Şubat 23, 2021

Kait’s Story Ch. 08

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I recall being kissed sometime before the day met me. I awoke fully and with some surprise at the time. It was almost ten o’clock. Sun streamed through the window. The sounds of industrious chattering crawled up the walls from the garden.

I stretched as I walked to the window.

Down below Kait and Mel were busy with the planting. A flat bed truck was half in the garden and half on the road. A young man was unloading it and Kait was busy with a wheelbarrow. All seemed to be under control.

I pulled on a robe and went downstairs. I thought about their evening, their sex, the cucumber and smiled to myself. I’d have to ask her about that.

As a fresh pot of coffee began to drip, I booted up the computer, logged on and checked the mail. A couple of important business ones that got rapid responses. One from my Realtor, Jerry’s Realtor, that basically thanked me for the paperwork. She looked forward to meeting me and would keep me apprised of any activity. I smiled with the thought that Jerry would probably do that too.

There was a message on the machine from the doctor’s office, reminding me of my appointment tomorrow. They said to call if I needed to reschedule.

I made dinner reservations for Kait and I.

I wanted us to have a chance to celebrate and be away from the rest of the world for a while. I’d read about a place about half an hour inland. A local magazine described it as romantic, musical and gastronomic. A glowing report that made me want to try it.

I grabbed a kit and left for the gym, pausing to greet Kait warmly and Mel affectionately.

They were both muddy and I didn’t linger. Returning about noon I was somewhat surprised to see Chris there taking pictures of the garden and the girls that worked in it.

We exchanged hellos and I asked Kait which plan I wasn’t aware of.

“He’s been commissioned to paint the garden.”

“By who?”

“Me, of course.”


“Well, the pictures are for my company brochure and the painting will be for you, us.”

“Oh, good idea. You have a company now?”

“No, but Ben, that’s what I want to do. You’re ok with that right? I know we need to talk more.”

“I walked the three steps towards her very slowly and took her in my arms for what became the biggest, longest and happiest of hugs.” I lifted her from the ground, she draped herself from my neck and I spun her around.

“I’m perfectly ok with that. You just tell me what I can do to help.”

“I will, maybe we can talk about it later?”

“Well, I made reservations for dinner. Just you and me though. A celebration thing.”

“Oh good, I’ll tell Mel to make other plans. Where are we going?”

“You’ll see, be ready at eight.”

“Woohoo, yes I will. What should I wear?”

“Ummm, elegant and sexy is the look.”

“I can work with that.”

“I’m sure you can. Kait, there’s another plan. Is the turf still coming on Wednesday?”

“Yes, why?”

“Can you take off early, come with me to the city?”

“Why, I’ll check with the boss but I should be okay.” She smiled as I turned to walk away.

I called Jerry from the car and got myself and a guest on the list to one of his ‘special club’ places for Wednesday night. He’d mentioned it a few times in the past. He hoped I knew what I was doing but said he’d ‘take care of it.’

Kait emerged from the bathroom looking elegant and sophisticated. She smelled incredible. She had dressed in a very sexy strapless body hugging dress. A lacy thong, a pair of thigh high nylons and a pair of shoes completed the outfit. Everything was black, Net weight about 8 ounces excluding the shoes. Her hair was clipped to the back of her head, exposing her gorgeous neck, her face framed by a few loose strands on each side.

It would have been impossible for a stranger in the house to conceive that this was the same person that had been covered in mud all day.

I leaned in to her neck and kissed her, she leaned her head to one side as my arm came around her. I kissed her neck again. A small breath escaped her lips, signaling a shiver. I grazed my tongue along her neck towards her earlobe and felt her weaken in my arms.

“Ohhh, do we have time for a quickie?” She struggled to push the words out between her feelings of pleasure.

“We casino şirketleri always have time for a quickie.” We smiled at each other briefly.

I pushed her gently back towards the bed, lifting her dress as we arrived there. She sat as it lifted past her waist. She deftly unzipped it at the side and pulled it over her head. I knelt between her legs and her hands came to my face, dragging me towards her sex.

Kait fell back flat on the bed as her legs separated and her pussy opened to me. I held her thong to one side as I robustly feasted on her cleanly shaved, glistening and immediately gushing sex. Still holding her thong high and to the left, I stood and undid my pants, releasing my cock and slamming it without hesitation into Kait’s dripping cunt.

I stood between her legs offering nothing more than one of those raw hard fucks which Kait simply loves. She screamed as I stretched her. She lifted her feet to my shoulders and had me dump a healthy load of cum in her pussy. God she was tight and hot but while not even close to cumming she encouraged my own orgasm wholeheartedly. She begged for it harder and offered her approving “yessss” each time I picked up the pace.

It was all for me…..

“Cum for me Baby, yeah, fuck me hard, yeah Ben, harder, yesss, fuck Ben, yesss, harder, fuck me Baby, cum inside me, fuck my cunt Ben, yesss Baby, fuck yeah, hard like that ohhh yeah, hard Baby, fuck me hard, oh yesssss Ben, fuck your slut’s wet cunt Baby. Fuck me, fuck me Ben, give it to me Baby.”

