I want your tattoo in the shot.” The tattoo he referred to was on her rib cage. A dandelion shedding its seeds that transformed into the names of her two kids that then bahis firmaları became two birds flying away. The phone made a shutter sound as he pushed the button. Turning the screen around he showed it to her for approval.

“Ugh gross,” she replied, “I don’t know why you want to see that or think it’s beautiful.”

“It’s not gross. It’s amazing. I love looking at your body. The eyes, the nose, the lips, the breasts. Your large nipples when they are hard, your hips,” he smiled, “That bare place between the hips… I could go on and on. YOU just need to accept that your the hottest forty-year old hottie I know,” he said getting up and sitting on the toilet once again.

Laurie shook her head. “I’ll never believe your lies. Now shoo,” she waved him towards the door, “If you want to eat soon I need to finish my shower.” The curtain closed with a flick of her wrist. From behind the curtain came the sound of the drain being released and the water emptying down the drain.

Shane got on his knees again and with quick flick of his own wrist he snapped the curtain back open. Laurie stood frozen in mid motion of pushing the shower button and just stared at him. He reached out his arms and wrapped them around her in a hug.

“Stop. You’ll get wet dummy!”

Shane stopped her body just before her wet thighs touched his shirt and he laid his head against her belly. “That’s okay. I wanted a quick hug before you cast me from the room.” He tugged her closer and she lost her footing. Quickly she managed to regain her balance by placing her left foot on the rim of the tub. The action ended up putting her bare pussy right in his face though. “Sorry,” she said, a little red in the face.

“I’m not,” he replied while moving his right hand under her leg so it rested on her firm backside. With his hand pushing her closer to him, he leaned in and placed his lips onto her bare pussy. First he laid small kisses to the left of her quickly swelling lips, then he kissed the right side. Finally he left a long kiss right on the middle of her bareness. His tongue snaking out to leave long wet licks in its wake.

Laurie let out a soft moan, “If you start that you better finish it.”

“I plan on it,” he replied between the kisses. His lips pressed against her slit again, tasting her own wetness that was quickly replacing the drying water. His tongue darted inside to taste her more fully. His right hand kneaded and squeezed both cheeks of her ass, pulling them slightly apart, his fingers lightly teasing against her back entrance as his tongue invaded her aching pussy repeatedly.

Laurie placed her hands on his head for balance and ran her fingers through the short hair. Every time his tongue touched her clit her fingers intertwined his hair tighter, urging him on. His tongue moved across her like a viper, striking all her sensitive spots. He licked her skin faster until his tongue dodged out of the way to allow his finger to slip inside. It moved in and out of her as his other hand rubbed her from behind. She gasped loudly as two fingers slid inside, one from each direction. The shock shook her entire body as both fingers wiggled deeper into each of her holes. In no time both were in, three knuckles deep.

Without pausing he leaned in and kissed her clit and ran his tongue all around it as his fingers continued to slide in and out. With a final suck of her clit into his mouth he pulled away and let his fingers slide out, both ends reluctant to give up their grip on him.

Laurie breathed hard, she had almost came right then, but he had removed his fingers. “Why did you stop? I was almost there.”

“I have a better idea for finishing you off. Lay back down.” Turning the water back on he took the shower head from its latch on the wall and turned the sprayer on. Laurie sat back down in the middle of the tub with her knees up in front of her and watched him. His hands twisted the grey circle around the head with all the icons of the different styles of spray until he picked one he liked. Holding out his arm he let the water spray him as he adjusted the temperature. “Perfect, you ready?” he asked turning to face her.

“Ready for what? You going to wash my hair for me?”

A mischievous grin crossed his face. “Oh no. You’ll see. Lay down.”

Laurie gave him a wary look but did as he asked. Her toes touched the end of the tub near the drain and she leaned against the back slope. “Like this?”

Shane shook his head, “No, scoot on down a bit. Lay on your back, with your head flat on the floor. Lift your legs so your feet are up the wall.”?

“What? That sounds weird.”

“Just do it. Have I led you astray yet?”?She frowned. “No, I guess not.” Placing her hands beneath her she raised her hips and scooted her backside down the tub until she could lay back without her head being raised. Awkwardly she raised her legs until her feet rested against the tile wall. “Like this?”

