Nisan 16, 2021

Lady of the Night

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It all started at the Masked Ball at the Roselini’s. I had been invited but had none to bring. So I decided to go alone and see if I could find anyone.

My name by the way is Lady Eleanor of South Hampton. I have never been married and I am under escort of my dear Aunt Lacy.

So we decided to go, but first had to go into town to purchase new dresses. So we did and I found the most gorgeous pale blue velvet and silk gown with a mask of the same. My Aunt found one of sea green silk without a mask.

The night of the ball finally came around and we departed the house at 830 to make it to the ball by 9. We arrived and the party was just starting. We were greeted by Lady Roselini herself and told to enjoy ourselves. She also told us that at 1am the mask unveiling would occur and to be ready. My aunt decided to go sit with the other unmasked matrons and left me to dance.

Within 10 min my dance card was full and the first dance took place. I was to dance with someone named “Phantom” for the first Waltz. When I looked into his eyes, I could see something that I had seen before in someone I had met recently. But I brushed it aside thinking I was imagining things.

After my dance with “Phantom” I danced with everyone in succession on my card. Its only then that I noticed that “Phantom” was on my card again. So when his turn came up he claimed me and we bahis firmaları proceeded to dance into a private room.

“Monsieur why have we danced in here away from everyone?” I asked.

“Why my dear so that I could be alone with you, and get to know you better. I have had my eye on you for some time and have even come to court you. And yes we have gone out a few times, and I have enjoyed it thoroughly. Bu my dear I want to know what is under all this linen and lace that you wear. I want to know the woman in you. And yes, before you ask, I do want to marry you, but first I want a taste.” ‘Phantom’ said.

“Who are you my phantom?”

“You shall know soon enough dear heart.” He said in a low and seductive whisper.

With that said he kissed me gently and started to caress my body with his hands. When he reached my breasts with his lips I let a moan escape my lips, knowing that we could get caught. I could feel him smile against my now bare skin.

He continued to strip my dress away patiently and slowly. After he was done he left me in my mask and stripped himself. Leaving his mask on to conceal his identity.

“How do you know that I am the girl you want? I could be someone completely different.” I asked him while trying to control my breathing.

“Oh, trust me my dear, I know that it is you, Lady Eleanor. I saw you come in with your aunt. kaçak iddaa And I knew that tonight I would claim you and tomorrow I will come by and propose to you in front of you aunt and who ever she has over for tea. I just only hope you will accept. So now I ask before I make love to you, will you marry me?” ‘Phantom’ asked slowly running his hands over my body, knowing that he drove my body insane.

“Of course my Phantom. Now please claim me as your own.” I said not thinking about what I was saying.

With that he laid me down on the chaise lounge and covered me with his body. He started to slip inside me, I felt a slight twinge of pain and that was it. All I felt after that was pleasure.

‘Phantom’ started slowly, teasing me with his cock, working it in and out of me. Slowly and with extreme laziness. I knew that it was hard for him to keep that speed. I latched my legs around him trying to encourage him to move faster. He took the hint and started to thrust in and out going deeper each time.

When he hit that special spot I shot off the chaise and moaned right into his ear.

“That’s it my sweet, just like that. Keep your legs around me tight and your arms. There is much more pleasure to be had. By the time we are through in here you will be satisfied beyond your imagination. And that’s how it will be when we are married.” ‘Phantom’ said.

I kaçak bahis gripped as hard as I could; knowing full when what he said was true. He caressed my inside with his cock and my breasts with his hands and mouth.

Within minutes, I felt my orgasm coming upon me fast. I grasped his back and moan into his ear as I started shaking deep inside.

“Yes my dear, let it out, and let it come.”

I screamed over the top of the music so that none could hear me. I squeezed him inside his back and me.

“Oh god here I cum my dear.” ‘Phantom’ said into my ear.

As he released inside me I started to cum again and again. Squeezing his cock with my pussy. Moaning and screaming in his ear, and grasping his back.

In the after glow we heard Lady Roselini announce that it was time to reveal who we were. We smiled at each other and took off our masks.

Behind ‘Phantoms’ was none other then Aaron, Count of Greisenburn.

“Oh, it is you my lord. I was hoping and praying it was. You must have known that I had a crush on you since we were first introduced.” I said blushing.

“Yes my sweet, I knew and I was happy. And to tell you the truth your aunt and I set this all up. She has known my intentions for a while now. And she made sure I knew what you were wearing. That was I could claim you as my own. And now my dear let us get dressed and make our appearance back out there.” He said.

We redressed each other, tasting each other as we could. Then arm in arm we reappeared in the ballroom, fully sated and holding each other like the world was about to end.

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