It was more than enough encouragement. I settled there, stationary, motionless for all except a gentle rocking to meet each dwindling twitch as the last seeds left me. She smiled up at me.

“I need to straighten my make up Baby. I’m gonna drip your cum into my panties.”

“You are such a slut Kait.”

“I know, that’s why you like me.”

“Mmmm, let me count the ways.”

She smiled and went to the bathroom. I followed in a penguin shuffle with pants and shorts around my ankles, holding my shirt tails off my cock. I grabbed a towel, wiped myself down and rearranged myself. I left Kait to herself and she joined me a few minutes later.

We had a lovely dinner. Very romantic, filled with each other. I was pleasant to the young waiter, Kait flirted with him blatantly as soon as she sensed my acceptance. He was unsure how far he could go. Compromised between responsibility and instinct. She played it for all she could.

We danced closely but without groping. Close enough that she could feel me harden as she lay her head against my shoulder. She whispered to me that she was feeling hot and that her panties were full of my cum.

I wondered sometimes if folks thought of us as a couple or as a father and daughter. Maybe a man with his mistress. Perhaps they thought of her as my hooker. It didn’t make much difference but I asked Kait her thoughts. She didn’t care what they thought but she said that if the waiter asked, she’d tell him “I’m the slut gardener he’s going to marry.”

We held hands, Kait flashed her ring when she wasn’t admiring it or asking me to study it with her.

We spoke about her business. Equipment list, marketing, advertising, costing. She grasped it all but we agreed that I’d hold her hand through it.

The basic idea was that she’d design and install gardens then maintain them. There was nothing remarkable about that. Her points of difference would be several. The software she used made a good impression, her design talent, her actual knowledge would be useful, her presentation skills, the charm with which she could win over clients and we figured that eventually there’d be word of mouth referrals.

We bounced around a few name ideas but didn’t settle on anything that satisfied her. We agreed that signs were needed and especially to attract passers-by. No name meant no signs. I told her I’d get an attorney to explain the different legal forms her company might take. S Corp, C Corp, LLC. Sole Prop.

Kait ended the business discussion. “Sole Props don’t wear panties Mister. Would you mind if I removed mine?”

“No objection whatsoever Kait.”

“They’re so wet with your cum.”

“Don’t you feel cum-fortable?”

She smiled. “It turns me on when we talk as well. I’m a mess down there. I could fuck you casino firmaları right now.”

I smiled and raised my eyebrows as I lowered my gaze across the table towards the waiter. “Maybe you should leave the panties here?”

“Like a tip?” She gave me her most evil look of agreement and excused herself. I hurried to settle the check with cash. Kait returned. She stroked my cheek, opening her palm as her cum soaked panties drifted beneath my nostrils. She placed her panties beside her napkin as I rose from the table and took her hand.

The valet seemed to take forever but in retrospect the circumstances of our departure probably distorted my perception.

I was pleased to be in the car. The drive was along quiet roads. Kait leaned in to me and started stroking my cock. She told me how happy she was, how incredible it felt to be in love. She started tugging at my belt and found her way in to my pants as I eased off the gas a little.

Once my cock was free she swooped down and started licking it, pushing my pants to my thighs as I raised my ass to assist. I reclined the seat a few degrees to let her in and lifted the steering wheel. I held it with my left hand at about the eight o’clock position.

She started on the head and stayed there circling it with her tongue, sucking it between her lips, licking across my slit. She cupped and fondled my balls. After several minutes she gripped the shaft and lowered her mouth along it. She slurped and sucked, increasingly harder. She gripped it into her cheeks, she breathed through it like a snorkel.

Kait sucked harder. With fast jerking strokes and gulps of her own saliva she was ultimately rewarded with a good load of cum. She swallowed it all eagerly and kept licking and sucking until she was sure that I was nicely drained and cleaned. She kept hold of my cock as she came up for air. She smiled at me and licked her lips before settling back for the last few minutes of our drive home. I smiled at her too.

I adjusted my cock and trousers after parking the car. Kait released her seat belt and leaned over for a long kiss.

“Shall we play with Mel?”

“Poor baby, you need sex?”

“Yes, no, well, maybe.”

“You wanna play with Mel or with me?”

“Both of you.” She kissed me again before whispering “I wanna lick Mel’s clit while you fuck her from behind.”

“Mmmm, that sounds like a nice idea. You think she’s home already?”

“I told her to leave her light on if she wanted to play, look up there.” Kait pointed.

Sure enough, Mel’s bedroom light was on.

We went straight upstairs. Kait headed to Mel’s room, I headed to the shower.

When I emerged it was to a sight for sore eyes. Kait was working her small vibrator on Mel’s pussy and clit. Mel was rolling her own nipples and tossing her head with her eyes tight shut and legs wide open. Mel was close to her orgasm. Kait probed Mel’s cunt as she dragged the vibrator along her folds. Her tongue danced and nibbled on Mel’s clit. I stood in the bathroom door way and watched proceedings as I absent mindedly toweled my hair. Mel’s orgasm started quietly and peaked quickly as Kait leaned in to suck and slurp at her clit, concentrating the toy on her pussy lips.

