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Lauren’s First

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Note: All sexual relations in this story occur between characters who are 18 or older.


Screech! Screech!

The sound of chalk on the blackboard echoed through the classroom. Mr. Hanson refused to update his teaching methods in the face of advancing technology, and so integrals and derivatives spread out on the blackboard in a white cacophony of noise. The room was silent, as benefitted a last period AP Calculus class. Most of the students stared at the board. Some scribbled notes on sheets of paper, attempting to keep up with the material. Others, resigned to their fates, simply stared dully at the board.

Lauren stared out of the window across the athletic fields and sighed inwardly. The outlook for the soccer match was not appearing good. Dark clouds were moving across the sky and the wind was picking up. The old oak tree behind the soccer goal was shivering in the breeze. It had been a long winter and even now in mid-April, spring was slow in coming. The snow had only just melted from the fields after canceling the first five games of the season, and Lauren was ready to play.


The school bell interrupted the screeching of chalk, signaling the end of the day at Wilson High School. Jolted from her weather contemplation, Lauren swiftly shoved her pencil and notebook into her backpack and swung it onto her shoulders. Time to play some soccer! She grabbed her sports bag and headed to the front of the school. Out in front the rest of the girls soccer team was congregating, waiting for the bus to arrive that would take them across town to the soccer game against their bitter rivals, Marshall High. The girls, mostly seniors like Lauren, but with several juniors mixed in, laughed and talked about the upcoming senior prom as they passed a soccer ball back and forth.

“Hey Lauren”, called Katelyn as she lofted the ball to Lauren, “Which cutie do you want to ask you to prom? I can make it happen!”. Short and athletic, with powerful thighs and surprisingly large breasts for her height, Katelyn probably could deliver on her promise. The starting defensive midfielder, Katelyn had always been one of the most popular girls in the school, especially among the boys, due in equal measures to her bubbly personality and bountiful bosom. In addition to her sunny disposition and good looks though, Katelyn was a determined individual who never took no for an answer.

Lauren blushed as she settled the ball with her substantially smaller chest and trapped it at her feet before sending a crisp pass on the ground back at Katelyn. “Katelyn! I wouldn’t want anyone to ask me to prom just to be nice to you!”.

“Oh, don’t be silly. Any boy at this school would die to go to prom with you! You’re the cutest girl at the school by a long shot.”, said Katelyn, settling the ball at her feet. “We’ll continue this conversation later, look, the bus is here! I hope this weather holds off, I want to finally play a game!”

With that, the team piled onto the school bus and headed off to the game. The bus ride itself was an uneventful twenty minutes. As Lauren sat, wedged into her seat with all of her soccer gear, her mind began to wander and she thought about what Katelyn had said earlier. There was, in fact, someone who she certainly wouldn’t mind asking her out to the prom. Paul was a star runner who would be attending the local university on a running scholarship next year. In addition to his running talents, Paul was also generally considered the hottest guy at Wilson High. His flowing blond hair, just long enough to look a little rebellious, his sharp jawline, and his sky-blue eyes would have put him in the top tier of male students, but his physique set him apart. Lauren’s breathing grew slightly heavier as she thought about his sculpted legs and surprisingly muscular arms. She imagined those azure eyes gazing into her soul as his strong lips touched hers, softly at first, then with more urgency.

“All right ladies, off the bus!!”, came the call of the coach Larson, the young, trim, physics teacher at Wilson High. “Looks like the weather’s taken a turn for the better, let’s play some soccer!”

Shaken from her reverie, Lauren disembarked from the bus, her panties a little moist. She shook her head, trying to clear lingering thoughts of Paul’s hands on her body, and looked at the sky. Just as Coach Larson had said, the weather was clearing up. Patches of sunlight peeked through the clouds and the wind was slowing. Overall, not a bad day for a game.

The game versus Marshall High was, as always, a hard-fought affair. Marshall opened the scoring late in the first half with an ugly goal off of a corner kick. Other than that, neither team threatened to score. Lauren, playing in her preferred spot on the left wing, hardly touched the ball all half long. After a brief halftime pep talk, the second half began in a similar vein as the first half. Lots of ugly tackles and pinball soccer. The ball bounced around the midfield, with neither team able güvenilir bahis to control it for any length of time or get any meaningful attacks started. Both teams could feel time running out as the second half dragged on and the attacks and counter attacks became uglier and more desperate. Isolated on the wing, Lauren felt useless, unable to impact the match at all. That was how the situation stood when the ball squirted free of the midfield and behind the Marshal high right defender.

