Şubat 24, 2021

Just A Lift!

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This story is complete fiction…but fun I hope!

“Not going mate. Soz.” Kevin said. I was well pissed off.

“Why the hell not?” I asked.

“I can’t afford the tickets.”

Great, so that was that. Creamfields for me was off too! Kevin was the one with the car, I was the one paying the fuel, but now Kevin wasn’t going, I couldn’t get there!

“Mate, you can always put an ad on the net.” The silly twat had a point. Which is what I did. Within a couple off hours a managed to get a lift off a guy and his girlfriend off to Creamfields!

Tony and Alexandra picked me up outside the local shopping centre and we were off. They were both the same age as me, 23, Tony was tall and thin, as was his girlfriend, with her long blonde hair streaked with green and pink highlights. We both really looked forward to a kicking time with some grinding electronics!

While Tony was driving, Alex turned to speak to me. “So, no girlfriend then?” I shook my head. “Oh, gay then?”

“No! Er no, I’m not, just haven’t had a lot of success with women. I’m sure someone will be available at the gig.”


As I hoped, Creamfields was amazing, as were the pills I had with me. Tony, Alex and I met up at the agreed spot, and began our long journey home.

Arriving in our town, Alex asked if I wanted to be dropped at home or if I wanted to chill with them for a while. I said that I’d love to chill with them if they didn’t mind.

“Not at all!” She replied.

Back at their small terraced house, we sat down to some Aphex Twin, smoked some grass, and snorted a couple of lines of coke against the come-down of the E. Alex then went into the kitchen and came back with an ice cube. She put it in her mouth, came over to me and kissed me, pushing the cube into my mouth.

“A friendship cube,” she explained, “now pass it on to Tony.”

I was a bit freaked by kissing another guy, but if this is what they do, then who am I to argue. We leaned in on each other, and I passed the cube across to Tony, who smiled and passed it on to Alex, and round it went again. When the cube was melted and gone, Alex came across and kissed me. I could feel her cold tongue warming against mine. Finally, after a minute or two, she pulled away, and told me to repeat the kiss with Tony. I was hesitant and she could tell.

“Don’t worry. Nobody’ll know, first thing, and second thing, it’s a friendship kiss.” She said.

Once again, not wanting to look like a square, I leaned across, and French kissed Tony. While we were kissing, I felt Alex’s hand rub my back. I broke the kiss, which had made me pretty hard and turned back round to kiss Alex, who was again pulling me towards her. This time the kiss was full of passion and life as she scrambled to pull my T-shirt off me. Next she unbuttoned my trousers and pulled the off. All three of us laughed as I fell on my back.

While Alex was pulled my socks and boxers off, Tony pulled me towards him and we kissed again, this time, much more passionate. However, I vowed not to go any further than just kissing him.

Alex now had her lips wrapped around my cock while I leaned on and kissed Tony. It wasn’t long till I pumped my cum into Alex’s mouth. She then climbed up and kissed me, pushing all my cum into my mouth. I swallowed. It wasn’t the first time I’d tasted my cum; I had a few girlfriends kiss me after getting a blow job, but this was the most I ever had in my mouth. I didn’t mind the taste; it was pretty neutral.

“I hope you don’t think we planned this, we didn’t. It’s just, we both like you, and would like to share ourselves with you.” Alex explained.

I felt like I was in a spot of bother now. They were both being so nice, but I didn’t want to have anything with Tony.

“Erm, that’s really nice, and I feel the same way, and I don’t mind kissing Tony, but I don’t want to go any further in that direction, if you get what I mean? No offence Tony.”

Alex looked at Tony, then back at me, made an ‘oops’ look, and both started laughing.

“I think I’d better show you something. I’m really sorry about this.” She said.

She reached down and pulled off the turtle neck tank-top she was wearing. I was then greeted to a surprise. Her breasts were fake. She took her bra off, and removed the fake breasts. She then unzipped the loose long skirt she was wearing, and pulled off her panties to reveal and nice sized penis, which was semi-hard, but was hidden by the way she/he was sitting.

“I’m sorry we hid this from you. You were so nice to us.”

He still had his suspenders on. His body was completely clean of hair, and facially, even without the female body, he still looked like a beautiful girl. They were both really nice people, and I didn’t want to loose them as friends, so I agreed to stay and kiss and cuddle with them, but no sex.

They both hugged me. “You’re the greatest.”