Mel’s body was tightening and relaxing. The definition of her thigh muscles was clearly evident as she contracted and raised her hips from the bed to meet the waves that washed through her. Her hips, waist and chest absolutely gorgeous. I mentally reconfirmed that Mel was still highly fuckable. Kait stayed focused as Mel came down, prolonging her friend’s pleasure. Kait withdrew the vibrator. Rotating the switch to the ‘off’ position she slid her face into Mel’s sex and lapped at her juices. She drank her lovingly with her arms under Mel’s thighs and her hands reaching to Mel’s belly and breasts. She feasted and filled herself and slowly moved along Mel’s body. They joined in a sensual kiss, a sharing of fluid and tastes. Mel’s arms wrapped around Kait’s back.

My cock had hardened and I stroked it slowly as I moved towards the girls. I wanted to fuck Kait as she lay with Mel but only if that’s what Kait wanted too. My closeness allowed Kait to become aware of my presence. I slowly moved behind her and without hesitation she slowly opened her legs as I stroked her buttocks and pussy. güvenilir casino I lowered my face and began to kiss her thighs. I held her cheeks and lightly pulled them apart. I leaned in and gently began to tongue her sex. She opened easily. I felt her shift slightly and realized Mel and her were kissing. Mel held Kait tightly to her. Kait’s legs moved outside Mel’s. I probed her matted pussy with my tongue and traveled the length of her sex before plunging inside. I pushed my tongue into her dripping cunt and sucked her lips into my mouth. I sucked her hard, she squealed into Mel’s mouth. I repeated my deep sucking with the same effect. As she squealed so Mel gripped her more tightly.

I moved above them and my face joined theirs. I kissed both girls and they kissed me as my cock found its way to Kait’s entrance. I slipped in slowly, just the head inside her cunt as Mel sucked and licked Kait’s taste from my face. Mel’s kiss turned to Kait as more of my cock entered Kait’s hot hole. As the rest of my cock settled into Kait I watched with intense excitement as their tongues flicked with one another’s only to be sucked in by the other’s mouth. Their faces crushed together as they inhaled from each other’s lungs.

I began thrusting into Kait’s cunt. Mel held her tighter, she was Mel’s prisoner it seemed. Mel wanted her to feel this. Mel wanted to be where she was, holding Kait as Kait got fucked hard. Mel seemed to know what Kait was feeling. It seemed to be working, Kait wriggled and Mel held her more tightly. I sensed I was on Mel’s team and Mel was Captain.

In order to please Mel I had to fuck Kait hard. No words of explanation were needed. Kait’s reactions were of light resistance, she pushed her hands into the mattress only to be flattened back to Mel’s chest by Mel’s grip around her rib cage.

Kait screamed and shuddered before surrendering into Mel’s shoulder as the deepest and hardest of my thrusts crushed Kait’s cunt lips inside her. Kait’s orgasm hit her hard and her screams and profane expressions were prolonged more than I’d heard before. My own orgasm slammed into me and spun my head as I deposited a load deep inside Kait. Each last quivering thrust expelled Kait’s damp cum-filled breath into Mel’s neck and shoulder.

As our breathing returned to normal, the girls kissed again. Less hungry, more sensual this time.

It was Mel that spoke first. “I think somebody’s going to like being tied up.”

A soft “Mmmmm” escaped Kait’s lips and she kissed Mel again before turning her head my way.

I had to ask her. “Is that right Sexy? We should tie you up some time?”

“Mmmmm, I think so Baby.”

We kissed, Kait kissed Mel and I withdrew to the bathroom.

I didn’t begrudge them their time together, in fact I was more comfortable when Kait and Mel were together than at any time other than when it was just Kait and I.

They shared a long friendship and their relationship was very important to them both. Me too for that matter. The fact that they now fucked and made love to each other was nothing except beautiful. I was totally cool with it and I guess grateful about the way it had all come about. I was especially pleased with the fact that my involvement was ongoing. I was even liking the fact that Mel would be leaving soon and safe in the knowledge that she’d visit again. It was all good.

What I did wonder about was how much Kait might need to test her limits. My experience with Caroline years ago had been amazing and erotic and eye opening. However, it wasn’t something I could have been a part of if I’d been in love with Caroline. Sure, Kait had told me that she wanted to try ‘everything’ and my question of myself was; what could ‘everything’ entail? She loved the stories I told her of my youthful experiences and always seemed to enthusiastically add my experiences to her own ‘to do’ list. Maybe I should stop telling her!

The lights were out when I came out of the bathroom. I walked over to Kait and leaned in to kiss her. She stroked my face “Mel and I have to be up early Baby.”

“What time shall I set the clock for?”

“Seven please.”

I clambered in, Kait slid towards Mel. Mel was fast approaching her dreams. She kissed her hand and swung it somewhere above us. Kait reached for it and squeezed it before snuggling back into me. “Sweet Dreams baby, I love you.”

“You too Sexy.” I suddenly remembered something. “Kait, in case I forget, would you remind me to ask you about cucumbers in the morning?”

She chuckled softly as she hugged me. “I will.”

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