“Perfect.” Taking the shower head in his left hand he used his right hand to push her legs open. The spray of water hit her pussy kaçak iddaa without warning, sending a rush of ecstasy throughout her body. Her breath caught in her throat, the impact of the water stream had surprised her in its intensity. The shock quickly turned to immense pleasure as he moved the stream up and down her slit. A million tiny fingers is what she imagined, all with one purpose in mind, to make her cum.

His right hand left her leg, she no longer needed the encouragement to keep her legs wide. They had a mind of their own and opened even wider. Her right foot still rested against the wall, but her left had lifted into the air and moved back closer to her body and opened up as the first tingles of the spray had hit her. With her eyes closed she moaned, her hands had found their way to her nipples and she squeezed each one over and over, pulling the hard nubs far from her body and letting them bounce back against her as she released them.

Shane watched the pleasure as it spread out across her face. Her moans came faster and deeper as he moved the shower head up and down, allowing the stream to cover her entire pussy. Slowly he moved his right hand to the shower head, hoping she hadn’t noticed. With a twist he moved the ring over one slot to powerspray. All the exterior holes closed and redirected the water to the middle nozzle in one full hard spray.

Laurie’s body jerked involuntarily. The force of the water took her by complete surprise. Her pussy was already super sensitive from everything he had already done and the water just sent her over the edge. Her hips bucked hard into the air, her foot pressing against the wall as she arched her back. She felt the hard spray of water follow her every motion.

Shane had grabbed her leg as soon as her first spasm erupted to help hold her in place. With his left hand he held the shower head as close to her as he could to keep up the constant stream of water into her swollen pussy.

“Oh God!!” she screamed. Her hands grabbed the sides of the tub with a hard smack as she arched her back one last time. Her orgasm ripped from her body in one last convulsive shutter before she lay back down on the floor of the tub. Her feet slid down the wall to come to rest inside the tub, her knees up. Her breasts heaved up and down tantalizingly with each deep breath she took. Her nipples were hard erect points that stood a full inch from her body.

“Wow. That was… That was amazing,” she finally managed to get out between deep breaths. “I’ve never felt anything that intense. What made you decide to grab that?”

Shane turned the water off, replacing the shower head back on the wall he asked, “You’ve never tried that before?” Laurie shook her head. “I just assumed all girls had at one point if they had a shower with a detachable head.”

“Never crossed my mind. I foresee a lot of use in the future though,” she laughed and held her hands up to him. “Help me up.”

Shane took her hands in his and pulled her to her feet. She placed a quick kiss on his cheek. “Now seriously get out of here and let me finish my shower if you want to eat anytime soon.”

“Yes ma’am,” he replied backing up through the doorway.

Fifteen minutes later Laurie walked into the living room. She had expected to find Shane sitting on the couch, yet the room was empty. The sound of dinner plates being placed on her kitchen table came from the doorway to her right. A shocked expression crossed her face as she entered the kitchen. He stood with his back to the door in front of the stove. He was stirring the boiling noodles. With a look to the table she saw he had already put the salad out and all the silverware.

“You are full of surprises,” she said to his back, “I thought I was the one making dinner for you tonight.”

“You were busy,” he replied over his shoulder, “Besides, you had most of it done. I only put the salad out and boiled the noodles. No biggie.”

Laurie walked over to help him finish the noodles and sauce. Once both were done cooking they carried the food to the table together. Shane pulled one of the chairs out for her as he gave her a quick visual inspection. Her feet were bare and a pair of denim shorts that came halfway down her thighs with a black t-shirt was all she wore.

Sitting down in the chair she smiled up at him, “Thank you, kind sir.”

Shane stepped over to the other side of the table and took his own seat. “You’re welcome. This looks really good.”

Laurie filled the small plates with salad while Shane spooned spaghetti on to both of their bigger plates. “Oh the wine!” Laurie said suddenly, “Totally forgot about that.” She stood and walked to the cupboard. After opening one of the doors she took out two glasses. Grabbing the bottle by the slender neck she walked back to the table. Filling their two glasses she took her seat again.

Thirty minutes passed quickly as they ate. Both felt like they had just sat down to eat, yet all the plates were empty and the bottle of wine stood half empty. Time had flown by as they talked about kaçak bahis their day and plans for the rest of the weekend. A long pause came between them and Laurie picked up the half empty bottle along with her glass. “Let’s go sit on the back porch. It’s nice out tonight. I don’t want to stay cooped up in here all evening.”

