Şubat 23, 2021


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I had popped over to Julie’s to pick up some stuff from work.

Julie was late 40s, short with a short brown bob, curvy figure and great legs which she normally insisted on hiding behind black leggings at work.

Mind the plus side was that she always rocked a little black dress at work which showed off that curvy figure. She was always a great value on a night out. Drinking ALL the prosecco and usually ending the night being helped into a taxi.

Today she was in her summer outfit of tight denim shirts with a skimpy vest top on, and oddly I thought some great heels.

She offered me a coffee which I accepted and this was when it all began.

She sat down with the coffee as I stood up and knocked it down me. She was distraught and ran to get a cloth and started mopping up coffee from my trousers.

I assured her it was OK but she carried on dabbing up the coffee. Of course, as she did I began to get hard. She clearly noticed this and looked up and me and said: “Ooo I’d better stop, someone seems OK now.”

Well, this was my chance.

But I blew it.

“Sorry about that”, I mumbled. “Didn’t mean for that to happen…”

She smiled back at me and said: “No worries, I’ll take it as a compliment.”

Now I found that I do have some courage and I leaned forward I placed my hand on Julie’s tit. “I think there’s some coffee on here too to let me help wipe that off for you,” I said.

Julie closed her eyes and smiled back at me. “Mmm that feels nice,” she said.

She dropped the cloth on the floor and began to rub her hand over my cock.

I leant forward again and kissed her. Gently on the lips.

Her tongue licked her lips, then mine and then slowly made its way into my mouth. I reciprocated and began exploring her mouth with my tongue. Suddenly she pulled away. “We shouldn’t be doing this… You’re married.”

“I am, tell me to stop and I will,” I whispered, all the time massaging her tits.

“It’s been ages since I’ve been with someone.”

“Well, that’s because men are stupid. Julie, you’re successful, good fun and sexy. You should have a queue of men chasing you. Luckily for me, they’re not here now.”

Julie responded to this by reaching around to the back of my head and pulling my mouth closer to hers. We were past the point of no return now.

We carried on kissing exploring each other’s mouth deeply without tongues. We were both making lots of reciprocal moans and our hands roamed more freely over each other’s bodies.

Julie pulled away from me briefly and said we should go somewhere a bit more private and I should probably lock the doors. She walked towards the door in her heels and I stood up following casino şirketleri her reaching around her my hands greedily massaging her tits still.

“Hey slow Down Baby,” she said, “We need to go somewhere private.”

She then walked towards the front door and locked it all the time my cock was straining in my pants. Once she had locked the door she turned back around towards me and again our mouths met for more snogging. as her tongue greedily explored my mouth greedily I reached around her back and unclasped her bra.

She led me into her bedroom and we sat down on the bed. Hurriedly I removed her top and her bra with it exposing those gorgeous milf tits. Both of my hands clasped on to them, massaging them, feeling them, giving attention to her nipples. All the time Julie carried on moaning giving encouraging noises to me to carry on. Her hand moved out to my trousers and undid my belt, then the catch and then she unzipped my fly.

Her hand went inside my boxer shorts and pulled out my cock and she bent down gently and placed it in her mouth. Now it was my turn to moan as Julie eagerly licked and then swallowed my cock. It felt amazing and as she sucked and worked on it I rubbed her shoulders and her neck encouragement.

“Baby, it’s been a long time since I’ve done this, how am I doing?” she asked.

“It’s er…amazing,” I stammered in response.

Julie looked up at me with her green eyes and smiled. “Good,” she said, “I’m pleased I’ve not lost my touch.”

“Fuck, you certainly have not,” I replied as I lay back and closed my eyes.

Julie carried on, licking the tip of my cock to tease it and then plunging it deep into her mouth and gagging on it. She reached down and began to massage my balls with her nails.

“These feel full,” she said, “for now,” smiling and looking me in the eye.

“Baby, you might have to stop for a moment, or else I’m going to peak a bit early.”

Julie laughed. “Hmm, I clearly haven’t lost it have I?”

I pushed her back onto the bed and we began kissing again, this time it was the post blow job sloppy kissing.

As we kissed I reached down and unfastened Julie’s shorts. As I did she bucked her bum in the air and pulled them down and her knickers at the same time.

I crept my hand down between her legs. It was warm and damp and ready for me. I began to rub her clit and she moaned and moved in time with my fingers.

As she did I kissed and licked her tits. All the time she grew hornier and hornier. I slid my tongue down her body further until it reached her clit. As I licked it for the first time she gasped.

“Wait,” she yelped. “Let me light a cigarette, I really want to enjoy this.”

She casino firmaları lit up and took a deep inhale, and then breathed the smoke down towards me.

Slowly I began licking her, caressing her clit with my tongue and my mouth.

She inhaled deeply again.

“MMM, yes please, that’s good..”

