Nisan 3, 2021

Jewell Pulls a Muscle

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The pain was sharp and sudden. Jewell had been working out by stepping up and down on a bench with a 20 lbs bar when she felt her hamstring give way. She almost fell flat on her back except for the quick reflexes of a weightlifter next to her, who caught her.

“You ok?” he asked as he lifted her into his arms.

“I dunno. I think I might have pulled my hamstring,” she replied.

Clad in right-blue spandex tights with the requisite Adidas logo and a tight white Adidas top, Jewell had caught the eye of most of the people in the gym. It wasn’t so surprising that the fellow had caught her since he was staring at her ass while she worked out. But nevertheless, he was kind enough to lift her to the front desk where they gave her some ice.

As she contemplated how she was going to get home that day, she decided to see if Brian was around since he lived in the neighborhood.

“Hello?” said Brian as he picked up the phone.

“Hey Brian, it’s Jewell. I think I just pulled my hamstring at the gym. I was wondering if you could do me a favor and try to work it out for me before I go home…” she asked unsure if she was asking too big a favor.

“Sure. Let me throw on some clothes and I’ll come get you. See you in a bit,” he said before hanging up the phone to get ready.

The trainers at the gym came by to check on Jewell as they usually did, while taking another glance at her nipples which seemed to perpetually poke through her top. After a few minutes of chit-chatting, Brian showed up.

“Well, well. Jewell with a sports injury. I can hardly believe my eyes,” he said sarcastically.

“Ha ha, Brian. I work out, Brian. Maybe not as often as you, but I do work out. Come on, help me up.”

With her arm around Brian, and his arm around her waist, the pair limped to Brian’s apartment. He had already set up his massage table, and he helped to lift Jewell, and lay her face down in the cradle.

“First, let’s put some ice on it to reduce any swelling. Then a little later we’ll try to massage it out for you, ok?” instructed Brian.

“Ok,” she said wincing in pain.

Brian grabbed an ice pack and naughty america porno some Tylenol. He placed the ice against her hamstring and wrapped it up with an Ace bandage to hold it in place. Jewell’s body was tight from the limp home, and not balancing her weight properly.

Brian took the liberty to brush his fingers through her hair to help her relax. He knew that Jewell enjoyed the sensation. Exhausted from the workout and the injury, she soon dozed off on the table.

“Hey sleepy head,” Brian said as he lightly rubbed Jewell’s lower back.

“Huh? Oh jeez. I dozed off, didn’t I?”

“Yeah. That’s ok, you’ll be more relaxed now. I’m going to remove the ice and try to work on your muscle a little,” he said.


Brian unwrapped the Ace bandage and removed the ice pack.

“Jewell, I’m going to help you remove your workout pants, ok? I don’t want to get any oil on it.”

Jewell struggled, but managed to lift her hips off the table as Brian peeled the tight spandex from her body. He was treated to a red string thong that sat tightly between her ass cheeks. Brian placed a towel of her butt, and then reached under to remove her panties. Jewell didn’t resist.

Pushing the towel up to right under her ass, Brian poured oil in his hands and then rubbed them together to warm it up. Then he placed his hands on her injured hamstring, and started to rub gently.

“God, that feels good, but it really hurts, Brian,” mumbled Jewell into the face cradle.

“I know little baby. It’s probably gonna hurt for several days, but this massage should speed the recovery a little, or at least reduce some of the pain.” Brian rubbed his thumbs up and down her lubricated legs. The oil had contained peppermint oil, and provided Jewell with a slight tingling sensation.

As Brian’s hands worked up and down her hamstring, her thoughts started to wander to her previous sessions with Brian. As his fingers moved back and forth to her inner thigh, she began to feel the pussy start to get moist. She wished that she was getting a full-body massage instead of just localized treatment.

Jewell nubiles porno spread her legs slightly as Brian worked on her hamstring, and Brian moved his nimble fingers ever closer to her pussy.

“How does that feel?” asked Brian.

“Heavenly. When is my time up?”

“I can go for a little while longer. My next appointment cancelled right before you called me. I have to make sure that you’re taken care of, right?” he said with a hint of innuendo.

Removing his hands from the back of her thigh, Brian added more oil to his hands and then starting at her feet, slid his slick hands all the way up her leg. The sensation was enough to start Jewell’s pussy dripping. As he moved farther up her leg, he pushed the towel up, slightly exposing her left ass cheek. His fingers lightly brushed her pussy lips as he reached the top of her leg, and she sighed with pleasure.

Brian started again at her other foot, pushing the towel up again, so it rested at her waist. Her ass was completely exposed to him, and he could see her glistening bald pussy inviting his fingers to touch it.

Brian moved up her thigh, and again brushed her pussy lips lightly. Jewell lifted her hips up against his fingers as she felt him pass by. She wanted him to touch her, to make her cum as she lay there injured and “helpless.”

Brian began to massage her glutes. “You’re tight here again, Jewell. Limping on one leg home didn’t help much.”

“Yeah, I know. I could feel my glutes tightening up as we were walking,” she replied.

“Don’t worry, I’ll fix it for ya,” he said as he kneaded her ass, pulling the cheeks apart slightly exposing her tight asshole. Jewell loved the sensation of her asshole opening and closing.

Brian moved his fingers closer to her asshole, adding more oil to his hands. Jewell pushed her hips up in rhythm with his circular motion. Brian felt his cock getting hard, as he contemplated the possibilities.

Brian took his thumb at the top of her ass crack, and slowly moved it up and down an inch. He slowly increased the motion till he was almost touching her asshole. Jewell’s pussy was olgun porno dripping in anticipation of his touch, and she could feel the wet spot on the sheet beneath her.

After dabbing his thumb with oil one more time, Brian pushed his thumb against Jewell’s asshole and started rubbing little circles. Jewell moaned.


Brian massaged her little asshole just as he did her legs. He knew how much Jewell enjoyed it, and he liked knowing how naughty it was. He liked to pretend that it was therapeutic for her, but he knew how perverted it really was.

Jewell awaited his fingers against her pussy as Brian rubbed her asshole. She was sure that it would only take a few seconds of contact before she came on the table for him again, but Brian didn’t touch her.

“What’s wrong Jewell?” Brian teased.

“Mmmm….” She said as she writhed on the table. “I might have something else that needs to be rubbed, Brian.”

“Oh really? Maybe you should show me how you like it rubbed…” he answered.

Jewell wasn’t quite sure what he meant, but she was so close to the edge. She reached her arm under her body and began to rub her own pussy as Brian massaged her asshole.

“Like this, Brian?” she asked as she rubbed her clit.

“Yes. Good girl. Show me how you like it rubbed…”

Jewell alternated between rubbing her clit and stuffing her fingers inside of her dripping cunt, pumping them in and out. Brian was so turned on and slowly started to push the tip of his thumb into her asshole.

“God yes! Fuck my asshole, Brian! Rub it for me! Ungh!” Jewell moaned.

The sensation was too much. As her body began to tremble, Brian pushed his oil-slicked thumb all the way into her asshole. Jewell rubbed her pussy furiously, and started to cum, leaking her pussy juices all over the table.

Jewell’s body spasmed on the table, until the little death subsided within her. Brian eased his thumb out of her asshole.

“That felt so good, Brian. You really know how to take care of me.”

Without saying a word, Brian began to massage her asshole again for her, making tiny circular motions with his thumb. Even though she had cum, the sensation was still enormously pleasurable for her.

“I’ll always take care of you, Jewell.” He replied.

Brian took his other hand and lightly brushed his fingers against her back. Jewell drifted into sleep, and had wonderful dreams.

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