Şubat 10, 2021

Kerry Ramping-Saad: Dykes!

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The run rose over the City of Atlanta, Georgia. It found Kerry Ramping-Saad, everyone’s favorite tall, curvy Afro-Trinidadian Amazon lying in bed, pleasurably sore after a night of fun. Even by her own standards, last night had been a lot of fun. Next to Kerry lay her latest conquest, a tall and curvaceous, light-skinned cutie with big hair and an even bigger ass. Shay Butler snored loudly, which was understandable after getting worn out by Kerry…

“Another one done,” Kerry Ramping-Saad thought with a smile, caressing Shay’s big butt as she slept. Lately, Kerry had been having a lot of fun as the only Afro-Trinidadian dominatrix operating in the BDSM scene of Atlanta, Georgia. She was different from the southern belles, both black and white, that the local brothers were used to. Kerry’s heritage included both African and South Asian roots, which made her exotically beautiful. Yet it was her fierce charm and wickedly adaptable persona that made the fellas and the ladies addicted to her…

When Kerry first got to the City of Atlanta, she found herself bored. Running the downtown branch of Fidelity Bank was a lot of work, and Kerry needed some play. The awkward dates she scored with gals and guys from the Clark Atlanta University Alumni Association were nothing to write home about. Kerry wanted to meet someone intelligent, charming and kinky, and unfortunately, such individuals were exceedingly rare.

A woman as attractive, smart and accomplished as Kerry can have her pick of gals and guys, or so conventional wisdom would state. Life was turning out to be quite different in Atlanta for Kerry. At first, the local BDSM scene provided a lot of thrills for her. There were lots of sexy black women and hunky black men to play with, and Kerry enjoyed dominating casino şirketleri the hell out of the individuals who came her way. In time, her other persona, Mistress Kay, became quite infamous among Atlanta-based BDSM aficionados.

Last night, Kerry Ramping-Saad took a break from the fellas and went to hang out at Elle’s Place, the premier black lesbian bar in the east end of Atlanta. At the bar in question, Kerry was approached by a six-foot-tall, alluring young woman named Shay Butler. Not Shay Butter, a rather common nickname among females online, but Shay Butler. Lots of ladies hollered at Kerry that night but there was something about the lovely Shay which gave her pause…

Born in the City of Duluth, Minnesota, to a Jamaican immigrant father and a white American mother, Shay Butler was a newcomer to the City of Atlanta, Georgia, having moved there to study Computer Science at the Georgia Institute of Technology. The Afro-sporting, light-skinned cutie with the big ass and lovely green eyes aroused Kerry’s curiosity, and they spent the night drinking, bantering and dancing.

“Hmm, cutie, you move like the wind,” Kerry whispered into Shay’s ear as the two young women did the bump and grind on the dance floor of Elle’s Place. Shay grinned and leaned against Kerry, pressing her thick derriere ( which looked amazing in a black leather skirt, which matched her rank top ) right against the other woman’s crotch. Shay’s fearlessness and raw sensuality was driving Kerry insane…but in a good way.

“Hmm, I can slow down if you can’t keep up, my pretty island bird,” Shay shot back, and Kerry laughed and playfully smacked Shay’s derriere. A lot of women wouldn’t like that, and more than a few of those gals were gawking at Kerry’s forwardness but casino firmaları Shay seemed to dig it. Kerry wasn’t the type to hold back with women or men. The self-styled Queen of Trinidad conquered the objects of her desire, and that was that…

“I can keep up with you just fine,” Kerry replied, leaning into Shay, and her hands roamed from the other gal’s firm backside to her breasts, which she felt through the red tank top. Shay purred like a kitten, loving what Kerry was doing to her. Kerry’s touch set Shay’s flesh aflame, sending tendrils of pleasure coursing throughout her sinfully sexy body.

“Dammit I really want her,” Shay thought lustfully as Kerry felt her up. The two young women took an Uber back to Kerry’s townhouse in the West End of Atlanta, and once there, they barely got their clothes off before getting their freak on. Kerry marveled at Shay as the tall, curvy, light-skinned cutie undressed before her. Shay had the face of an angel, big natural tits, wide hips, thick sexy thighs and a big round ass, everything that Kerry liked in a woman…and more.

“Hmm, come here sexy,” Kerry said, sitting on the living room couch and gesturing for Shay to come to her. The curvy Minnesotan cutie did just that, and Kerry kissed Shay, then caressed her big breasts with one hand while feeling her big booty with the other. Shay grinned and took Kerry’s face into her hands, kissing her full and deep. Kerry wasn’t big on kissing females, but she liked the feel of Shay’s tongue down her throat, and the two women continued with their fun.

“I go for what I want, always,” Shay said to Kerry, and then, somehow, they ended up on the carpeted floor. Playfully they wrestled, two strong, curvy young women rolling around on the floor and jockeying for position güvenilir casino while laughing and giggling. Shay found herself on top of Kerry, having pinned her. Kerry seemed distressed by this turn of events, then smacked Shay’s big ass and tickled her, causing Shay to laugh some more.

“Come and get it,” Kerry retorted, and Shay grinned then kissed her…all over. Kerry moaned softly as Shay kissed her lips and caressed her breasts, then licked a path from her tits to her belly. Kerry held her breath as Shay parted her thighs, and then began going down on her. Shay licked Kerry’s pussy, loving the way the other woman tasted. Kerry moaned softly, tense at first, then she relaxed and enjoyed as Shay licked her down.

As the night rolled on, Kerry and Shay did their thing, pleasuring one another and exploring like only new lovers could. At one point, Kerry lent Shay her favorite strap-on dildo, the same one she used on her male subs, and got on all fours, shaking her ass while smirking lustfully at her new gal pal. Shay grinned and playfully smacked Kerry’s ass, then eased the dildo into her.

“You’re so going to get it,” Shay whispered into Kerry’s ear as she gripped her hips and thrust into her. Kerry cried out as Shay began fucking her with the strap-on, stroking her deep. To really shine Kerry on, Shay grabbed her long hair and yanked her head back while fucking her. Hard and fast they went at it, passionately, violently, tenderly, until Kerry squealed in delight, orgasmic. Shay kept stroking her until Kerry actually squealed, and tapped out…

Kerry Ramping-Saad smiled to herself as she thought of all the wicked and fun things that she and Shay Butler had done. Normally, Kerry didn’t keep her lovers around too long. Female or male, black or white, they had their usefulness and entertainment value, and then it was out with the old and in with the new. Well, after the sexual whammy that Shay Butler laid on her, Kerry thought she just might keep Miss Minnesota around for a while…

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