Encouraged I carried on. Teasing her clit by pulling my mouth away and then diving back down.

She inhaled again, this time pulling my head further into her.

“Fuck…ah…eat me up… Eat my cunt up…” she demanded in a breathless voice. I carried on eagerly licking and stimulating her with my tongue. Truth to tell my tongue was beginning to ache, but now wasn’t the time to stop I felt.

“AAAAAGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH,” Julie screamed as her pelvic muscles began to shake.

“NNNNNNFUCK,” as her cunt starting bucking in front of me.

“OHHHHHHH,” as she lifted my head away. She moaned and writhed in front of me on the bed, shaking all over. Thumping her fist into the bed.

Gradually she calmed. “Fuck…that was pretty… special…,” She panted. “Fuck,” and she took another drag on her cigarette.

“Any left for me I asked?”

“You’ve earned a full one,” she said, lighting one up for me.

I lay back on the bed pulling hard on my cigarette, and as I did Julie’s fingers moved around my cock again. She dragged her nails up the length of it and then began massaging my balls as she began to wank me.

“Mmmm feels good,” I murmured.

“I think you’ll enjoy this then,” she said as looking me straight in the eye, she got up and slowly slid down my cock.

Her cunt was warm, it was wet and it was tight.

I gave an involuntary grunt.

She pushed herself farther down and then began to push backwards and forwards on it, gripping it as she did. Oh so slowly, but oh so good.

All the time she looked me in the eyes and licked her front teeth with her tongue.

I lent up slightly and placed my hands on her tits, rubbing her nipples between my fingers.

“Mmm,” again she showed her enjoyment, whilst at the same time rubbing her cunt onto my cock in a circular motion. This was an amazing sensation and each time she did it I gasped for breath.

“You’re liking that then?” she laughed.

“Fuck, yes, it’s just a bit… you know… intense…”

“Oh, you can’t take my fucking you then, you’re going to cream too quickly if I keep doing this,” she said as she ground another circle out with her cunt and smiled at me.

“I fucking am,” I gasped and as I did I slapped her tits and lifted her off me.

“Julie, you’re just too fucking good at this,” I whispered and as I did I turned her over and lifted her arse in güvenilir casino the air.

I stuck my cock back inside her, but this time from behind and I was in charge of the pace now.

“Oooh, you like it rough then,” laughed Julie, “That’s OK, I’ll have another ciggie whilst you do some of the work…”

As she lit up I rammed my cock inside her causing her to gasp.


I rammed it in again, this time harder.

“Fuck baby, that’s good, you’re rock hard.”

“I wonder why,” I replied.

I thrust in again, and this time as I did I reached under Julie and grabbed her tits.

She inhaled deeply on her cigarette and after what seemed an age blew out the smoke.

“Mmmmm,” she murmured.

I began to pick up the pace, and I move from the ‘making love’ approach through the ‘fucking’ phase to the ‘hammering the shit out of someone’ pace.

Julie moaned and gasped and drew occasionally on her cigarette as I hammered away.

“Fuck baby, you’re wild,” she gasped between puffs of a cigarette.

“I know, I’ve wanted this for a while, baby,” I replied between pants of breath.

I reached around again and grabbed her tits as I fucked her even harder.

“Go on, fuck me,” she gasped,

“Take my cunt…fuck me until I can’t stand…go on…come inside me… come on baby…give me your spunk…I’m fucking yours whenever you want…your cock is so hard…you’re fucking me so good…come on…give me your spunk…”

I reached for her tits again and grabbed and gripped them hard as my final few thrusts went in before I came.

“Aaaagggghhhhhh…” I shouted, “You…fucking…sexy…cunt…” I said as my cum neared.

“I’m going to shoot my spunk…inside your cunt…your gorgeous tight…slippery…silky…cunt…”

“MMMMMGGGGHHHHHH,” I moaned as my spunk shot up inside her.

“Yes, baby…give me your seed…shoot it all out…up inside me…make me your whore…give me your cum…”

As my orgasm slowed off I slowed down, panting for air, sweat dripping off me and off Julie.

I slowly pulled my throbbing cock out of her and lay back, as it throbbed some more.

Julie leaned over and kissed it, placing it in her mouth, sucking the last drops of cum from me.

She leaned over to get more cigarettes.

“Fuck. is that the time, my son will be back from work anytime now…”

Hurriedly she put on her clothes

“Come on Romeo, I need you out…”

I threw my clothes on and headed for the door.

Before I got to the door, I kissed her again.

“That was amazing,” I said. “I hope we can do it again some time.”

“Fuck, what do you think,” she said smiling and drawing on a cigarette. “As soon as the house is empty, and I can walk again, I’ll text you.”

“Thanks, baby,” I said and slapped her arse. “You’re so fucking sexy.”

“With the right people I am,” she said.

And with that, she closed the door.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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