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This story is 100% true.

Jessica was beautiful. She had long black hair, gorgeous green eyes, and huge tits.

I’d never been attracted to a woman before…

It started slowly.

We were both sophomore transfer students to a small college – so we both felt immediately like outsiders, because all kids who started as freshmen were friends with each other. We weren’t.

We were both smarter than most everyone around us, and were both miserable at this shitty school in this shitty town. We had a couple of classes together during the first semester, and one or the other of us would make a snarky comment about a fellow student, or the teacher, nearly every class. We quickly gravitated towards each other, proving the adage “Misery loves company.” We would complain about the lack of attractive men. About the idiocy of our fellow students. About how bland the food service was. About the utter absence of anything fun to do at the school or in town. About how much we wished we weren’t there.

She had lost her virginity at 11. I was still holding on to mine – but only in a very “technical” way. I hadn’t let a guy penetrate me with his pole – and that was about it. I’d engaged in plenty of hand jobs; given and received, and oral sex; again, both given and received. For some reason, that last step felt like a doozie. And for one reason or another, it hadn’t happened yet.

But we would talk about guys, and fooling around, and what we had experienced and liked. She loved being with women – talking to them, touching them, fucking them – but “nothing really replaces the feeling of having a cock inside you. I love it when they first penetrate you – with just the tip inside you. AAAhhhhh… You’ll see. Once you decide to give it up. You’ll love it.”

She used to tell me all the time that I was beautiful. And sexy. That she was sure I would be amazing in bed. That she would love to lay with me.

It was immensely flattering. And flustering. I didn’t know how I felt about it at first. I’d never really considered being with a woman – I had only ever been drawn to guys. But she was beautiful and funny and smart and incredibly sexy and magnetic. And she thought I was all that, too. It was hard to not respond to her energy.

Then, one night, it happened. I gave it up. To a guy I had just met in a bar that night… Read “My First Time” for all the gritty details.

I couldn’t wait to tell Jess.

I called her the next morning.

“Guess what I did last night?”

“I don’t know, hon… what?”

“It. I did IT!!”

“Um, what?”

“Yeah, I met these guys at the bar, and…, ” and I told her all about it.

She took the news as an invitation… “So, now that you’ve been with a guy, are you ready to try a girl?”

I laughed. “Um… maybe?” I still wasn’t sure that I wanted to try it. But on the other hand… it was hard to deny my attraction to her.

She laughed. “Let’s see how you feel next weekend…”


I was nervous. I was really nervous. But I was so excited. We had been dancing around this subject all year, and now that it was finally happening… I was like a live wire, just pulsating with electricity.

We were a little high. Make that a LOT high. She had introduced me to Michael and Alan; they had their own place off campus, and both of them were decent looking. She promised me that Alan was a great lay – and she was going to hook up with Mike. After. After we played. So we went to their place, and started to party. There had been a few joints passed around, as well as some whisky shots. I was grateful. I was so on-edge with excitement and anticipation, I don’t know how I could have handled it if I hadn’t had some liquid courage. And a few tokes.

The guys decided we were going to need some more to drink, and left in search of it.

Jessica and I were sitting on the futon couch in the front room. She was gently stroking my hand with hers, and we were casino şirketleri giggling softly. The guys had left some music playing, fairly loudly, so it covered the space of needing to fill the air with talking. She turned towards me, and with her other hand, she lightly stroked my cheek.

I’d never kissed a woman before – not, kiss kissed. And it was amazing. Her lips were so soft, and gentle. And she was patient and slow – she didn’t immediately try to give me a tonsillectomy like so many guys had. She slowly worked my lips with hers, then softly licked against them. It was like, with guys, I had been making out with burlap all this time – cotton at best – and here she was, soft as silk. It was mind-blowing.

As her tongue gently explored my mouth, her hands slowly roamed over my torso. They drifted from my shoulders, across my back, squeezing my waist, fluttering against my stomach, gently exploring my breasts. This was like nothing I had ever experienced. No hurry. No rush. Not focused solely on my nipples; like the men I had been with. Not mashing my breasts into me, like kneading dough. Just slow, deliberate movements, never spending very long on one place before drifting to another.

I tried to mirror her movements after a moment. I put my fingers in her thick hair, and I felt her smile as we kissed. I moved my hands down, stroking her shoulders, and drifting down her back. I moved them back up, and slowly, hesitantly touched her breasts. I’d only ever touched my own before, it was both foreign and familiar to have hers in my hands. She sighed softly as I timidly rubbed one of her nipples. I knew she was as turned-on as I was, maybe more so.