Lauren saw her chance and the footrace was on. She flew down the sideline, gaining on the defender with every stride. But the defender had a shorter distance to run and Lauren wasn’t sure she could make it. Desperately, she reached her foot out and nudged the ball forward as the defender launched herself into a slide tackle. Lauren jumped and managed to avoid contact, her whole focus on the ball. With two strides she reached the ball and picked her head up to see only the keeper between her and the back of the net. Dribbling at a breakneck pace, Lauren reached the top of the box and picked her corner. As the keeper raced out of her net, Lauren swung her foot and connected, sending the ball curling toward goal. Lauren’s progress was suddenly halted by an abrupt meeting with the ground as a Marshall center-back slid through the back of her legs in a desperation tackle. The wind momentarily knocked out of her, Lauren stared the sky. Her view of the clouds was suddenly replaced by Katelyn’s joyful face.

“Nice goal Lauren!”, she yelled, and reached out to pull Lauren to her feet. The ball had evidently found the back of the net. Unfortunately, no more goals were to found in the few remaining minutes and the game ended in a disappointing but ultimately deserved 1-1 draw.

The girls took off their cleats and slipped into adidas sandals as they pretended to listen to Coach Larson’s postgame speech. In reality, they were all watching the boys track team warming up for their track meet at the same stadium. In particular, their eyes were drawn to the smooth stride of Paul, leading the distance runners on a lap of the track, his powerful legs churning up the track in a tireless rhythm. Coach Larson finished his talk and the girls began walking off the field to be picked up by parents. Katelyn walked up to Lauren and nudged her.

Pointing to Paul, she said, “I bet that’s the guy you want to ask you out!”

Lauren blushed and shook her head.

“Come on,” Katelyn said. “Admit that you like him. I can talk to him for you! He’s single you know, and think of how much endurance he’d have!” She winked at Lauren mischievously.

Lauren and Katelyn’s conversation was cut short; however, as five members of the boys track team plus Paul suddenly stopped running their warmup and formed a line in front of them. Paul walked in front of the line and called out, “Hey Lauren, can I talk to you?”

“Sure, Paul…What’s up?”

Paul walked up to Lauren and said, “Well, I just wanted to ask you…”

Paul stepped aside and gestured at the five runners, who suddenly lifted their shirts to reveal, written in body paint on their chests, the letters “M R O P?” . Lauren, Katelyn, and Paul stared in confusion (on the part of Lauren and Katelyn) and embarrassment (on the part of Paul). Katelyn, quicker on the uptake, burst out laughing as the boys realized their mistake and quickly rearranged themselves to spell out “P R O M?”. Lauren stood in disbelief.

“You’re asking me to prom?” stammered Lauren.

“Yes” replied Paul.

“Me?” questioned Lauren again.

“Ummm…Yes! Lauren, will you go to prom with me?” replied Paul.

“Of course, I will.” replied Lauren, glowing red.

“Awesome! Great! Wonderful! Ok, I’ll see you around then, I’ve got to get back to warming up” said Paul.

With that, Paul and the other distance runners resumed their warmups and Lauren and Katelyn headed home.

That night, Lauren looked at herself in front of the mirror and wondered what Paul saw in her. Dressed in tight sweatpants that hugged her tight ass and long legs and a hoodie emblazoned with the Wilson High logo, Lauren only saw the persistent blemish on her left cheek that had been lingering for weeks. She saw that her breasts were barely visible under her sweatshirt. Lauren reached behind her head and took out her ponytail. Her long brown hair, released from the hair band, spread out halfway down her back. Her slender face stared out of the mirror. Lauren only saw the blemish, but her brown eyes sparkled over her eminently kissable lips as she pursed them in consternation. Lauren reached down and grabbed the hem of her sweatshirt. As she lifted it over her head, first she exposed her toned core. Next to be revealed were her small, pert breasts. Finally, her shoulders and slender arms emerged from confinement and Lauren tossed the sweatshirt to the floor of her room.

