Şubat 23, 2021

Janine , George Ch. 03

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I leaned forward and began to suck the plastic cock emerging from Janine’s hairy pussy carpet with all my might. Her spread buttcheeks were allowing the scent of her anus to flow through to my nostrils, and so I reached behind and began to rub her puckered shitter with my fingers while I sucked on the fake dick. George loved it and immediately began snapping pictures with the Polaroid camera and spewing orders.

“Finger that anus slut, stretch out her poopshoot.” George ordered me, as he took a close up shot of my fingers entering Janine’s hair covered asshole.

Janine moaned in appreciation and I began fucking her butt earnestly, her fake cock down my throat and my nose buried in her fat bush. Just as I was about to add a third finger to Janine’s butthole, George ordered me to stop. He put the camera down and felt around in their bag for something. When he pulled out a tube of dark red lipstick, I was momentarily confused. But when he grabbed one of Janine’s saggy tits and coated her nipple with the dark red color I understood, and my sopping wet bush only got wetter.

Janine’s red nipples stood out fiercely and she looked like nothing more than a fat, hairy whore.

“Come here you dirty slut and color my filthy cunt’s asshole.” George demanded of me, pushing Janine’s hairy ass in my face. My hands quivered with excitement as I rubbed the tube of lipstick over Janine’s meaty farthole, making the swollen red hole stand out vulgarly. George repeated the whole process on me, and soon his two sluts stood out, marked by him, and hornier than ever.

I suddenly realized that my casino siteleri bladder was very full, and that I needed to ask permission from Master George to piss. When I asked him, he looked at me and told me I knew where to do it. He got on all fours and spread his butt cheeks, exposing that beautiful wrinkled anus to me. As I looked down upon his hair covered crack, I straddled Master’s butt and a stream of piss emerged from my hairy pussy, matting down the fluffy ass tufts on his shithole.

George moaned as the hot piss flowed down his crack and onto the bed sheets, forming a puddle, though a large amount was absorbed by my master’s hirsute butt. As the last shot of piss nailed George on the shithole, Janine snapped a picture.

Before I realized what was happening George flipped over and spread his legs wide, settling down in the wide urine stain I had left on the bed.

“You made master’s anus dirty, now clean it you hairy fat cunt. Suck my shithole, suck my hairy, piss soaked crack you nasty whore!!!” George growled, showing me his butthole. I quickly dived my face between his cheeks and began licking the wrinkled pucker crazily, his hairy balls resting on my forehead. I sucked on his shithole for all I was worth, jabbing my tongue up it, getting his anus hairs in my mouth. Suddenly a huge fart blew out of George’s anus and into my mouth, filling me with a dirty nasty scent that drove me wild.

“Master’s gotta take another poop whores. But we’re going to do it differently this time. Rachel, bring me the dirtiest pair of panties you have cunt. Ones with fart stains and slot oyna pussy juices in them. Ones you havent washed but have been wearing for a long time. I know you have some you dirty hairy bitch.”

Indeed I did. I had had a feeling George might ask for a pair, so I had been wearing the same ones for 10 days now, putting my smelly unwiped butt in them after I crapped, letting little piss squirts out in them, rubbing them into my hairy pussy. They were filthy and smelly and had some of my curly pussy hairs in them. I retrieved them from the corner of the room where I had taken them off earlier, my sagging tits and glaring red nipples swinging. As I picked up the white lacy panties with the cotton panel in the crotch, I felt they were stiff in some places from my nasty secretions, and saw the brown stains in them.

I brought them to George, who was sniffing Janine’s massive hairy cunt, the way a good whore would, inside my mouth. I dropped them onto his hard cock. George sniffed at the panties.

“Has my whore been putting her shitty anus into these panties?” he demanded.

“Yes sir, every day.” I replied.

George moaned in approvement and slipped on my size XL lacy panties. His cock tented in them and his balls were evident.

“Now master is going to take a shit in your dirty panties Rachel, and you’re going to eat it out with Janine. You two anus loving shit eating whores 69 while I take a dump in these filthy panties.”

Mmmmm, what an order!! I clamped down on Janine’s huge bush and sucked her clit for all I was worth as I grinded my bush onto her face, covering canlı casino siteleri it with pussy juices. She suckled my butthole like no other, letting loose a series of loud, pungent farts from my hairy shithole. We both watched as George got on all fours and grunted as he pushed out his next turd. A brown log suddenly emerged and began smashing against my dirty panties, falling into the crotch area and smearing the butt of them. As I ate Janine’s nasty bush, I orgasmed from the sight of my master shitting in my panties I knew I would wear later, and from Janine chewing on my big fat cunt flaps.

George finished his dump with a few farts and groaned in relief. He told us to take the panties off with our teeth and we released each others pussies and rushed forward to take the stinking panties off our master. The big, thick, hard turd had soiled my panties.

“Put them back on, Rachel.” George demanded of me.

I pulled the panties back on over my enormous bush, and my pussy hair stuck out of the leg holes. Master’s turd rubbed against my butt, coating my fuzzy crack. Before I could fully enjoy the filthy panties, Janine had pulled them off me and began licking her husbands turd off my crack.

“YEAH SLUTS, RACHEL GET YOUR FACE IN THOSE PANTIES AND EAT MY SHIT WHILE JANINE LICKS IT OUT OF YOUR FAT NASTY RED ASSCRACK.” George barked, and grabbed the camera. I buried my face in my smelly panties and began munching on the delicious poop, as Janine sucked the crap out of my hairy butt. A constant flash of light was going as George took pictures like crazy.

Five minutes later, I had orgasmed 3 times from Janine on my anus licking George’s poop out of me. My mouth and face were covered with the crap I had devoured. George was out of film, his hand still pumping his hard, hairy cock.

But we were not done…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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