Nisan 14, 2021

Kiki’s Field of Dreams

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I think you know that I have spent my last years chronicling my life with women who, next to my children, were the best part of a very full and rich life. I presume you have read most of the stories Saint Peter, and I am willing to be judged on my record.

However, there is one story (really a series of stories) for which I do not wish to take credit, or corresponding blame. I have not always been in good with the Lord, Saint Peter, but I realize that these episodes may strain the envelop of blasphemy, as it were. There was some serious breaking of the 10 Commandments, not to mention Sodomy (both kinds – which is to say front and back) and the adultery was not just with one woman not my wife, but two! And that is just the first episode. I feared at the time that I could be subject to scathing criticism for leading some of the Lord’s children astray.

But what can I say? It wasn’t my fault! I was seduced by this incredible woman, a deacon’s daughter no less (yeah, I know I will have to answer for that preacher’s daughter in El Paso, but that was pretty much a mutual thing and you know she was going to lose her virginity sooner rather than later, and you know she really had a great first experience). I didn’t go looking for her but I seemed to be drawn in by this incredibly compatible sexuality.

It all started with a relatively innocuous comment and suggestion that I gave to “HornyBabe” (yeah, I know, Pete, the name says it all, doesn’t it – should have seen this one coming). She seemed genuinely grateful for my comments and quickly published another interesting story that I commented on. I know you will get the irony here but my principle comment was that she forgot to describe the disposition of the jism that her female protagonist sucked out of her boss’s dick.

In the process of discussing our writing, I found out that she was quite an interesting woman – Mother of three, only one lover, her husband, from a strict religious background, but wanting at 30 to explore her sexuality. I mean she had fantasies about things that even I hadn’t done and you know that’s saying something.

So we got to talking in that uninhibited way you do on the Internet and I was essentially helpless to resist her charm until too late. In my defense, I’ve got to point out that she was emailing every Tom, Rob, and Harry who read her stories, so I wasn’t the only one unable to resist her charm. She claimed she didn’t send them pictures of her fabulous tits, or cyberfuck them, but I not too sure about cyber sucking them. Who knows, maybe she was stringing us all along. Maybe you can tell me, St. Peter.

Anyway, I began to lose it with her when she told me that she had shaved her pussy ( for me? Her husband? Rob?) and didn’t wear panties. I mean that’s really not fair, St Pete. You know I love pussy more than anything but I really love shaved pussy because it tastes so sweet. I’m sorry, am I embarrassing you?

But what totally captured me was when she read my second story. She said it was “hot” but I kidded her about her ennui. She then came back with a graphic description of masturbating in her bedroom with two hands in her vagina while imagining me “plunging my cock into her cunt.” Wheew! That added a little lead to my pencil, I can tell you.

So I started fucking her over the Internet and it becomes something more. Oh, and did I tell you that she sends me a pictures of her shaved pussy? Geez, I could almost smell her scent all the way from Iowa. And not one but two pictures, with the second showing the longhorn grip on her cunt that gets her over the top. Oops, I guess masturbation is a sin, huh?

And then she shares the whole thing with her best friend, Stacey (and several other un-named friends who were told less), which thrills me like an exhibitionist that Stacey is watching us cyber fuck and makes me think this Kiki (now Kiki1 on Literotica) is for real and maybe I am the only one. All those orgasms sounded real (wished I could hear one – but I guess I’m getting ahead of myself).

By the way, what’s your reading on exhibitionism? It’s not mentioned in the Bible. And how about not wearing panties to church? Stacey and I will have to take the blame for that, if you decide it’s a sin. It was great fun for us all, but I thought it would be OK with the Lord as long as she didn’t flash her pussy at anybody during the sermon or the prayers.

So I ask you, did she seduce me? Don’t I get a little credit for being the seducee instead of the seducer?

So you can see where I’m going with this. I thought I could write this off as a freebie. Not my fault. I know there’s nothing in the bible about cyber fucking. Except I knew that it felt like adultery and I began to wonder whether that was enough. She did have a way of making it real – almost had to check my cock to see whether it was wet after we finished. It was as though we had a wire connecting the end of my dick to the bottom of her pussy over 2000 miles away. Of course I had no way of güvenilir bahis knowing whether this vixen was doing Tom and the others but, frankly, I thought there was no way she had enough time. Although she is a night owl.

