Şubat 27, 2021

Large Black Woman

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“I have told you, my darling, that my project or my writing can call me away at any time or prevent my coming to you. Please be assured that I love you as much as ever!” He sounded almost frantic.

“I need you to suck my pussy tonight!” she insisted.

“I will be coming on Sunday after church. In fact when we disrobe in the Choir room we can leave together. I can just follow your car to your place.”

“I don’t know how I can wait that long. Can’t you come on Saturday?” she continued to push even though she knew in her heart that it was better for everyone concerned for him to keep on working with the project managers until the apartment block was completed. It would secure his family’s future, though it seemed to her that he had started rather late in his life. He should have done that kind of thing before he left employment.

“If I finish the design meeting in time, I will rush to you. But if it ends very late, I will be tired out anyway and will meet you in church and we can leave as I have proposed.” His voice held a note of finality.

She spent that night rubbing her heels together under her sheets in the heat of desire. She knew that Saturday would be more of the same.

On Sunday morning casino şirketleri they attended the earlier service which ended at 11am. She drove out of the compound ahead of him and within a few minutes she stopped at her gate. Noel had driven at a safe distance and stopped at the junction waiting for her to drive in so that he could drive in directly after.

As soon as they got into the house, they grabbed each other frantically. He tore off his clothes, letting them drop on the sitting room carpet. He thought that it was fortunate he was a tall man whose arms were long enough to go around her huge frame, as he ran his hands over her waist, rippling in waves of fat. He ran them around to her tummy area musing that it felt like a curved pillar, so packed was her fat. He kissed her voraciously, invading her mouth with his tongue.

One hand was stroking her large nipple on a smallish ‘C-cup’ breast. She moaned, a sound coming from deep in her throat. He knew from previous experience that her pussy was getting wetter and wetter. She pulled him along the corridor towards her bedroom as they continued fondling each other hungrily. As they got in through the door he felt the carpet under his feet. He knew without casino firmaları looking that they were near her queen-sized bed when he felt the shaggy rug with his feet. He lowered her huge body onto the bed, letting his mouth suck her nipples one after the other. His hands were all over her enormous thighs parting them gently. He found her very sparse pubic hair covered in a light sweat.

She threw one leg onto the bedspread, parting her thighs to allow his hands to explore her pussy the better. As he expected, he found her juices were flowing generously. Gently parting her vaginal lips he slid one finger in amongst her folds. The customs of her tribe meant that her clitoris had been brutally cut away in the ritual that marked her passing from childhood into adulthood. He felt the bumps and slightly harder regions from where the clitoris and its hood had been torn away by the circumciser. He pushed his finger into her hole, slippery with her love juices. At the same time he increased the pressure on the nipple with his mouth. The combined sensations caused her to jump violently, a sharp scream escaping her lips. He set up a fucking motion with his finger while running an open doggy tongue over her tits.

She güvenilir casino could feel her groin heat up as if it was being branded with a hot iron; her orgasm was approaching. When he squeezed her left nipple (it was the more sensitive) pulled it and released it suddenly she tumbled over the cliff into a world of swirling emotions. Light and sound seemed to have been transformed into raw emotion engulfing her whole being.

She did not hear the piercing screams she uttered, nor did she see her body bouncing at the edge of the bed. He, however witnessed it all and it fueled his own excitement to higher levels. His heart swelled with pride at his handiwork that had brought this hulk of a woman to such heights. Without pulling his hand from her vagina, he began slow movements of his finger inside her. He kissed her hard on the lips bringing a moan from her throat. He pulled his hand almost out of her and brought his second finger into play. With two fingers he increased the tempo and amplitude of his fucking, his mouth at her lips and his other hand’s fingers tweaking the nipples. This more violent assault sent her up the ladder of excitement much faster than the first time. He felt her thighs tighten around his hand as she screamed like one who was dying. This time a lot of juice escaped from her vagina and flooded over his fingers and hand.

“Oh, man of Kinoo, what have you done to me? I have almost lost control of my body!” she squealed in a shrill voice.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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