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It had been a while since I’d last seen Jim. I wasn’t sure if he was embarrassed or mad at me for putting him in that situation. Still, the contract that paid for the rink by the naked people club had given me a much needed windfall. And with its success, the rink owners gave me a much needed vacation.

Five weeks after that extraordinary night Jim walked back into the rink. “Howdy, stranger”, I offered staring into the sea of his grey-blue eyes.

He smiled a wide toothy grin when he saw me behind to counter. I think he may have blushed a little, remembering the last time we were at the rink together. I tried to not be obvious glancing him up and down.

His “Hi, Debra” melted my knees.

Not knowing where to take the conversation and trying to avoid any awkward pauses, I feel back on my rink manager routine. I got him squared away with checking in and a locker. We didn’t say much, even for our previous friendly conversation. I’ll be kicking myself for months for ruining the opportunity to include someone else in my alone time.

I was fortunately distracted with rink duties to help forget the tragic loss of a sex life. My head was engaged in battle with a trash can when a certain pair of skates shushed up to the wall of the ice.

Jim let out a long, “hey, Debra” as I turned from the overflowed waste. “Haven’t seen you here in a while. I was a little worried you had quit or been fired.”

“No, not quit. Dave the owner gave me some time off after the uhh… event.”

“Good good. I hadn’t thought to get your number or offer mine should you maybe want to go out for coffee after work sometime.”

“I wanted to call you after the… thing, but I only have your info from the membership records here. I didn’t know how you’d feel about me snooping into your private business.”

Jim smirked. “I think you’ve already been peeking at my private business.”

I couldn’t help but laugh. I needed it. The tension was getting maddening. “Jim, what do we do about the other week? Are we still friends?”

“I sure hope we are. It be a real buzz kill if two people went out for coffee tonight, after your shift and they didn’t at least like each other a little.”

It took me a second to pick up on his meaning. “Oh, OH! Yes. After I get off work, tonight.”

“Then I’ll see you around…”

“I get off at ten. Or maybe later.” I shot him with a wink. I can be clever too.

It was a little after ten when I shut down the rink, turning out the lights and locking the doors. Jim was in his car at the entrance waiting. I hopped around to the passenger side. I was giddy like a teenager.

I directed Jim to a cafe nearby. He didn’t know the area around the rink as well as I did. He opened the door for me and bought my cocoa. I’m sure plenty of other people had held a door for me before. But this felt sweet and innocent.

“I’m so glad to see you still at the rink. I was worried we’d never get to talk.”

“Oh me too. I needed a break. I hadn’t had a real vacation in years. I didn’t do anything special. Just visited my mom and…” “Oh my god. I’m talking too much.” “…And did a little shopping.”

“I hope you did a lot of shopping if what Mr Johnston said was true.”

Forgetting, “Who’s Mr. Johnston?”

“Mr. Johnston. The president and lead patron of the club?”

“Oh, that Mr. Johnston.” I tend to drift from subject to subject, forgetting to come back to conversations.

“You’re cute.”

I don’t know if he meant my drifiness or my end of the day tired appearance. Either way, I blushed. He slipped his hand into the one I was fidgeting with.

“Look, Debra. I like you. You’re cute. You laugh at my stupid jokes. You’re very sweet. And you’ve seen me naked. I’d like to see more of you. More of you in the time sense. Not the nude sense. Not necessarily anyway.”

This was my chance to tease him. “Oh? You don’t want to see me naked?”

“No, no. Not necessarily.”

“So you do want to see me naked. I see.” I said this a little louder to get other patrons’ attention. I thought it would make him a little nervous. Even the field a little.

“No. I mean I would only be interested in seeing you sans clothes in an appropriate and consensual situation.”

He had chosen his words slowly, but failed to consider context. “An appropriate situation, say some random night at an ice rink. With a bunch of other consensual and appropriate people.” He was squirming. I must have been smiling.

He gave me a playful disapproving look. “Since you mentioned it, Mr. Johnston did schedule an event for this weekend. If you would like to go, maybe we could see if it is appropriate there.” He was pleased with himself.

“Well I’m not one to play chicken. But I’m not sure I could go all the way in public like that. Wait a minute. There are no special events at the rink this weekend.”