After a (separate) shower, we decided to take the telly and video into their bedroom and watch a film in bed. It was some comedy, casino siteleri which we didn’t really pay much attention to. I was lying in-between them. Alex had bundled his hair up and clipped it behind his head. He had also removed all his make-up and facially now looked a bit more male. It didn’t make a difference to me, however, they were still nice guys, and there’s nothing wrong with just kissing.

“So how long have you two been seeing each other?” I asked.

“Well, my girlfriend is a good friend of Alex. Alex has been cross-dressing for years now. Sandra, my girlfriend, wanted to see me make love with Alex, and just for her, I agreed.” Tony explained.

I nodded understanding. “And you ended up breaking up with Sandra?”

Tony shook his head. “No. Still going out. We now all live together, but I don’t have sex with Sandra anymore, only anal. You see, Sandra for some reason, doesn’t get off on virginal sex, never did, she’s just bored, but with anal sex, or when someone licks her pussy, that’s different. And I prefer having my penis in an arse anyway, don’t know why, just do. So this situation suited Sandra just fine, who now only wears a strap-on to bed now. She’s away at a wedding at the moment.”

I nodded agreement. Turning to Alex. “So I suppose you’ll be getting the works, won’t you? Breasts etc?”

“No. I like the way I am, I just enjoy female clothing,” Alex smiled, “especially the underwear, it’s so nice.”

“Oh yeah,” agreed Tony, “girls are so lucky.”

“Also, Tony’s already got a woman for real breasts, Tony and Sandra want to feel my flat chest. They would love for me to have a bit of chest hair for sex, but it looks stupid with women’s underwear.”

“Right.” I agreed.

Alex, who was lying to my right, put his left leg between mine, and rubbed my chest as he propped himself up. Tony mirrored him. Alex began to gently pinch one of my nipples as did Tony. Alex leaned in and kissed me, deeply for a few seconds, then Tony did the same. I pulled them both closer so I could rub their backs, and we kissed and cuddled like that for ten minutes. While Tony was kissing me, Alex moved his hand down to my penis and began to stroke it. It was already hard as a rock from all this eroticism.

Tony’s hand soon joined Alex’s, and now I was kissing Tony with more urgency. I turned to face Tony, and we wrapped our arms around each other. Alex came closer and wrapped his arms around me and kissed my neck. I felt his extremely hard and long penis rest on my back. I felt Alex move around, kissing the top of my back. Every time he moved, the penis ended up in a different position. Soon enough, his penis ended up at my hole, seemingly by accident. Alex leaned in to kiss my cheek and as he leaned in, the penis pushed against my hole. Alex lifted his head away momentarily to see if I’d object, but I continued the long wet kiss with Tony. Alex pushed harder and I felt his penis enter me. I gasped at the pain, but Tony continued to kiss me, try to distract my attention away from my dry burning hole. Soon the head of Alex’s penis was in and he pushed the other 6 inches all the way in till I felt his body touching mine, then he was still for a minute or two.

The pain was gone now, and Alex was nipping at my neck. He didn’t say a word, he just started slowly pumping in and out. It felt good, very very good! Tony pulled away from me and inches from my face, just stared into my eyes, as I began panting away.

“Oh Alex, that’s so nice. I’d never have thought it to be so good.” I said, as I reached behind to rub him.

He whispered into my ear. “I’m so glad it turned out like this. I would have been happy just kissing, but we both want you so badly. If you are willing, then do you want to try other things?”

“Yes, Alex, everything.”

“Okay, then we’ll show you the joys of gay sex and spend the day letting you try on some of my clothes and make-up, and maybe a little bondage and S/M, what do you think?”

“Love to.” I smiled and turned my head to kiss him.

Tony turned to suck my penis and in turn presented his to my mouth. I opened wide and began sucking. Alex wrapped his arm round my stomach and pumped in and out of my behind, which was no longer dry and sore.

It was not long till I had my first taste of someone else’s cum, and not long till I felt hot cum up my hole. We decided to sleep after that. Alex gave me a long scarlet lace-top nightie to wear. We all slept arm-in-arm.

Next morning I woke to find Alex gone and Tony rubbing my penis through the satin material of the nightie. He stared into my eyes and kissed me full on the mouth.

“Good morning sweetheart.” He said.

“Morning.” I replied. I was a bit nervous again. I hadn’t forgotten the pleasure of before, but I was going through that point of, ‘what am I doing?’

I began kissing Tony, both wrapping our arms round each other, feeling each other. I was rock hard again, as was Tony. The feeling of Tony rubbing me through the satin nightie was beautiful, slot oyna and I had completely forgotten any negative thoughts.

Tony spread some lubrication on my hole and told me to grab the head-board; I did. He slid his penis into me with a plop, and we began fucking like wild animals.

