Mart 13, 2021

Judith, Will and the bear skin rug

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This story is about 75% fiction and 25% true experiences. I’ll leave it to you to figure out which is which


Let me introduce myself. My name is Dr. William L. Frost. I’m a 31 year old professor of ancient history at our state university. Between my salary, paid lectures and royalties from my scribblings my income exceeds $200,000. I own, free and clear I might add, a beautiful 5,000 square foot Colonial home situated on 5 acres overlooking the river. At my dock is tied up my 24’ Donzi El Pescador. This is a fishing boat built by the racing boat manufacturer, Donzi and powered by twin inboard Volvo V8 engines. My baby flies across the water.

I mention all of the above so you will understand I should be one of the happiest men in the world. But I’m not. You see I share my home with my two mutts. Well, to be honest they aren’t mutts. My housemates are coal black attack trained Giant Schnauzers, beautiful dogs but not ones to mess with. My property is bordered by a six foot chain link fence on three sides and a six foot broken glass topped ivy covered brick wall across the front. I value my privacy, my dogs insure it.

But back to my point; my mutts are my only constant companions. There is no woman to share my life. I’m lonely.

A little about myself; I’m 5’9” tall and weigh 204 pounds. I’m not even close to fat. I work heavy weights daily in my basement gym and although my Donzi is my baby I spend far more time in my kayak. It gives me a good work out, particularly when I’m paddling against the river’s current.

I both hunt and fish regularly, although as a student history I limit my hunting to antique weapons. I have a crossbow and an English longbow (with its 150 pound pull even I can’t completely draw it), a muzzle loading musket, numerous antique pistols and my favorite, a Kentucky long rifle from the 1700’s. By the way Kentucky rifle is a misnomer. The guns were actually produced in Pennsylvania. When I hunt this is my gun of choice. During bow season I cheat. I don’t use my antiques. I use a compound bow by Bear Archery. It’s a fine weapon and, more importantly, I can draw it.

I mention these things about myself so you won’t conclude that I’m the typical Ivory Tower academician. Although my hair is fair my complexion is dark from hours spent outdoors. Many people, particularly those of the female gender consider me to be ruggedly handsome. Many graduate assistants, female professors and other lovely ladies about town have found their way to my bed. You may notice I did not mention students. Underclassmen (women) are off limits. Unfortunately these ladies only share my bed not my life.

You see, I have my one love. I first saw her when I was only fifteen. He was seventeen and a year ahead of me in school. Her name is Judith, not Judy, Judith. She’s an expatriated Jamaican with a very light complexion. I call her coloring honey beige.

She spoke to me and I was awe struck. Her lilting island accent along with her stunning beauty struck me dumb. Instead of answering I just gawked. I’d met the girl of my dreams and I couldn’t say a word.

She just smiled, “Well nice talking to you,” and walked to her next class.

I plotted and planned how I could approach Judith but I was too late. It seems another seventeen year old had noticed her too and I was no competition.

He was the class idol. Tall at 6’2” and handsome as Adonis he was a three sport letterman and the starting quarterback on our championship football team. I was only a geeky kid compared to him. And yes, he was my brother Jackson.

As a complete aside, no parent should name their son Jackson when their last name is Frost. He went from Jack Frost to “the Ice Man.” But in Jack’s case maybe the name fit, he truly could be cold as ice. This stood him in good stead on the athletic fields but made him hard to like on a personal basis. I wasn’t too fond of Jack , just having him as a brother was bad enough but when he quashed my dreams about Judith I began to despise him. Irrational I know, she made her own decision but, at least to me she was pure as driven snow. She couldn’t be at fault. It was all on Jack.

Immediately after graduation from high school Jack joined the Army. He proposed marriage to my Judith and she accepted. They were married three days before he left for boot camp.

Judith continued to live with her parents. A buck private just didn’t make enough money to rent an apartment.

Occasionally I’d stop by her folk’s home and visit with her. I’ll tell you dear readers, it tore my heart out but I never let her know. I just listened as she told me of the “Ice Man’s” successes.

Jack was a great soldier and made E-6 in just three years. I was a great student and was awarded my B.A. in two.

Jack was selected for and completed OCS and eighteen months later was promoted to 1st lieutenant. I now had my Masters.

When Jack was home on leave I’d visit with him. All he could talk about was the Army and how successful he was. He never even once considered or acknowledged my academic success. With Judith standing at his side, I hated him even more.

After his leave was over Jack was deployed to Germany for advanced training. It was a one year tour and I know he could have taken Judith. He opted not to. She continued to live with her parents and I continued to be a frequent visitor. After three years of deep conversations I probably knew Judith better than anyone else in the world. She would talk about her secret wishes and dreams and as time went by she confided that she was having some reservations about her relationship with Jack. She couldn’t understand why he would go off to Germany and leave her with her parents. She wondered if he was a philanderer with a babe in every port. I knew Jack well enough to suspect she was correct but I said nothing. I just gave myself to her as a sounding board and a shoulder to cry on when she needed it.

