Haziran 12, 2020

Kaveri – The maid and The magic

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Kaveri – The maid and The magic
I moved into the new house after marriage. Life was challenging after marriage; there were frequent altercations with my wife and sex was non-existent. Among these troubled times, we hired Kaveri as our housemaid.

She is the wife of our caretaker Mukesh. Their family lives on the ground floor of the apartment.
A wholesome woman full of life, She always has a smile on her chubby face. I haven’t looked at her sexually in initial days.
Undoubtedly, I found her cute. The way her anklets sound, when she moved around, was appealing.

My years of bad sex continued. Marriage was not working. It was my persistent sexual frustration which, made me think about Kaveri. Although, She is a mother of three c***dren and looks slightly older than her actual age. I found her smile attractive and heartfelt.

The socioeconomic gap between us was enormous.
I am a masters in computer science working for an MNC with a six-figure salary. She is a maid working in households.

But God shows us what is missing in our lives ruthlessly. Accidentally, I caught her cuddling her husband one day on my way back from office. They got sober seeing me. They had less money and more c***dren. But, they were enjoying life to the fullest with the limited youth they had.
I just felt a fit of intense jealousy towards Mukesh. This bugger was enjoying the warmth of a hot wife who was ready to do anything for him. I could not sleep that day and kept thinking about Kaveri’s smile and shyness.

My interest in Kaveri grew after that day. She came to clean up the house every day. I started stalking her religiously now. Bought a Go-Pro camera to capture her moves. Her raw village beauty was intoxicating me slowly like old wine.

One day, I got a good view of her cleavage while she was mopping the floor bending down. I thought of her soft boobs, how relaxing would it be to put my face in between them.

Somehow she sensed my interest towards her through her feminine sixth sense. The very next day, a holiday and I was at home. She came in the traditional dress, a yellow sari, and a bareback blouse. I took a snap of her while she was washing utensils at the kitchen sink.
Immidielty, I went into the bathroom and opened her pic in my mobile. Her entire back was exposed, and the blouse was held in place by a thin yellow lace. The portion between neck to waist was well moisturized and glowing. I liked seeing her smooth upper arm and curved ass covered in the yellow sari.
But, the photo was not enough. I went again in the kitchen, on the pretense of getting a glass. Drank her beauty again and came back. After she left for the day, I masturbated seeing her photo.

My wife had to go to the middle east for a work assignment. I dropped her to the airport in the early morning. After coming back home, I felt slightly feverish. Decided to skip the office and take rest for the day. Kaveri came to work at around 9 o’clock. She was wearing the ash color khadi kurta and a green casino siteleri baggy pajama.

“Hello Bhiya, No office today?” She said.

“Hi Kaveri, I just skipped it, not feeling good.”

“Madam not there at home?”

“No, She is out of the country for work.”

“Oh!” She replied and moved towards the kitchen.

Seeing her I was happy, but what to do? Although I have the money, she is not a slut who would strip on my order.
I lay on the bed and kept thinking about Kaveri. She finished her work at the kitchen and started the cleanup. As she reached my room with the mop stick, I closed my eyes. Just didn’t want to get caught staring at her ass when she bends down.

Suddenly, I felt a soft touch on my forehead. Opening my I eyes, I found Kaveri sensing my temperature by the back of her palm.

“You have fever Bhiya.” She sounded worried.

“Yes, there is a little temperature.”

“Will a cold compress help?”

“Yes, it would but don’t want to trouble you.”

“There is no trouble.” She replied and came back with cold water and a hand towel in some time.

She started giving me a cold compress and stood near my head. I asked her to sit beside me on the bed, but she replied she is good.
The cold compress and caressing were comforting me. I felt guilty of objectifying her all the time. But, I was choice-less, my sexless life has taken a toll on me. She was just too hot to ignore.

Amid this moral dilemma, my eyes got wet, and a sobbing sound came out of my heart.

“Are you crying Bhaiya” She sounded surprised.

I didn’t reply.

She sat beside me on the bed now. Her worrisome eyes were trying to figure things out.

The natural sobbing which came out of my loneliness died down slowly.

“Are you ok Bhaiya?” She asked

“Yes Kaveri, I feel better now. Thanks for the compress.”

“Anything else I can do for you?”

I held her hand with both of my hands. Taking a deep breath, smelling her sweat, I replied
“No that’s all, thanks for everything Kaveri.”

“Ok I am leaving then, please take care.”

She came back after a few hours, with a tiffin box.

“Have you taken medicine?”

“Yes” I replied

“Feeling any better?”


“Brought you some food.”

“Oh! that was unnecessary.”

“You want to have it now?”


She opened the box. It had chapati and curry in it.

“Have it now please.”

I sat on the bed, staring at the food. Felt like sobbing again
“You are too soft-hearted Bhiya.” She said.

I nodded in agreement.

“Let me help you,” she said and started feeding me a morsel of food.

I started eating slowly, looking at her. I told her the food is tasty. She has taken a bath and wore a green sari now. After feeding me the lunch, she left for the basin for washing hands. I stayed on the bed and watched her sweet ass walking away.

She came back and said she will go now as the k**s will back from school. I got up and walked her till the door. Before saying goodbye, I hugged her briefly. It was a bit awkward. I thanked her for everything, and she left.