“We’re not skating this time. It’s bowling. Mrs. Johnston’s idea for her birthday. And you’re not obligated to do anything you don’t casino şirketleri want. I think they make special consideration to first timers. But I’m told few first timers remain un-nude long.”

“Ugh. How do I say no and not sound like a wimp?”

“Tell you what. We’ll go for a short while. Maybe not long enough to go full montey. But at least long enough to wish Janice a happy birthday. Deal?”

“I guess I could do that. Saturday?”

“Saturday. Pick you up at eight?”

“Sure.” We exchanged numbers, address and any other necessary biographical information on the way back to my car.

“You know, for just coffee, this was pretty fun. Can we make this a regular thing? I need to warm up after a long day in that cold building.”

“Absolutely.” Jim said.

Saturday rolled around and I being a reasonable woman fretted about what to wear. This was an official first date after all. I considered the weather and activity and went simple, a nice pair of curve hugging jeans and an equally simple top. I spent more time on shoes, makeup, and jewelry than clothes.

Jim showed up promptly at eight. Might have to teach him that it’s impolite to be on time with a lady. Lucky for him I was ready anyway. He had a nice gift wrapped bottle of wine assumingly for Janice’s birthday.

The bowling alley was forty-five minutes away. It looked very new from the outside excepting the outside lighting being turned off and the neon Open sign turned off. All the cars were parked along the side of the building away from the front door. Jim called someone as we arrived. A man came out a side entrance and escorted us in.

The birthday party of sorts had already began. A nude and very cheerful Mrs. Janice Johnston bounced up to us in her bowling shoes, tiara, and birthday girl sash. “Jim! Debra! It’s so very good to see you. I’m glad you could make it.”

“Happy birthday, Janice. I got you a nice bottle of merlot.” Jim presented his gift as she reached around him for a hug.

“Oh Jim. You must get rid of those rags so I can hug you properly.”

“I would love to, but we can’t stay long.”

“Can’t stay?” she pouted. “But you will stay for at least one game, won’t you? And we have cake and presents.”

“I guess we could roll one game. Do we have time for a round Debra?”

His question wasn’t one for so much as time as willingness on my part. He seemed relaxed and quite comfortable, but knew I was treading on new ground.

“Yeah, I suppose maybe for one round.”

“Good.” Janice said as she reached over and began pulling my top over my head. She finished with mine and switched to Jim who had already been unbuttoning his shirt. We selected our shoes before removing any additional clothes. Although Jim seemed to be undressed in the blink of an eye.

We were given the lane next to Janice and her husband in the center of the alley. I had managed to stay in my under-clothes for the time being. I had opted for simple bra and panties. Nothing spectacular. Nothing that would normally suggest a monthly visitor.

We were on the third frame by the time I had forgotten the nudity around us. My head was in the game except for when Janice was up. She had an almost exaggerate sway of the hips as she shuffled down the lane. Her round matronly bottom swished from side to side with each step. And she would hop back around jiggling her round, pert breasts. She was enjoying every bit of attention sent her way.

“You’re up.” She pointed at me. I rose to the ball return to retrieve my ball as she leaned in to my ear and whispered, “and so is Jim.” She gave a little point with her index finger near her mouth. Jim had indeed become excited at her display. “You’re a lucky girl. If I were twenty years younger, I’d swing from him like an orangutans. I like your game though, teasing him by wearing clothes. Has he seen you yet?” implying all of me.

“Not yet.” I whispered giving Jim a wink as he noticed our conversation. She was right. I had done nothing but tease poor Jim. That of course meant one thing. Tease him more. I made a point in exaggerating my movements the way Janice did. I pushed my chest out and squeeze them with my arms when picking up the ball. And I swayed my hips ala Janice. One final exaggeration I arched my back and lifted my ass. I peered back over my shoulder at Jim and Janice. They were both enjoying the show. I was enjoying the show.

I threw the ball down the lane with a loud thud well past the foul line. I managed to knock over seven pins according to the machine despite my lack of form. I was pleased enough with both my performances.

“Debra dear.” Janice called. “How about we make the next few throws interesting?”

I gave her a blank look as her intentions began to form in my head. “How so?”

“I don’t know about Jim here, but I absolutely must see you naked. How about we wager your clothes on the next few frames? I’ll make Jim bowl with his left hand to even things out. You don’t have to of course, if you casino firmaları feel uncomfortable.” She was teasing but sincere in her concern.