At about this same time I was hired as an associate professor at the university while I simultaneously pursued my Ph.D. I was still living with my folks so my expenses were negligible and I had friends who were savvy investors. I was able to ear mark half my income for investments.

You didn’t really think I could afford all of the things I mentioned earlier on a professor’s salary, did you? Dream on, prestige yes, money no. I made my fortune in the market.

Two years later I had my Ph.D and a tenured professorship at the university.

Jack had just been promoted to Captain and was entitled to a ninety day leave before being deployed for a one year tour in Iraq.

Jack decided he and Judith needed a place of their own. He rented a small furnished house several miles out side of town. The nearest neighbor, if you discount cows, was a half a mile away. Judith hated it. They only had one car and if Jack was away she shared her life with loneliness and the odor of cow crap.

I should have mentioned this before. All my friends and acquaintances call me Will.

Well old Will continued his visits but he limited them to times he knew Jack would be at home. Jack could be a jealous bastard and Will wanted no confrontations but he could see the pain and sadness in Judith’s eyes. He wanted to hurt his brother but he simply bided his time.

Jack had fallen in love with another Captain; Captain Morgan. He spent hours in the bars arranging liaisons with ladies of the night and getting drunk. Nights he’d arrive home late totally incoherent from the alcohol, he’d just fall into bed and pass out, his sex drive already sated by the whores in town.

One evening, just a week prior to his deployment to Iraq Jack was such an obnoxious ass that even the bar girls avoided him.

Fuck them Jack thought, I’ve got me some pussy at home.

Jack managed to keep it on the road ‘til he got home. He tried to fit his key into the door lock but he couldn’t hit the key hole, in fact it looked like there were three slots.

Suddenly the door opened. Judith was standing there in her nightie.

“Jack I’m so glad you’re home safe. I was so worried.”

“Well, I made it. Now get into the bedroom and strip. I want some pussy and I want it now.”

“Jack honey why don’t you let me make some coffee and we can sit and talk for a little while?”

Judith was a bit scared. She’d never seen this side of Jack. But then again, how could she. He’d been deployed for most of their married life.

“Bitch if I’d wanted coffee I’d have stopped at the diner. I don’t want coffee, I want pussy. Now get the hell into the bedroom and get ready to get fucked.”

Judith wasn’t accustomed to being talked to like this. She stupidly said, “What, you couldn’t get one of your whores tonight so now you want me?”

Jack didn’t hesitate for ever a moment. He hit her with a shot to the kidney knocking her to the floor.

“Get the fuck in the bedroom now. I want you naked when I come in.”

Judith couldn’t believe what had just happened. She was in pain from the punch she’d received. Afraid to anger Jack further she went to the bedroom.

She sat on the bed crying. This was Jack, her love and her lover, how could he hurt her so?

Jack drunkenly reeled into the room several minutes later. He saw Judith sitting on the bed sobbing, still in her nightie.

Jack sat on the edge of the bed and screamed, “Get over here bitch. Get over here right now.”

Judith got up and walked to him. She faced Jack and asked, “Jack what do you want me to do. I want to help if I can.”

“Oh you’re going to help,” Jack growled as he grabbed her wrist and jerked her to him.

Releasing her hand Jack grasped her nightie top and ripped it from her body exposing her naked breasts. Reaching up Jack latched onto one of her tits and squeezed it hard, so hard that Judith dropped to her knees moaning from the pain.

“I told you to get ready to be fucked. Baby you ignored me. That’s not good.”

He lifted her to her feet, smiled menacingly at her and struck her in the other kidney. She collapsed.

Looking down at her Jack grinned and said, “Hey bitch I think you’re beginning to understand. If I tell you to do something you do it. Now get out of your bottoms, I want to see that pussy right now.”

Judith couldn’t take any more physical abuse. She stood and dropped her panties. As she did she thought how she’d dressed in her sexiest nightie for her husband. Now she was confronted by a monster.

Completely naked she stood in front of Jack wondering what he would do next.

It didn’t take long to find out. Jack grabbed her arm and pulled her over his lap.

Oh my God she thought, he’s going to beat me, and then he started spanking her remorslessly. She cried, wailed and moaned from the pain he was inflicting but he didn’t stop until she simply gave up. She just lay across his lap sobbing.

“Bitch now do you understand I’m the man, what I say goes. Now get ready to be fucked.”

Judith simply rolled over on her back and lifted her legs opening herself to his drunken thrustings. What choice did she have?

As Judith endured his assault she thought, only six more days, I can endure that. Silly gaziemir escort bayan girl.

