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Jake’s Education Ch. 02

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52 year-old Andi Friedman awoke to sunlight streaming through the windows and skylight of the master bedroom. She immediately thought of the night before, when she had had the most mind-blowing sex of her life. The man responsible for that incredible experience, 23 year-old Jake McInnes, slept by her side.

Andi propped herself on one elbow and gazed at his sleeping form. He had kicked the covers halfway down his legs during the night, and Andi had a splendid view of his young body. She took in his smooth, muscular chest and six-pack abs. Her eyes trailed down to his magnificent cock, which lay, thick and heavy, across his upper thigh.

Andi reached out and, with a feather-light touch, began stroking Jake’s upper body. She paid close attention to his nipples, which formed into hard little pebbles. Her hand moved down his body, the tips of her fingers disappearing into the cuts in his abdomen. What a body he had, she thought.

Her ministrations were having an effect on Jake. Although still asleep, there was definitely one part of him that was waking up. His cock, now half-hard, was beginning to rise from his thigh. Andi grazed his cock with the tips of her fingers. Lightly, slowly, she began to caress it.

Jake’s cock had now almost reached nine inches. He was as hard as a rock. Andi leaned over and started licking softly at the tip. Her tongue scooped up some pre-cum. It was delicious. Jake moaned softly, and Andi glanced at him. She couldn’t tell if he was still sleeping, but his eyes were closed.

Andi dragged her fingernails lightly up and down Jake’s manhood as she kissed and sucked his nipples. Jake was incredibly aroused now. Andi kissed her way down past his stomach and began to lick his cock, stronger with each lick. She lost control and clamped down on his cock with her mouth. She had three inches in her mouth and was jacking the rest of it with her left hand. With her right, she rubbed Jake’s incredible chest and stomach.

Jake was moaning louder now. Andi felt his hand on the back of her head, and Jake’s hips were writhing. Andi knew he was close. She took her mouth from his cock and looked up at him lovingly.

“Please, young stud—come for me.”

She dropped her head to his cock and resumed her voracious sucking. She jacked the base of his meat while her mouth corkscrewed the top half of his cock.

With a loud gasp, Jake began to pump his semen into her greedy mouth. “Oh, so good,” he moaned. Jet after jet hit the back of Andi’s throat.

After Jake’s eruption subsided, Andi kissed the head of his manhood and crawled into his arms. “Good morning,” she breathed.

“A very good one,” smiled Jake, holding her close in his strong arms.

“Much as I’d like to stay this way all day,” Andi said, “We’ve got a lot to do. What’s your schedule like?”

“Just my normal workout,” said Jake. “Classes don’t start for another five days.”

“OK,” said Andi decisively, “Here’s what we’ll do. Shower, breakfast, workout for you, workout for me. Then, meet me at Louis Boston at noon for lunch and shopping.”

“Louis Boston? Andi, that’s a bit out of my league at this point.”

“Jake,” said Andi, “I said I wanted to help you. This is my investment in your future. You can pay me back once you graduate and start making money. Or not. Or sooner.”

“Sooner?” asked Jake.

“Yes, sooner. As I said last night, we’ve got a lot to talk about. We’ll talk about it at breakfast.”

Andi rose from the bed and strode toward the en suite bathroom. Pausing at its entrance, she looked over her shoulder and said, “Join me?”

Jake didn’t need to be asked twice, and in a flash they were in Andi’s shower. It was huge, with a padded bench along one of the eight-foot walls. The showerheads were configured in such a way that, except for one corner, the water would fall on whoever was in there.

Jake and Andi began lovingly soaping each other with fragrant bodywash. Andi paid close attention to Jake’s massive organ, and he made sure her breasts and nipples were very clean. As Jake had only cum once from the erection Andi had created that morning, he was still in need of relief. He spun Andi around and, with her arms braced against the wall, began pummeling her from behind. The scene was so erotic—a gorgeous mature hardbody, water streaming down her back into the crack of her glorious ass—that Jake came quickly, his stream of cum just as powerful and potent as before.

Still hard, Jake led Andi over to the padded bench. He sat and lifted Andi onto his manhood. Cupping her asscheeks, he began lifting her up and down on his tool. Andi came very quickly. If her loud moans were any indication, she liked being on top. Jake figured that it stood to reason—she’d dominated and kicked ass in her professional life, and she probably liked to kick ass in the bedroom as well. This was a massive turn-on for him, and he lasted less than ten minutes before filling her for the third time that morning.