I was fat and happy with my rationalization that it wasn’t really adultery as long as we didn’t actually do it or see one another (we both knew what would happen then). But that all changed the day her husband, Bud, called me. And that’s where this story really starts.

I was sitting at my desk around 5 pm waiting for a letter to be finished when the call came in. The receptionist said it was Bud Kastner or something like that – she didn’t recognize the name and wanted to know whether I wanted her to find out what it was about. I told her no. Surprised though I was, I thought I knew who the caller was, but not why. My first thought was “Is he here in town?”; “Does he have a gun?” My heart was in my throat as I picked up and punched the line button.

“Hello,” I ventured.


“One and the same. Is this Kiki’s husband?”

“Yes. Nice to meet you,” Bud replied with some cheer in his voice.

“Well, that’s good to hear,” I said. “I was rather worried that you might not be too favorably disposed toward your wife’s pen pal.”

“Are you kidding? You wouldn’t believe the benefits that I have derived from Kiki’s relationship with you. I know you two are in lust and practically in love, but I think I’ve gotten more ass in the last three months than in the last three years. She’s lost 25 pounds, shaved her pussy, and is now sucking me like a hoover – and she swallows,” were his laudatory comments, much to my surprise.

“I’m relieved and happy to hear that you are getting some good things out of Kiki’s Internet escapades,” I said with relief in my voice. “How can I help you, Bud?”

“I feel like I owe you and Kiki a fantasy fulfillment weekend,” he replied with a slight chuckle in his voice. “She has persuaded me that her life will not be complete unless she gets to fuck someone besides me and I’ve decided that you are the one.”

“REALLY,” I exclaimed. Our unrealistic fantasy that he would send his wife to California to get her brains fucked out, loomed larger. “What did you have in mind?”

“Well I thought that if you could get to Iowa, I could take the kids away for a weekend. You and Kiki could have exclusive time together at our house from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon,” he explained.

“That is an intriguing prospect. What would you expect we would do over that weekend?” I asked tentatively. I couldn’t believe our luck, but wanted to be sure that there was no misunderstanding about my lewd intentions for his wife.

“I would hope and expect that you would help Kiki realize any and all of her fantasies that could possibly be accomplished in and around Madison without scandalizing her church and family,” he chuckled. “I know it may be hard for you to believe but I actually understand Kiki’s longing for some of the adventures that she missed growing up in a sheltered life and marrying too early. She has had only one lover in her life and I know she will always regret it if she doesn’t sample some of her wild side. I don’t want this to be a monologue, but I feel from what she has said of you that you respect both of our marriages and would not threaten our somewhat conservative life.”

This was sounding like a well-reasoned excuse for me to fuck Kiki’s eyeballs out. I didn’t think he had any misconceptions about what we would be doing, so there was no need to be explicit or talk about fucking.

“Have you told Kiki or would she know about this?”

“No, and no,” he answered. “I thought you could surprise her. I would simply leave with the boys to my parents, telling her that I would return alone for a romantic weekend. You then show up as a surprise and do whatever the two of you want. The only thing I ask is that you use rubbers with her.”

“It sounds like fun but it will take some maneuvering to set up,” I hedged, without answering his express caveat. Fat chance, I thought to myself. Like I am really going to miss the opportunity to be bareback inside her. Maybe in her ass, but not in her cunt. After all, I knew she was on the pill.

“Take your time. I just need about three weeks notice to set it up,” he replied.

I got his phone number at work, good times to call, and told him I would call him within a week after seeing what I could workout.

I had never thought of it before but after consulting a map, I realized that I had a client or two within driving distance of Madison – a hotel in Ames, Iowa, and a landfill business in Joliet. Joliet seemed the best bet with access to Chicago flights, so I started working out travel arrangements. This was becoming more and more possible and it was becoming difficult to hide the prospect from Kiki.

I called him with the plan and we agreed on a date. I confirmed other arrangements of things he would have at türkçe bahis the house. Last, but not least, we agreed that he would leave Kiki blindfolded and tied to her bed face down, when I arrived a 6 p.m. on that Friday night.

