Mart 13, 2021

Kaylee’s Rude Awakening I_(0)

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Kaylee woke up early that morning. She had been luxuriating in her bed, a large king-sized plush bed, in her new apartment. Her blonde hair strewn over the pillow, she thought back to how she had to beg her daddy to get this apartment for her, right in the new up-and-coming arts district of downtown. Luckily, she always got her way with him, it’s been a gift she’s had for as long as she can remember. Even with her boyfriend Dave, new paralegal at her daddie’s law firm, Kaylee could get him to buy or do anything she desired. Kaylee was never a morning person, but the loud, incessant knocking on the door finally brought her out of bed. She shuffled towards the front door, dressed in a loose white tanktop and black thong panties. Looking through the peephole, Kaylee sighed heavily. It was Dylan.

“Hey, open up Kaylee!” Kaylee opened slightly, just peeking her head around the corner of the front door. “What?”

Dylan stuck his foot in so she couldn’t close it on him. “You fucking owe me money. You think my shit is for free?”

She blushed. Her dad’s allowance also permitted her to have a mild coke habit, which she indulged in most weekends when her boyfriend wasn’t around. It wouldn’t do to have the rich neighbors hear this conversation, so she let him in. “I don’t have the money Dylan,” she started, as the door closed.

“Well you owe me. So what am I going to do with you? Maybe I should talk to your dad?”

Kaylee froze. “No, you don’t have to do that. Just… just give me a couple weeks. I’ll have it then.”

Dylan laughed, “Like hell you will. Shit, you still owe me from the last party, not to mention last night. I want my fucking money now.” Kaylee swallowed hard, thinking of her options. “I’m thirsty, I need a drink of water.” She walked to the kitchen, knowing Dylan was watching her ass as she left the room. Pouring herself a glass, she shut the fridge, and was suddenly slammed against the brushed steel door. A hand had her by the back of the throat, long fingers clenching down on her slender neck, choking her.

“Now, I’m going to get my money’s worth out of you, whether you pay me in cash or in ass, it doesn’t make a difference.” A finger slid down her side, nudging under the waistband of her panties right above her ass crack. “Damn Kaylee, you do have one tight little ass. Are you still dating that fool?” Kaylee nodded, tears welling up in her eyes as she felt his strong finger pushing down her ass crack “D…d… Dave”.

“Thought so, you are karşıyaka escort bayan going to end things with him, as you’re mine from now on.”

Struggling to breathe, tears flowing stronger now, Kaylee eked out a quiet protest, “No, please don’t… leave him out of it, I’ll get you the money. Promise I will.”

“I’ve heard your promises before, I think we’re a bit too late for that. Let’s go.” The hand on her neck relaxed only long enough to grab a fistful of her dirty blonde hair, and Dylan dragged her out of the kitchen and into the living room. Shoving her onto the couch, bent over, he pinned her down, keeping a hand on her hair while handing her the phone with the other. Dialing, Dylan hit speaker so as not to miss anything.

“Hu… hullo,” came Dave’s sleepy voice on the other end of the phone.

Kaylee, crying fully now, could barely make out the words. “Dave, I have been doing some thinking, and I believe we’re just in different places right now, and it’s not working out.” Her sentence was greeted with silence.

“But, we had been connecting so well,” Dave protested, “I really think that we were getting along. I really like you.” As he spoke, Dylan’s finger slid down her ass crack, finding her tight puckered asshole and pushing inside roughly, causing Kaylee to gasp and cry harder. She felt him penetrate her while trying to stay focused on Dave, as he fought to save their relationship, “Can I come over and talk to you baby? Let’s work through this.”

Wincing, keeping as quiet as possible, so as not to alarm him, “No, it just wasn’t working. I’m so sorry Dave. I have to go.” And Kaylee hangs up on the one man who truly gave her what she wanted. Letting her head fall, she cried harder now, interrupted by a squeal as Dylan pushed a second finger into her tight asshole. Trying to move back and forth, feeling her sphincter fighting his intrusion, just made him hornier. Angling his hand, Dylan lets his thumb brush against her clit, jolting her from her sad crying spell and reminding her she had a pissed off drug dealer with his finger in her ass. “Happy now, bastard?”

Dylan’s voice betrayed his amusement, “Not yet, but soon I will be.” The fingers sped up momentarily, then pulled out altogether. Even though they were just fingers, Kaylee swears she can feel the cool air of her apartment’s air conditioner flowing into her stretched behind. Dylan continues, “Did Dave ever get to fuck that ass?”

Kaylee shakes her head, “No way.”