His cock finally beginning to deflate, Andi rose. casino şirketleri “OK—take this as I mean it, but I’m glad that’s out of the way. From now on, it’s business. Until later, when it isn’t,” she said with a wicked smile.

They dried each other’s bodies, put on robes, and went to the kitchen. Once there, Andi turned and smiled shyly at Jake.

“Since I hoped that I’d be bringing you home last night, I told the staff not to come in today. And I can’t cook.”

“Don’t worry,” Jake said. “I can.”

“Darling, is there anything you *can’t* do?” Andi said playfully.

“Play the piano,” Jake said. “And sing. I’m a godawful singer.”

Ten minutes later, they sat down to the omelets, bacon, and toast that Jake had prepared.

“Delicious,” Andi pronounced. “Now, let’s talk. You know that I can help you professionally. I want very much to do that. But I want to talk to you about some other women that I know that can help you as well.

“First I’ve got to describe these women. Jake, all over Metrowest—Wellesley, Weston, Dover…hell, from Newton and Brookline to Lincoln, there are a certain type of women. These women are highly educated and bored out of their minds. The younger ones—mid-thirties to mid-forties—spend their time taxiing their kids around. The older ones—mid-forties to mid-fifties—don’t do that. So they become “realtors”, which deludes them into thinking that they’ve got a career. They usually don’t sell a thing.

They’re rich, but so what? Their husbands make their couple million running a hedge fund or a law firm. They’re all flabby and losing their hair. Their testosterone is just about gone. They don’t have time to exercise.

“Oh, but the women do. Pilates, yoga, the gym—these women are toned to within an inch of their lives. That’s how they spend their days. Driving their kids around, if the kids aren’t old enough to get around themselves, going to the spa, shopping, and working out. They work out so their husbands—the ones funding their lifestyle—won’t start looking for a new model. It pisses the women off I’ve just described half the women I went to Wellesley with. There’s no excitement in their lives. I think that you could provide that excitement, Jake. And in turn these ladies would be very appreciative. And…generous.”

“Are you freaking trying to pimp me out?” Jake asked with a displeased look on his face.

“Oh, honey, no,” chuckled Andi. “It’s just that…well, you’ve obviously got a huge sex drive. You’ve cum six times in about twelve hours. And I’m married. Yes, yes, so are they, but I still love mine after a fashion. And yes, yes, I did this with you. Because you are about one in 10 million Literally. My husband’s gone about six days a month, and those six days, baby, you are MINE. But the rest of the month, what are you going to do?”

“OK, Andi,” Jake said. “I’m not saying yes right now, but I’ll consider it.”

“That’s all I ask,” said Andi. “Just remember that you’d be doing these women a huge favor. And now, we’re both off. Meet me at Louis Boston at noon. I’ll reserve us a table at Sam’s.”

The morning passed quickly. Jake ran for an hour, then did a modified Navy Seal workout—bodyweight exercises combined with some resistance band training. He showered again, put on his best “casual” clothes, hoping that they would be appropriate for lunch at Sam’s, and set of for Louis Boston.

He arrived promptly at noon, and found Andi already there. She gave him a discreet wave from the corner of the room. Jake made his way over to the table and the maitre d’ held his chair for him.

“I ordered you a Stoli rocks, darling,” Andi said. “I hope that is to your satisfaction.”

“Always,” replied Jake.

“I hope you like this table,” Andi continued. “Not the best view, but the most private, and we’ve got some private things to discuss. Have you considered what we talked about this morning?”

“I have,” said Jake. “And I’m interested. But with the course load…”

“Jake, I told you not to worry about that.”

“Andi, I’m glad that you’re so convinced about my success here. But maybe I should wait and see.”

“All right, Jake,” Andi said. “I wasn’t going to tell you this. When this program was put into place, we piggy-backed on a formula that was already in place for the undergraduates. Into this formula go things like strength of undergraduate institution, strength of g.p.a., standard test scores, and, most importantly, strength of undergraduate major. Economics is ranked highest. Do you see where I’m going with this?”

Jake nodded.

“At first, the formula was only used for admissions. As this formula was developed, we began to wonder whether it could be used to predict where a student would be ranked four years later. In the sixty years we’ve been doing this, the applicant with the highest formula going in failed to graduate first in their class twice. Two times. So we can pretty much predict where someone is going to graduate before they get here.

So, here comes Jake casino firmaları McInnes. You graduated first in your class at Exeter and Williams, both with a 4.0 g.p.a. Double-major in Economics and Math. You were off the charts on the LSAT and GMAT. The formula goes from zero to five, five being the highest. Only two people have ever gotten a perfect five. You’re one of them. You’re looking at the other. Honey, believe me when I say you’ll be fine. You’ll have free time. Go to class when you can, do the reading, and you will most likely graduate first in the program. In fact, there’s a 97% chance of it.”

