Nisan 4, 2021

John’s Last Day

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John and Tonia had worked together for over four years. John had started getting a little more friendly with Tonia, as of late and his favorite thing was to have her go over things in the computer while he’d stand beside her chair. His hand would slowly and gently rub her shoulder and start down her back.

Tonia’s erogenous zones were all over her back and she would turn towards him when she felt he was getting too close. His hand would then move away and that would be the end of it until the next time. Tonia found herself having fantasies about John as he’d gotten good at what he was doing to her.

Then John announced that he’d accepted a new position and that he would be leaving the company. Tonia was saddened by the news but realized that he felt he needed to do this and John told her, “We can still exchange e-mail.”

The first week after the announcement, Tonia noticed that John spent more time in her cubicle and had gotten even friendlier. He was quicker to rub her back and she noticed that he looked at her in a different way. She usually wore pants to work, but one day wore her short black skirt and realized that John couldn’t keep his eyes off of her.

She was somewhat surprised when he came over and sat on her desk and just stared at her legs. The skirt had ridden up with her movements and was about mid thigh. “OOPS!” She started to get up and pull it down.

“Pull it up higher,” John teased, “Don’t pull it down!”

Tonia’s face turned red and she didn’t know what to say.

“Come on,” John teased, “Show teach that-bitch porno me some more thigh!”

“You’ll just get all hot and bothered,” she teased back, easing it up just a little more.

“Maybe you can take care of that for me?” John squirmed, staring at her thighs.

“I don’t know how,” she smiled, shaking her head.

John leaned over her, his hand resting between her thighs, and whispered, “Stop at the park on River Street on your way out to lunch. You’ll know what to do when you get there!” He licked her ear and left.

Tonia was trembling as she thought about meeting John in the park. “What should I do?” she thought. “I can’t do this.”

She couldn’t get him out of her mind. She liked John and thought that she’d fuck him if she ever had a real chance, but now was worried about her husband finding out or getting caught. “I’m not going to do it!” she convinced herself as the hour grew closer.

“See you in a few minutes,” John whispered to her as he left for lunch.

“Maybe,” she smiled, sure that she wasn’t going to do this.

“Be there!” John pointed at her and left.

Just then, her phone rang. “This is Tonia,” she answered the ringing.

“I’m going to take Amber to Milham Park to feed the ducks, geese and swans,” Her husbands voice shook her deeply, “you just want to get your own lunch then?”

“I can do that,” she trembled even more, “Don’t let her fall in!” she teased Gene.

“Oh shit!” she thought, “Now I don’t have an excuse for not going! teamskeet porno

Eleven-thirty arrived and her mind was going in a hundred different directions. She soon discovered that she was on her way home, like she usually did at lunch time, “What am I doing?” she turned at the next street, knowing that she needed to go the other direction for some fast food.

Again her mind wandered and she soon found herself almost to the park on River Street! “Oh, shit!” she spoke to herself, “I can’t do this!” she turned her car into the drive. “Tonia!” she started talking out loud to herself, “What are you doing? Nothing,” she answered. “We’ll just talk.”

She pulled her car up next to John’s. There were no other cars close to John’s in the lot. She looked over and John waved her to his car.

She slipped out of her car and into his, “You’re late!” John smirked, “Oh well,” he continued, “I’ve been waiting for this for a long time.”

“Waiting for what?” Tonia sat motionless, “I don’t think I can do anything for you.”

“Like hell!” John started opening his slacks, “You can blow me!”

“Is that what you want?” Tonia teased, “You want me to suck your cock?”

“Oh, yes!” John grabbed her head and drew it closer to his lap.

“I don’t know what to do,” she cooed.

“Like hell you don’t!” John’s hand reached inside his shorts and pulled out his cock. “You’ve sucked a lot of cock! You know exactly what to do!”

Tonia leaned over further, her lips just touching the tip of his throbbing manhood, one tecavuz porno hand grasp the shaft, “Nice cock!”

“Nicer in your mouth!” John squirmed, “Suck me off, Bitch!”

Tonia glanced up slightly, saw the burning fire in his eyes and slowly slipped her soft tongue along the tip, slightly opening the slit, and then teasing the sensitive skin just under the head of John’s cock.

John was a moaning, groaning, gasping mound of putty, in her control, and she knew it.

She slowly opened her lips enough to engulf the head and then dropped quickly until her lips met her hand, stopping his cock from going into her throat.

“Oh! Suck me!” John groaned in a loud low tone, “Suck me off!”

Tonia tasted his pre-cum and knew he couldn’t last. She moved up and down on his cock, her tongue teasing the big vein on the underside.

John gasped for air and knew he couldn’t last either. He grabbed her by the back of the head and started forcing her down harder. His one hand pulled her hand off his shaft, now allowing the head to force it’s way into her throat!

Tonia almost gagged, John’s cock blocking her throat, but she gasp for air on the upstrokes as he forced her head up and down.

His hips started lifting with the strokes and he forced himself deeper into her mouth.

Then John cried out a groan and gasped. Tonia was able to back off a little and then she felt his hot liquid squirt down her throat. Again and again it pulsed, shooting down squirts of his cum.

As soon as he released her head completely, she slipped off and let some of his juices ooze out of her mouth and onto his pants.

She quickly exited his car and jumped into hers. In a couple of seconds, she was gone.

She drove to the small grocery store and parked among the cars while she regained her composure.

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