Şubat 23, 2021

John’s Story

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Everyone called him John, but his real name was Juan. It reminded me of how the Pittsburg Pirates called baseball great Roberto Clemente “Bobbie” instead of Roberto to make him more palatable to white fans. The only difference is that Juan wanted everyone to call him John instead of Juan to make himself less Latin. He wasn’t black like Clemente, but had the beautiful brown skin and short stature of his Carib ancestors. His family had escaped the Dominican Republic during the political unrest of the 1960s and he grew up in a big-city barrio, becoming a teen runaway when his family disowned him for being gay.

I am less clear about how he ended up at our small college the summer before my senior year began. From what I gleaned his story went something like this: ever since he could walk John wanted to dance. He worked out, practiced his moves, street danced and even got into a high school for performing arts before the conflict with his family led him to drop out. There the story gets murky. He wouldn’t tell me what happened, but it’s hard to imagine he ended up on the streets. He was too flash for that. It’s more likely someone in the gay community took him in. He never said, but it may have been the guy with whom he shared an apartment. John said they were not lovers, but when his roomie got a job at the university John moved with him. Compared to the metropolis our sleepy college town bored John. At nineteen he craved the kind of excitement he had left behind in the big city.

His other secret was that John danced. He danced at the one gay club in town. He performed in all-male revues, sometimes in bars but most often in private parties for women. Bachelorette parties. Women’s business conferences. Employer parties. Women’s social clubs. Dial-a-male-stripper. He told me how the ladies stuck bills and hotel room keys in his g-string. When I asked if he ever went to their rooms he said no, but I could see the attraction. A ripped dancer’s body combined with a full bouncing bulge in a g-string had a magnetic effect. His smooth, dark-skinned Carib body and coal black eyes fueled his exotic appeal.

He showed me some of the g-strings he kept in his locker at work. We worked in a big dormitory building that was empty for the summer. Like many ancient dorms it had a handful of classrooms the university rented out as meeting space. My work-study job was at the reception desk there behind a tiny sliding glass window. His job was custodial—cleaning the classrooms afternoons and evenings so they were ready the next day. Even though the place was empty I had to wait until he finished his work and clocked out before I could lock up the building and go. Unmolested for hours, I sat and did homework. Sometimes he sat with me waiting for a meeting to finish, chatting his little gay head off. No one else was around. A few times he modeled his g-strings for me. He loved showing off his body and his big bulge always showed in his jeans.

One day while he waited for a classroom to empty he asked me to help him study for his GED and sat close when I did, leaning or pressing against me outright. It didn’t take long to realize it was an casino şirketleri excuse to create body contact. I didn’t stop him so it became a daily occurrence as did shoulder rubs. He bent over the desk while I massaged his shoulders and back. Then one night after rubbing his shoulders he gave me an irritated look.

“You don’t know nothing about the real world,” he said.

“What?” I said.

He stood leaning against the desk right next to me where I sat. God he smelled good.

“You don’t know nothing about the real world.”

It wasn’t true. My world looked boring to him, but he didn’t know I had banged a few guys. I understood instantly he was irritated because I had done nothing about his overtures.

“You mean this world?” I said, sliding my hand up the inside of his thigh and over his tight butt.

His eyes and mouth went wide. The look of irritation vanished.

I looked in his huge black Caribbean eyes, caressing the insides of his thighs and pressing fingers and thumb between his butt cheeks where I knew his hungry little boy pussy ached. He let out a little gasp and bent over the desk. My hand moved forward and cupped his big bulge through denim. His cock grew rock hard under my hand. He sighed and hummed his pleasure. I kept feeling his thighs, butt and bulge from behind, wondering how far he would go.

“You like this world?” I whispered.

“Yes,” he sighed, his eyes half closed.

After several minutes of this I decided to up the ante. I moved my hand from his hard rod to his zipper and started to pull it down.

“Not here,” he said, stopping my hand.

He stood and walked to the room behind reception without saying anything. It had originally been quarters for a doorkeeper in ancient times when buildings had such things. Now it did duty as a cluttered supply room, but retained a full bath. A small block of lockers had been installed for workers like us to stow coats, books and other personal items. That’s where he kept the g-strings he modeled for me when he wanted my opinion or to show off or both.

“Hey,” he said.

I turned. He stood in the door leaning against the jamb wearing only a white g-string. It looked brilliant against his smooth brown skin. He watched my eyes run up and down him. His thick bone fought the containment of the g-string. It was so tight nothing was left to the imagination. A sly little smile crossed his face. He raised a finger and beckoned me. When I didn’t move right away he did a little dance in the doorway that made his bulge bounce. Then he turned and wiggled his bare ass at me before disappearing in the back.

I bolted out of my chair, set out a sign saying ‘back in 15 minutes,’ closed and locked the window, made sure the door into reception was locked and ducked into the back room, shutting and locking the door behind me. He was admiring himself in front of the big full length mirror on the wall next to the lockers. Our eyes met in the mirror as he watched me walk up from behind and wrap arms around him. He continued watching while my hands caressed his pecs, six pack and cum gutters. My fingertips played with the strings casino firmaları of his thong, tracing them and the warm brown skin under them. We both watched in the mirror as my hands ran down over his sculpted thighs then up their sides and over his butt. I pulled him to me. He moved his bare ass against my pelvis, teasing me. My cock grew hard.