Jake was astounded. He knew that he was smart, but didn’t know he was *that* smart. As he thought about it, though, he supposed it was possible. He hadn’t had to spend as much time on his homework as his fellow students had. He’d had plenty of free time.

“Jake, are you with me, dear?”

“Uh, yeah,” said Jake. “Just a little blown away by this…hey, what did you mean, go to class when I can?”

“Honey, when I said that I could help you out, I didn’t just mean when you graduated. You and I will be going to conferences on a fairly regular basis. I want people to be aware of you. We’ll be going to Washington frequently. It may cut into your class attendance.”

“Andi,” Jake asked, “where does your husband fit into all this?”

“We’ll discuss that later. Now, let’s go shopping.”

“Andi, I can’t let you—”

“I told you, Jake, that you can pay me back if you wish. Now, let’s go.”

Jake saw Andi’s professional façade with that statement. It was no-nonsense and not up for debate. Andi led Jake from the restaurant to the menswear section. She took a seat. “My favorite salesman will be along in a moment.”

A distinguished looking man in a well-cut suit approached. “Ah, Mrs. Friedman, how are you?” he asked, kissing Andi’s outstretched hand.

“Very well, William. This is the young man I want you to outfit. Head to toe. You’ll need to take measurements. I’ll want a couple of suits made.”

“Suits?” Jake asked.

“Conferences, Jake. D.C. We’ll be dining in some exclusive places with some exclusive company.”

William called forth a tailor, who began to take Jake’s measurements. “It’s good that you’re having these custom made. I don’t think that I could alter something that looked good off the rack. He’s got a 44-inch chest and a 31-inch waist,” the tailor informed Andi.

“Yes, scrumptious, isn’t he,” said Andi with a mischievous grin on her face. Jake blushed. “Just teasing, honey”, she said.

They shopped for close to three hours. Casual wear, shoes, semi-formal wear. Jake almost passed out when he saw the total cost. Andi just shrugged and handed the cashier her American Express Centurion card.

It took four salespeople to carry their haul outside. A limo idled near the entrance.

“How’d you get here, Jake?” asked Andi.

“Taxi”, Jake replied. “I’m not completely familiar with the streets in this area yet.”

“Perfect. Ride with me.” The clothes placed in the trunk, they got in the limo.

Andi sat next to Jake with her hand on his leg. After surveying the passing scenery for a few minutes, she turned to him.

“OK,” she said, “clothes taken care of. Now personal appearance. There’s really nothing to change there. Keep the long hair for a while. It’s cute. When we’re out to dinner you can put it in a small ponytail. What do you drive?”

“A VW Passat wagon. Graduation gift from my parents”, replied Jake.

“Perfect. Good car for you at this stage.” She leaned over and whispered in Jake’s ear. “You looked so sexy in those clothes. I can’t wait to see you in, and out, of them. It made me wet.” She discreetly ran her hand under her skirt and lifted to Jake’s face. It was glistening.

The limo climbed Beacon Hill and came to a stop outside of Andi’s townhouse. The chauffeur helped them carry the clothes inside, took Andi’s proffered tip, and departed. Andi and Jake climbed the stairs to the living area.

“Hey Andi—you said head to toe. What about underwear?’ he asked jokingly.

Andi giggled. She had really endearing, and sexy, giggle, Jake realized. It was so at odds with her businesslike demeanor.

“Oh, Jake,” she said, still giggling, “I love this idea. Come with me.” She led him by the hand up another flight of stairs to the master bedroom. On the bed was a large plastic bag.

“While we were out,” Andi said, “I had my personal shopper visit a place that specializes in…shall we say, interesting clothing. She’s very discreet and I trust her implicitly. I had her get…”

Andi upended the shopping bag on the bed.


She held one up for Jake’s inspection. Jake gasped. “Jesus Christ, Andi—those are thongs!”

“I know”, she said with her sexy giggle. “I thought it would be so sexy…us dressed for dinner with you in one of those gorgeous suits and me knowing that you had a sexy thong on. I used to do the same thing. I’d be sitting there in a conference room güvenilir casino in my business suit feeling wicked because I was wearing sexy underwear. It’s even sexier to know that you’d be doing the same thing. The thongs are all silk. Some of them are quite low-rise, so we’d probably have to get rid of your pubic hair, but that would be even sexier.”