She turned sideways to the mirror and thrust out her chest looking in the mirror hoping to see her boobs protruding farther türkçe bahis than she knew that they would. Frowning, she cupped one in her hand. Her boobs were small enough that she could easily fit it in one hand. Faced with the sudden chill of air and the stimulation of her hand, Lauren’s nipple hardened and her thoughts turned to Paul. Starting to gently massage her breast under her hand, Lauren moved to her bed and laid down on her back. Her breathing deepened as she turned her attention to her nipple, gently rolling it between her fingers. Her right hand began tracing a gentle path down her stomach moving in a slow, circuitous route towards the waist of her sweatpants.

Her thoughts picked up where they had been so rudely interrupted on the bus, with Paul’s lips on hers. His tongue creeping out into her mouth, her tongue darting into his. She imagined Paul gently pushing her back onto a bed and positioning himself over her, still kissing. As she ran her right hand over her body, Lauren imagined that it was Paul’s hand, and he was pulling her shirt off of her body, fumbling in his desire to see her naked breasts. Her hand, now rhythmically squeezing her nipple, was Paul’s hand, as his mouth descended upon hers again. She moved her right hand underneath her sweatpants and panties and over the warm cavern of her pussy.

Panting slightly, she let out a small gasp as she slowly pushed one finger in the tight confine. As she moved it in and out, sending waves of pleasure joining the sensations from her nipple, she imagined Paul’s body lying on top of hers, imagined feeling his hardness pressing up against her heat through their clothes as he thrust his hips down on her. Her gasps for breath grew closer together as the waves of pleasure grew closer and closer to a peak. She withdrew her right hand from her pussy and felt for her clitoris as in her mind’s eye, Paul stiffened, overcome with pleasure. With the thought of Paul’s boxers filling with cum, unable to hold back against the pleasures of her body, she came. Her orgasms consumed her as she moaned deep in her throat, eyes wide and face framed by her sweaty hair, fingers rapidly moving against her sensitive nub. As the pleasure ran its course, her breathing slowed and she let her hands rest on her boob and her crotch. Sighing deeply, Lauren came back to earth and glanced at the clock. It was time for sleep.

The next few weeks before prom flew by in a whirlwind of school, sports, and homework. Lauren scarcely had time to talk to her friends, let alone think about the rapidly approaching dance. But sooner than she had expected, prom night came around. The plan was simple: dinner at a nice Italian restaurant with several other members of the girls soccer team and their dates, followed by the prom festivities in the high school gym, followed by the post prom after party. Katelyn’s family owned a small vacation cabin on a lake just under an hour out of town, and it had been generously offered up for the after prom festivities. The plan was for it to just be a small group, just Katelyn and Bryce, her date, and Lauren and Paul.

Lauren waited anxiously in the hallway waiting for Paul to pick her up. She had chosen a long, blue prom dress which clung tightly to her chest and hips before widening out below the knees. Her long hair was done up in intricate braids around her head. She checked her face in the mirror and made last minute adjustments to her makeup. She had just finished when she heard the doorbell ring.

Paul is here, thought Laruen, with an internal squeal of excitement. Hurrying to the door, she opened it and there stood the man of her fantasies. Paul was wearing a black tuxedo which did an amazing job of highlighting his trim physique. Lauren felt a flutter in her heart as she saw him standing there.

“Wow” Paul let out an involuntary gasp. “I knew you were beautiful…but wow.”

“You like it?” asked Lauren. She did a twirl.

“I have never seen anyone look that good before in my life.” responded Paul. Despite the banal cliché-ness of his words, his tone was utterly sincere. Lauren noticed that his eyes were fixated on her and his mouth hung open slightly, and the flutter in her heart picked up steam.

“Hey, Paul, don’t we have a dinner to get to?” asked Lauren teasingly. “Or do you just want to stand here staring all night long?”.

“Oh, right, I’m sorry” replied Paul, blushing. “Here, let’s go.”

Paul extended his hand and Lauren grasped it. His grip was firm and powerful, and she felt herself grow warmer between the legs. When they reached the car, Paul started, as he suddenly remembered something.

“I almost forget! Here, I bought you flowers.” Paul reached out his other hand and presented a bouquet of flowers to Lauren, which she accepted with a smile.

“Thanks! They’re so pretty!” exclaimed Lauren.

They drove off to dinner, which went well. The food was good, and shockingly, nobody spilled anything on their nice clothes. Soon, they were off to the dance.

Entering the güvenilir bahis siteleri school through the gym doors, Lauren walked into a sea of purple light. The decorating committee had strung blue and violet Christmas lights all around the ceiling, and the gym was bathed in a purple glow. Underclassmen members of the band were performing live swing music, and the dance floor was full of couples gliding along under the lights.