Jack had taken immense pleasure in abusing Judith. He’d found the infliction of pain even more satisfying that the sex. Over the next six days he made Judith’s life a living hell.

He spanked her every night. She couldn’t respond to his sexual advances. She created no lubrication so he just forced himself painfully into her dry vagina.

The fourth day was the worst. After her spanking Jack simply rolled her over on the bed and banged into her. She was dry and he tore her. She could feel herself being ripped then she felt a searing pain.

She cried out, “Jack please stop, you’re tearing me open.”

Jack did stop.

She thought maybe he does have some feelings left for me. Then he threw her over onto her tummy. He grasped her hips and mounted her from behind. Judith couldn’t believe it could get any worse; and then it did.

Probing her unlubricated anus with his unlubricated cock he rammed himself into her.

Judith shrieked in agony, “No Jack not this; please no.”

Her pleading and cries were completely in vain. He plowed into her like a rutting beast, tearing her delicate tissue. As he rammed her harder and faster Judith’s shrieks subsided to agonized moans and finally to mournful sobs.

Finally filling her back passage with his cum he whispered, “Be ready tomorrow night when I get home. I damned sure liked your tight ass. It won’t be tight by the time I leave though. He then rolled over and fell asleep.

Judith just lay in bed sobbing into her pillow. She was in too much pain to move right away. She thought, I have to get away from him but he’s marooned me out here in the boon docks. She could call Will for help but she didn’t want him involved. She’d just endure it for another two days; it couldn’t get any worse than tonight.

Judith was right. It didn’t get any worse. It was the same but now that she knew what to expect she could prepare. She pre-lubricated herself and wore a flimsy cheap night gown and no panties. At least she wouldn’t get her vagina and bottom ripped any further and if he tore off her clothes it was just a cheap gown from Wal-Mart.

The day before Jack was to leave Will called and invited them over for steaks.

He talked to Jack saying, “Come on over around six, we’ll down a few beers and burn some beef. You’re going to be in Iraq for a year and I want to send you off in style. I’m fixing some big filets.”

“That sounds great and Will and there’s something else I want to talk to you about but it will wait for tomorrow. See you at six.”

Judith was surprised that Jack had accepted. She’d thought he’d just want to make her miserable for another night.

They hadn’t seen Will during the week. He’d stayed away assuming they would want time together before Jack left.

When they arrived the next evening Will was aghast. Judith looked like she’d aged ten years in the last week. Will supposed she was just heart broken that Jack was leaving again.

Will grilled the steaks to perfection and served them with baked potatoes, asparagus a fresh garden salad and garlic bread. The beer flowed. Although Will was a light drinker he had four. Jack must have had ten. It was getting close to eleven and Will knew Jack had an early flight the next morning. He thought he’d better wrap it up.

“Jack lets have a night cap and talk about what was on your mind yesterday.”

Taking his beer Jack said, “Will, you’ve got this big house and it’s only you living here. What would you say to Judith staying here while I’m in Iraq? It would save me about $1500 a month and Judith would have someone to talk to?”

“Jack what does Judith think of this idea?”

“Doesn’t matter, she’ll do whatever I tell her is best.”

Will had to give the idea some thought. How comfortable could he be living under the same roof with the love of his life while she was married to his brother? His mind said no, his heart said yes. The heart won.

“Sure Jack, I wouldn’t mind some human company. My mutts are wonderful dogs but they’re damned poor conversationalists.”

“Judith, come out here,” Jack called.

Walking to the patio Judith asked, “Yes Jack?”

“While I’m in Iraq you’re going to be staying here with Jack. With the money I’ll be able to save I can put together the down payment on a house.”

“If that’s what you want then, of course I’ll stay here.”

“First thing in the morning I’ll call the landlord to let him know we’re leaving then you can take me to the airport. You’ll have to be out by the end of the month.

“Will I won’t be bringing much. We rented the place furnished. I’ll only have my clothes.

“If you can get them packed tonight I’ll pick them up tomorrow while you’re taking Jack to the airport.”

Jack said, “No Will no packing tonight, I’ve got other plans. She can pack tomorrow after she drops me off at the airport.” “Judith are you ready to go?”

“Just let me go to the bathroom and I’ll be ready.”

In the bathroom she quickly went through Will’s medicine cabinet. She was in luck; there was a tube of KY jelly. She lubricated both her vagina and anus.

The ride home was quiet and uncomfortable. Quiet because she didn’t feel like talking to Jack and uncomfortable because of the lubricant. She felt squishy in her bottom and her panties were getting gooey. She hoped Jack wouldn’t notice.

At home he followed her into the bedroom.

“Don’t bother with a night gown I want you nude.”

Watching Jack undress with fearful eyes she stripped and walked to the bed. Jack sat on the side of the bed and, taking her hand pulled her to him.

“Get over my lap Baby, you know the drill.”