She continued to kiss me, and gently pushed me down on the couch. She pulled my shirt over my head, and kissed down my torso. Then she slid my skirt down over my hips. Her hands moved across the front of my panties. I giggled. Because I was nervous. But I wanted this very, very badly.

One of her hands gently roamed over my tingling breasts, slowly from one nipple to the other. The other one pushed down inside the front of my panties and gently cupped the front of my sex. I looked into her eyes and she smiled at me as one of her fingers parted my lips.

“Oh!” I said, in a whisper.

“Oh, what?” she asked me, as she slipped that finger inside me.

“Ohhh… yeessssss…” I hissed, as she expertly began to explore me.

“Oh, honey, you don’t know how long I’ve waited to hear you say that…,” she said, with gleam in her eye. She quickly removed my underwear, and then began to really explore me. She knew exactly what she was doing.

Her fingers slid smoothly down between my lips, and then up again. And then down again, and then sliding up inside me. It was like the kissing, so different to being with a man. The men I had been with had tended more towards the utilitarian approach, fumbling through my folds, then jabbing inside. They had been construction workers, aggressively working to get the job done. She was a ballet dancer, graceful and precise. An athletic artist.

Her fingers were gentle, but firm. Sometimes persistent, but always with care. And her mouth… Oh god, when she started to use her tongue in me, I almost lost it. She thrust it inside me, and licked all my different folds, sometimes sucking, sometimes gently nibbling. She knew just how long to do something before it was too much. She knew just how much pressure to apply. She put her fingers inside me while kissing my clit. She would occasionally reach up and rub my nipples, and then press her tongue inside me, while lightly teasing the rest of me. I should I have paid more attention – I really should have. But it was so incredibly erotic, and she was so fucking good at it, I was having a hard time breathing. It wasn’t very long before I came, with one of her hands on my breast, the other one… her thumb was as far inside me as it would go, the big bottom knuckle pushing against the opening. And her fingers firmly casino firmaları working my lips. And her tongue on my clit.

“Oh God! Oh God!” I cried, as she continued to suck on me, extending the waves of pleasure that were rippling over me. She started to giggle when my thighs clamped around her head.

“Easy, hon…” she said, laughing.

“Oh Jess, I’m sorry…” I said, laughing too.

“Mmmm…” she murmured, as she kissed up my torso. “You’re delicious.”

I’m sure I blushed from head to toe, which would have been a very rare occurrence from this outspoken young woman. She licked my nipples when she reached them, and cupped my breasts in her hands.

“You are so beautiful,” she said.

“And your breasts are perfect! Mine are a little lopsided,” she pulled her shirt off so I could see her breasts. I giggled.

“But yours are amazing!”

I laughed again.

I wasn’t really sure what to do. I’d never considered doing this before, so I’d never paid any attention or given any thought as to how it was done – I’d just enjoyed it as it had been given to me.

I unclasped her bra, and slipped it of her. I tossed it over my shoulder and we both laughed.

I kissed her gorgeous breasts for a minute, sucking a bit on her nipples. It was so cool to feel them change under my command, to suddenly become hardened nubs under my flicking tongue. I probably could have spent all night playing with them, but I knew she wanted me to try everything… so I traveled further south, giggling as I slipped her shorts off her long legs.

She laughed and wriggled her hips as I removed her panties as well. I threw them over her head and they landed somewhere near the kitchen.

She laid back on the couch, and I dragged my hands down her torso as I repositioned myself.

I wrapped one arm around one of her thighs, and lay my other hand on her stomach. Then I began to kiss down her smooth abdomen, until I reached the dark hair above her sex. It felt a little weird… with guys, I always started the oral play by touching my lips and tongue to the shaft, which was smooth. But here I was, with hair on my tongue, against my lips. It wasn’t uncomfortable – her hair was very soft – but it did tickle my nose a little. I continued, down a little more, with kisses and licks, until I was there, at her cleft.

I thought, “I guess I just lick it, right?” and went for it. A big, full-tongue lap, like a lion. My tongue started probably right above her hole, about midpoint on her, and up towards the top, right over her clit.

Her back immediately arched, as she moaned and giggled a little. I took that as a good sign, and continued. I put my tongue into a point, and then dragged it down, licking her between her lips on the right side, and then the left. It was really interesting, exploring her like this. She tasted… tangy. Not bad – like I always worried about, and certainly much better than the salty-mozzarella flavor that men’s cum tasted like.

