Şubat 25, 2021

Lash’s New Lover Ch. 02

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I finally got home ’bout 11 o’clock and I knew damn well that my boy, Pepe, would be pissed. I hadn’t called and I’d switched my fuckin’ mobile off, both of which would have had him half-mad, half-scared.

I wheeled the AC Cobra into my big drive. I’ve gotta nice place, like I said before, the dungeon business is a big money business, when you do it right. The lights were still on and I made no pretence ’bout creepin’ in, Pepe would be waitin’.

I entered the kitchen, dragged an ice cold Bud from the chiller and walked into the lounge. Pepe was waitin’ for me, naked but for a little thong, watchin’ one of his wrestlin’ movies. You know the stuff, cute oiled bodies, hard cocks, winner gets sucked by the loser, type crap.

“You been out whorin’,” said Pepe, accusinly. He’s so fuckin’ pretty when he’s mad! He’s a 22-year-old Puerto Rican, dark hair, cut quite long, lovely black eyelashes, deep brown eyes, smooth, shaved body, well muscled, of course, super buns, with an eight inch circumcised cock. A very pretty cock.

I came across him at a movie star’s place up in the hills. She had hired him with the idea of layin’ all over his body and ’bout two or three days in found he was more partial to a bit of man meat, rather than some trashy little blonde bimbo.

I’d been called in to quote her for a torture chamber – seems she was runnin’ a three-slave stable and needed a bigger room to wield her fuckin’ whips. After pourin’ me a cold Becks – all she had was fuckin’ foreign beer! – we went out poolside for the initial chat.

First thing I saw was Pepe, workin’ with some fuckin’ great broom in the pool. He was bronzed and beautiful and I could see from the bulge in his tiny little Speedos that he was built for fuckery.

The movie star saw my look – she was a fuckin’ bimbo, but she wasn’t fuckin’ stupid – and said: “That’s Pepe, he’s a big disappointment to me. He doesn’t go for muff stuff, if you get my meaning, Leather Man, so I’m trying to move him on. Interested?”

I allowed as how I was, and after we’d done our dungeon business – she settled for a de luxe job – I had a chat with Pepe. Result was he moved in with me three days later.

Seems Pepe’s daddy has lived here for years, used to play for the Giants – wrong league, for me, I’m an Angels fan for my fuckin’ sins – and now he’s a first base coach for the Padres. Fuckin’ first base coach! I could coach first base!

Anyway, Pepe stares me down and accuses me of whorin’.

“Hey, Pepe, no sweat. Just a passin’ fling. Ships that pass in the fuckin’ night,” I told him, peelin’ off my clothes till I was nude and he could see my hard-on.

“Suck on this, while I explain,” I told him. Pepe shrugged, slipped out of his thong to reveal a semi-stiff circumcised cock, and knelt by my chair. As he took my cock in his mouth, I stroked his head and explained.

“I been out to see a kid who’s a slut for some big fuckin’ poker player,” I told him. “Kid’s into whippin’ and electro shock stuff. He’s keen to meet you, Pepe.”

Which was a fuckin’ lie – not the whippin’ and electro stuff, the “keen to meet you” shit – but Pepe occasionally likes to switch, makes a change from bein’ my bottom all the fuckin’ time. His mouth stopped suckin’ on my stiffy and he looked up at me, with those fuckin’ great puppy dog brown eyes.

“He’d let me play with him, Master Lash?” he asked, and immediately I knew he was no longer pissed with me.

“Sure, only I wanna watch,” I told him. “I’ll probably wanna give you a hand as well. Whaddya say?”

“Pepe says yes please,” he said, and resumed his oral adoration. See, promise him some fresh meat and he’s anyone’s!

The next day, a sunny Saturday mornin’, I told Pepe to get the pool cleaned and arrange recliners, that sorta stuff, so I could use the phone to Slut Boy out of his hearin’.

Slut Boy answered almost immediately. “Hiya, Slut Boy,” I said, cheerfully. “When I got home last night I told my pool boy Pepe, all ’bout ya. He’s keen to meet, like to play a few games, make ya sweat a little. Keen?”

Slut Boy wanted to know a little about Pepe, so I told him. When I got to the eight inches, cut, he caved in. I gave him the address and told him to call me from his mobile case he got lost.