My degree of comfort was pushed aside by my pride. I couldn’t be called out and not take on a challenge. “Sure. Why not? Can’t have people calling me chicken.”

“Good. Jim is up first.” She smacked his ass as he rose. “Do your best for me. It’s my birthday after all.”

Jim knocked down an awkward seven his first throw. This was a tough challenge to my skill under the best conditions and he was bowling left handed. I got lucky on the next. He threw the ball at the wrong step in his stride and gutter balled it.

I stepped up to the lane and went over every bowling fundamental I knew. One. One fucking pin on the outside knocked down. “Ok Debra. You can do this.” I said as I stepped up for the next throw. The ball slowly rolled down the lane to the same side as before. Pins went down, but I couldn’t tell how many. We all stare at the electronic scoreboard. It eventual flash five after an unnecessary animation.

Janice clapped her hands and pounced over to me. “Let’s free the girls, shall we?” She reached behind me with one skillful hand and unhooked my bra at a speed that would make a football captain proud. I caught the cups with my arm and slowly pulled the straps over my shoulders. “Delightful.” Janice said as the air flowed over my now erect nipples. “Get a load of these boys.” She threw her arm over my shoulder to present us to her husband and Jim. Her large teardrops jiggled and swayed with the motion.

Jim had his usual toothy grin. Mr. Johnston had an appreciative smile. Mr. Johnston broke from his usual quiet self to tease his wife. “They’re almost as nice as yours dear.” speaking to his wife.

“Almost as nice? Don’t insult the poor girl, you old fart. Look at these.” She commanded as she cupped the nearest with her free hand. “Look at how pert and even these are. They’re so soft. I’d be jealous if I didn’t have my hands full of them myself.” as she gave a slight squeeze.

Her warm hand did nothing to put away the excitement in my nipples, especially when she gave one a little unexpected pinch. Jim’s excitement had returned too. Which was good as it might help throw off his game.

Jim approached the ball return. Janice, now seated on her husband knee and playing with his erection, “Don’t trip and fall on that thing Jim.” “Don’t stick it in the thumb hole. You’ll never get it out.”

We were all giggling at her taunts now. Jim did worse on this frame than he did previous. Six was the number to beat. I lined up for my shot when Janice again interrupted. “Deb, hon. Your wet spot is showing.” But I was too far into my motion to stop. Straight to the side, taking out three pins on the end.

I was now aware of the dampness between my legs and the attention it had from all around. My nipples were glass-cutting hard at this point. And my heart was pounding. I looked back at Jim who had lust in his eyes. I bet he could almost taste it. I wanted him to taste it. That’s when I decided to do one thing I’d never think of doing.

I stepped back up to the lane and positioned myself for the best bowl of my life. The ball sat on the waxed wooden lane with barely a rumble. I finished my movement by pushing one hip up and resting my hand on it. The ball rolled exactly where I wanted. Straight into the gutter, barely missing the outside pin. “Oops” I exclaimed turning around to everyone, hand still on my hip.

Janice had repositioned herself standing over her husband who was engaged in the task of licking her for all he was worth. She was clutching one breast with one hand and holding onto the wall with the other. She was forcefully thrusting her hips into his face and moaning. She had missed my excitement for her own.

Jim hadn’t taken his eyes off of me. I strolled up to him and took his hands in mine. I pulled them up to my hips and asked, “will you help me with these?” Jim obliged in pulling down my soaked panties. Leaning in he began nibbling and kissing my belly. I wrapped my arms around his head and stepped out of the soaked mess I had made.

“Give it to her Jim. Or give it to me if she doesn’t want it.” Janice again with her interruptions. His hands caressed up the back of my legs from the discard panties. He cupped my ass with one hand and began to find his way up between my legs with the other. He pulled back and sucked on two moistened fingers. He dove back lower on my belly and ferociously began to lick. He couldn’t bend over any further and this wasn’t enough for both of us. I took another play from Janice’s playbook and climbed over his head, positioning myself at the perfect angle for Jim’s mouth. He continued his work there. He wrapped his arms high around my hips to help stabilize me. And I bucked my hips too.

Coming back to reality I realized that most of the party had stopped bowling. Many were similarly engaged with their and other partners. A few were content to watch. güvenilir casino But I didn’t care. I bucked my hips and pulled at my nipples. I didn’t count how many times I had orgasmed perched on Jim’s face. He was covered from forehead to chin in my juices which he wiped away with a nearby towel when I dismounted.

