Şubat 17, 2021

Kate Lets Loose Ch. 02

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During the night, Andrew tried everything he could think of. He touched every part of Kate. He kissed every part of Kate. He licked every part of Kate. He sucked on every part of Kate. Kate encouraged him by touching him everywhere she could reach. She stayed away from his dick, however. She didn’t want him cumming and then falling asleep. She wanted to keep him in a constant state of arousal. It worked.

For several hours Andrew did everything he wanted to her, except fuck her. He didn’t want to cum, fall asleep and ruin the night. He wanted her to cum. Over and over. She didn’t disappoint him. When he started sucking her earlobes, her breathing quickened. When he licked from her neck down to her breasts, her breathing got shallow. As he moved down to her pussy, her breathing stopped. She held his head as he reached her clit. He licked her, very slowly, everywhere but directly on her clit. He wanted her to build up slowly. He was going too slowly for her, so she grabbed his head and pushed him closer. Then she started to rub her pussy against his mouth. Kate wouldn’t stop and she wouldn’t let go. Andrew took the hint and started licked and sucking with gusto. As she orgasmed she passed out.

Andrew climbed on top of her and started kissing her mouth. He caressed her shoulders and breasts. He slowly, very slowly, put his dick against her pussy. He rubbed his dick up and down against the opening. She opened her eyes, realized what was happening, and pushed against him. In Andrew slid. She wrapped her arms and legs casino şirketleri around him and just held him for about a minute. She wanted to enjoy this sensation. They kissed passionately and he started to move. Slowly at first. He didn’t want to cum for a while. She felt him moving, pulsing. She concentrated on his dick inside of her. She squeezed him, both with her pussy and her arms. She wasn’t going to let him get away.

She could feel her pleasure growing. He could feel her pleasure growing. He had big plans for her and wanted to be sure she had lots of orgasms tonight. He wanted to keep her in a constant state of pleasure. He pushed in. He pulled out. He licked her breasts. She liked him licking her breasts. She liked him pushing in and pulling out. As he licked, she felt, well, she felt it hitting her like a brick. She had a powerful orgasm. She shivered, she shook. And then, while Andrew was going in and out of her, she came again. She thought she was going to pass out again but she didn’t. He kept rubbing her, licking her, pushing into her. She started to cry from the pleasure. She couldn’t take any more and told him it was his turn, that she had no more left in her. Andrew told her that he was far from ready and she had better brace herself.

“NO, NO, NO”. She thought she said it out loud, but she realized she heard herself saying “YES, YES, YES!” and held on tighter. Andrew decided to take it easy, since her enthusiasm was contagious. He slowed down which only heightened her pleasure. She didn’t casino firmaları know how she was going to take much more of it. And his tongue! It wouldn’t stop licking her, and not just her breasts. He licked her lips, her eyes, her ears, her neck. Each lick shot a jolt directly to her clit. He could feel each jolt as her pussy tightened around his dick. He was in ecstasy. Until he realized he was in too much ecstasy. He felt that familiar feeling in his dick. It was growing. He was getting longer and wider. There was a roaring sound in his ears. He started to explode. He growled and moaned. He pushed into Kate as he came. He couldn’t control himself.

Kate felt him starting to cum. She braced herself, figuring it was going to be a big one. She wrapped around him tightly to hold on. He started to pound against her. She started to feel another orgasm building. As he started to growl, she came. She tightened every part of her body as she came. She thought she felt him ejaculating inside of her. He was finished for several seconds before she finished. She didn’t relax her hold on him. She wasn’t ready for him to get off.

As they laid together, holding each other tight, Andrew kept up his licking. “Stop”, Kate said. But she didn’t say it. She moaned instead. She held him close and rubbed his arms and back with her hands. She wanted to keep holding him like this all night. Before she could cum again she fell asleep. Andrew figured that he had a good night, but she beat him, 6 orgasms to 4. He’d have to work on that. güvenilir casino He was hoping for her to have at least 10 and he hoped for one or two more.

The next morning, Andrew woke up before Kate and took a shower. He looked around the kitchen and made breakfast. Then he woke up with soft kisses on her fingers and forehead. She woke up slowly, saw him and smiled. She held his face and gave him a long kiss. She got up, impressed that he cooked for her.

Andrew didn’t want to leave, but he was afraid she wanted to be alone. Kate didn’t want Andrew to leave, but she was too used to guys getting an orgasm and then abandoning her. She figured she would tell him to leave and that would spare her the pain of him telling her he wanted to go. Before she could do that, Andrew cleared the breakfast dishes and washed them. Kate decided to not tell him to go.

She walked behind him while he was washing the dishes and started touching him everywhere. Her hands roamed all over his back and arms while he was busy with the dishes. Then her hands went to his crotch. He was already fully erect, and she decided to see what he had left inside his balls. She rubbed his dick and he washed her dishes. Finally he was done with the dishes and she picked up the pace. She found out that he still had lots of cum left. He stayed for another couple of hours to see what he could get her to do.

Kate held on to Andrew for the next couple of hours. And the next couple of orgasms. She was very responsive to his touch. He tried very hard to cum a few more times but finally, he couldn’t get more than a mild erection and no more cum came out of him. They were both disappointed.

She sent him home, hoping he’d be back.

He went home, hoping she’d invite him back.

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