He arrived within the hour in some stupid fuckin’ little Limey car, a Lotus, or somethin’, which he’d borrowed from a dealer who knows his casino şirketleri fuckin’ poker player benefactor back in London. A Lotus, I ask you – a fuckin’ woman’s car.

The lovely blonde boy climbs out of the piece of Limey shit, his muscles bulgin’ in a white T-shirt, tight little beach shorts, boat shoes.

I was at the door in a little red thong, cock pushin’ it out in front of me like a tent. Slut Boy stepped into the hall, and into my arms, and I had his T-shirt off and his shorts down in a flash. He kissed me eagerly on the mouth, his erection pressin’ into my groin. “Where is he, Master Lash?” he whispered, all eager.

“Follow me, Slut Boy,” I laughed and walked him through the house and downstairs to poolside. Pepe was vacuumin’ the pool, in the nude and I thought Slut Boy’s drool would never stop.

“Pepe, get here,” I ordered, and the bronzed Latino looked up, saw the stark naked blonde and nearly ran to us, his cock joggling and jostling against his bronzed, shaved thighs.

“Hi Slut Boy, how’s it hangin?” Pepe smiled, with one of his “Fuck me” smiles.

The two young boys stepped into each others arms and their erections slapped against each others, like sabres in a fuckin’ sword fight, then they were kissin’ and smoochin’ like there’s no tomorrow.

“Righto, young lovers,” I laughed, “time to break it up. Slut Boy, get yourself on that recliner, face down, and I’ll oil your back and buns, then we can sun bathe before our first session down in my little ole games room.”

Slut Boy lay, stiff-pricked on his belly, and I took some lotion and spread it over his beautiful back, buns, thighs and calves. As I did, Pepe came and stood at the head, his cut cock wavin’ in the air. Slut Boy needed no second invitation, his mouth was soon swirlin’ around Pepe’s hard-on, suckin’ and slurpin’, the greedy little tart!

Then I produced three cold Buds, and we all lay down and took in the ole’ sunshine, while Pepe inquired what kinda punishments Slut Boy was into, had he tried this, had he tried that? I was crackin’ a stiffy just listenin’ to ’em jabber away, like a coupla whores.

Finally, after about half an hour of this I was gettin’ horny. “Righto, you two sluts,” I said, “enough talk, how’s about some action? Let’s go downstairs for a while.”

I’ve got a great torture chamber – hey, I’m in the fuckin’ business, I should have, right? As we walked in, Slut Boy’s eyes popped out on stalks, just takin’ it all in.

I walked over to the fridge and removed an ice-cold Bud, lay back on a leather couch and told Pepe: “All right, Pepe, warm the lovely little Limey up!”

The pretty Puerto Rican’s first move was to put the blonde boy into a boot slung from a chain in the ceilin’. Then he bound his wrists behind his back and hauled him upside down into the air, till his head was at Pepe’s groin level.

Pepe then walked around the muscle strainin’ slave and worked him over with a slender, single-stranded lash, makin’ beautiful “Tssssh” sounds as it striped his bare flesh. The naked slave hung upside down, eyes bulging as he suffered the lash.

Then Pepe placed his erection on Slut Boy’s mouth and pumped him for a while, before lowerin’ him to the ground. Released from the boot, Pepe once more jammed his cock into the Limey’s receptive mouth, plungin’ deep for about a minute, while contemplatin’ his next plan of attack.

That turned out to be the whippin’ bench. It’s sort of a curved, leather-padded apparatus, and Slut Boy’s ankles went into slots at the extreme ends, his wrists were strapped down on the other side. It was a perfect height for Pepe to slam his cock into Slut Boy’s anus, but first the Latino wanted to work on the Limey’s backside.

He took a heavy leather paddle and swung it, makin’ it sound like a cannon goin’ off when it hit home! I was keen to get in on the action now, so I picked up my Bud, stepped in front of Slut Boy’s face and stuck my dick in his mouth as he was gettin’ his whippin’.

How ’bout that? Bein’ sucked by a slave who’s bein’ whipped, while suckin’ on a Bud. Heaven or what?

Then Pepe dropped the paddle and drove his eight inches of circumcised cock into Slut Boy’s anus. Then we were both rockin’ back and forth, me in his mouth, Pepe in his arse. I passed him the cold Bud. “Take a suck, boy,” I said, “this here’s thirsty work!”