“Lauren, will you dance with me?” asked Paul.

“Of course!” responded Lauren.

The two moved out on the dance floor and began swaying to the music. Neither knew how to swing dance and so there were several incidents of toes being stepped on before Paul and Lauren got in sync. Lauren felt Paul’s hand on her hip and her shoulder and felt sparks of excitement and arousal. She thought that Paul was similarly aroused as she noticed him surreptitiously adjusting his pants every time they took a break to talk or eat any of the snacks that filled the tables lining the edges of the gym. Finally, as the prom neared its end and both Paul and Lauren’s legs tired from dancing, they found Bryce and Katelyn.

“You two ready to go?” asked Katelyn.

“Yeah, how much longer are you wanting to stay?” responded Lauren.

“We’re ready to head out when you are.” said Katelyn.

With that, the four teens headed for the exit. Once out of the gym they piled into Katelyn’s car and headed for the lake house. The drive was quick with no traffic, and soon the car pulled up in front of the house. As Lauren exited the car, she could smell the pine trees and hear the sound of waves gently hitting the shore. The four entered the small house and deposited their bags in the two bedrooms. Katelyn and Bryce quickly disappeared into the room they were sharing, and soon soft moans could be heard emanating from the room.

Paul and Lauren stared at each other in an embarrassed silence.

“Want to go down by the lake?” Lauren broke the silence.

“Yes, it’s a nice night out.”

Indeed it was. As Lauren and Paul walked down the steps to the lake, they were greeted by a perfect late spring night. It was just warm enough that Lauren felt comfortable wearing only her prom dress outside. The full moon provided plenty of light to see by, and soon Paul and Lauren had made their way to the small wooden dock that jutted out into the moonlit waters. Paul and Lauren sat down on the small wooden bench that perched on the end of the dock.

“This has been the best night of high school by far.” said Paul.

“Yeah. This is nice” responded Lauren, resting her head on Paul’s shoulder. The two sat still, watching the moonlight dance on the waves. Lauren enjoyed feeling Paul next to her, but after a while she wanted something more.

“Kiss me?” she murmured, turning her face toward his.

Paul obliged. Lauren’s heart soared as his lips met hers. They kissed slowly at first, exploring the new sensations. Paul began to run his hands up and down her back, and Lauren pushed her body close to him. His hands circled, beginning to come around to the front, inching closer to her boobs. Lauren’s body burned with desire. Finally, she grabbed his hand and placed it on her boob, over her dress. She sighed, feeling his hand gently squeezing her boob.

Lauren decided to run her hand down Paul’s chest toward his crotch. She could feel his penis, hard under his dress pants. She brought her other hand around and fumbled with his belt. It was time for her to see her first penis. With the belt dealt with, she loosened the zipper and withdrew Paul’s penis. She pulled her mouth away from Paul’s so that she could see what her hands were working with. Her hands looked small against his penis. It felt firm under her hand. She began to run her hand up and down the shaft.

Paul moaned.

“You feel so good.”

His hand continued to feel her boob through her dress. Lauren decided to give Paul a little more.

“Would you like to see my boobs?” she asked coyly, continuing to stroke his penis.

“Yes! Please, yes!” came the reply. Paul’s penis twitched more vigorously to lend emphasis.


Lauren removed her hand from Paul’s penis and slipped the straps of her dress and bra over her shoulders. She paused a moment, enjoying Paul’s enchanted stare, before pushing the top of her dress down. Paul stared at her pert boobs, the nipples stiffening in the night air. Lauren put her hand back on his penis and resumed moving it up and down.

“Do you like them? They’re a little small.” she nervously asked.

“Yes! Your boobs are perfect! Just like you.”

Lauren stroked his cock more vigorously.

“Good answer.” she said. “If you want you can touch them.”

Tentatively, Paul reached out toward her pert little boobs. As his hand grasped naked boob for the first time he sighed in pleasure, then with concern.

“Oh. Uh-oh. I think I might be…”

Before Paul could finish his sentence, Lauren felt his penis pulse and expel a shot of cum. She giggled as the warm fluid landed on her forearm. Paul continued moaning as three more pulses of cum flew off, followed by some smaller dribbles. Lauren gradually slowed her stroking as Paul’s breathing calmed.

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