Kaveri came tipobet güvenilir mi in the morning around 8 o’clock the next day. It was the weekend, and I was free. She was still wearing the green sari.
The out of the bed look suggested, she came early to see if I am ok.
I was cooking breakfast, and she was at the sink washing plates.

“Can I ask you something?” She asked hesitantly.

“Sure Kaveri”

“Is everything fine between you and madam?”


“Why you cried yesterday?”

“Just like that.”

“You can tell me.”

I did not respond. Instead, I approached her and embraced her from the back. She paused washing the plate and I gently kissed her on the shoulder.
I just continued holding her and smelling her body.

“How come a handsome guy like you fall for me?” She finally asked.

Feeling her healthy body from the back was intoxicating. I was not in a position to respond to her verbally.
Hence, I decided to reply to her orally. While kissing her, I slowly turned her to face me. The rural shyness made her cover her face with both the palms.

I continued kissing her palms which were covering her face. My long cherished dream of grabbing her ass also came true while my kissing continued. Finally, her hands were off her face and went back of my head. We looked at each other in the eyes. I smiled, and she looked down out of shyness. I kissed her forehead and bit lightly on her cheeks.

“I have not brushed my teeth yet.” She sounded embarrassed.

Again I responded silently, by sliding my tongue inside her mouth and swallowing her tongue.

Now she was fully charged up, and her hands pulled my head towards her. I slightly uncovered the front portion of her sari covering her healthy breasts. My hands made their way to her shaggy waist and sweet tits respectively.

The mobile rang in her blouse. There was an unexpected pause. It was some of her friend in the maid’s union. The conversation was going longer. I just unhooked her blouse and started pressing her boobs. She smiled while continuing to speak on the phone.

I got down on my knees and pulled down her sari a bit. Her soft and fleshy belly was in front of me. I started kissing her navel. The cesarean marks from her previous c***dbirths were faded but visible. I just move my hands around them.

She continued to talk over the phone and stroking my hairs. I moved up again to suck her tits.
A sound of relief comes out of her mouth, and she cut the phone abruptly.

“You naughty man, I will eat you alive.”, she hissed at me and instantly her hands were inside my kneeker.

“Do you have a condom?” She asked.

“Yes.” I nodded.

She held me by my dick and pulled me towards the bedroom.

I was astonished seeing her confidence.

“Can’t remove the sari; someone might come.” She stopped me from disrobing her completely.

“But I want to see you, naked Kaveri!” I cried.

“Not today, Mukesh is asleep and might call me anytime. Lets hurry.”

Then I pulled her sari up from ankles and rubbed perabet her calves and thighs.
Her buttery ass was shining softly in the morning light. I took a good sniff of it which made her laugh.

She stroked my dick quickly but softly and put the condom on. I liked the way she gave the handjob, it resembles very much the way they milk cows in the villages of India.

“Please come from the back.” She instructed me while bending down on the bed.

I started working. She was slippery but surprisingly tight even after three k**s. I was too excited and feared a quick ejaculation.
I took it out and with my hands started rubbing her clit. She was hairy, but I liked her rawness. My dick was resting on her soft butt crack; She started wagging the booty to make my dick feel at home.

Once I realized she is ready, I pushed in once again.

Sucked her ear, while giving her moderate strokes. She had her climax early and I took some more time to come.
I helped her arranging her sari, and hooking her blouse. She left after a brief hug and kiss, without mopping the floor that day.

My wife came back next week. Kaveri and I lost our privacy.
But in life, every challenge had its own sweetness as well. Nowadays, our moments together were brief but sweet.

Hiding from my wife’s eyes, it used to be either a small butt grab or a kiss. If luckily my wife is in the washroom, and we get a few extra minutes of togetherness; Which, allowed a bit of pussy licking at times. As if two mice stealing cheese while hiding from the cat.

But we were getting restless within.
I thought of booking a nearby hotel and call Kaveri there. But upon discussing with her, I realized: It would be too risky for her.

Thankfully, on my request she allowed me to take a few of her nude pictures which gave me some relief on lonely nights.
I contemplated: if somehow her husband and my wife gets vanished from this earth. I will definitely marry this nearly illiterate lady and adopt her k**s. Will keep her in my life as a queen and fuck her every day.

Fortune smiled on us. My wife went out of the country for a week. Luckily, at the same time, her k**s and husband had to visit their village for some reason. She stayed back for her maid job. She was working in a couple of other places apart from mine and it is a stable source of income.

She comes to my place late at night nowadays. I open the door in advance seeing her missed call so that neighbor’s suspicion is avoided. I have bought a set of sexy lingerie for her based on my fantasies. Although, we will have to throw them away once our spouses are back. But life is all about living in moments.

We spend the nights together. I generally give her a naked massage every night before making love. Her life is tough because of doing manual labor in households. When shoulder or anal massage relaxes her days’ tiredness, I feel satisfied.
In a return favor, she attempted a rimjob once which was a moderate success.

We are just two people living these small joys and comforting each other in this shit-storm called life.

Now she is sucking my dick leisurely and I am rubbing Vaseline around her asshole. We will be having anal in sometime.
“Whatever we do, is it love?” She asked
“Yes, it is,” I replied.

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