“Andi, man—I don’t know.”

“Would you please try one on? For me?” She tried to put a pout on her face.

“All right”, he groaned. “Gimme the thing.”

“Use the bathroom to put it on. I want to see you enter just wearing your thong.”

Grumbling a little, Jake strode to the bathroom. He was still in there ten minutes later when Andi called, “Jake? You all right in there?”

“Uh, yeah”, he said. “I need about five more minutes.”

When he emerged from the bathroom, Andi gasped. She was lying on her side, propped on one elbow, on the bed, wearing a white satin corset with a thong of her own. His bulge was enormous. What surprised her even more was that he was devoid of public hair.

“You look so…fucking…sexy”, she whispered. “What…what happened to your pubes?”

“Well, I tried it on and it looked pretty stupid with pubic sprouting out all over the place. So I figured what the hell, if I didn’t like it, it would grow back. That’s what took me so long. I found some Nair, and that took eight minutes, but I still had some clean-up to do with the razor. I shave my legs–a holdover from my bike racing days–so I’m used to it.”

Andi eyed him hungrily. “Turn around”, she said. “I want to see how your ass looks.” Jake turned his back toward her. He flexed his asscheeks a couple of times.

“Dear God”, Andi said. “Look, baby, it’s your decision, but you look absolutely spectacular in that thing. The bulge, the way the fabric in the back splits your gorgeous ass in two…” she trailed off.

“Actually, it feels pretty good. Surprisingly. I’ll go with it for a while.”

Andi grinned. “Good. Now get over here.”

Jake approached the bed, eyes locked on hers. He stood before her. Andi turned sideways on the bed and, lying on her stomach, began licking at his thong. She raised one hand to caress his stomach. The other was underneath her, rubbing at her pussy. She lowered her hand from Jake’s chest and began working the thong down. Jake shifted his hips to help her. As it completely cleared his thick, heavy cock, the head of his penis popped up and hit Andi in the cheek.

“That’s what I’m talking about”, she said huskily. She took her free hand, the one that was not now frantically rubbing her pussy, and grabbed one of Jake’s firm asscheeks. She pulled him to her, taking his cock in her mouth. Sliding her lips back and forth on his now hard member, she began moaning softly. Her eyes never left Jake’s. As she continued her ministrations, she started humping wildly on her hand. Waves of lust and passion overcame her as she screamed out her orgasm around Jake’s cock. As her moans subsided, she released her mouth from his manhood, looked up at Jake with lustful eyes, and said, “Fuck me, Jake.”

Jake climbed onto the bed as Andi re-arranged her position. Jake leaned on one elbow and looked down at her. “Andi”, he said, “you seemed to cum really hard when you were on top in the shower. Do you want to be on top?”

“I usually do like to be on top, in a somewhat dominant position”, Andi replied. “I guess it’s just part of who I am. But with you, I’d like to be a little bit submissive. I will always be the bottom unless you feel like having me do the work.”

Hearing that, Jake rolled and straddled her calves. He worked her thong down her legs and tossed it aside. He spread his legs and braced himself on his arms. He slapped Andi’s pussy with his cock several times, causing her to writhe in pleasure. He positioned his manhood at the entrance to Andi’s slit.

“What about the corset?” Andi asked.

“Leave it on”, he growled.

He shoved his cock halfway into Andi, then withdrew and shoved six inches in. He again withdrew, and then slammed his full nine inches into her steaming pussy.

“Oh, FUCK, Jake!” Andi shrieked.

“That feel good, Andi? You like having my big young dick in you, don’t you?”

“So, so much, Jake…ever so fucking much!”

“Then take it, Andi…come on, take my big young dick!”

“Give it to me, baby! Give me all of you…I want all of you!”

“That’s what you’ve got—all nine inches! Take it…”

Sweat poured off their bodies as Jake continued his assault on Andi. They locked eyes as they mated. Andi wrapped her legs around Jake’s flexing ass, the better to draw him into her.

“Oh, Jake, that’s it…I’m almost there…just like that, lover, just like that…so deep…so good…ah, SHIT!!!

Andi screamed out the most intense orgasm that she’d yet had with Jake. Her body shook with that orgasm. Through it Jake kept up his relentless stroking.

“Now you, Jake”, Andi moaned. “Now you. Use my body…make it yours…make ME yours…come on baby…”

Andi glanced to the side and looked in the mirror as she had the night before. If anything, it was even more erotic.

“So fucking sexy, baby”, she moaned. “You’re so fucking sexy…”

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