“Please Jack, not tonight. Tonight please make love to me.”

“Baby we’re not going to make love, we’re going to fuck, just plain and simple fuck. Now get over my lap.”

Jack jerked her forward. She stumbled and fell over his legs.

Jack encircled her hips and pulled her into position saying, “Girl I’m lovin’ this. It’s a real turn on to fuck your ass while it’s still red and hot. I think I’ll do you there first tonight.”

With that Jack started her most severe spanking yet. “Just want to give you one you’ll remember for a year. Think of all the fun we’ll have when I get back.”

Judith had learned that pleading and begging did no good, he only spanked her harder, but she couldn’t ignore the pain. She just sobbed into the bedspread.

“Baby you look ready, if you were any redder your ass would be in flames. Get up on your knees and spread your legs.”

Slowly and painfully Judith pulled herself into position and buried her face in her pillow.

Jack wasted no time and certainly no affection. He directed his cock to her rose bud, grabbed her hips and pulled her back onto him as he thrust forward burying himself completely.

“That’s not so bad is it? See I told you that I would loosen up your tight ass. You take me real easy now.”

Judith only moaned into the pillow as he rutted into her. Finally she felt him swell and fill her bowels with his cum.

When he pulled out he was still semi-rigid.

“Come over here,” he said as he again sat on the side of the bed.

She thought it was over, he’d gotten his climax. But that was not to be.

“Get down here and get me hard. Suck my cock ‘cause I still want that pussy.”

Judith nearly vomited at the thought of sucking him right after he’s sodomized her but she knew what the consequences would be if she refused. She fell to her knees and took him in her mouth.

In just a few minutes he was stiff again. He pulled her to her feet and forced her down to the bed on her back.

“Pull your knees way up. I want you real deep tonight.”

She pulled her legs up opening herself completely to him but it wasn’t enough to please Jack. Putting her legs over his shoulders he leaned forward until her knees were pressed to her breasts then he thrust into her. He rode her hard and fast, pounding viciously into her stretched cunt. Finally he gushed into her, rolled over and was immediately sound asleep.

Her final thought was, thank God this is the last time. He’s leaving tomorrow and I’ll divorce him while he’s gone. She fell into a restless night, never really getting to sleep, her mind awhirl about what had happened and what she needed to do.

The next morning, after dropping Jack off at the airport; and yes she did play the dutiful wife and kissing him good-by, she drove to Will’s.

Calling him from the gate, he let her enter.

Will greeted her in the driveway.

“Hi roommate, park over there and come on in, I’ll give you the nickel tour.”

Although she’d been to Will’s house several times she’d never been upstairs.

“There are five bedrooms here but I have two master suites, come on and I’ll show you yours.”

He showed her to her room. It was, as he’d said, a master bedroom suite with a spacious sleeping area and a gigantic walk-in closet. The bath was fantastic. It had a huge Jacuzzi tub with a separate shower. The fixtures were mauve; commode, sink and bidet. But the highlight of the room was its view overlooking his manicured and well landscaped lawn leading down to the river. It was breath taking.

“Will it’s beautiful, but if it’s inconvenient having me here I can stay with my parents.”

“Judith I wouldn’t have it any other way. You’re staying right here.”

“Have you had breakfast yet,” Will asked.

“No, there wasn’t time before Jack’s flight.”

“Well come on, I was just getting ready to fix.”

Will brewed a pot of coffee from freshly ground Jamaican Blue Mountain beans. After the coffee was poured he fixed eggs Benedict, sliced garden fresh tomatoes and a big pitcher of Mimosas.

Gingerly sitting down to eat Judith asked, “Will, my God, do you always eat like this?”

“Only when the most beautiful woman in the world graces my table, usually it’s dry toast and black coffee. Gotta keep my figure you know.”

Judith blushed at the compliment, her honey beige skin tone turning to a dusty rose. She certainly didn’t feel beautiful, she still hurt all over.

After finishing breakfast they walked outside to the patio

Will asked, “Would you like to go down and look at the boat. Maybe we can take it out this afternoon after I pick up your things.”

“Not today Will. I’m a little tired; I just want to lie down this afternoon if that’s ok with you.”

“Anything that pleases you, after all, you’re the guest.”

“Will, stop thinking of me as a guest. We’re going to be together for a year. Think of me as a housemate. I want to do my share around here, ok?”

“Sure, let’s go back inside, I’ll show you the entertainment room and all the bells and whistles so you can operate the equipment.”

As Judith entered the house Will trailed her. She was walking almost painfully. She moved slowly, like an old woman. Will thought something’s wrong. He’d noticed her obvious pain when she sat down for breakfast and now her hunched aching walk. Her directed her to the entertainment room and seated her on the sofa.

Will said, “I need to talk to you but first would you like another cup of coffee or escort gaziemir a Mimosa?”

