Şubat 25, 2021

Julia Takes Over Ch. 02

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I woke up to the sound of my wife Julia humming to herself in the bathroom. That, in and of itself was unusual. I normally was up well before her on Saturday. My thoughts immediately went back to the occurrences of last night. Unbelievable was all I could think. In a one hour period beginning with what I thought was going to be a normal, predictable sex session with my wife of 20+ years completed turned my life around. In that hour, my wife went from a quiet, passive lover to taking command of our love making session. In that one hour time span, she snowballed me with a mouth full of cum she had received during our passionate 69 (and told me to make sure I swallowed every bit of it) and then rode my cock to a thunderous orgasm for both of us. And then push my head down to her cum filled pussy and had me lick her clean of my second orgasm. She had never taken that kind of control nor had I ever tasted or swallowed my or anyone else’s cum. I was stunned, confused and excited all at once. And to complete the night, she caught me jacking off in the bathroom while reminiscing about all that happened that night. She took control again and had me cum in my hand and lick my cum out of my hand and swallow it. I was hard again just thinking about it. When I got up to go to the bathroom I past Julia on the way out of the bathroom dressed in only a t-shirt. She had a smile on her face and a bounce in her step. She looked at my hard on and asked

“Are you still thinking about last night?”

I just looked down and blushed knowing that she had caught me again. Then she told me

“Get cleaned up and come to the kitchen.”

As I watched her go out the bedroom door she looked back with a twinkle in her eye and said

“It is a “come as you are” breakfast.”

I looked at her with a questioning look and she said

“Come to breakfast just as you are, naked.”

The look in her eyes made me feel like questioning that statement was not a good idea. As she walked to the kitchen, she yelled back for me to keep my hands off my cock and that after last night she knew what I do in the bathroom when I am alone. As I pissed and then got in the shower, I kept wondering why she was so happy and why I was so excited. I did not have to touch my cock and I was still hard. After I showered and cleaned up I thought “why does she want me to come to breakfast naked?’ It was a strange request for my wife to make. It certainly was not how she normally acted. But when she said it, I knew she meant business, so I walked out to the kitchen trying to avoid the wide open windows along the way.

When I entered the kitchen, Julia was perched on a barstool drinking a cup of coffee. It was obvious she was not wearing any panties under her t shirt. She glanced over to me and my semi hard cock poking out in front of me and said

“Hmmmmm, looks like the boy likes to walk around naked”. I blushed again as I walked over to the coffee pot to pour myself a cup of coffee. I walked over to her sitting by the breakfast bar. She grabbed hold of my semi hard cock and asked me

“So tell me honey, when did you develop this taste for cum?”

I was stunned. But I could feel my cock swell in her hand. What was I going to say? I wasn’t really sure why I enjoyed last night so much. Was it the taste of the cum in my mouth? Was it the fact that I had cum in my mouth? Was it that I swallowed the cum? Was it because my wife told me to take it and swallow it? What did that mean in the bigger picture? Boy was I confused. She broke the silence as she squeezed my cock by saying

“Well obviously the subject excites you. So what is exciting for you about last night?”

God, I am standing naked in my kitchen with my wife holding my now completely erect cock and she wants to know what excited so much about swallowing three loads of my own cum. It was all I could do is weakly smile, blush and look away. That’s when she started firing questions at me, most of which were exactly the ones I was asking myself.

“Did the snowballing excite you?”

“Did you like the taste of the cum in your mouth?”

“Oh, maybe you just liked having cum in your mouth, right?”

“Hmmm, maybe my hubby is a closet cum queen. Did you get off swallowing your cum? Or does it make a difference whose cum you swallow?”

“Or maybe you liked that I told you to swallow your cum. Is that it?”

All I casino şirketleri could do is stand there with my cock growing harder and harder as my wife questioned my manhood. But I also knew she was right on target. I think she also knew she was on target and wanted to press the point.

“Well it really does not matter why you are excited or what excites you. The fact is I like what we did last night and I intend to keep doing all that and more!” All I could manage to say was a weak question

“What do you have in mind?”

I think that was exactly what she wanted me to ask because she pounced on the question like a cat on a mouse and said

“Well first of all, you can be sure that every time you cum, you will be swallowing it.”

How did she know that her taking command and dictating that I would eat and swallow my cum from now on would just about set me off. She sensed my reaction and kept up the dialog. “And just so there is not any misunderstanding, no matter where you cum and no matter why you cum, you will be swallowing your cum!”

By now I was no longer able to control myself and she knew it. She was pushing all the right buttons and I was like putty in her hands. She looked me in the eye and asked

“So you agree to swallow every bit of your cum from now on?”

I just moaned as she stroked my hard cock. I nodded and she looked at me with a stern look and told me

“Say it, loud and clear so even the neighbors can hear you!”

