Nisan 21, 2021

Laura’s Sexual Awakening Ch. 01

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Big Dicks

Laura was 42 years old and had just discovered her sexuality and hunger for good sex. No, she was not a virgin at 42, she had been married for over 20 years in a loveless and almost sexless marriage. Ask Laura what she thinks about girls being virgins when they marry and she will tell you that is just what they SHOULD NOT BE! From her own experience Laura would tell you that she believes all women should have two or three sexual experiences before ever marrying. Virgins have no idea if the man they marry is a good lover or not, they have nothing to base comparisons on.

Laura had been married 14 years before ever deciding to go see a doctor to see what was wrong with her. She had spent weeks trying to find a female doctor not wanting to go to their family doctor in case her husband found out. Besides Doc Travis was a male and older than dirt, she didn’t think he would be of much help to her. She felt only a woman doctor would understand these feelings she had been fighting with for years.

Laura had an appointment with a lady doctor in another city. She was very nervous and really didn’t know how to go about trying to explain this tenseness, feeling of anxiety, feeling of…she just didn’t know what it was she was feeling. Maybe it was nothing more than depression and she had been suffering with it for years.

It took the lady doctor about 15 minutes to finally coax Laura into explaining in detail exactly how she felt and why she felt there was something wrong with her. She finally got Laura to talk about her sex life with her husband. At first Laura skirted around the questions, saying things like it’s OK, I suppose and so on. When the doctor had finally gotten it all out from her she had five words for her….YOUR HUSBAND IS A LOUSE!

“Laura there are a few men, thank God only a small percentage who are much like your husband appears to be. They find sex is a necessary evil, one that is used for procreation so must be dealt with. His always jumping right from the bed into the shower shows that he can’t wait to get the feeling of sexual contact off from him.”

Laura had tears in her eyes, she was both thankful that she now knew what she had suffered from all these years was nothing more than a high state of sexual frustration she had been feeling. Plus she was sad for all the wasted years she had spent never knowing.

“Laura normal men do not just stick their dicks into their wives when it gets hard, cum and leave immediately for the shower, I swear to you.” She had asked Laura if she masturbated.

Laura had never touched herself there other than washing herself, she had been taught that was a very naughty thing to do when younger.

The doctor gave Laura a video on masturbation when she left and told her to go rent some dirty movies and watch them.

There was no way Laura could rent a dirty movie. She lived in a small town with just one video store and everyone knew everyone. She had never been in an adult store in her life but she was going to stop at the big Purple Building she passed on the highway coming here. The Velvet Touch, adult book, movie and toy store for the sexually minded clients. She bought two videos and hurried home to see what she had been missing all these years.

The doctor had told her to make sure she watched the masturbation video first. The kids were still in school as it was still early morning and her husband was at work so she had the privacy of the house to herself for the next five hours at least.

Laura was wet before the video got to far along, she began touching herself as was shown in the video. She played with her nipples and found much to her delight that it really turned her on, she could feel a heat building and throbbing in her pussy from the attention she was giving her nipples.

She enjoyed feeling her fingers inside her pussy, but she found that rubbing her clit slowly in a circular motion was the most enjoyable feeling she had ever felt.

Then it started, the tenseness in her body, the urgency to finish. Her clit was hard and extended, she rubbed harder and faster, she was full of cream by now. Her breathing was labored and she had never felt anything so wonderful in all her life. Her climax both surprised and pleased her, she had never felt anything so good and she felt good, relaxed and eager for more.

When Laura first started watching the first video she couldn’t believe what she was seeing, yet she was turned on and getting wet again watching the couples on the screen having sex.

She watched the women giving oral sex to their male partners and had to keep rewinding the tape so she could watch it over. The men were obviously enjoying the women sucking on their cocks and Laura had an uncontrollable desire to experience that for herself.

When it got to the part of the men giving oral sex to the women Laura had a climax without touching herself. Oh my God she was thinking, I want to know what that feels like!

Two things Laura noticed when it got to the parts of bahis firmaları the men fucking the women. They fucked them in different positions, on their backs, the women on top of the man, and the women on their hands and knees while the men fucked them from behind.

But what got her attention was the length of time these men were fucking the women. In both movies, nowhere in either of them had she seen a case of the man just sticking his cock in the women and coming all within a minute, two at the most.

The more she watched the more upset Laura became, she had played with herself so much this morning while watching the tapes that her clit and pussy were sore from all the unusual and unknown attention her pussy was getting.

She couldn’t think of anything else all afternoon. The more she would think about what she had watched and experienced the madder she became. She hated her husband more than she had ever hated him for never showing her what real sexual intimacy could be between a man and a woman.

She didn’t know how she managed to go on with the rest of the day without him knowing something was wrong, but she did. She knew what she was going to do but it would have to wait till much later, after she was sure the kids were asleep.

The day went on like any other day, he came home from work, showered then left for a game of golf with his buddies. If it was winter instead of golf he would work on his old cars out in the garage. He would come home, eat dinner, shower then go to bed. It was the same thing day after day, only changing with the changing of the seasons.

After she was sure the kids were asleep, she went up to their room and woke him telling him he had to come downstairs it was important.