Dylan escort karşıyaka smiles, “A pity. But lucky for me to be the first.” The hand grabs her hair from behind again, and Dylan yanks her from the couch, slamming her onto the hardwood floors face first. She screams now, hoping someone will hear her, but the thick walls of the refurbished factory are solid brick. Kaylee tries to pull her legs tight together, to deny him access, but he’s too strong, using his knees to wrench her thighs apart, having her feet rest squarely against his thighs. Still holding her hair with one hand, Dylan slides his loose-cut jeans off of his hips, revealing a nearly 9″ cock, and thick as a Coke can. Holding her firmly, Dylan slides his cockhead up and down her asscrack, feeling for the puckered little hole he’s about to invade for the first time. Finding it, he doesn’t hesitate to push the thick mushroom tip inside her.

Kaylee’s ass erupts on fire. It feels like it is being ripped in two. The head is thicker than the fingers he was just using. OWWWW GODDDD her brain screams internally, bringing tears to her eyes yet again. With a loud pop, the head breaks past her outer hole, and lets him inside. Dylan feels her ass tear a bit as he pushes into her, slowly filling her, inch by inch. Every breath she shudders, trying to push it out, but he is incessant. After what seems like an eternity, the 9″ finally force their way into her ass, and Dylan pauses to let her adjust. She is panting heavily, wriggling to try and find a position where her filled ass doesn’t hurt, but it’s no use. He pulls his cock out slowly again, until the head pops free of her tight hole, only to have it shoved in again. He repeats the motion, picking up speed and pressure with every thrust. Soon he’s battering her ass, his balls swinging back and forth, slapping her against her clit hile he fucks her. Reaching under, Dylan rubs her pussy with his free hand, the other keeping a tight grip on her hair. Her ass spasms, alternatily trying to push the intruding cock out and also expand to relieve some of the pressure. Damn it’s tight, he thinks, much much tighter than his regular slut. Moaning loudly, Dylan pushes in and starts to shoot cum deep into her ass, the warm cum splashing into her tight butthole. Filling her up, till it starts to leak down her thighs and onto the floor.

With a deep sigh, Dylan lets go of her hair and pulls out of her ass. Kaylee immediately retreats, curling up into a ball, karşıyaka escort her ass leaking cum and crying. He sits next to her, laying against the couch, his cock still rock hard, a mixture of cum and blood covering the tip. Looking over at her, Dylan smiles, “clean me up bitch.”

She stares. Lick his cock? When it is all covered in his disgusting cum, and what can only be her blood? She shakes her head, “no way.” Dylan growls, quickly reaching forward grabbing her hair, dragging her across the floor once more, her knees scraping on the wood, until her face is right above his cock, which he starts to push to her mouth. Kaylee resists still, a sickening feeling as the cum-covered tip smears across her lips. Dylan’s anger is back, and his free hand pinches her nose, choking off the air so she can’t breathe. Kaylee holds out as long as possible, but eventually she gives up, opening her mouth to gasp in the fresh air. As soon as her lips part, his cock shoved its way into her mouth, her tongue unable to avoid tasting the disgusting combination. He moves up inside her mouth, holding her head tightly as he slides in and out, feeling her lips and tongue scrape off the cum, cleaning him off. Smiling, he relaxes, letting her work, and when finally she’s done he’s hard as a rock again, but lets her sit up a second.

“You did well so far honey, you look like you need to relax a bit more.” Kaylee looks at him puzzled, seeing Dylan pull his small dime bag out, tapping a small amount of white powder onto the tip of his dick. He turns to her, “need some?” She nods, hoping that will take the edge off what has turned into a pretty horrible day. Reaching for the bag, Dylan pulls it back, ‘nuh-uh, bitch, yours is already out.” She turns, knowing now what he wants her to do, but too tired and in pain to care. Grabbing the base of his cock, careful not to spill any powder, Kaylee lowers her nose to his head, sniffing hard, feeling the powder fly up her nose. Instantly, the pain in her ass drifts to a minor murmur, and Kaylee slumps against the wooden floor, letting her gaze settle on the ceiling, laying back. The familiar, comforting haze of the cocaine takes her in its grip, and she is almost ready to go to sleep when Dylan coaxes her up.

“Come on lazy-bones, you need to learn to handle your C better,” Dylan chides her, guiding her across the floor. As she walks, Kaylee feels the cum leaking down her thigh, sliding back and forth, until they reach the bedroom together. Dylan stands looking at her, only in her shirt now, pointing to the bedroom. “We’re not done cupcake.”

Even through the cocaine haze, Kaylee realizes that she is still tied to this asshole. Sighing, but still in her fog, she heads into the bedroom to submit further…

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