Pepe handed me back the bottle, casino firmaları wiped his mouth, then pulled his big brown cock from Slut Boy’s arse, and walked round to the front, prick swayin’. I got out of Slut Boy’s mouth and went round to ram into his sweet arse, and Pepe grabbed Slut Boy’s hair, pulled his mouth up a bit and slid his cock home. Then we both went at it some more.

Finally, I heard Pepe gruntin’ and groanin’, a clear sign he’s just about to blow his wad. Sure enough, he let out a whoop and cried “Suck me down, Slut Boy, suck me down!” and suddenly his entire body stiffened as his ejaculation struck home and pumped spunk into Slut Boy’s eager mouth.

Me, I was content to wait, and pulled away to lie back in comfort and watch as Pepe whaled away again on Slut Boy’s arse, whoppin’ him with another dozen or so cannon-like cracks with the big paddle.

Then we all took a break, and trooped back into the sunshine, to lie back until Pepe had recovered, and I’d had a coupla more Buds. Slut Boy, meanwhile, relaxed, body oiled and glistenin’ and lookin’ fuckin’ ravishin’, a stupid smile on his face, restin’ before his second session down there with Pepe.

After another hour in the sun, I felt like another Bud and Pepe was rarin’ to go for another games session with Slut Boy. We all trooped back down to the torture chamber, and this time Pepe wanted him in the floggin’ frame.

Now I know it’s all a matter of personal preference, but I like to put the floggin’ frame in one corner of the room. A lot of people like ’em central, sort of focal point, but I put mine in the corner, with a big mirror up against the wall so the slave can watch himself wriggle and writhe when the shocks or the whips hit him.

If you need to give him a double whippin’, then you can always wheel the fucker out into the middle. Anyways, Pepe got him strapped in and I lay back with my nice cold Bud and sucked on it, while the Latino worked Slut Boy’s cock and balls over, making him arch and buck and shake about. His buns looked so cute, clenchin’ and unclenchin’ all the time.

Every now and again, Pepe would stop the punishment to suck Slut Boy back to erection, and it was durin’ one of these breaks I finished the Bud, and got another electro shocker and sat down on a stool behind the sweatin’ Slut Boy, indicatin’ to Pepe that we’d double team him. That’s the best way, with the electro shockers, keep his cock and his crack awake, eh?

When Pepe pulled off Slut Boy’s hard-on, I gave the lovely Limey a jolt on his anus. Once he stopped swayin’ I ran it across his buttocks, more swayin’. He’d hardly calmed down than Pepe jolted his cock, then his balls, settin’ him off in another buckin’ and writhin’ frenzy.

Soon he was cryin’ out for mercy in one of those high-pitched Limey whines. “Oh fuck, Master Pepe, I can’t take any more, I can’t, please stop, I’ll do anything,” he was yellin’. Lovely words, nice to hear, but they mean fuck all, of course, Slut Boy was revellin’ in his so-called torture, the lovely little swine!

We musta given him 20 minutes of wrigglin’ and writhin’ exercise, with “comfort stops” for Pepe to suck him back to hardness, by which time his well-muscled young body was drippin’ with perspiration.

I decided on a change of pace. “How’s about a bit of double whippin’, Pepe?” I asked, during one pause for Slut Boy to stop his wrigglin’.

“Fine by me, master,” said my pool boy, so I wheeled the naked slave out into middle chamber, and Pepe and I selected floggin’ implements.

All the while, Slut Boy was hangin’ there, moanin’ and groanin’ and pleadin’ “No more, mercy masters, no more” which was a bit fuckin’ stupid, on account of how he was displayin’ a rather tasty hard-on!

For the flagellation scene, we both chose rubber cats o’ nine tails, ‘cos they make a superb slappin’ sound when they hit the slave’s flesh, but they don’t permanently mark and the sting is just momentary. You can flog ’em like that all fuckin’ day!

I started off on Slut Boy’s back, with Pepe doin’ the full frontal job, every now and then kneelin’ in front of his tasty little plaything to suck on his cock.

After a while, we changed places and I started off at his pecs, before movin’ down over his chest and belly and then whippin’ his cock and danglin’ balls, which bounced around a treat when the rubber thongs hit him.

At times I had güvenilir casino to kneel and suck on him to bring him back to erection because, as most people will tell you, floggin’ a slave with a hard-on is one of the nicest things you can watch while you’re whippin’ him!