“I will eat and swallow all my cum from now on!”

That was all it took and I exploded all over her upper thigh and pussy. I hadn’t realized that she had spread her legs and directed my cock towards her beautiful shaved pussy. This was the fourth time I was cumming in 12 hours which was way more than usual for me. I shuddered to a climactic finish and drained my cum all over my wife. I looked up at her and she had the biggest smile on her face as she offered me her hand which had some of my cum all over it. I knew what she expected and I licked her hand clean. Then she just looked down to the rest of my cum all over her thigh and pussy. I knew what was next and I dropped to my knees and began licking up my cum. She was really enjoying my performance and urged me on

“Oh yeah baby, lick that cum up. I bet it taste good doesn’t it? Don’t miss any. And make sure you swallow ever bit of it boy!”

I was in heaven. My cock actually stayed semi hard as I licked my cum from her body. As I was finishing she took hold of my head and pushed it towards her pussy and told me to finish her off. Her pussy was so hotter and wetter than normal as I licked her off to a shuddering orgasm. Once she finished her orgasm she pushed me away. I remained on my knees in front of her as she recovered from her orgasm. She smiled and said

“You look good on you knees and naked. Get used to the position. You will be there a lot. Actually, you look so good naked, I am going to keep you naked from now on. Do you understand what I am saying?”

I just looked up at her from my kneeling position knowing she was about to tell me what I was to be thinking. Then she said

“From now on, whenever you are home, you will be naked, understood?”

I just nodded, but that was not good enough. She glared at me and I knew what I had to do.

“I will be naked whenever I am home”

“That’s right. Don’t make me remind you.”

“Yes ma’am.”

I did not know what she meant at the time and maybe she did not fully understand it either. But when she said that, I could feel my cock swell just a bit more than it was. It seemed that the prospect of kneeling naked in front of her certainly excited me. I did wonder what she meant by “being there a lot”. But it did not matter. And then hearing that I would be naked all the time was just icing on the cake. I was excited and satisfied with the direction our lovemaking had taken in the past 12 hours. I could not wait to see where it would take us.

We spent the rest of the day doing chores around the house. Julia was dressed in her t-shirt and I was in my new role and naked. I will admit that being forced to stay naked did provide a element of excitement and my cock remained at least semi erect the entire day. Julia seemed to enjoy my condition. From time to time she would tease me by bending over in front of me to show me her cute little ass and pussy lip or she casino firmaları would come up behind me and grab my semi hard cock and stroke it as she whispered in my ear how hot it made her to see me working naked with a hard cock. She even went as far to ask me more questions as to why my cock was staying at least semi erect as she stroked it.

“What is the “boy” thinking about that keeps his cock so hard?”

“Is he thinking about all the cum he has swallowed?”

“Is he excited about being naked all the time?”

“Maybe he is wondering what I have in mind for him?”

“Or maybe he has some fantasies he wants me to satisfy, Hmmmmm?”

It was new and exciting and we both enjoyed the sexually charged day. Once we were done with the chores, we ate a light dinner and cleaned up. Julia showered first and as we were passing in the bedroom she told me

“Hit the shower and meet me in the family room, naked of course. And keep your hands off that cock of yours.”

I blushed as I went into the bathroom. With that comment she had reminded me that she had caught me jacking off the night before. And it also reminded me of what I had become, a cum swallowing slut.

As I got to the family room Julia was trying to hook up our laptop to the flat screen TV we had just bought. It was computer enabled and she wanted to project the laptop on the TV. I finished the task although a longer cable would have been nice. When I asked her what she wanted to see, she looked at me calmly and said


I was taken back a bit by that request. We had never been much into porn in the past. But after what had happened thus far, I guess I should have anticipated the possibility. I asked

“Any particular site?”

She said “Not really. Just something that has pictures or videos of men eating cum. I want you to see what you will be doing from now on”

I did not know what to say. But I knew I had better do what she said so I Googled “men eating cum” and then started going to the sites. We sifted through lots of sites. We found a site called Adultism which looked interesting. The site featured pictures and videos of everyday people doing a variety of sexual activities. It took us a while to sort through the filtering process, but we came to a list of men eating cum. We avoided the man on man entries and concentrated on men alone or with women, all at some point consuming their own cum or the cum deposited in their female partner by another man. I will admit I was a little nervous about the “other man depositing” aspect. I was barely at peace with swallowing my own cum. I did not know what I would think of the prospect of swallowing another man’s cum under any circumstances.

Julia took great joy in looking at the pictures and watching the videos of men licking up and swallowing the cum they or someone else had deposited for them. She particularly liked telling me that I looked just like them. She had me hard as a rock as she stroked my cock and constantly teased me. She finally zeroed in on the pictures and videos of men sucking themselves where possible or taking their our cum loads with the help of someone else.