Alex entered the room. He was wearing a long satin robe. His face was made-up nicely and once again he looked like a female model!

“Hiya baby!” He said, leaning over and kissing me. He dropped the robe to the floor to reveal a sexy black lacy flat bra, matching panties and suspender belt, with silky suspenders. The panties fit his penis perfectly, they were obviously made for cross-dressers. Alex pulled his penis out and pushed it into my mouth. I began sucking. It wasn’t long till I once again tasted cum and felt it rush up my bowels. Once again, I felt hugely happy I had met these great guys, and glad I tried this. I’ll be even gladder once I’ve tried everything!

Tony and I took a shower together, and while there, it was my turn to take him up the behind. After, Tony shaved my entire body.

Waiting for me on the bed were plenty of things to wear. First, Tony painted my toe-nails and finger-nails scarlet-red; then, once dry, I put on some dark blue silk stockings, dark blue lacy g-string panties, a dark blue with black frills corset/basque, which held up the stockings too. There were no cups to the basque, it was flat on my chest. On top of that I put on a black lacy blouse, which laced-up at the front, and had short puffed-up sleeves and front where my breasts were meant to be, revealing my neck and shoulders. Next came the skirt, which was long, black satin, and felt really good swishing around my legs.

Tony left Alex to do my make-up, which he did very professionally, not making me look like a clown. He used blue eye-shadow with a black eye-liner. He trimmed my eyebrows, and really accentuated my cheek-bones. He used a dark red, wet-look lipstick and some foundation to give me a tanned look.

Then Alex started work on my hair, which was about medium length and was in need of a cut, but Alex said he could really work with it. He groomed it and aired it up to make it look like a classy ladies look.

Looking in the mirror, I saw I really looked like a women. When I imagined a transvestite, I thought of those types that still look like men, and just look plain stupid, but Alex said I had the bone structure to pass as a woman, and he was right. Something was missing, however…

“You need your ears and nose piercing.” He said. “You have the perfect nose for a little dark blue stone there. I can do it now, but you can’t take the studs out for 6 weeks.”

I thought about it, then said, “let’s do it.”

Alex sat me down on a chair and pulled out a gun of some sort. He placed a blue diamond stud in the gun and pressed it against my ear-lobe. One click and it was done, same with the other ear; it didn’t even hurt. Then he adjusted something on the gun and inserted the tiny little blue stud, put the gun against my left nostril, and fired. This one stung like mad!

“Now a few added little touches.” Said Alex. He pulled out some gold bangles to put on me, a gold snake-like thing that wrapped round the top of my arm, and a necklace, which had a small heart and a clip for the top of my left ear. As the finishing touch, a couple of sprays of a lady’s perfume.

“Wow!” I said, looking in the mirror.

“You look amazing!” They both said.

Alex stroked my behind and whispered in my ear, “I take that pretty little behind all over again. But first, we should eat.”

Tony was cooking breakfast. When he saw me, he was in shock. “You’re fucking gorgeous!”

We ate breakfast and began to discuss what to do.

“One of things we don’t do is pissing and stuff like that, I’m sure you understand.” Alex explained.

“Urgh! Cause I do!”

“We are into the whole S/M, bondage thing though, but only for fun, none of us is dominant.”

“Not even Sandra?”

“Least of all Sandra! She couldn’t hurt a fly. Anyway, so today, I think we should just stick to exploring our bodies a bit more, you can get used to the clothes, and we can also try and make your behind more used to our penises, you know, stretch it a bit. First, let’s try you out in different clothes and take some photos with my digital camera.”

“Cool” I said, just before my mobile rang. I picked it up. “Hello?”

“Terry! How was it?” It was Kevin.

“Fucking amazing mate! Carl Cox rocked the joint! You missed a good’n!”

“Next time eh? How were those people you went with?”

“Aw, cool as fuck mate. Kipped at their place, I’m round there’s now actually.”

“Oh right, I’ve got fuck all to do, thing they’d mind if I pop round?”

That put me in a very awkward position. If Kevin saw me like this then I was truly in trouble. But how could I put him off?

“Hold on Kev, I’ll ask.” I put my thumb over the receiver. “It’s my mate Kevin. He says he’s bored and would canlı casino siteleri you mind if he comes over?”

“Cause not! Tell him to come right over.” They said.

“But what about all this?”

“He can join in can’t he?”

“I don’t think so. He’s tall and thin like me, but has a girlfriend he loves.”

“So, invite him over and if he chooses not to stay, you can always say you were high and drunk.”