He was pissed she had woke him and at first told her whatever it was could wait until the morning.

She stood in the doorway of their bedroom and told him, no it can’t now come downstairs.

He came storming down the stairs but stopped dead in his tracks when he entered the living room and saw what was playing on the TV. “Just where the fuck did you get that piece of filth,” he yelled at her?

“Forget your stupid outrage and explain to me how you could let me go all these years without showing me what real sex was all about?”

All of a sudden he became calm, but she stood her ground as he approached her.

“Honey, listen to me. What your seeing is something those kind of people do to make money. Normal people don’t do those things hon. Do you have any idea how many weeks, hell months it took them to make that movie? What you think is going on for a long time has been cut and edited from months of filming to make you think it is happening all at once.”

“Forget it, I went to a doctor today and found out the truth. All these years of feeling something I didn’t know the name of only to find out it was sexual frustration!” “She is the one who told me to buy the videos to show me what a sexless louse my husband was!”

“Admit it, you don’t like sex do you, you never have, yet you married me. Just tell me why?”

He stood looking at her intently before deciding to tell her the truth, it was to late now to try to convince her of anything else anyway. ” I married you for the same reason most men get married, to make a baby or two and for you to take care of the house.”

She had nothing more to say to him, she moved out of their bedroom into the spare room that night. For the next six years they had no physical contact with each other.

Then one morning she decided she had had enough of this and left him. As soon as he left for work she packed her personal belongings and put them in the trunk of her car. She had one child still at home, she woke him and told him to gather his things she was leaving his father.

She was surprised when he said, “well gee Mom it’s about time, what took you so long to leave.”

They packed the car, and left. She took him to school, then spent the day finding a place for them to live.

Now here it was three years later after she had divorced him and she found herself attracted for the first time to someone.

She had three problems with this attraction she had for this man. First of all she was nervous, unsure of herself knowing that she would be almost like a virgin in any relationship she might have, and how was she to explain this to a man who would never believe that a woman of 42 didn’t have a clue!

Secondly, she was what she now came to know that men called women like her, a BBW. Laura had a pretty face and a long blonde hair, other than that there was nothing about her that most men found attractive. She was a larger woman, not one of the little skinny models you see gracing magazines covers that the majority of men found attractive.

Finally…. Actually there were two things about the man himself. He was drop dead handsome, he had steel gray eyes that would just melt your insides when he looked at you. Raven black hair that just gave him a more kaçak iddaa sinister appeal to go with those eyes, and a body most men would give an arm to have. He was not a body builder, he was just trim and hard in all the right places.

Last but not least he was also a good deal younger than Laura.

Mike had become a regular customer where Laura worked the third shift. She enjoyed working the night shift and over the next few months they had gotten on a first name basis.

They found that they had similar interests and both had a love for fishing. They both enjoyed blues music, classic rock and new country and they hated rap music. They were both avid X-Files fans and watched or taped the show faithfully on Friday nights, they also enjoyed bowling just for fun not in leagues.

Laura’s best friend knew of her attraction to this man. They both worked at the same place and she had gotten to see him a few times when she was just coming on duty before Laura left her shift. Sue had to admit he was a handsome devil and could understand her friends attraction to him.

Laura would be going on vacation as soon as she was off work the next day. She usually took vacation over the Fourth of July week but she had to work because they were three employees short for that week. She was looking forward to the time off, although she had no plans to do anything other than going fishing a couple of times.

Sue came over to talk to Laura before starting her shift that morning. She asked Laura if they could meet around 5 instead of six because she had to talk to her about something important tomorrow after she got out of work.

Mike had been standing there at the counter when Sue came up. They said good morning to each other and he stood aside while she talked with Laura.

“Still no plans to do anything on your vacation Laura?”

“No just hang around home and maybe do a little fishing is all.”

“Well, I’m still pissed they made you cancel your vacation, this was the first time in 10 years we did not get to go to Summerfest together.” Sue left to go punch in for work and Laura went about getting ready to end her shift.

Laura had tried to set Mike and Lori up a couple of days ago to go out with each other. Lori was a very attractive young woman around Mikes age who worked in another part of the store. Mike had been talking to her for the past couple of nights when he came in after Laura introduced them to each other.

Laura had decided she needed to think about someone other than Mike if she were to get on with her life. She had no false illusions about there ever being a snowballs chance in hell of anything happening between the two of them.

Mike had hung around waiting for her to get off work saying he had a favor to ask of her. As soon as she punched out she met him outside where he was standing talking to Lori. Laura didn’t realize just how much seeing them standing there together pulled at her heart until she saw them together.

“So what is the favor you need my friend.”

“Lori and I are going to go fishing tomorrow when we get off work and we would like you to come with us.”

Laura was about to decline the invitation when Lori said, “please Laura, we would both feel a little more at ease if you were with us?”

“You want me to chaperone the two of you, is that it?” Laura laughed but inside she was about to toss her guts up. “You two go ahead and have a good time, your adults you don’t need me around to keep an eye on you and she winked at both of them.”

Please Laura, I won’t go if you don’t come with us.”

Mike was talking to Laura now, “come on you said you were going to go fishing in the morning anyway so you might as well come with us.”