“A Mimosa would be nice.”

Bringing a drink for each of them he handed Judith hers and sat on the opposite end of the couch.

“Judith you know I can be outspoken and blunt and I’m going to be just that now. Something’s the matter. What is it?”

“Oh Will I’m just tired.”

“Judith, I want the truth. I’ve watched you walk and sit down. You’re in obvious pain and last night you acted like a whipped puppy. Judith I’ve known you for sixteen years and you’ve never been a whipped pup. What’s going on?”

Judith set her drink down on the cocktail table. With tears beginning to well up in her eyes she answered, “Will it’s my problem. I don’t want you involved it.”

“Judith, that’s not going to work. For the past sixteen years I’ve been your confident and you’ve been mine. I want to know what’s happened to my sweet friend; now talk.”

Judith didn’t answer; sobbing loud mournful sobs she slid over to Will and buried her face in his chest.

Will stroked her beautiful raven hair and rubbed her back. When she looked up he kissed her soulful brown eyes, “Now talk to me my friend. Nothing will hurt you now, you’re with me.”

Still sniffling Judith said, “Will I shouldn’t talk about this. It’s been horrific the last week that Jack’s been home. I didn’t want to tell you about it; after all he is your brother.”

“But you will tell me you know. I’ll protect you from anyone and anything.”

Through sobs muffled by Will’s chest she recounted what Jack had done to her over the past week.

“That miserable bastard and you poor girl, I hope the cock sucker gets shot over in Iraq.”

Judith wanted to say something about Will’s wish but she couldn’t. She felt the same way.

“Come upstairs, I want to look at you.”

“Will I can’t do that. I’m hurt, you know, down below.”

“Judith my doctorate may be a Ph.D in ancient history but I have a little medical training, I can probably do you some good, now come on.”

Will took her hand and led her upstairs to his bedroom.

“Take off your slacks; I want to see how much damage there is.”

Judith started to protest but then she thought if he can ease the pain she could forgo her modesty. She stepped out of her shoes and pulled her pants off.

Will could already see discoloring on the backs of her thighs. They were still red from her most recent beating and there was purplish bruising. He could also see an underlying shade of yellow from contusions that were beginning to heal.

“Judith lie on the bed on your tummy, I want to get a closer look.”

Judith thought, in for a penny in for a pound, she laid across Will’s huge California king sized bed.

“I don’t want you to be embarrassed but I’m going to slip your panties down to get a better look.”

As Will lowered her panties he was appalled by the sight. Her poor bottom looked like she’d been flogged. When he touched her she winced. He could still feel the heat from last night’s spanking.

“Judith, lift your hips a little, I want to take your panties off.”

“Will no, you’re my brother-in-law, I can’t do that.”

“Judith if I’m going to doctor you I need to see what I’m doing, now lift.”

Because her panties were already pulled part way down Will was able to see her anus and the back side of her pussy when she lifted her hips. She was so red it looked like she had a terrible rash.

“My God Judith, what did he do to you?”

She’d been vague on the details when she’d told him about the past week, now there was no holding back. He’d seen the devastation.

“Will he raped me every night for the past week. I wasn’t producing any lubrication so he just forced himself into me dry. He tore my vagina badly but not nearly as badly as my anus when he sodomized me. He forced himself into me with no lubricant at all and no concern for the damage he was inflicting. I could hear myself being torn. After that night, I kept myself lubricated. I even used some of your KY jelly on myself last night so I’d be ready when we got home.

“Ok let me try to fix you up.”

Will got an antiseptic cream and some Aloe Vera from the bathroom.

“Sweet sister-in-law of mine, we’re going to get real up close and personal here but I think it will help. Spread your legs.”

Hesitantly Judith opened her thighs. On close inspection Will could see that the injuries were extensive.

“Judith, this looks pretty bad. I think you should see a gynecologist.”

“Will, no, you take care of me. I’ll be ok if you’ll help.”

“Ok if that’s what you want.”

Will split her labia and looked at her vaginal opening. She was red and swollen; he could see where she’d been torn.

“I’m going to put some of the antiseptic salve on you, get ready, it may sting a little.”

Rubbing the cream onto her pussy Will thought, in any other circumstance I’d give a million dollars to be here. Now all he could think about was helping her heal.

Judith’s mind was reeling. She couldn’t believe she was having erotic thoughts and sensations as Will massaged her vagina but she was. His touch was gentle and caring. He was taking special precautions so that he didn’t hurt her. As he continued to rub the antiseptic onto her she felt herself moisten.

Damn that wouldn’t do, he was her brother-in-law.

Will noticed the wetness but didn’t comment. He didn’t want to embarrass her.

“This next one may seem a little invasive but it needs to be done. I’m going to put some cream in and on your bottom, just try to relax.”