Then Pepe put down his flogger and placed a little stool behind the Limey’s lovely back. I still worked on his cock and balls and other parts, but Pepe’s cock was now perfectly aligned with Slut Boy’s arse.

Our slave gave out a groan of delight as Pepe’s hard-on penetrated him, then it was wham-bang-thank you Slut Boy, as Pepe came with one of the fastest climaxes I’ve ever seen from him. Musta been excited, eh?

I put down the flogger and we released the sweatin’ slave, then we all went upstairs for lunch, some fuckin’ salad, that Pepe prepared, cheese and salami, washed down with several bottles of Bud.

After that we lounged around on the recliners in the warmth of the sun and shot the breeze, Slut Boy tellin’ of his randy uncle’s perversions, Pepe askin’ him questions about the London scene, you know the kinda thing.

I was just thinkin’ it was time to resume our playtime downstairs, when Pepe came up with a little poolside punishment of his own.

He stood up and walked round to the head of the recliner where Slut Boy was lyin’ face down. Pepe’s cock was semi-aroused, but nowhere near its full, eight-inch length when really fully prepared for a bit of fuckery.

“Hey, Slut Boy,” said Pepe, “I’ve drunk so much piss that I gotta take a piss – or would you like to take my piss?”

And with that, Pepe took his beautiful brown cock in his thumb and forefinger and placed it against Slut Boy’s lovely lips. And darn it, if the Limey don’t open wide and take him in down to the ring. I could hear the gusher let go from where I was layin’, and Slut Boy gulped him down like he’d just walked across the Sahara fuckin’ Desert!

After the relief of lettin’ go with his piss, Pepe was all randy again and just stood there, humpin’ and pumpin’ till Slut Boy got a tasty dessert to go with his liquid lunch!

It was about then that all the suckin’ on the suds got to me, too, and I got up and told Slut Boy: “On your back, boy, daddy wants to take a piss, too!”

Slut Boy obliged, his cock hard and juttin’ skywards. I took hold of my seven inches of uncut cock, pulled the foreskin back a tad so the piss slit was revealed, aimin’ straight at Slut Boy’s stiffy and let him have it.

A strong golden stream drenched the boy’s genitals, and he stroked himself while I was peein’ on him, Then I sprayed him all over his belly, then his chest and finished off by givin’ him a facial, the yellow liquid running all over his eyes, nose and into his lovely blonde hair. He was fuckin’ drenched!

I turned and dived into the pool, and Pepe and Slut Boy did the same. Soon we were all involved in a triple cuddle, cocks and balls bumpin’ and then Slut Boy had a request.

He kissed me on the mouth as we trod water in the deep end, his body all gleaming and shiny. “Master,” he asked, in that oh-so-fuckin’ proper Limey accent when we’d disengaged, “I really need an ejaculation. Do you think that’s possible?”

“Sure, Slut Boy,” I answered, “let’s go.”

Back downstairs, we put Slut Boy back in the floggin’ frame so as we’d have some control over him durin’ the wankin’. He didn’t object, course he thought he was gonna come. Which he was – only when Pepe and I decided, not when he fuckin’ wanted!

I’d already tipped Pepe the nod that we was goin’ to make him beg for his relief. As I sucked on another Bud from the fridge in the torture room, Pepe sat on a stool in front of the blonde boy and prepared for his first stint at the game.

He sucked and licked at Slut Boy’s cock for several minutes and then, sensin’ an increase in the cock’s movements, and the fact that Slut Boy was pantin’ and moanin’ fit to drown out my Cobra when it’s revvin’, he pulled away.

“I’m bored, master,” he said, slappin’ Slut Boy on his arse, “can I stop now?”

“No, please don’t stop, oh fucking hell, tell him to keep going, master,” Slut Boy pleaded, his lovely English accent all plummy and whinin’.

I stood up and rubbed my chilled bottle of Bud across the lovely uncut eight-inches of shudderin’ cock. “Sorry, Slut Boy, but if Pepe’s had enough, then he’s had enough. Tell you what – I’ll take over, how’s that?”

Slut Boy nodded, eagerly. “Oh yes, please, master, yes please, but let me come soon, I’m in fucking agony!”

Sure you are, boy, I thought. And it’s gonna be that way for quite some time!

To be continued…

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