Şubat 11, 2021

Laura , Jill

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My name is Jill. This story is about how my best friend Laura and I first discovered the joy that two loving females could give to each other.

All through our years at University I had initially admired Laura for her poise and strength and I had a crush on her that I would barely admit to myself, unwilling to admit that I may have lesbian tendencies. One time in our final year it came to a head. The scene was with Laura at my house one summer evening helping me to cram for our upcoming final exams. We were in my bedroom and the house was empty, as mum and dad had both gone out for the evening. In deference to the gloriously warm weather I was just wearing a lilac T shirt (without bra) and a light denim mini skirt with plain white panties. Laura was in cut off jeans and a skimpy cotton blouse. As the late sun cast a glow into the room it seemed to highlight Laura where she sat on the bed asking me questions from the study text. She seemed to me in that moment to be a goddess, such was her beauty, and I held my breath for a moment as I drank in the thrilling sight.

Laura suddenly glanced toward me, I suppose wondering about the silence. Seeing the look of awe on my face she smiled sweetly and laughingly said, “Jill, you look as if you are in a trance!”

I blushed to the roots of my hair and she immediately got off the bed and came over to me. I sat enthralled as her hand slowly reached towards me. She reached out and brushed a few strands of hair from my face, her touch so gentle it was barely felt.

“Jill, you are so beautiful,” she murmured.

My heart was pounding like a drum and my breathing had become fast and shallow. I reached out to touch her face, which was within a few inches of mine, and as our arms touched I felt an electric tingle rush from my arm straight to my groin where a delicious warmth and moistness was beginning. Without taking my eyes away from Laura’s my hand reached her face and gently caressed her from brow to chin. The temperature in the room seemed to leap and I was aware of a light sheen of sweat on Laura’s brow and over her arms, also aware that I was sweating too. As I continued to caress Laura’s face, she began to run her fingers lightly up and down my bare arms, our faces just inches apart.

“Laura, I…” I began to speak, not even really sure what I was going to say. My thoughts were such a chaotic jumble of guilt, longing and passion.

“Sshhh güvenilir bahis Jill,” Laura said, kissing her index finger and pressing it lightly against my lips.

“Don’t say anything yet, just kiss me please.”

Our faces inched slowly towards each other and just as our lips met in an exquisite kiss I became aware of the scent rising up…the scent of my own arousal was familiar but it was now mingled with another.

Laura must also be as aroused as I was for me to be able to smell the scent from her cunt mingling with my own heavy odour.

Softly, oh so softly, our lips met and we began a kiss that was to last for what seemed like hours but can have only been a few minutes. It was nothing like the boys I had kissed before. Her lips were as soft as mine, her skin silky smooth. With infinite care her tongue came out to gently wet my lips, her breath warm against my face. I slowly parted my lips and allowed my own tongue to come and meet hers. Again that almost electric shock that sent a shiver through my whole body, one that was echoed in her body.

At some stage during the kiss I had stood up, and now my legs felt so shaky that I was unsure whether I could stay upright and slowly slid down to the floor, Laura following me down onto our knees. Gently her tongue pushed into my mouth and began to explore.

One of my hands dropped onto her bare leg and almost without my awareness caressed her thigh. Laura pushed me slowly until I was lying on my back and she then began to mimic the caress on my thighs, each touch sending more shivers through me and causing the heat in my groin to increase. I could feel the wetness soaking into my panties now and an unbearable need to masturbate ran through me. My hips jerked involuntarily towards Laura and another long sighing groan escaped me. I was no longer capable of thinking of anything but how Laura was exciting me more than I had thought possible.

I slid my hands up under Laura’s blouse just as hers slid up my thighs, under my mini skirt and just brushed the outside of my pants. A moan of exquisite pleasure and embarrassment escaped my lips as I realised that she must now know just how excited I was, and also how wet I got when aroused. This didn’t seem to bother her in the least, as she also moaned against my lips and her hand and fingers continued to caress the mound under my panties, pushing them further into türkçe bahis the raging inferno within me.