I could almost see him grin when he said, “Fantasy number one.”

This was actually going to happen!

I drove into Madison about 5 p.m. on the appointed Friday evening and stopped for coffee and to reconnoiter. I really didn’t want to encounter Bud, as I thought the less he knew of me, the less real this weekend would be for him. It only mattered that it was real for Kiki and me.

At precisely 6 p.m., I drove my rental car into Kiki’s garage, which Bud had left open for me. It was dark by then and I could move directly into the house without being seen by nosy neighbors. I entered the kitchen quietly to locate the ice and other accoutrements. In the entryway, he had left a peacock feather as promised. Then I silently crept back to the bedroom.

Candles he had placed were unlit but a small bedside lamp shed sufficient light to see my beautiful Kiki. Dressed only in a purple camisole and matching g-string, she lay on her stomach with a secure blindfold in place. I assumed she had been that way for 20 to 30 minutes. I paused to memorize the vista. Her auburn hair covered her face when I first arrived but the camisole did not hide her womanly curves and breasts. No skinny runway model was Kiki. Although petite in stature, she was a real woman with Reubenesque curves and delicious “meat” on her feminine bones. I had never first laid eyes on a woman spread and tied to a bed, but I loved what I saw and couldn’t wait to make love to that beautiful body.

It was time to let her know that someone was there. I lit the four candles with a match.

“Bud, is that you?” she queried. No Answer, no other sound. Then she felt me grab her thong back to rip her g-string panties from her hips with a jerk.

“Who is it? Who’s there? Bud? Stacey? Scott? Answer me you asshole!” she demanded impatiently. She was obviously used to having her way when she wanted to know something. Still no response from me. Not yet. (By the way, who’s Scott?)

I then removed my clothes, making a point to be especially loud in unbuckling my belt and lowering my zipper. She was breathing somewhat harder now than when I entered the room, as she kept demanding to know who was there.

My cock popped out of my boxers already hard. Seeing the crack of her ass dissolve into her pretty pussy, I was almost overcome with a desire to sink my rod into the cunt that I had dreamed about so often. The aroma of blackberry filled the air combined with the unmistakable scent of a moistening pussy.

I had to keep telling myself that we had all night to explore. No need to rush this. I especially wanted to conserve my cum as I knew I would never have enough for her once she discovered it was me.

I warmed the body oil Bud had left for me in my hands before massaging her dainty feet. I started sucking the big toe of her left foot and ran my tongue between each toe before moving to the other foot. She momentarily stopped talking and sighed. She began to shiver and goose bumps appeared on the back of her thighs as I ever so slowly ran two fingers of one hand up the inside of her leg, stopping just short of her pussy. Running them back down the other leg pulled an “Ahhh” from her excited mouth. She hunched her hips up to tilt her pussy for better access. Horny little bitch!

With my fingernails I lightly dragged up the outsides of her legs to her ass, where they again missed her pussy while lightly caressing into the crack of her ass. On up her back, a little harder as in a light massage, to her neck my hands went. Very carefully so as not to give away my beard, I blew my warm breathe on her ears and kissed her neck after lifting her hair to expose it. Then I started over again from her feet, only this time with just my tongue. She groaned and again lifted her hips as far as she could in an attempt to capture my tongue between her legs and the crack of her ass.

“Please, tell me who’s there,” she whispered when my tongue was on her neck. Still I remained silent. I had almost forgotten the peacock feather. After retrieving it from the kitchen, I giggled as I walked around a strange house in the nude – preceded by a very firm erection leaking pre-cum. I walked back into the bedroom.

“Are there two of you?” she asked tremulously. Apparently a threesome with two strange men was a little more than she bargained for. Damn, I thought – I hoped she thought two guys had fucked her by the time I was done with this delightful surprise.

“Who’s there? Bud?” as she struggled to escape the bonds holding her spread-eagle. “Answer me damn it!”

Maybe she thought she could get away with those demands with Bud but it was time to show her who was in charge.

“Smack! Smack!” was the sound of my open palm on her right buttock and then her left. And güvenilir bahis siteleri then twice again.

“Ow!” got her two more. She finally figured out that she better shut up if she wanted to avoid further pain. But I noticed that her pussy was beginning to drip onto the sheets as I admired the red palm prints on her butt.