I towered over him. He was 5’5 and maybe a buck thirty, but I was 6’2 and 185. When he turned to kiss me I bent down and pressed my lips to his, thrusting both hands into his g-string, stripping it off him, pulling those strings down over his butt. It fell around his ankles. He moaned in my mouth when my finger found and began exploring then rimming his eager hole. He broke the kiss and stepped away from me.

“Take your clothes off,” he said, opening his locker and putting away the g-string.

I stripped down to underwear in record time. He looked at the bone tenting my jockey’s and smiled. I watched as he pressed a warm hand to my chest then slid it slowly down the front of me.

“I’ve seen you swim with at the pool,” he said. “Everyone knows you have a big one.”

I swam in high school. The college didn’t have a swim team, but I was a member of the swim club. John must have seen me at the pool in a speedo. I don’t remember seeing him there.

He knelt, pulled briefs down over my thighs, wrapped fingers around my rod and began licking and sucking it like the cock lover he was. Then he lifted it and pulled my balls in his lips sucking and gently rolling them on his tongue one at a time. His other hand spread precum over my head and down my shaft. Then he got up, turned his back to me and began rubbing his butt against my cock. Once I got fingers into him he reached into his locker, pulled out a tube and squirted a clear gel onto my cock, spreading it with his hand. He handed the tube to me. It was aloe. I worked it around and into his hole. Just like that he turned, planted hands on the mirror and pushed his ass against me.

His mouth gaped in passion when I pushed into him. He reached back with one arm and palmed my lower abdomen, slowing my entrance. I had to squat a bit to get into him because he was so short, but unlike the other guys I had fucked I could tell his hole was used to being opened like this. A few slow pumps and I was all the way in, my balls pressed up against his perineum. He strained on tiptoes, his muscled thighs quivering with the thrill of a big cock penetrating his joyhole.

“Oh fuck you are big,” he gasped.

I watched his heavy eyes try to stay on mine in the mirror, but he kept watching himself being fucked from behind. His big ballsack drew up tight and soon his fireplug cock began drooling precum on the floor. I railed him hard and fast, thrilled at the risk of getting caught on the job.

Tired of fucking him with my knees bent I clamped arms around his torso from behind and lifted him. His feet dangled in the air while I rammed my fuckrod mercilessly into his slutty boy pussy. His eyes went big in the mirror watching his hot little dancer’s body being taken. A moment later his thick short dick began drooling hot güvenilir casino white cum. He let out a squeal and shot a thick rope of cum right into the mirror. Then a second. Then a third. I remember thinking the huge cahunas which bounced so nicely in his g-string must give him huge loads. The cut muscles of his hot dancer’s body trembled in the throes of orgasm, but I didn’t stop pounding him until I blew my load deep in his pussy. We collapsed forward against the mirror, panting, our eyes closed, our bodies glistening with sweat.

I uncoupled from him and stepped into the bathroom to clean up. He sat on the toilet and let my seed drain out of him while he peed. I dressed quickly, returned to reception, opened the window and retrieved the ‘back in 15 minutes’ sign. I had only been gone ten. He emerged a few minutes later and ran off to finish his work.

When he clocked out at the back door, I took his hand and led him up the back staircase. He didn’t resist as I pulled him down a hallway and into an empty dorm room. Our clothes dropped on the floor and a minute later he straddled me on the bed and slid on my cock. Then he slid off and lubed my rigid shaft with the aloe gel before sliding on again. I watched his magnificent body arch and pump and strain while he rode me. After he came he collapsed to me.

“You’re so nice,” he whispered in my ear.

I flexed my cock inside him. He squeezed back.

“I was afraid you might be too nice,” he said.

“Too nice?” I said.

“Too nice to fuck me,” he said, then kissed my neck.

“Any time you want it,” I said.

“Every day,” he sighed.

“Okay,” I said.

Late the next afternoon the building was empty. All of the meetings had ended and no evening ones had been booked. I had already locked up. When he came in I followed him into the room behind reception, pushed him up against the wall and had him. He didn’t resist. Pinning him with my weight, I reached around, undid his belt, opened and stripped jeans and briefs down to his thighs, then opened my trousers and rammed my cock into him. His slutboy pussy opened easily and took all of me. I slammed him hard for two minutes and filled him with a load. I pulled up my pants and went back out to the desk.

When he came out from the back he smiled and said, “That’s more like it.” Then he disappeared to do his work.

“Fuck!” I thought. I had topped two other guys before him, both short little effeminate guys like him, but they were one time fucks. I saw them around campus all the time but they showed no further interest. John was a slut for cock.

Two hours later he came back. We took off our clothes and sprawled on the old couch in the back. He worshipped my cock with fingers and lips and tongue. Then he climbed on for a passionate romp.

“Fuck! You are still wet!” I said.

“I know,” he said. Your cum is still inside me.”

He planted hands on my chest, pounded hips and screwed himself on my cock until his rigid fireplug pulsed and flooded my belly with his hot white.

“You’re the biggest I’ve ever seen on a white,” he said still mounted on me. He patted his hand on his navel. “I feel you all the way up here.”

I pressed my hand there thinking I might feel my cock behind his navel, but all I felt were his washboard abs. He giggled.

That’s how I became part of John’s story.

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