Mart 13, 2021

Jeff the Killer (Fan Requested)

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Mia went directly into her room slamming the door shut as her father roared at her.
“Go to bed!” he screamed bashing the door once.
She went to the mirror and stared at herself, her eyes moistened, her mascara leaking down her pale face. 
Her face was once extremely pretty. Years of abuse from school and from her Christian parents her face was took on a sterner, and almost a depressed face.
She pulled one of her black bangs out of her face sniffling once. 
The girl with Marilyn Manson posters all over her walls. She took off her “Nightmare before Chrismas” sweatshirt that had quite a few holes in it’s sleeves. 
Rejected by most she never really gave many people a chance. 
Either you were nice, or she didn’t trust you and you could get fucked.
She sat on her bed with her knees inward thinking to herself. 
Her Christian parents were usualy always screaming at her, telling her, her sinnful ways would send her to hell.
This just inspired more hate and made her want to commit them even more. Especially anger.
She just wanted to go asleep. 
Her day was pitiful so far. 
One of her friends who she’d considered like a brother grapped her ass earlier in the day. 
She made a joke out of it calling him incest but she knew that was done. She knew she had a nice ass, she never let anyone near it however, especially not something like this. 
She did have an apple ass. She knew it jiggled when she walked and she knew everyone stared at it even though she was a goth. She also usualy any girls ass who tried to fuck with her.
She laid down as a hand slowly rubbed her B-cupped breasts. 
She rubbed ever so slowly actualy calming herself down. Down enough to fall asleep. 