I thought about it for a moment. “Hello Kev? Okay, number 8, Eastleigh Road. Got that?”

“Yeah, I’ll be there in ten.”

Alex came over to me, dressed in her short satin dress, and gave me a hug. “It’ll be okay, you’ll see. You’ll be surprised at some people. Look at yourself. Did you think you’d be a bi-sexual transvestite yesterday?”

I nodded, “no, I didn’t.”

“Are you ashamed, do you regret it?”

Smiling, I said, “Not in the least!”

“Good.” Alex said, pushing my head down and lifting his dress, I knew what to do next. I put his soft penis into my mouth and gently sucked and licked. I felt it grow into the eight inch creature I had up my behind earlier. I licked and sucked like crazy, bobbing my head up and down quicker and quicker, until Alex came. I swallowed all, not letting a bit drip out, spoiling my make-up.

“Wow!” Breathed Alex. “That was the fastest I’ve cum in my life!”

“My turn.” Said Tony, dropping his jeans and French Knickers to the ground. I put his penis in my mouth and gave him the same treatment, and just as quick as Alex, he came in my mouth and throat. “Fuck! You truly are a born cock-sucker.”

“Haha, I like it. I find cum tasty.”

The doorbell rang. I fixed my make-up and Alex went to open the door. Kevin didn’t suspect a thing, he even gave Alex a kiss on the cheek.

Alex led him into the sitting room, where Kevin shook hands with Tony and then noticed me standing there. He walked over to come and kiss me hello when he suddenly came to an abrupt stop. He looked me over, somewhat surprised, then a smile crept up his face. Kevin walked towards me, gave me a kiss on the cheek, then whispered, “nice one Terry! Looking good. And I thought I was the only one who tried on women’s clothing when I was a kid!”

Whatever nervousness I had, went in an instant, when I saw Kevin was cool. I grabbed him and kissed him full on the lips. He was shocked at first, but then I felt his hand stroke my satin covered behind. We kissed like this for five minutes. I felt Alex and Tony standing either side of us, stroking and touch us all over. I felt someone reach from behind me and rub my penis through the satin skirt. I opened my eyes to see Tony standing behind Kevin, doing the same as Alex was doing to me. Tony was kissing Kevin’s neck. Kevin reached behind and played with Tony’s hair, resting his head back.

I led Kevin to the bedroom, the others followed. Kevin took off his clothes, as did Tony, but Alex and I stayed fully dressed.

“Kevin, get on all fours and show me your arsehole.” He did, and I began licking at it. Tony handed me the KY gel and I spread it all over Kevin’s hole. Then I lifted my skirt, took out my rock hard penis, and slowly pressed it into Kevin’s hole. After the initial pain subsided, I began fucking him properly. Tony got underneath and began sucking on Kevin’s penis, while Alex lifted his dress over Kevin’s head so Kevin could suck Alex’s penis.

The whole erotic sight was just too much for us all, and soon we were coming.

Tony took Kevin into the shower. While they were gone, Alex and I lay down arm-in-arm, next to each other. He began stroking my face and back. Then he gave me small kisses on my lips, in between which he spoke.

“Finally some time alone to each other.” He said.

“Mmmm, yeah.”

“What do you say tonight we sleep together in the spare room and leave those two alone? Tony obviously fancies Kevin like mad.”

“Okay, I’d love to spend some time alone with you Alex.”

“Hmmm, I better you would.” He said, suddenly grabbing my penis. “My little baby, aren’t you?”

I giggled like a girl as he stroked my face.

“Do you know what Terry?”


“I think I’m falling in love with you.”

Now this was a complete shock for me. If I said the same to him, then I’d be admitting I’m gay. But now I thought about it, I was really looking forward to my time alone with him, and the more I looked at him, the more I wanted him. I smiled.

“Me too.”

“Why don’t we be boyfriends, official like?”

“I thought Tony is your boyfriend?”

“He is, unofficially. But for someone I take to cinemas and things and to hug and kiss and love I want you.”

I thought about his offer for a moment. “Okay, boyfriends.” I said, stroking his hair. Then we kissed, a long kiss.

The guys came back into the room. Kevin was naked and hairless. Alex jumped up and gave Tony a big hug. Alex really looked like a happy, beautiful girl. There was not a trace of masculinity about him about from his flat chest and penis. Even his voice was soft and feminine. Then again, so was mine, if I put some effort into it.

“Tony, I’ve got a new boyfriend!” Alex said.

“You and Terry are going to see each other, properly? Cool!!!” Said Tony.

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