Mart 13, 2021

Jimmy’s Discovery

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My name’s Jimmy, I’m 17 years old and I’m still a virgin. Yes, I know it sucks and its embarrasing but thats just the way it is. Its not like I’m ugly or anything. I’m 5’7″, 155lbs, deep blue eyes, blonde hair and I’m pretty lean. I actually play tennis for the varsity team and I’m pretty popular but I suppose it just never happened. And my mother being so controlling doesn’t help either. My mother is constantly trying to get involved with everything in my life. She sets down a really busy scheldule and, I dunno, I guess I just learned to live with it. I wake up every morning at 6:30 am. I take a shower and am downstairs for breakfast by 7. By 8 I’m sitting in school. At 2:30 school lets out and I’m on my way to tennis practice. At 5:30 I’m home and doing my chores. At 7 we havedinner and then I get some free time. At 9 I have an hour of college prep and by the time 10 rolls around I’m in bed ready to do it all again. I never had to worry about my father. According to mom he walked out when I was around 5 years old and simply, never came back.
This particular week went by just as normal as any other that is untill friday. Usually every friday my mom has a weekend schedule put up on the fridge and I need to adhere to. This week however there was nothing. I went up to my mom’s room and went to walk in to ask what was going on. I opened the door and my mouth dropped. There was my mom sitting at her computer in a bra and panties playing with herself!! I guess she was really intent on what she was reading cause she didn’t hear the door opening or the gasp that proceeded to issue from my mouth. I stood there for a minute as my cock got rock hard and just stared. I’d never thought about my mother in a sexual sense. I mean its not like she’s ugly or anything but I was just always taught that it was wrong. She’s 5′, and weighs something like 100lbs, wears a size 36C bra, has the same eyes and her hair is red. I always wondered how she birthed me when I turned out to be so much bigger than her and she always told me I look exactly like my father. Well, as I stood there I could see why all my friends told me I had such a hot mom.
I backed away quietly and shut the door. I ran to my room to try to digest what I’d seen. There was no doubt that I was turned on considering my cock and I didn’t know if I should be. I mean she’s my MOM! I tried to think about how I felt but just couldn’t get that image out of my head. I started rubbing my cock thinking about it. I decided then and there that I didn’t care. She was my mom but she was a woman too. A hot one at that so I pulled my pants down and started jacking off. I started off slow thinking about what I’d seen and started to go faster fantasizing about what it would be like untill I finally blew my load thinking about her on her knees in front of me. I cleaned up my mess and went back downstairs to watch t.v. After about 15 minutes my mom came down and sat next to me on the couch. I asked her about the lack of a scheldule on the fridge and told me that tomorrow she was going out of town in the morning and she thought I could use a weekend relaxing. Naturally I was really excited about this and didn’t try to hide it. “I won’t be back till around 6 in the evening tomorrow and so long as you do your chores and stay home I thought you can just enjoy yourself.” she said. “Thanks Mom!!” I replied and leaned over to give her a hug.
As I held her I couldn’t help but think about what I saw and backed away quickly before she could feel my erection and ran upstairs to my room and masturbated again. The rest of the night went by normally except that I masturbated 3 more times thinking about my mom before finally passing out. When I woke up in the morning mom was already gone. I made breakfast and thought about what I wanted to do that day when an idea
hit me. I dumped the dishes into the sink and ran up to my mom’s room bornova escort bayan and jumped on her computer. My idea was to check her history and see what she had been touching herself to. I opened up the history part of the browser and found hundreds of links to I clicked on one and started
reading and couldn’t believe it. It was a story about mother and son incest! I couldn’t believe my eyes. I finished the story and click on another link. It was under the theme BDSM. It was about a woman being treated like a slave. As I read on I couldn’t believe my safe, controlling mom actually fantasized about stuff like this!!!
As I continued on through the links all I found were incest and BDSM stories and even a few where the son “Dominates” his mom! As I read story after story I came to the conclusion that my mom actually wanted this to happen and decided that I wanted to do anything to make her happy and started researching BDSM. Using the stories that my mom read I figured out what she probably wanted and how I could make it happen. As I started to get dressed I figured that if this was really gonna happen I might as well start breaking the rules now so I locked up the house and headed to the bank to get some money. I went to a store I heard about from a few kids in school called Dreams by Lisa. I walked in and headed to the back and my mouth dropped. I saw everything from dildos and vibrators to handcuffs and whips. Everything I would need for my mom. I bought a bunch of stuff, luckily I didn’t get carded, and went back home to set everything up.
