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Kissing Mum’s Friend Goodnight Ch. 04

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My previous submission “Kissing Mum’s friend goodnight” and submitted on April 2018 should have been flagged “Ch 3” — an omission on my part. Sorry for any confusion, and the story will make more sense and the characters be better understood after reading the first two chapters.

Although I’ve referred to the main female character as “Aunt” Sue, the scenario follows the convention of my childhood when close family friends were often referred to as “aunt” and “uncle”. I like the added illicit element that this gives to this story



They both revelled in the slow, leisurely times they spent together, with lots of foreplay and after-play, luxurious kissing, snogging and tender caresses. But for Sue, the enjoyment of seized moments, risky, furtive moments and fleeting flashes and gropings behind her friend’s back were almost as enjoyable. She knew that he felt the same, too.

Sometimes when Anglela, his mother, was at home and the three of them were watching television together, Sue would cross her leg deliberately high, and wait for an extra moment or two before adjusting her skirt hem. The effect was subtle enough to escape Angela’s notice, but sufficient to arrest his attention. She was careful only to do this when bare-legged or wearing tights, not wanting her friend to notice that she was wearing stockings and become suspicious. His desire for her, including his eager gazing, made Sue feel young and sexy, almost light-headed, especially given that she was twice his age. Arousing him deliberately under her friend’s nose excited Sue almost as much as it did him, and stimulated her juices.

She often wore stockings and suspenders rather than tights, though, along with skimpy and nice, designer-labelled bra and panties under her otherwise casual clothes. She loved the naughtiness of secretly wearing provocative lingerie around the house, unguessed by her friend, but known to Mike.

Sometimes when the three of them were in the lounge together, Sue would wait for her friend to leave the room, then flash her stockingtops and panties at Mike. He would watch her part her thighs and hike up her skirt or stand up and lift her skirt to her waist to exhibit her pretty panties, to the sound of his mother filling the kettle in the kitchen. He would gaze at Aunt Sue’s mound outlined through the satin as his mother spooned coffee into the mugs and lifted the milk from the fridge. And, as his excitement mounted, it would be shattered suddenly by casino şirketleri the sight of his mother’s friend sitting down again and looking casual, and completely nonchalant, before his mother returned.

It was far from easy to avoid giving the game away. They both had to work hard at appearing natural, normal, and casual when his mother was at home. It wasn’t easy to avoid prolonged eye contact or two-way conversation that would leave his mother out. His mother had teased Sue about the way she appeared more animated, and had even jokingly asked if she had found a new man. Sue had laughed back in return, and said that she was simply excited about her new house. Thankfully Mike had been out of the room on that occasion; when Sue told him, he had cringed, and knew that he would have flushed brightly if he had been present.

This morning, Mike awoke to the sound of his mother getting ready for work. He was half-hard as he woke up, and his erection tautened further as he thought of the next few hours alone with her friend, and as he cast his mind back to the times they had enjoyed so far…

A few evenings earlier, Mike and Sue had offered to do the washing up after the evening meal. His mother had gratefully curled into her chair to catch the six o’clock news headlines and weather forecast on the television.

To his slight disappointment, Sue had been wearing trousers. He much preferred the sight of her legs, the flicking movement of her skirt hem when she walked, and the way it glided up her thigh — however modestly, if his mother was in the room — when she crossed her leg. She had pointed out, quite rightly, however, that it would look suspicious if she always wore skirts in the house.

Besides, her trousers were smart, and emphasised the subtle curve of her narrow waist and fairly slender hips, and her trousers were tight enough to show off her peachy backside without doing so too provocatively.

He had stood behind her as she began to wash the dinner dishes to the drifting sound of the theme tune for the news from the lounge. The back of her neck was slender, and he had kissed her smooth skin and her neatly groomed, lightly lacquered hair. He’d then cupped her modest breast through her tee shirt, and rubbed his growing hardness against her bum cheek.

She had given a low sigh, turned her head and kissed him briefly on the mouth, and had then begun to wash the dishes, watching his hand as it wormed up her tee shirt to knead her breast through just her bra.