I was ready to touch that pretty shaved pussy. The feather tip moved slowly up the inside of one thigh and over the crack of her ass, and then returned to her feet. This time when I got to the top of the inside of her thigh, I didn’t stop. The feather flicked across her wet labia, slowly but surely. She gasped. After about a minute of this, trying to coax her clit out into prominence, I spread her cheeks and began running the feather up and down, focusing on her small star.

“Oh, GOD!” she moaned. “What are you doing to me?” I don’t think anyone had ever spent any time stimulating her little rosebud, but that was going to change this weekend. I moved the peacock feather up her back to her neck and ears. She shivered.

Finally, I was ready to touch her pussy. But first, I leaned into her crotch and made a loud sound of inhaling her aroma. “AHHHH.” I blew warm breath on her pussy and on her ass after spreading her cheeks. Moving my fingers up the inside of her thighs, this time I didn’t stop when I came to the juncture. Very slowly, excruciating for her, I moved my middle finger over her labia to the back of her slit. It was very wet as I drew my finger up and down her furrow, stopping just short of her emerging clit. And then back again. With each traverse of her slit, I edged my finger a little deeper, until finally it came to rest at her opening.

Her moans increased and she tried to lift her hips and ass to impale her cunt on my finger. But I held it back and only circled it around her opening.

“You are driving me crazy! Why don’t you push it in? Fuck me!” she nearly screamed. She could not keep her hips still as she strained her bonds trying to get my fingers deeper into her cunt. I wondered whether she knew it was not Bud taking these liberties with her body, or if she cared.

I withdrew my hand and spread the cheeks of her ass to expose her asshole. I leaned over it and let a long column of spittle slowly descend from my mouth to her rosebud.

“What the hell is that? Why are you teasing me? What are you going to do to my ass, you fuckers!” she whined. Although we had talked about it, I knew that no one had ever touched her little halo and I relished being the first. Before the weekend was over, I hoped to have her anal cherry.

“Smack! Smack!” Her ass was turning a bright shade of crimson. I longed to tell her to shut her slut trap and require her submission, but I was content to let her think two strangers were in control of her for a while longer.

With my middle finger still wet with her pussy juice, I circled it slowly around her rosebud, working the saliva in as I pressed into her small rear hole. At first she tried to clinch her cheeks but gave up when I got in to the second knuckle with my middle finger. She held her breath and finally exhaled as her anus started to relax. She groaned.

Then I reached my thumb of the same hand down to her pussy and began to circle her clit. She began a steady moan with the dual stimulation and she tensed her legs.

“Oh God,” she whispered. “Please make me cum. I don’t care who you are. Please.” But I wasn’t ready to let her cum. Not yet.

Leaving her hips circling, I withdrew my fingers and went to the kitchen to retrieve some ice. My stiff prick was still leading me around the house. I looked down at it and realized that I needed to get into her soon. I wanted my first load in her mouth, not on the floor.

The ice cube dripped cold drops onto her ass as I held it above her. Close to the edge when I left, she was now quick to regain her excitement. She shivered. Then I put the ice cube on her ankle and started the descent up the inside of her thigh. Again I skipped over her vulva to trail down the other thigh. Waiting 10 seconds, I touched the ice directly to her slit.

“Ah! Ah! Ah!…..” she exhaled rapidly, not unlike the sound made when you first get into frigid water. I rubbed her slit and teased her clit, before moving up to her crack and pressing the melting cube into her rosebud. Her hips continued to move in frenetic circles and I realized that she would cum if I played more between her thighs.

Time to bring my aching dick into play. I slapped her ass and began to massage her calves, before quickly moving up to her head to present my cock to her mouth. I had a fleeting thought that she might attempt to bite, to reassert control, but she was too far gone with her excitement. She opened wide when she felt my large soft crown pressing on her lips and sucked me in.

She sucked me as though she was ravenous. With slurping sounds, she bathed my hard shaft with her saliva and sucked – hard. Her warm, wet mouth felt like a vagina. I wanted desperately to fuck her mouth but the angle was wrong with her tied on her stomach. I didn’t want to cum, so I pulled it out, rubbing my glans around her face, ears, and neck, wetting her skin with her saliva.

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