I was watching t.v. when my mom walked in. Happy to see her I went up and gave her a hug and a kiss on the cheek and told her that I loved her very much and I hoped she knew that. She smiled and said “I love you too.” She sat down on the couch and I asked her if she wanted anything to drink. She said yes and the plan was put in motion. I went and got her a glass of milk and dropped 2 of her sleeping pills into it and went to give it to her. Amazingly she drank it all and didn’t even notice the pills. After about 30 minutes of sitting there she started to doze off and told me she was tired and going to bed. I said ok and I love you. After about an hour of waiting I walked into her room and tried to wake her up. I yelled and shook her and to my delight she was passed out cold. I reached over and undid her bra and took off her panties and was momentarily stunned as I saw for the first time exactly how beautiful she was. I went back to the room and grabbed the bags of stuff. I came back and started positioning her the way I wanted her to be. I turned her over on her stomach and handcuffed her hands behind her back. I then put a collar on her and tied it snuggly to the headboard. I wrapped 2 cords around her thighs and tied them to the side of the bed and did the same with her ankles so she wouldn’t be able to close her legs. I got undressed and left to room to wait.
After about 2 hours I heard some noises coming from mom’s room so I walked in and waited for her to fully awaken. I watched her ass move from side to side and listened to her make little mumbles and moans untill she woke up and let out a loud scream. It really startled me and I hoped that noone heard it as I reached around her and muffled her screams in my hand. I leaned down and whispered in her ear, “Chill mom. Its only me.” As soon as I said that I felt her body freeze. In case she screams again I slowly remove my hand.
“What are you doing Jimmy?!”
“Nothing mom. Just showing you how much I love you.”
I start to move my hands along my mother’s body. Massaging her back and sides.
“Jimmy you can’t do this! I’m your mother for Christ’s sake! You have to stop this!”
“Mom. I know very well that you want this just as much as I do.”
I lower my head to the top of her ass and do one long slow escort bornova lick all the way up her spine as she shivers under my touch.
“I know everything mom.” I say as continue to rub her body. “I know what you look up on your computer. I know that you fantasize about me and about me using you and hurting this beautiful body.” I slowly reach around and start massaging her breast. I take her nipples between my fingers and give them a hard squeeze. “Mmmmmhhhh. Oh God. NO! You can’t do this Jimmy please!! I admit that I’ve fantasized about it but its wrong! You have to stop!” As she said this my hands were trailing down to begin rubbing her ass. “Oh really?” I roughly cup her pussy in my hand, making sure my middle finger dug into her clit. “Then why are you so wet mom? It feels like you just pissed yourself!” True to my words her pussy was drenched. More wet then I ever imagined. She pitched forward as I did this and gave a loud moan despite herself. ” Now listen very close mother. I am going so make you my slave tonight. I am going to use you however I want whenever I want from now on. You will follow all my orders immediately. If you make one more comment about us stopping or how its wrong I will punish you severely. Is that clear?” Mom stayed quiet for a moment before saying “No son. This is not going to……OH!”
I reached out and slapped her hard on the face before she finished that sentance. “I told you mother. I hope after this you understand just how serious I am. Now shut your whore mouth.” I walked over to the bags to get the ball gag and whip. When I returned I forced the gag into her mouth and bucked it behind her head as she mumbled what I was sure was protest around the gag. I walk around her and take a good stance with the whip and bring it down hard on her ass. I listened to her cry and scream for a few seconds as I continue whipping her 4 more times. I wait a moment before walking aroung and removing the ball gag. “Now. Are you going to continue resisting?” I said. I listened to her sob and whimper for a moment. “I don’t want to have to repeat myself mother.” bringing the whip up where she could see it. “No ok! Just please don’t whip me again!”
“Good girl” I say as I reach down to pet her head. “Hold still and keep quiet.” I walk around her and out of the room to get the Aloe Vera from the bathroom. When I get back I pour a generous amount on her ass and start to rub it into the welts, easing the pain. “Does that feel better mom?”
“Yes. Thank you Jimmy.” she replied. “Now mom the lessons can begin.” I said.
I continue speaking as my rub her ass. “Rule number one: You will follow all orders immediately. Is that clear?” “Yes, Jimmy.” she replied. “Rule number two: You will always refer to me as Master or Sir.” “Yes……..Master.” “And the final rule is: You will always answer me promply and honestly. Is that clear?” “Yes sir.” I reach down to cup her pussy again finding just as wet as it was earlier and start rubbing it slowly.