Will took some of the antiseptic and, inserting one finger into her coated her back passage, then, adding more cream to his finger he rubbed it over her rose bud , gently massaging the cream into her.

Judith caught her breath and moaned softly. This was how it was suppose to feel. Will’s gentle hands and fingers were giving her more pleasure that she’d felt in years. She felt her tummy muscles clinch and her breathing got raspy. She was on the verge of climaxing.

Will noticed. What to do? It was a no brainer. She’d been so abused; why not let her enjoy a little pleasure. Using just his thumb to continue to massage her rose bud he cupped her pussy with his fingers and stroked her clitoris.

Judith started mewling. She tightened, her thighs and bottom gripping Will’s hand and holding it in place. She rode his fingers then suddenly moaned loudly climaxing in a gush of her love juices.

“Feeling better now,” Will asked.

“Will you shouldn’t have done that but yes, I feel better. In fact I feel wonderful.”

“Well there’s a little more for me to do.”

Taking a handful of the Aloe Vera he began rubbing it over her bruised back side.

“Will that feels so good, it’s so cooling.”

“You’ll need a treatment at least once a day for the next several days but I think we fix you back up good as new. Are you ok with that?”

“Exactly the same treatment,” Judith inquired.

“Only if that’s what you want.”

“I believe I do but I’ll have to give it a little further thought.”

“Why don’t you lie here and take a nap. Give me your house key and I’ll pick up your things.”

“Will I packed everything I wanted; my things are in the trunk of the car. I don’t want anything from that house of horrors, certainly not the memories. I left the key on the kitchen table for the landlord.”

While Judith napped Will took her bag to her room and unpacked. She hadn’t brought much. He’d have to take her shopping pretty soon.

They quickly fell into a routine, it was summer and he didn’t resume classes until late August. They boated on the river, fishing occasionally. If they had any luck Will would grill their freshly caught fish on the patio and they would share a bottle of wine.

Will continued treating her injuries but it was getting difficult for him.

Hesitantly at first, she decided she wanted to lie across his lap while he applied the medication.

Remembering the last time she was over a man’s lap Judith was hesitant but, with Will it was different. She felt safe, she felt secure and she felt loved. It was the loved part that was creating a bit of a problem in her mind. She realized Will loved her and she realized she’d fallen for him too and she was still married. She needed to file for divorce.

Will was having his problems too. He’d loved Judith for over sixteen years. Now, every night before bed she lay across his lap for her treatment. It was getting difficult for him to remain clinical. As she sprawled across him and he’d open her thighs to apply the antiseptic he was intoxicated by the heady, musky scent of a woman’s arousal. Every night he brought her to climax but he was getting no relief himself.

Judith and he talked and she let him in on her plan to divorce Jack. He asked about her plans after the divorce and told her he wanted her to stay. She let him know that what she wanted too.

Will was the happiest man in the world. He was going to have his one true love filling his, no, their home.

Jack had been gone a month when Judith came to Will in tears.

“Will I think I’m pregnant. I’m as regular as a Swiss watch and I was due three days ago. What am I going to do?”

“Get a test kit and check. If you are we’ll deal with it. One way or the other I want you here.”

When the test came up positive all Judith could do was cry.

‘Will I’m going to get an abortion.”

“No Judith you’re not. That child is your child and it will be my niece or nephew. Have the baby and I’ll take care of you both. You’re my family.”

Two days later the intercom at the gate announced visitors. It was an Army Captain and a Chaplain. Will buzzed them in and greeted them at the door.

The Captain asked, “Is this the residence of Mrs. Jackson Frost?”

Will knew enough about military protocol to realize what had happened.

“My brother is dead isn’t he?”

“You’re Captain Frost’s brother?”

“Yes, I’m Will Frost. Come in and I’ll get Mrs. Frost.”

Will went to the patio where Judith was watching the boats on the river.

“Judith, we’ve got two visitors, they’re military. I think something has happened to Jack. Come with me to the sitting room.”

The two men were still standing where Will had left them.

The Captain asked, “Are you Mrs. Jackson Frost?”


“Mrs. Frost it is my unfortunate duty to inform you that Captain Frost was killed in action.”

Shocked, Judith asked, “What happened?”

“Mrs. Frost, I’m afraid I don’t have all the details but a convoy he was in was ambushed. He and several other men were killed. I’m sorry to bring this news.”

“How do we arrange the funeral details,” Will asked. “He would want to be buried here in the family plot.”

The funeral was held under pleasant sunny skies. The attendance was small. There was the Army color guard of course along with a few high school team mates along with Will and Judith. Few tears were shed. Jack was not very well liked.

Several months passed and Judith began to show. Her breasts were swollen, her tummy began to protrude (her belly button turned from an innie to an outie) and her bottom broadened. gaziemir escort Judith and Will’s budding romance was on hiatus.

