Şubat 26, 2021

Julianna’s Day In

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After making her phone call to Bill and agreeing to let him come over to pick up his sunglasses, Julianna had spent the day watching TV while her mind wandered on the events of the night before. The rough sex she had with Bill was unlike any she had had before and while she had never really liked rough sex in the past, her pussy was still tingling at Bill’s rough treatment and she knew that if he wanted more, she would give it to him. The fact that he said he was bringing a friend just made her thoughts nastier and hotter. What would they make her do? What would she let them do?

She knew she had to clean up before they arrived so she got in the shower as all of these thoughts ran through her head. Even though she had cum three times last night, she knew she needed more and the calling of her pussy could not be denied as the warm water of the shower washed over her. Her hand reached down and she was surprised at how we tshe was, knowing that Bill’s fat cock could slide right into the hilt if he was there to fuck her. Soon she thought to herself as she started to grind her hips against her fast moving fingers. Her clit pulsating as she was getting close. Suddenly, she jerked her hips and came hard against her fingers, knowing that soon she would be Bill’s little slut again, letting him do whatever he wanted to her.

She continued to get ready, throwing on a little make-up, some perfume and then putting on just a skimpy tank top and thong. Knowing that answering the door in this get up was a little risky just made her hotter as she felt her nipples stiffen under the cotton of the shirt, her pussy still soaked. Her little 5′ 130 lb tan body was hot and as she brushed her long brown hair, she knew that these guys would be hot to fuck her and that’s all that mattered.

Just as she felt the need to finger her sweet little pussy again, she heard a knock on the door and was thrilled when she saw Bill and his friend through the peephole. She opened the door wide for them, not really caring if any of her neighbors casino şirketleri saw her in just the tank top and thong. Hell, they had heard it the night before getting fucked on the deck. This wasn’t nearly as naughty as this.

Bill just glared at her as he walked in the door without being invited and pulled her to him for a long hard kiss. His hand running down and cupping her barely covered pussy, rubbing the material against her clit. He then moved behind her, his hands moving wherever they wanted on her little body and Julianna did not resist. It was then that Julianna noticed Bill’s friend and he was every bit as cute as Bill, if not cuter. Bill introduced him as Tony and Julianna couldn’t help but notice that he was a little taller than Bill and more muscular. She guessed his height at about 6’3″ and there didn’t seem to be an ounce of fat on his well built frame. His blonde hair and growing bulge just made it all better for her. Tony just looked at Julianna, thinking to himself that Bill wasn’t kidding about how hot she was.

As Julianna took in the sight of Tony, she couldn’t help the reaction her body was having to Bill’s hands. As they moved over and around her hot little body, she could hear him whisper in her ear about how hot Bill told Tony she was and how well she could suck cock. She felt his hands nudging her down to her knees and she offered no resistance once she was on them as Bill pulled out his cock. She immediately begin to lick and suck it into her mouth, the feel of his hands roughly pulling her hair and guiding her was just as thrilling as the night before.

She then noticed Tony standing beside Bill and felt a wicked thrill as he began to undo his jeans and then an even bigger thrill when his cock popped into view. Though not as fat as Bill’s, it was at least an inch longer and plenty thick on its own. He pointed it at her mouth and she began to suck them both, alternating between the two studs.

After a little while of this, she felt Bill move behind her and winched as she felt his hand slap down hard on her ass. She heard him ask Tony “how casino firmaları does it feel man? Did I tell you this little slut could suck cock or what? Just wait until you feel her tight little around your cock. It’s incredible.” Even though she hated the word slut, she couldn’t help but get a thrill about the way that Bill complimented her body as she worked more and more of Tony’s big cock into her mouth. She let her legs rise so that Bill could peel off her thong, the material now soaked as her pussy just got wetter and wetter.

As Bill moved in behind her, Julianna thought back to the only other time she had had a threesome with two guys. Even though that was fun, the guys were so nice that it was nothing like this. Bill slammed his fat cock into her tight cunt like an animal and just like the night before began to fuck her with long, powerful strokes. She had to pull back from Tony’s cock for just a moment as a huge wave of ecstasy swept over and she came stroking Tony’s big dick as Bill’s cock worked its magic on her.

Bill was fucking Julianna with all he had, running his hands through her hair, slapping her ass and telling to suck Tony’s cock good while he fucked her. He had been worked up all day and knew he wouldn’t last long so after a few minutes, he pushed into her hard and came with a huge roar. Julianna just whimpered on Tony’s cock as Bill fucked her through his orgasm.

Bill stood up and started to walk to the bathroom as he heard Tony tell Julianna to stand up. As Bill wiped off his cock, he could hear Julianna’s moans start to fill the apartment and he knew Tony had started to fuck her good. As he started to walk back out to the living room, something caught his eye. Bill just smiled and to himself “what a great idea.”

As he walked back into the living room, Bill saw that Tony had Julianna laid back on her kitchen table as stood over her, fucking her tight little pussy with long hard strokes of his 8 inch cock. Julianna’s hands moved over her clit and she shouted she was cumming while telling him to fuck her harder. Tony kept this up for a few more minutes güvenilir casino as Bill watched and then he cried out that he was cumming and ground his hips forcefully into hers, his cum filling up her pussy as Bill’s had before.

Tony looked over at Bill and smiled and then noticed something in Bill’s hand. “Look what I found.” Julianna felt a slight bit of embarrassment at the sight of her favorite vibrator in his hand. The white toy was 7 inches long and had a nice little clit attachment on the end. Before she could say anything however, Bill just said “move her to the floor” and she felt Tony guiding her to the living in floor. Before she knew it, she was on all fours looking up at them.

“Let her suck your cock while I get a piece of this ass” Bill said to Tony and Julianna felt Tony’s hands on the back of her head and her mouth being filled with his big dick. She felt another thrill at first, the taste of their combined juices and then the feel of her toy vibrating against her clit. It was then that she noticed Bill’s fingers beginning to feel around her ass. She started to look up and protest but Tony quickly guided her head back to his cock and as the vibrator began to push into her wet pussy, she felt the head of Bill’s fat cock work its way into her ass.

The rest of the day was a blur for Julianna. Bill fucked Julianna’s ass while he worked her favorite toy in and out of her pussy. She lost count of the orgasms she had as first Bill took her ass, then Tony did the same. And that’s how the rest of the day into the evening went. First Bill would do something nasty and hot to her body and then Tony would do the same. The two men used her again and again, spreading at least four loads of cum each in her pussy, ass and mouth. Julianna had never been used like this but couldn’t deny how thrilled it made her feel or how big each orgasm wracked her body. Finally as night began to fall, the two announced that they had enough but that Julianna should keep Bill’s card and call whenever she wanted this again.

Completely exhausted, Julianna just lay on the couch and watched through blurry eyes as they dressed and left. Even though she was completely wore out and knew her body would be even sorer than it was after her first fuck session with Bill, she knew she would call him again. She just wouldn’t be able to help herself.

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