“Sounds good to me. Let me put these in the sink quick before we go out.” Shane stood and grabbed the dirty plates. Walking over to the faucet he placed them in a neat stack in the bottom of the sink and ran some water over them. Laurie placed the bottle of wine back on the table to watch him with a smile. It was the small things that mattered and he was doing all the right ones.

Shane walked back over to her and held out his hand. She took it in hers and stood up. Picking the bottle back up she handed it to him before grabbing both their glasses and led him out the back door.

A wooden deck that was fifteen feet by twenty feet extended out from the door. A four-person hot tub pressed against the house to their right with a patio table and chairs to their left. Leading him over to the table she placed the glasses down and turned back to the house. Opening the door she snaked her hand inside to flip a switch, the lights dimmed to fifty percent of their brightness and cast a warm glow across the entire deck but reached no further than the slatted wall that surrounded it.

Laurie sat down in one of the chairs and motioned for him to sit in the one across from her. Shane pulled out the chair and sat down. Laurie promptly put her feet into his lap and leaned back in her chair with a smug smile. “I thought you’d make a good foot rest.”

Shane frowned at her. “You’re so funny. Let’s see how funny you are when I do this.” He grabbed her foot with his left hand and started running the fingertips of his right hand up and down the sole of her bare foot.

Instantly her legs began to jerk back and forth as she tried to loosen his grip. “No! I’m very ticklish!” she exclaimed through bit of laughter as she slumped down in the chair slightly.

“What? Keep going? Alright.” His finger swiped up and down her foot two more times before he released both and held up his hands in the air to signal he was done.

Laurie glared at him, placing her hands on the ams of the chair she pulled herself back up to a sitting position. With a bit more force than needed she put her feet back in his lap, the left foot sliding between his legs.

Shane flinched and jerked back a bit. “Careful with the goods.”

“What? Keep going? Alright,” she replied back to him in a playful voice while twisting her foot gently between his legs.

Shane relaxed at the softer touch and spread his legs open for her. Softly she ran her toes over the quickly forming bulge in his jeans. Her brow raised a bit as she watched it getting bigger. “I’m amazed how quick you get hard. It’s like your a twenty-year old.”

He smiled. “I’ve always said I don’t feel my age. It also helps that there is a hottie sitting across from me.” Even in the dim light he could make out her blush.

“Maybe,” she said softly. Louder she added, “Or your just a male that always has sex on his mind.”?”That too. But coming from a female who always has sex on her mind you don’t really have much room to talk.”

“Well that’s your fault,” she replied. “Wanna get in the hot tub? I’m ready to relax.”?

Shane shook his head. “No suit. You never mentioned having a hot tub.”?

“You have boxers on,” she said with a shrug, “Same thing.” She stood and unbuttoned her shorts, a shimmy of her hips had them falling to the deck floor. Grasping the bottom of her shirt she lifted it up and over her head. She now stood before him wearing a white two-piece bikini covered in red polka dots. The halter style high-waisted bottoms came up to her belly button with the top easily containing her full breasts. “Like? I picked it up just the other day.”?

Shane nodded, “Yes. You look good.” He took all of her in as she turned back and forth once to show off. “Hey,” he pointed to her right side, “You have a new tattoo.” Across her rib cage were three skinny and black, ancient looking arrows with the points facing forward. “Those look pretty cool. When did you get those?”

She twisted and looked at her tattoo. “Beginning of the week. You like?”

“Yes. I wanna go next time you get one.”

She smiled, “You got it. Maybe I’ll talk you into one also,” she replied and turned from him. His eyes followed her as she walked over to the hot tub. Fiddling with the controls she bent over to engage the bubbles. Her backside swayed back and forth in front of him, the suit cupped and emphasized her ass perfectly. Fumbling with his laces he untied his shoes quickly and removed them along with his socks. Standing up he grasped the bottom of his shirt and lifted.

Laurie had moved next to him without a sound, placing her hands on his waist she had his belt and pants undone as his head popped out of his shirt. Peeling the zipper apart she tugged his pants down to his ankles. Holding on to her shoulders for balance he stepped out of them and kicked them to the side. With a smirk Laurie turned from him and climbed into the hot water. “What are you waiting on? Get in here.”

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