Riding home from an appointment with her OBGYN Judith asked, “Will I think, no, I know that I want a natural birth. I’m enrolled in for Lamaze classes and I want you to be my partner. Will you do it?”

“What would I need to do?”

“Help me with my breathing and other exercises in preparation of the birth. Will you do it, please?”

“Judith you know you can count on me. Of course I’ll be your partner.”

Each week Will attended the classes with Judith. Sharing this experience with her was fun.

As time passed Judith continued to grow. Now into her seventh month her breasts had swollen to an enormous 42E cup. She was experiencing leg and lower back pain. She was miserable and she still had two months to go. Then she started lactating. Even through the breast pads she wore she was still staining her blouses. When she looked at herself in the mirror all she could see was a big titties whale. She lay down on the bed and cried.

As he came upstairs Will could hear Judith sobbing in her room. He looked in to find her lying on her side, hugging her pillow and sobbing.

He walked over to the bed. “What’s the matter Judith,” he asked.

She wailed, “I’m ugly, I’m fat and I’m ugly. My legs hurt, my back hurts and my tits are flowing all over the place. That’s what’s the matter.”

“Well, let’s take this one thing at a time. You’re not fat and ugly; you’re pregnant. When you’re not crying and feeling sorry for yourself you glow. Judith, I think you’re absolutely gorgeous. Now, about the pains, maybe I can help, I have before if you remember.”

“Of course I remember.”

“Well I don’t think I can put you on your tummy. Take off your panties and brassiere and lie on your side.”

I can understand my panties but why my bra?”

“You’ll see.”

Will got a tube of analgesic cream and massaged it into her legs and back.

“How does that feel,” he asked.

“It’s warm and soothing. You’ll have to do this every day.”

Will lay on the bed behind Judith and continued to rub her back.

“Turn over so you’re facing me,” he said.

Judith turned toward him. He took her into his arms and kissed her deeply and passionately. Judith was taken by surprise. She wanted his affection, his loving, but he’d been so restrained.

Will lifted her top exposing her breasts. He took one into his mouth and began sucking. Judith felt almost immediate relief as the pressure eased. He emptied her right breast then moved to her left. It felt so damned good to have her breasts sucked but more than that was the sexual thrill she got. Her vagina was streaming, she felt like she had a swamp, hell, a river flowing from her.

“Will, make love to me. I want you in me. Will you do that for me?”

Will could hardly believe what he’d just heard. He’d wanted Judith for nearly seventeen years.

“Oh Judith, I’ve loved you since I was fifteen. I’ve never married because no woman has ever lived up to my image of you. I can think of nothing in this world that I desire more than to make love to you.”

Will got up from the bed and quickly undressed.

Helping Judith out of her maternity top Will said, “I want to be able to see and enjoy all of you.”

Lying back down Will took her into his arms and kissed her; her lips, her face, her eyes and down her breasts. He nibbled her nipples, sucking each out to their full ¾ inch length. He moved down her body tonguing her cute little outie navel then opened her sex and tasted her for the first time.

Ambrosia, the nectar of the Gods, her wonderful love juices flowed into his mouth, not climaxing but lubricating heavily. Will found her clitoris and sucked it between his lips, tugging on it and gently nibbling it with his teeth.

Judith couldn’t believe how her body was responding. Her stomach muscles were clenching then quivering, her vagina felt electrified, even her anus was pulsating. She felt like she was about to explode. And then she did. Judith had never squirted before but she did this time. She could feel herself gushing, spasm after spasm she flooded Will with her love juice.

Will continued to tongue her as she came down from her climactic high but the sensations were too intense. It almost hurt.

“Will fuck me now please. Put it in me, I want to feel you.”

“How can we do this with your tummy, I don’t want to hurt you?”

Lying on her back Judith said, “Will I’m not China, I won’t break. Now fuck me.”

Positioning himself between her thighs he entered her. He pushed gently into her about then began slowly and softly began pumping in and out.

“Will Frost what part of fuck me didn’t you understand? Ram it to me, I want to feel it and feel it good.”

Will thought, your wish is my command. He thrust into her hard and deep. Will wasn’t a small man; he was just over 9 inches. When he hit her cervix Judith grunted but said, “That’s my man. Fuck me good.”

As they lay in bed they discussed their future. They decided that they would marry after an appropriate one year interval after Jack’s death. In the mean time they would live as lovers.

Summer had passed through fall and it was now winter. Snow blanketed the fields leading down to the river. Will had taken his boat into dry dock for the season but the water still provided an awesome view. Judith stood and looked out but she was lost in thought. She couldn’t believe her good fortune. Will was the kindest and most gentle man she’d ever met. She wanted to do something special for him.

Christmas was coming in just a few days but what do you give a man who has everything he wants and, if he wants something else, he can afford it?

She looked over. The dogs were lolling on the big bear skin rug in front of the fire place. She had an idea.