I had found her breasts beneath her blouse and gasped as her turgid nipples rubbed against my palms. With a sudden common urge we hastily shed the few clothes we were wearing and were at last naked together. Her body was bigger than mine all over, breasts larger and fuller, legs longer, hips broader. None of that made any difference as we lay against each other, both now sweating freely in the heat of the room and our own heat of arousal. Just as I was sure that she could smell the aroma of my arousal, I could smell Laura’s, a piquant mixture of sweat and the unique aroma from a hot cunt. Unable to resist I let my hand run through her bush of gold brown pubic hair and then a finger delved into the heat and wetness causing her to gasp aloud.

Laura cried out wordlessly as I slipped a second finger into her and brushed my thumb against her aroused clit. Her cunt was everything I had imagined in my fantasies, silky soft hair against my palm, my fingers buried in her heat, soaked and sticky with the love juice running from her.

Laura’s fingers were also busy exploring my cunt. Again I felt embarassed at the squishing noises she made as she slid her fingers up and down my slit, then pushing inside me causing even more of my prolific cunt juices to flow out onto her hand. The room was full of the scents and sounds of sex driving our mutual arousal higher.

I could feel Laura’s soft flesh inside her cunt contract on my fingers as mine was also gripping onto hers. Before I reached the orgasm that was building inside Laura pulled gently away causing me to moan out my frustration. Only until I felt her swivelling her body round and kissing her way down me, over my rigid throbbing nipples went her wet kisses, down my belly, finally reaching her destination between my legs.

Laura straddled my head with her legs wide open and I could see right into her cunt as she slowly lowered it onto my gasping mouth. Our sweating bodies writhed against each other as our tongues and mouths worked our bodies towards mutual climax. I felt Laura’s orgasm beginning before mine, her muscles spasmed and a gush of hot sticky juices flowed into my greedily licking and sucking mouth. Within seconds of feeling her come I came myself, feeling my own heavy flood of juices running out of me into her delicious soft güvenilir bahis siteleri mouth. It seemed to go on forever, each spasm of hers setting off another in me and vice versa.

Finally, soaked and exhausted, we clung to each other. Laura was first to recover and she swivelled round so that we were face to face again. I gazed at her flushed face and saw how my heavy flood of cunt juice had run all over her face and into her hair. Just as I began to say something, perhaps to apologise and say I don’t know how it happened, she leaned in and kissed me. Instead of being disgusted at tasting my own cunt juice on her mouth, I was once more aroused by the taste, realising that she too was tasting her own juices from my mouth.

What I suspect had started as a tender thank you kiss swiftly changed as we both became aroused once more by tasting our own mingled juices in each other’s mouths. Laura’s legs twined round me and I gasped as I felt her cunt pushing against mine, her aroused clitoris rubbing first against my soaking cunt lips, then against my own hard clit. We bucked against each other, nipples clashing too increasing our passion, fucking each other cunt to cunt.

We grunted and thrashed against each other, spurred on by the wet slapping sounds and both began to come together, lying crushed against each other our heated bodies soaked with sweat and the mixture of juices from our combined orgasms. Our cunts mashed into each other’s, bodies straining and shaking as we both screamed in pleasure and pain finally collapsing against each other in sheer exhaustion.

Slowly we rolled apart, each needing to cool off, sweat and juices drying on our bodies.

Laura looked at me and said “Oh my God…that was so… Wonderful. You may not believe this Jill but I have never had any lesbian feelings, or wanted to have sex with any girl before! You just looked so beautiful…”

“Oh Laura,” I replied, “I feel exactly the same, well, except that I have always had a crush on you, you’ve been my idol since the first day I saw you.”

“I think I knew that really, I guess that we must both be a little bisexual and just never had any reason to do anything about it till now. Certainly we have both had plenty of boyfriends but none of them ever made me come with such a huge release before! I can’t get over how smooth and soft your body is.”

As Laura said this she ran her hands over my whole body, not with any sexuality, just a tender caress that filled me with a glow of inner peace and bliss.

Somehow I knew this would not be the last time that Laura and I thrilled to each other’s bodies.

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