I felt the nub of her clit and licked it a little, and then a little more. It was funny how different hers felt under my tongue, as opposed to how mine felt with my fingers. She started to squirm, so I took that as a sign to back off a little. I knew how it felt when a man would just focus all his attention there, that it was too much to have constant, direct contact.

I continued with my clumsy attempt, trying to remember what she had done to me… licking and kissing, using my fingers, and sucking. I thrust my tongue all the way inside her. It was wild. My tongue was wet, and she was wet – it was like a Wet-Fest! I remember thinking “How do guys do this?” I circled my tongue inside her, testing to see how deep I could go. She would vacillate between giggling and moaning, from relaxed to hip-rolling. I wanted to badly to please her…

I’m sure the sight of the two of us was all the guys needed to be more than ready themselves… our young, smooth, curvy bodies, naked güvenilir casino and writhing, her back arched, my head between her thighs. I’m surprised they had any restraint at all.

Michael walked back in the room and gave us a low wolf-whistle. “Niiicceeee… But, you girls can’t have all the fun. Let me take Jessica and give her a good pounding… Alan, go make this girl’s night. “

Jessica laughed. “God, Mike, you’re such a pig.” And then she stroked my cheek. “But, you know how I do love The Cock. We’ll continue this another time.”

And with that she was gone.

Mike was playfully pushing Jessica down the hallway, smacking her gorgeous ass along the way. I could hear her laugh as they tumbled into bed.

Alan took me in the back bedroom, and before long, I was seeing stars. I was so incredibly turned on from being with Jessica, and Alan had skills all his own. And plenty of stamina, unlike my last lover. He started pounding into me without restraint. I loved it. I came three times before we were done, as we collapsed on the mattress in the back room.

I must have fallen asleep, because the next thing I knew, I was waking up to Jessica, stoking my cheek, saying “Wake up, honey. Let’s get back to the dorm…”

I was totally foggy. Between the pot and the booze and the post-sex-head, I was having a hard time. Jess laughed softly as she gently helped me dress. We wandered through the apartment, searching for our discarded items of clothing. Eventually, we were dressed. She smoothed my hair a little, and we gargled with some mouthwash in the bathroom. We left the guys sleeping peacefully, and we stumbled out into the night.

We held hands and giggled as we walked back to the dorms.

Jess wasn’t done teaching me things, as she explained our departure.

“See, if we’d stayed, then we’d be walking home in the morning, for everyone to see. Always, always try to avoid The Walk Of Shame. This way, it just looks like we were at a party, and now we’re headed home. No one knows what we’ve been up to.”

In retrospect, I’m sure anyone who looked twice at us would have guessed what we’d been up to, at least, in a vague sense. Our clothes were haphazardly thrown on, my shirt was inside out, our makeup was pretty much gone, and we were both walking like bow-legged bull-riders.

Luckily, it was about 3 in the morning in a small town, and we didn’t pass a single car on the short walk back.

“Did you have fun?” she asked, squeezing my hand.

“Um, yeah… that was… Wow!” I stammered. She laughed and squeezed my hand again.

“I told you! I told you Alan was a great lay!”

I laughed. “At one point, I told him, ‘I think I’m blind!'”

She dissolved in a fit of laughter.

I was dying to know how I’d done. Shyly I asked… “Did YOU have a good time?”

“Oh yeah. Mike’s kind of a pig, but he’s got a serious hammer!”

“Oh, I could hear you getting nailed! But, I meant, you know… before…”

She stopped walking and tuned towards me, grabbling both my hands, and meeting me eye to eye.

“Honey, I LOVED it! I loved being your first – and I told you you’d be great at it!”

“But, you didn’t…” I was too shy about the subject still, and nervous, to even say “come”.

She stroked my cheek. “We’d have gotten there. I was just letting you finger, I mean, figure it out…” We both giggled.

“It’ll be better next time,” she said, smiling. “Now, let’s get back before some campus cop decides to talk to us.”

She started to walk back to the dorms, tugging at my hand.

I didn’t know what to think. I had been willing to try it… and there were parts of it that I loved. Parts of it I wasn’t sure about. And, like her, I was definitely a fan of The Cock, so there was no way I would consider myself a lesbian.

But… I couldn’t deny my attraction to her. Or that I had thoroughly enjoyed myself when she had been attending to me. So, I guess it wouldn’t hurt to try again, maybe a few more times, to see how it all played out… it’s not like I was declaring a major life decision, I was just experimenting, sexually, as most college students do. I was just a bit more of a “Mad Scientist” than most.

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