Judith put a bottle of Dom on ice. She didn’t drink during her pregnancy but this was going to be a special occasion.

She was dressed ridiculously. A true Island Girl, she couldn’t tolerate the cold. She had on a pair of panties and a bra. Over these she had on a pair of pajamas and a pair of heavy knee socks. Atop these she had on a flannel night gown and a pair of adult sized booties. Yet she could still feel the chill.

Judith knew Will would be home in about ten minutes and she wanted to have everything ready. She added several more logs to the fire and chased the dogs off the rug, she wanted that for herself. With less than five minutes left she uncorked the champagne and brought two chilled glasses along with the ice bucket to the rug. She’d done one other thing, too. She’d prepared herself for what she had in mind in the same way she’d protected herself from Jack.

Judith heard Will come in the door.

“Will honey come in here; I’ve got something for you.”

Will followed her voice to the living room. As he walked in he saw Judith lounging in front of the fire still dressed in her ridiculous attire. She’d wanted to be naked for him but it was too damned cold.

“Come over here Big Boy, let’s have a little champagne.”

Will stood for a moment surveying the scene. Judith must really have something special in mind. She was drinking wine.

Judith was late into her ninth month of pregnancy and she was huge. He loved her pregnant body and he loved her.

“Got something special in mind for me,” he smiled.

“Only if you want it. Now get out of those clothes and come over here on the rug with me.”

“Why do I have to get out of my clothes? You’re dressed like an unstylish Eskimo and I have to get naked?”

“Will Frost, get those clothes off and come over here, now.”

Obediently Will dropped his clothes to the floor and walked to the rug.

Laying down on the bear skin and accepting a glass of champagne Will asked, “What’s so special about tonight. I mean it’s a wonderful surprise but what makes today so special?”

“Will let’s drink a glass or two of champagne and cuddle. You make me feel so loved and I want you to know how much I appreciate you.”

Will rolled behind Judith and snuggled against her rotund body. They couldn’t lie face to face, there was too much belly. As he held her he caressed her swollen breasts. Judith took a ragged breath. That felt wonderful. Then he began massaging her bottom.

Judith purred, “Yes that’s what I want, it’s such a nice feeling to be caressed by you. Will do you like my bottom?”

“Judith, I love it. I liked it when it was small and tight and I like it even more as it has widened. It’s beautiful and you’re beautiful. It makes me want to have lots of kids. I mean I like kids fine but I love your body when you’re pregnant.”

“Will do you want my bottom?”

“Of course sweetheart, I want all of you.”

“No Will you don’t understand, do you want to make love to me there?”

Will was tongue tied. Because Jack had so viscously sodomized her Judith was fearful of anal sex. That area of her anatomy had been off limits.

“Is that something you want Judith,” Will whispered.

“Its something I want to give to you, take me now, please”

Will took off her booties and helped her out of her pj bottoms and panties.

Judith climbed to her knees and spread herself open.

“Will please do it now, I want to feel you in me.”

Will looked at her broad behind and nearly laughed. It was not the sexiest sight he’d ever beheld. Her long winter weight gown covered her bottom, her top was still swaddled in bra, pj top and gown and perhaps most incongruously were the knee socks.

Will smiled to himself. She really was beautiful and tonight was a gift truly from her heart. Will lifted her gown and exposed her hips and sweet bottom.

Reaching between her legs he massaged her clit. Judith moaned softly.

Will eased himself into her vagina and she thrust back against him whispering, “Will that feels wonderful but it’s not what I want tonight. Please take me.”

Will pressed his cock against her rose bud. He saw and felt that she was well lubricated. Pushing just the head in he waited for her reaction. She groaned quietly then pushed back toward him impaling herself completely on his rigid member.

Almost cooing, she whispered, “Yes, this is what I want. I want you to have me in this special way.”

Will continued to gently stroke into her.

Judith asked for more, demanding, “Will you won’t hurt me. Fuck me hard.”

Will needed no further encouragement. He plunged into her most secret and private of places with a wild abandon. Stroking her hard and deeply Will knew he wouldn’t last very long. With a moan he climaxed explosively, filling Judith’s bowls with his hot cum.

Afterwards they lay hugging on the bear skin rug.

They were married that summer.

“That’s our story. I’m 64 now and Judith is 66. She’s still beautiful to me. We raised Jack’s son along with three children of our own. All the kids have moved on to successful careers. Judith and I still live in the house overlooking the river and I still have my two Giant Schnauzers. Not the same ones of course. We’re on our fourth pair, but they’re still black and beautiful.”

“Judith and I have had a full life. We’ve traveled the world and seen the sights. Our sex life has been varied and frequent and, yes, anal sex remained a part of our repertoire.”

“Yet as I look back, far and away my most erotic experience was our night on the bear skin rug.”

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