Şubat 26, 2021

Julie’s Tale Pt. 01

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Hi my name is Julie, I think I will cover this in two or maybe three separate sessions.

How did I end up like this, maybe I should explain what this is first.

I’m waiting on the return of my husband and someone else, chained to the bed and blindfolded with a waist clincher and cheap expendable panties on and a remote control butterfly clit tickler strapped inside of them, nothing new about that; except for the someone else bit.

In the past the someone else had always a fantasy, why had it always been a fantasy, well until recently we had been strictly monogamous.

About a month ago I was in a similar position helpless and vulnerable, hubby had been out and returned he had left without saying he would return with anyone; but on this occasion he said he had bumped into an old friend and had got talking, the friend had inquired about me, to which hubby told his friend that; I was home and chained up. The friend had not believed him so he had brought the friend home to prove a point and was it ok if the friend looked in.

Squirming and nervous hubby assured me that nothing would happen sexually because he would not allow my first experience of two to be like this.

“I would have to be free casino şirketleri and in total control.”

The thought of someone seeing me like this did excite me, not as much as imagining them join in, but yeah ok they could look in. Hubby pulled the corners of the duvet up to show the restraints going from the bed post and securing to my four limbs holding me spread eagled but leaving my body covered.

He opened the door and spoke to someone telling them to come in but to be quite; hearing a low whistle, I turned my head toward the sound pointless really as I could see nothing but still I bit my lip, I tensed when I heard some low talking. Hubby said his friend wanted to see more, before I could reply the duvet had been dragged off me quickly, I tensed and pulled against the chains, it’s not like I would of said no, but a second or two to compose myself would have been nice.

A vision of me flashed in my mind, of being seen in a third person perspective with two men looking at me.

More low talking then hubby says yeah go ahead. The chain holding my left hand goes taught as someone tests it and slides their hand down it to my wrist, they check each chain in turn left leg, right leg right wrist, casino firmaları I turn my head following them, only when they check the right tether they do not stop a the wrist they run their cool hand down the length of my arm, and down my side, down the outside of my leg and they tweak each of my left toes in turn, giggling I move my feet, they are so ticklish.

They did not tweak my right toes, but neither did they run the hand up the outside of my leg, fingers gently raked up the top of them starting at the foot, legs tensed as my knee was past, slowly up my thigh, over the elastic waist band of my thong dragging over the fabric of my clincher; pausing momently when back on to my skin below my right breast, brain is whirling, focusing on the feeling, four thick rough fingers on me, slowly I give a little giggle of my torso.

The point is understood as the raking continues, a little more pressure on fullness of me, thumb twirls around the areola then two finger either side of my rock hard nipples which is pinched as his fingers close together. I imagine him closing his mouth over it, hot breath on me his tongue swirling around the hard rose bud sucking and gently nipping with his teeth, so damn horny pushing güvenilir casino my ass down on the bed and thrusting my chest upward biting my lip and turning my head away to the right, he then moves off my breast and up my arm.

More low talking, but hubby true to his word he stopped it right there.

Myself at that stage as horny as that; damn straight I would have loved it to carry on, the thought of being touched, licked, squeezed and fucked not knowing who it was; so damn hot.

Hubby explained we had no condoms so nothing else was going to happen, he added and emphasised the word today. He showed the friend out of the house, and came back, seated on the bed his head dipped and closed around my nipple his right hand slid inside my thong I was so wet, he stopped sucking me.

“Hmm you really enjoyed that, I know I did, but I could not let our first threesome be like that, if it went badly you would hold it against me, I would need to know that you was ok with two pleasing you. You would have to be in charge of the first one or two then maybe today could happen again but.”

He then ripped my cheap expendable panties off and filled my pussy and my mouth with my two favourite toys, as he played we both talked about what had just happened and what could have, let’s just say it was intense.

The next time we went shopping, which was later that day I made a show of buying two twelve packs of condoms, one ribbed and dotted the other flavoured.

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