Haziran 12, 2020

Jenny Visits Again

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Jenny Visits Again
You’ll remember my wife’s niece Jenny (see Jenny’s Visit) and I had an encounter a while back. In the years between, Jenny had a c***d, and came to visit again a few months after. I really wondered if anything would happen on this visit, since she had baby in tow, but I didn’t have to worry! She arrived in the early afternoon, and when she hugged me whispered in my ear “have I got plans for you!” She still had the baby weight on, and her breasts had grown considerably, to what I later found out to be 38F.

We got her and the baby setup in the guest room (it’s amazing how much stuff a baby needs) and after that Jenny, the baby & my wife all went out for a walk. I figured what the heck and sprinted up to the guest room to go panty hunting even though there wouldn’t be any used ones for me to sniff. I started carefully searching her suitcase and located her clean bra and panties, and a note pinned on top, that said “keep your cock to yourself, there’ll be time for that later”! Flushed that she knew my intentions so well, I still couldn’t resist taking a look, noting that all the panties were the same, and pulled a pair out. These were a heavier material that before, but what doesn’t change in 6 years? Still a full back design, high cut with lace panels on the front, and a nice wide gusset with a cotton lining open at one end. I carefully returned then and went back downstairs to wait and see what would happen.

The girls returned and went to shower. After a few minutes, Jenny asked me if I could come up and help her with something. When I stepped into her room, she was completely naked! My cock immediately grew hard in the confines of my jeans. She walked over to me, her hips and sagging breasts swaying kaçak casino with the extra padding, her nipples much darker and at least a half inch long with big puffy areolas. She handed me the panties she had just taken off, a twin to what I saw in her suitcase, and said “take a whiff”. I did, my senses being overwhelmed by the scent of her sweaty pussy. As I inhaled I reached out and stroked her nipple, eliciting a moan from Jenny, but she then slapped my hand away and grabbed the panties back. She gave me a grin and whispered, “not yet”, turned, and went into the bath, shutting the door behind her. I went back to the office, with my balls aching.

Dinner and afterwards were the usual family affair, nothing to allude to what had happened before. The baby slept on and we all sat around talking. When jenny went up to bed, she whispered to me “be in my room at 1:00, naked and hard”. My cock immediately grew painfully again. We went to bed as well, but of course I didn’t go to sleep, anxiously awaiting the designated hour. When 1:00 finally rolled around, I crept upstairs and entered Jenny’s room, my hard, throbbing cock leading the way. Jenny was sitting on the edge of the bed, wearing panties and a nursing bra, even hotter than when she was naked. My cock pulsed appreciatively at the sight. She told me to stand still, so I stood a few feet in front of her, naked, throbbing and now dripping a little. She told me her husband had been very inattentive since the baby, so she needed some relief, but that I would have to earn mine. With that, she tossed me another pair of her panties, and told me to put them on. I slip them up my legs, the gusset cradling my balls and the material holding my cock firmly against my casino oyna stomach.

She then told me to lie on the bed, spread eagle to the 4 corners. She produced Velcro restraints which she used to anchor me to the bedposts, leaving me spread and exposed in only her panties. Jenny then opened her bra and lifted a nipple to her mouth, sucking and licking it, drinking her own milk while rubbing her thighs together. After a minute, she stopped and pulled my panties down to put a cock ring around my cock and balls, covering them with the panties when done. She then stood back to admire her handywork, my cock now throbbing even more, the veins standing out and visible through the material of the panties. She released her other breast, stripped off the panties, and got onto the bed on her knees. She leaned over my panty encased cock, kissing and licking it, then swung one leg over my head, sitting back to trad my face between her thighs with my lips pressed against her pussy.

She was wet, and I had no choice but to smell and taste her excitement as she leaned back, almost smothering me with her voluptuous thighs and belly. I licked and sucked at her pussy and clit, and quickly felt Jenny reach orgasm, rewarding me with a flood of pussy juice. She didn’t get off, but leaned forward to stroke my tortured cock and balls through her panties. Her hands gently ran from the base to the tip, teasing me but never touching me enough for any relief, pushing back against my face now ant then so I could service her further. After a few minutes of this, Jenny again pressed her pussy down so I could fully suck her pussy and clit, grinding to another orgasm. When done, she got off and knelt by my side, pulling the panties down so canlı casino siteleri my cock and balls were exposed.

She wrapped her hand gently around the shaft, and began gently stroking, whispering about how she just wanted to watch me blow my load all over myself, and maybe she’d lick the cum off me. Occasionally she’d lean down and flick her tongue across my cock, tasting the precum that was coating it. She kept this up, always sensing when I was approaching orgasm, and backing off so I couldn’t cum, but never stopping. I was begging her to make me cum, she in turn kept telling me not yet, not yet, and kept up the teasing. Finally, as the teasing and begging continued, she finally relented with “OK, you’ve kind of earned it”. She stroked me with a firmer grip, stopping as her hand grazed my cock head to prolong the torture. As I got closer, she didn’t stop, just kept whispering “let it go, it’s time to cum, show me all that cum” . Finally, I could take no more and thrust my throbbing purple headed cock up, feeling the orgasm start in my aching balls, groaning with the pleasure, and she stopped.

Jenny may have stopped, but it was too late for me. My cock was as hard as steel, throbbing and jerking on it’s own. Jenny laughed and said “whoops, my bad” as cum started to spurt out without my cock being touched. Yes, I came, but I didn’t feel any of the pleasure or release of a normal orgasm. Jenny had decided to give me a Ruined Orgasm. After the cum stopped spurting, my cock stayed hard, even as Jenny removed the cock ring. She licked the cum off me, and quickly sucked my cock clean, making me spasm, but the moment was gone. My cock slowly deflated as I had ejaculated but not cum, and I still had blue balls. Jenny looked at me sweetly and said “let’s see what happens tomorrow. Now, no touching yourself until I tell you, and I’ll know if you do” With that she untied me and sent me back to bed, still wearing her panties with no relief.

To be continued.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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