“Oh my” she said.

“I bet the “boy” would look great sucking his own cock.”

“Well that is not likely. I am not near flexible enough or long enough for that.”

“To bad. But I would certainly settle for seeing you cumming in your mouth.”

“As I said, I doubt that is possible.”

“I bet I can get you into the right position. Get down here on the floor in front of the couch.”

So as we watch a younger guy suck his cock on the computer, she had me on my back with my head close to the front of the couch. Then she had me throw my legs over my head. She grabbed them and pushed them over my head and almost on to the couch. I was scrunched up but my hard cock loomed above my head pointing straight to my face. Then she started stroking my cock and caressing my balls as she said

“See, I can get your cock close enough to your mouth. Now, I want to see you cum in your mouth!” I just moaned as she stroked my cock and balls as she continued to tease me and urge me on.

“I know you want to taste your cum, don’t you?”

I just nodded, but as you might guess, she wanted to hear it from my own lips.

“Yes baby, I want to fill my mouth with my cum and swallow it.”

“That’s it baby, be my güvenilir casino little cum slut. Show me how much you want to please me. Cum for me.”

I was in a trance. I knew what I was about to do and I loved it. How could I be so excited at the thought of cumming in my own mouth and then swallowing my own cum load? But I was. Just about that time Julia started sliding her finger over my asshole. WOW. What was that all about? My cock stiffened to a new level as she said

“Oh, does the boy like his asshole played with? I will have to remember that.”

I was on fire again. What was up? I am just a slave to being used by my wife. Then she started saying

“Maybe the boy wants something in his ass. Is that what the boy wants? Something sliding in and out of his ass?”

I just moaned at that thought and I lost it. Julia sensed what was happening and said

“Open up wide you slut, here it comes.”

At that, I started cumming as she aimed my cock at my mouth. The first spurt hit my mouth dead on. The second hit my upper lip and than the rest of my cum dibbled into my open mouth. As I finished cumming, I licked the cum off my lips and swallowed it all. I did not notice, but later on Julia told me she came without touching herself. She said seeing my cock spurting cum into my open mouth was more than she could take. And it was more than I could have imagined doing just a day ago. Tasting my cum was one thing, but actually taking it directly from my cock into my mouth and then swallowing it was something else altogether. And where did the anal play come from? What in the world was going on?

The rest of the evening we puttered around on different sites. But we were both pretty played out after 24 hours of playing and experimenting. I think we both needed some time to absorb and process what had happened and what it all meant going forward for both of us. Don’t get me wrong, Julia still maintained the upper hand. I was naked all day Sunday, and she kept up the teasing and innuendos. Although I did not cum, she did have me eat her pussy to a sweet orgasm for her before we retired for the night. When I woke up Monday morning and began getting ready for work, it occurred to me that I had been naked since last Friday evening. It was somewhat odd putting clothes on for the first time in almost three days. When I arrived home from work Monday evening, she told me to get my clothes off, take a shower and meet her in the family room.

“And keep your hands off your dick.”

Once I got to the family room, Julia told me to stand there while we talked.

“So, how did you like what happened over the weekend?”

“I am not sure how to answer that.”

“Well, did you like being told what to do?”

I looked down, but said “Yes.”

“Ahhhh. And did you like doing what you were told to do?”

I was blushing and I could see my cock hardening as I nodded.

“Tell me, what did you like?

I knew what she was doing, but I was too embarrassed to say anything.

“Tell me!” She said in a much sterner tone.

“I liked being told to lick up my cum.”

“Oh you did?”


“What else did you like?”

I was on fire by now. Here I was standing naked in front of my wife with a hard on telling her that I liked being told to lick up my own cum. I looked up at her and mustered the courage to tell her

“I liked swallowing my cum because you told me to.”

“So you are a cum slut, right?”


“And did you like taking your cum load directly into your mouth from your own cock?’

I almost came on the spot when she asked me that. I knew I had loved it and wanted it again. I just said


“So you are willing to remain naked whenever you are home and swallow your cum no matter where you cum?”


“Great. I like what we have done so far. But those websites we looked at over the weekend gave me some great, new ideas. I have decided that it would a great idea to deny you any orgasms for several days. I want to see you take a big load of cum next time. So keep your hands off your cock. Understand?”


“Good. Now set the laptop up. I want to see some more pictures and videos of men eating cum. I bet there is so much more I can do to you.”

So we spent the rest of the week watching pictures and videos of men eating and swallowing cum. Julia kept up the teasing as well as asking probing questions about what she wanted to do to me. I was virtually never without at least a semi hard on. And when Friday came, there was a whole new aspect to our sex life added to the mix.

More to come…

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