Oh my God how could she go fishing with them, and have to see the two of them together, it would kill her. Laura finally relented and said she would, praying that she would not have to witness a kiss between the two of them.

She had called Sue that night and told her about the fishing trip in the morning. She laughed and couldn’t stop laughing.

“Oh Laura you’ll never survive the day with them, girlfriend you wear your heart on your sleeve when it comes to that man. I can’t wait till we meet tomorrow and hear all about it. By the time you get back and meet me at the bar you’ll be needing a stiff drink I’m sure. I’ll have Karen fix you one up and have it waiting for ya when you get there.

In two hours she would be off work, starting her vacation and having to spend the first day of it watching the man she had fallen for spend it with another woman. Oh shit she needed a stiff drink right now.

A few minutes later Lori came over and told her quickly that she had to go home on an emergency, her little boy was sick. She asked Laura to please tell Mike she was sorry but they would have to reschedule.

“Lori don’t you have his number, can’t you call him first,” Laura asked her?

“No, we never got around to exchanging numbers,” and out the kaçak bahis door she went.

Great, this was just perfect. Laura was going to have to tell the man who had just driven 26 miles that he had made a wasted trip. Mike arrived at a quarter to 7 but Laura was to busy to talk to him till she had punched out. He was standing by the time clock waiting for her when she got there.

“Mike, Lori had to go home early, she got a call that her little boy was sick so she can’t make it. She asked me to tell you she was sorry and hoped that you two could reschedule it for another day.” Inside Laura was ecstatic that she would not have to spend the day watching them together.

“OK, so where is your car parked and I’ll put your fishing things in my truck. Look before you say anything and politely decline look at it this way. We had planned on going fishing anyway, we have all our fishing gear ready to go, and I just drove 26 miles so you don’t want me to have to drive all the way back without a mess of bluegills in my bucket do you?”

How could she refuse, he was right and she would get to spend the morning with him and just fantasize about him one last time.

They had a great time. The laughed at each others small catches, joked over who the better fisherperson was and just generally had a nice time fishing. When they got back to town later that afternoon he helped her load her things back into the trunk of her car and thanked her for spending the day with him.

She went home, took her shower and got around to go meet Sue for their weekly Friday night girl talk, have dinner, shoot a couple games of pool and have a few drinks at their favorite little bar.

Sue was good as her word and had a stiff Black Velvet and diet coke waiting for her when she got there.

“Well, you don’t look like it killed you to spend the day with them, although you are a bit sunburned girl,” she said.

When Laura told her that it was just Mike and her who had spent the day fishing she busted out laughing.

“That must have drove you more nuts than having to watch them together would have.”

“Sue when it started warming up while we were out on the lake and he started taking off his shirt I was about to have a damn heart attack.”

Just then Karen came over to tell Laura that her friend was in and he said to tell her he would be back right after he had went home to take a shower.

Sue and Laura figured it was one of the guys who they usually shot a couple of games of pool with when they were in there on Friday’s. They were just finishing up their first game of pool and Laura was about to sink the eight in when Sue said, ” well, well, well, guess who’s here?”

Before Laura could turn around to look, Mike was standing beside her putting his two quarters on the table, telling her he would shoot the winner and went to get a drink.

Laura just looked at Sue, with amazement on her face. Mike came back, she racked the balls and he preceded to whip her butt in short order.

He told them he remembered her saying how the two of them would meet every Friday here. He didn’t have anything else to do so thought he would stop by, shoot some pool with them and just hang out for a bit.

Laura had gulped that first drink down while he had went to the bar to order his first one, she was in shock at seeing him there.

He had ordered her another when he saw her glass empty and Sue ordered them all a round as well.

Two hours later, Laura was feeling pretty damn good and a little more at ease having Mike around again.

Someone had been playing the juke box and the Mavericks new song had just started, “Oh What a Thrill,” Mike pulled her to her feet and led her out onto the dance floor where there were three or four other couples dancing. He pulled Laura close and began slowly swaying to the music.

Are we moving she thought, she felt more like she was just being moved and pressed against, it was very erotic and she was getting very worked up.

Mike leaned back from her a bit and looked her in the eyes. “Laura please stop trying to set me up with other women, there is only one woman I want to be with, have wanted to be with for the past three months and she’s standing here in my arms at last.”

Laura was in shock, before she could think of a reply he leaned toward her and kissed her in a very soul seeking, deeply erotic kiss. Tongue dancing, she was on fire from his kiss. She had only dreamed about how his lips would feel pressed against hers and now she knew.

He was a fantastic kisser and Laura was giving as good as she got. He pulled her tighter into his arms, pressing against her. The kiss went on forever, Laura was lost in the magic of that kiss.

“Finally…..I have been dying to kiss you all day,” he was saying to her. “Laura how could you not know for all these months that it was you I was attracted to,” he asked her?

“Mike, I..ah.. oh shit I’m so confused I can’t think straight,” she told him.

“Laura I have dreamed for months of what you would feel like in my arms, how your kiss would taste against my lips.” He kissed her again this time with more passion, letting Laura know exactly what he was feeling.

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