He had run his hand up and down her flank casino firmaları to caress her outer thigh through the warm fabric of her trousers. He’d broken off for a few moments to dry a few pots that she had placed on the draining board, but his hungry gaze had continued to roam over her petite frame, and she was conscious of it. It had made her feel very sexy, very desirable.

He had rubbed her crotch through her trousers, and she had gasped in response. For all her boldness, she had nudged his hand away as he tried to ease it inside the waistband of her trousers to touch her up through her panties, urging him that they mustn’t go too far — “not till later!” she had added, naughtily.

He had alternated drying the pots with fondling her breasts, bum, thighs and, just a few, fleeting times, her pussy, all through her outer garments only. It had been a frustration to him, but not without its enjoyments, as he called to mind what each part of her looked like naked. When he did dry the pots he had attempted to do so quickly, making up for time spent groping his mother’s friend, to avoid arousing his mother’s suspicion.

The television news theme had played again — the programme was about half way through, and the regional news headlines would be being previewed.

Without any further touching, they had finished washing the pots. He had then made an excuse about needing the bathroom. He had desperately needed to deal with his erection, and jacking off was the best way. He had blushed as he wondered whether his older lover had guessed his intention.

The recollection of it made him rub himself — but without overdoing it — as he lay awake, thinking about last night…

Sue had been wearing a knee-length green skirt that buttoned up the side, from the hem to high up her flank. When Mike’s mother went to bathroom, Sue had swivelled to one side in her armchair, and crossed her leg high. She had watched his desire-laden stare as she unfastened three of the skirt buttons and flipped the side split open. She had felt, as well as seen, his eyes on her stockingtop and suspenders, and had gazed into his eager face as she stroked her fingertips along the top of her stocking and he bare, pale skin above it, and played with her suspender.

She had got up and walked to stand before him. She had taken his hand and guided it up the front of her skirt, pressing it to the slippery satin of her panties as she re-buttoned the side split in her skirt in readiness for his mother’s return.

“Have a little touch, Mike, just a little güvenilir casino one for now… mmmmhh, I love your touch, love…”

He had rubbed the slit in the midst of her mound, provoking a whimper of delight from her. Although she was relishing his groping, she was also listening carefully for the sound of the flushing of the toilet or for the sound of the bathroom door opening that would signal his mother’s return downstairs.

“Kneel on the floor…” she had urged softly.

With his heart pounding with excitement and with the risk of being interrupted, he had done as she asked. To his delight she had stepped forward and lowered her skirt over his head. He held the backs of her slender thighs, kneading their firmness and savouring the feel of her sheer stockings and of her soft skin.

Through her skirt she had nudged his head to the front of her dank panties.

“Sniff it, Mike. Sniff Aunt Sue’s juicy arousal. Kiss her pussy lips for a minute or two…”

He inhaled her sweet musk and brushed his mouth across her warm, silky panties. To his surprise, instead of feeling her trimmed pubes through the satin, as before, he encountered soft smoothness. With a gasp he drew the white, embroidered satin to one side and stared at her freshly-shaved mound.

“You like it, love? I thought it would save you getting a hair on your tongue when you eat me…”

He groaned as, still holding the back of his head through her skirt, she gave a few gentle thrusts and sideways movements against his mouth to brush her moist lips and soft, satin panties against him.

“Oh yes, Aunt Sue… oh, what a lovely sight…”

He kissed the soft, musky flesh and gave her bum cheeks a little squeeze, then hurriedly pulled away as he heard the toilet flush. They each gave a chuckle, and Sue sat down casually again as her friend opened the bathroom door and came downstairs.

Mike was flushed with embarrassment and excitement, and went into the kitchen to put the kettle on. He tried to focus his mind on his latest CD in an attempt to make his growing erection subside.

A short time after going to bed, Mike’s mobile had alerted him to an incoming text. It was from Aunt Sue.

“Wait for me before getting out of bed tomorrow,” it read. “I have a nice surprise in store. A bit of fantasy. S.”

Mike recalled the text message and tried to imagine what she might have in mind. He heard his mother leave the house for her early shift. Just a few moments later he was surprised to hear Aunt Sue enter his mother’s room. He felt uncomfortable at the thought of her being there and could think of no reason why she should. He wondered whether to go and ask her what she was doing, but heard her padding from his mother’s room and along the landing to his door.


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