Her eyes suddenly flashed open. She was freezeing. She looked over seeing her window was open.
She knew she had to close it quick before her parents woke up. Otherwise they would scream at her about about how heat costs money. That she was selfish for somehow not waking up right when the wind knocked it open. She got up and closed it.
She still felt wind though. Turning around in her pitch black room. The breeze was coming from under her door. 
Walked to her bedroom door curious. She wiped her wrists on her black sweatpants leaning forward a little. 
She grasped her glass doorknob slowly openly the door, the hinges creeking moaningly.
She looked into the hall, lit by only the bright moon shining through one of many windows in the house. She stepped into the freezing hallway seeing every window within sight was open. 
She also saw her parents bedroom was open. 
It never was at night. 
She stepped toward it.
With on hand she brushed it open. She saw her parents laying in alsancak escort bayan the bed. Their limbs however were on the ground. Their heads at the base of the bed. 
She stared blankly. 
She smiled. 
She then went back to her room. She went to her window and opened it back up with a twisted smile as if she were greeting a sunny day. She then went to her bed and laid down when she suddenly felt something in the pit of her stomach. She would almost describe the feeling as pure evil. 
She didn’t understand it. She wasn’t evil, she had never encountered it. She liked bad satanic things, but she never thought of Satan as evil. Only misunderstood, like herself. 
This however was a completely new experience. She slowly looked over her sheets and blankets. 
A pale lustious white face bloomed in the moonlight. Deep dark black circles around his eyes, his eye lashes were gone as were part of his eye lids. He had lips like rubies. One extremely noticable thing was two identical scars. Deep indents in his cheeks. 
Self inflicted cuts, so he could forever smile. Everything about this horrendous figure made her hairs stand on end and then some. His face was dripping in blood. It looked like he was smiling eat to ear, for his indented smile was filled in with blood making it look like a really large smile. His hair was matted down to each side of his head. 
“You didn’t scream?” the throaty deep voice asked sounding fasinated,
“I hated them, I want to thank you.” she said with a growing smile as she slowly took the covers from her body. 
“Happy to help.” he said slowly tilting his head to the side, 
“Who are you?” she asked,
“I’m just the Sandman. Go to sleep.” he evily beckoned, his smile seeming to grow bigger.
“I still want to thank you.” she said getting to her knees and crawling to the end of the bed. 
He stood up, looking down upon her. He came forward right in front of her with a long bloody knife.
“How would you do that?” he asked wearing a sewn up, blood stained white hoodie pulled over his head.
“Well,” she said reaching her hand forward, petting his privates through his jeans, “I’m not wearing any panties.” she said with a twisted grin of her own. 
She felt him rise under the fabric of the jeans. She unzipped his pants and felt his rock hard penis. She slowly drew it out. Her eyes up. Her face foward. She brought her face forward as her thinner lips wrapped around the rock hard cock. She thrusted her head forward taking the full length of the dick into her mouth. She couldn’t tell how big her was, however he was fat, and she had to swallow him to actually get him fully inside her mouth. 
She actually swallowed repeatedly, escort alsancak she was so turned on by her partial savior she wanted every inch of him. She was actually choking and couldn’t even breath.
It was worth it. 
Her virgin pussy was soaking, her sweatpants had a large wet stain in the front. She took the large member out of her mouth, getting up on both knees kissing the abyss hearted killer. 
Her hand motioned all over his face. Her delicated fingers danced around his face, it was hard, his face was like hide or a very tough leather. Her fingers were wet with the blood of her parents and she knew it. She kissed him
harder thrusting her tongue into his mouth as his knife slowly drew up. The tip met the edge of her sweat pants. In one fluent motion the knife was in her pants. Her pants were pulled down partly, right under her ass. 
The handle of the knife slowly rubbed her swollen clit.
She gasped in a partial moan as she licked his face. It was like licking cracking leather. The coppery taste of blood filled her senses as his other hand  slapped hard on her ass grabbing a hand full of it.
The knife came up. He put the handle into her mouth letting her own juices fill her taste buds. She got even more excited. 
The knife came down cutting the front of the shirt open. 
His head ducked between her breasts licking her chest. She slowly started to drift backward as his hands grasped her breasts. He grabbed her nipple using the edge of his knife and his thumb. She moaned as riveting senses of pleasure pushed through her body. 
His head kept going lower and lower ok her body. She felt a rough kiss on her belly, then another right above her belly button. Then she felt his tongue lick inside of her belly button. Then another kiss. 
The killer then ripped her pants off with the knife and spread her legs by her thigh. He dove his head in devouring her pussy. 
His tongue lashed in. His teeth clamped on her clit as she crushed her eyes closed in pain, however it made the pleasure afterward feel so much better. The tongue ravished her vigin folds, her flower was so pink and wet she thought he would drown.
She then lifted her head crying out an orgasm, gushing all over his face. He rose back up.
She smiled, seeing his twisted smile in the moonlight, his large wide black circled eyes. 
He nearly dropped on top on her aiming his dick perfectly he shoved it inside of her virgin pussy. 
She screamed in pain at the roughness of it as he grasped her tits in his head, playing with her nipples he leaned in.
“I knew you would scream tonight.” he said smiling forcing himself in and out. 
He bit harshly on her neck leaving a deep imprint alsancak escort in her neck. 
After another ten seconds Mia moaned like a banshee. She lifted one of her legs and wrapped it around him using it to help him go faster, even though he was already going extemely fast. So fast and hard that the bed rocked back and forth, the springs sounded as if they would bust out. 
Her eyes nearly rolled into the back of her skull as she tried to moan but was so enwrapped in pleasure she couldn’t help but make anything but half-gasps of pleasure. 
He then stopped right as another orgasm shook her body so violently she passed out. 
She woke up as she was turned over. 
Her hands were tied to her bedposts, her legs weren’t tied at all however.
She knew he was still in the room. Before she could say anything she felt a hand slap her ass with such forced waves of pain shot through her ass as it jiggled.
She felt her ass cheeks spread. Something wet and soft touched her asshole. She jolted a little feeling it.
She then moaned a little then started to moan alot as she buried her face into her pillow.
“Feels so good.” she manged to say. 
He stopped.
“Why’d you stop?” she asked.
He grapped both sides of her ass and spread her cheeks wide going down. His breath was on her ear and felt almost cold.
His head was at her virgin, black cherry. He suddenly pushed as she screamed out, he didn’t stop, her asshole tightened around his dicks head only making him more aroused causing him to push harder and harder until he was all the way in.
Her asshole was warm and slick as he grabbed her hair and rammed in, I’ve and over. His dick was so long she couldn’t believe it. He ha to raise his body so high up that his pelvis slapped and flatened her ass when he came back down. 
She felt his thick head drawing all the way out and then pushing all the way back in. She cried out still very painful back starting to feel good. 
She began to moan. 
She then got louder when she felt the knife cut her arm. She felt the cold knife edge split the flesh of her arm, she knew she was bleeding and her response was to lick her arm. 
The long hard dick reamed her asshole in a way she had never thought possible. 
His psychotic eyes pressed on the back of her head the entire time.
He then grabbed her asscheeks with bothhands crushing them together around his dick and released inside of her. 
She cried an orgasm feeling the warm river of cum layer inside her sweet asshole. He drew out, his member dripping.
He stood up walking toward the window after pulling up his pants.
“The police will be by in the morning to pick you up. Tell them whatever you want. It will only increase the fear.” he said, knowing that this one survivor would do him right. That she would spread a panic like no one had ever seen.
He was glad he chose to kill her family. He was glad he didn’t kill her first.
He was glad.
He was always… glad…

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