Haziran 8, 2020

Keeping lookout while Niki had a pee

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Keeping lookout while Niki had a pee
I had been for a drink after work down the local pub from where I worked. There was a few of us there, and it had been a long week. We all had been working hard in the office, and just needed to chill out a little. At the end of the night, I said my goodbyes, and said that I needed to get home.
One of the women I worked with, Niki, asked that if I was walking, could she walk with me. She didn’t live that far from me, and needed to clear her head a little. She had drunk a little too many glasses of wine, and although not drunk, was feeling the effects.
I said it was no problem, and we left.

On the way home, we chatted about work, holidays, you know, the usual crap, and before we knew it, we were about half way home.

“I should of gone for a pee, before we left. Think I drunk too much.” Niki said.
“We should be home soon, just don’t think about it.!” I replied.

We carried on walking, and I tried to take her mind off it.

“Nope, I’m not going to make it, I’ve already had a dribble. If I don’t go soon, I’m going to wet myself.” she said.

Now that statement lodged itself in my mind. The thought of Niki’s panties with a little damp patch was sending messages to my cock, and it was beginning to get excited.

“There’s nowhere türkçe bahis to go, you’ll have to hold it.” I said.
“Nope, not going to happen, need to pee NOW!” she replied.

I looked around, and saw an alleyway.
“You’ll have to go down there then.” I said, pointing over to the alley.
“Only if you come with me and keep a lookout. Don’t want to be caught squatting taking a piss.” she replied.

We practically ran into the alley, and Niki must have been desperate, as she was lifting her dress up as she went. I got a glimpse of the backs of her thighs, and a slight view of her red panties.

“Keep a watch and let me know if anyone is coming.” she said.

I turned my back, and started to look around, but could not help myself look round at Niki. She had hoisted her dress up, and was pulling her panties down and it was then that she saw me.
“Want to watch do you ?” she said.
“I must admit, watching women pee is a little fetish of mine, really floats my boat.” I said.
“Well, I’m so desperate, I done really care.” Niki replied.

She pulled her panties down, to show a nicely trimmed pussy. A line of trimmed pubic hair above her slit. Niki squatted down and leaned back, opening her pussy with her fingers. I couldn’t keep my eyes off her pussy, and watched güvenilir bahis siteleri her pussy lips part, to reveal a strong jet of pee shoot from her.

My cock was very excited now, and could feel it getting harder and harder, making quite an obvious bulge in my trousers.
“You do enjoy watching, don’t you ?” she said, as she stared at the growing bulge in my trousers.
“I just find it so fucking horny.” I replied.

Niki had almost finished and was tensing her pussy, squirting out the last few drops, and then said, “Don’t you need to go. Would really like to watch you ?”. She remained squatting and was leaning back against a fence. She was now running her finger over her swollen clit and around her wet pussy lips.

Didn’t need any more encouragement, so unzipped my trousers, pulled the top of my briefs down and let my cock spring out. I took hold of my cock, and started to pee. Although difficult to do with a practically hard cock, managed to go, but the hardness caused the pee jet to be very strong, and was shooting quite a way up the alley.

Niki, by now, was staring intently at my cock, and was busily sliding her fingers into herself.

I had finished my pee, and was looking at Niki masturbating herself, so just started to rub güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri my cock.

“Let me do that.” she said, and reached up taking hold of my cock. She continued to finger herself with her other hand, and slowly started to rub. I thrust my hips forward, and leaned over so that I could have a good view of Niki fucking herself.

Didn’t take long, and my cock stiffened, started to pulse, and I shot my cum. Niki was squeezing my cock after every pulse, running her thumb around the base of my knob.

It was then that we heard talking not too far off. Niki let go of my cock, and so I frantically put it back in my trousers.
Niki, had pulled her panties down further and was taking them off. Quickly, she wiped her wet pussy with them and handed them to me, saying, “A little memento!” and giggled.
She stood up, straightened her dress and we walked out of the alley. Just in time, as two women walked into the alley and passed us.
We both looked round and watched them walk right past where we had been.

“Phew, that was close.” Niki said.

I opened my hand and saw Niki’s wet panties.
“There, you can wrap them round your cock later and have a wank, thinking of me.” she said.

“I most certainly will.” I replied.

We carried on walking home, and chatted about what we had done. Niki admitted that she really enjoyed her little adventure, and that it had sparked her into a fetish into pee games. It was especially exciting that we had nearly been caught.

So, we agreed to meet up again, and play a little more……………………………………

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