“Now how long have you been having these fantasies mother?” “Which ones sir? About you? Or about BDSM?”
“Both.” I reply.
“Well, for as long as I can remember sir. Your father used to Dominate me but I havn’t been with a man since. And the fantasies about you started about two years ago. I was walking down the hall and saw that your door was cracked open and peeked in on you masturbating. I watched as you stroked your cock and got amazingly turned on. I started rubbing my……pussy through my clothes thinking about what it would be like taking your cock into my
mouth and when you squirted your cum all over the floor it took me over the edge and I had and amazing orgasm. I ran off and waited for you to come out of your room and went in and looked around the floor to see if you cleaned it all up and saw that you missed a spot. I got down on my knees and licked your bornova escort cum off the carpet and ever since then I have wanted you. OH fuck! Please go faster sir! I’m almost there!!!”
I start to go faster as her moans got louder. “OHHHHH GOD!!! I’M CUMMMIIINNGG!!!! PLEASE DON’T STOP SIR!!!!!!!” I feel her start to convulse and push her pussy into my hand as she came. I slowed my hand down helping her come down for her orgasms and released her pussy. I stand up and walk around her, lay down in front of her and start kissing her passionately. To my surprise she kisses me back. Letting out a small moan.
“I hope you know that I’m doing this because I love you and I know how lonely you’ve been. You’ve always been the best mother a son could ask for.” I say.
“I love you too master. With all my heart. No mother could be happier.” she replied.
“I’m going to release your hands now mom. After your free, you are going to pleasure me any way you can think of. Tell me what you want and position me how you want me. Do you understand me?”
She gave me a little smile and said “Yes sir.”
I got up and untied her and stood there waiting while she rubbed her wrists and ankles to get the circulation going. She got up and walked over to me and took my face in her hands and kissed me. God it was such a good kiss. More than I ever could have imagined. She reached down and started to fondle my balls as she kissed her way down my body. When she was finally resting on her knees, her face inches away from my hard cock, she looked up at me and said, “Please sir, may I suck your cock?” I looked down and my jaw dropped. I was momentarily stunned by how beautifull she looked right then. She waited patiently for my mouth close before quietly saying, “Please master. I need to tasted you. I’ve wanted to for so long.”
“Suck my cock mom. Let me cum in that sexy little mouth.” She looked up at me and smiled before looking back down at my cock and giving it a long lick from my balls all the way up to the head and slid her mouth over my cock. I tilted my head back, closed my eyes and smiled as my cock got sucked for the first time. She started off my just sucking on the head and licking the bottom of it. After a minute or so of this she started bobbing her head on my cock. Taking in just a little more each time. Finally I felt the head of my cock push up against her tonsils a few times and then slowly slide past them into her throat! Her nose was pushed up against my pubes for a few seconds and just as I was about to shoot she pulled off.
“Now that I’ve got my throat used to your cock sir, you can face-fuck me any time you want. I thought that maybe you’d like to try it now master.”
I reached down and grabbed the hair on both sides of her head and pushed my cock against her lips. She obediantly opened her mouth wide and I started sliding my cock into her mouth not entering her throat as she licked the bottom of the head of my cock. I slid my cock out till only the head was in her mouth and slammed my cock into her throat. She gagged for a second as my balls rested against her chin before reaching around my
hips and grabbing my ass, trying to pull me in deeper and giving a long moan. It felt a-fucking-mazing and I could feel my cum start bubbling in my balls. I threw my head back and yelled, “OH GOD MOM!!! I’M FUCKING CUMMING!!!” and shot my load straight down her throat. After my balls finished draining she pulled off and looked up at me. “Oh god sir. That was amazing. Thank you for letting me swallow your cum. It tasted better than I ever imagined. She stood up and led me back to her bed and layed my down. She covered me up and gave me a long kiss. “Thank you son. That was amazing.” She gave me another quick kiss before crawling down to the foot of the bed and curling up around my legs. I smiled to myself as she did this and said “Hey mom.” She looked back. “Yes son?” “You forgot rule number 2.” She smiled at me. “I guess your right sir. I suppose you’ll have to punish me after you’ve rested.” She gave me a wink and I went to sleeping thinking up all the ways I could punish my mother the next day.

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