Janice had likewise removed herself from her husband’s head and repositioned herself to his lap. This woman was insatiable. She swirled around, plunging herself onto his thick cock facing out into the bowling alley. He fiddled at her protruding clit as another partier approached offering his cock to her. She wrapped her thin fingers around his base and guided it into her mouth with a smile. He squeezed at her teardrop tits as she sucked, closed eyes rolling into the back of her head.

I sat straddling Jim’s legs facing him. His cock pulsing between us. Between his arms wrapped around me, there was no-one else there. Curled up against his strong chest I felt warm and safe and almost ready to climb onto the still pulsating thing between us.

Janice out of sight, still cocks in her pussy and mouth, pointed and hand motioned to someone out of sight. A basket of condoms appeared behind Jim’s head. I tore one from its package and leaned back away from his member to roll it down his impressive girth. He was so big and it had been so long that I nearly began to cry. A look of concern washed over his face. I put a hand over his mouth to quash any question and bounced more feverishly on his lap. I put all the weight I could muster down on my hips to bury him as deep as I could. He began thrusting deep in time with me. I’ve never been filled like this, this deep, this full. He had given attention to my breasts, flicking my nipples with his tongue. Tweaking the free one with his fingers.

We must have fallen asleep after the waves of orgasms subsided. We detached ourselves from each other and found the crowd had moved to a party room next to the concession stand. It was quite silly to see dozens of naked people dress in bowling shoes and party hats. Janice stood flushed, but composed at a table next to an elaborate birthday cake with the largest smile possible. The cake said, “Happy 50th Birthday Janice”. It was adorned with tiny naked bodies with penis candles, fifty of them. The crowd sang happy birthday as the fifty penises were lit. She leaned in and blew out all fifty in one breath at the end of the song.

“I wish for my birthday, a BIG JUICY COCK!” she screamed. Everyone laughed knowing that that’s what she always wanted. And in most cases, that’s what she got. She wasn’t anything if not a cock fiend.

“That can wait for later, dear.” her husband said. “I’ve procured something for your birthday that I think will make you immensely happy. As some of us know, our member Alex is a master woodworking craftsman. And I have commissioned from him, for your birthday something special.” Alex nodding approached a covered corner of the room. Mr. Johnston lead his wife to stand before it as he and Alex brought down the curtain. The curtain fell to reveal truly a masterpiece of woodworking. Formed from an array of exotic woods was a pillory.

Janice seeing her gift jumped with excitement, clapping her hands and crying with laughter. She jumped to her husband planting a kiss on his lips before doing the same to Alex. “Do I get to try it?” she begged.

“Of course you do. It’s your party. Plus, it will assist with your birthday spankings.”

She was already climbing in to the contraption before being stopped so they could move it to the middle of the room.

“Hey, there’s room for one more here if anybody wants to join me.” Indeed there was a second set of head and hand holes as well as a posted bench to help support whomever was confined to the device. “Who’s birthday is next?” A murmur of birth dates were offered around the room.

Knowing mine was several months out, I asked Jim about his. “Next week.” He said. “When is yours?”

“In a few months. You want to lock yourself in the stockade with Janice?”

“I’m not so sure about that.”

“What’s the matter Jim, chicken?” People that had known me for a while knew I couldn’t turn down a bet. I’d have climbed into the damn thing had Jim or anyone else had dared me to.

Instead, I raised Jim’s hand and said, “He’ll do it. His is next week.” I lead him over beside Janice next to the machine. They were finishing up strapping her in as I pushed him down onto the bench. Remembering his words from the ice rink I whispered, “You owe me one.”

They were a pair. Their heads and hands were locked into the boards. Their feet were secured at the ankles by wide, soft leather. The benches gave the option of support from the chest to the upper hips, should the get tired. Janice was giggling and arching her body to push her rear out as far as she could. Jim was testing how secure he holds on him.

Mr. Johnston spoke up in an officiant voice. “Janice, my love, what degree of punishment do you think you deserve for the crime of being the birthday girl?”

“Fifty spankings!” she screamed.

“Fifty spankings, huh? Is that all? Just fifty smacks on that plump ass of yours? Do you want one smack from fifty people or something else?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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