Şubat 16, 2021

It’s Always The Quiet Ones Ch. 01

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Things have been weird between me and my best friend’s sister ever since we kissed at her eighteenth birthday party. Maybe I should back up, and start the story from the beginning.

My name is Derrick, and I am a heavy diesel mechanic. I am twenty five, and I have my own apartment in suburban Detroit. My best friend Brian and our friend Candy play in a local band named Long Hot Summer. I play the bass, and sing lead vocals, Brian plays lead guitar, and Candy plays the drums, and sings backup vocals. Candy is a really good drummer, and Brian is a pretty good lead guitarist; he is not a guitar god, but I feel lucky to have him. We have practiced in Brian’s garage for the past four years. We soundproofed it as much as possible, plus they live a little out in the sticks, so the neighbors aren’t close by.

Brian has a little sister named Jasmine, but everybody calls her Jazz. She is a very quiet, shy girl. She is not only shy, but she is a bit of a nerd. She is the kind of chick who is into comic books, and dresses up like characters from Star Wars to go to Comic Con. Jazz has been watching us play ever since we formed the band in their parent’s garage. Candy always says that Jazz is our first and only groupie. So I’ve watched Jazz grow up, all the way through high school. I saw her at her awkward pimply stage, her “I hate the world stage,” and I’ve watched her blossom into the beautiful young woman that she is today. She and I have always been friendly, and I have always been someone that she can talk to about her problems. I say we have been friendly; but I will go a bit farther, and say that we have been friends for a while.

Our band played at her eighteenth birthday party, which was at their house. They have a couple acres of land, and there was plenty of room for guests, the band, and a bonfire. She had probably had plenty to drink, and I was feeling no pain at the time either. I was walking out of the bathroom, and was surprised to see someone in the house, since all the excitement was taking place outside. Jazz was standing at the kitchen sink, and looking at me with a weird expression on her face. She was a tall girl with medium length brown hair. It was brown at the current time, anyway. She dyes it a lot. She isn’t a curvy girl, she is long, and lean; but she looks like she would be soft in all the right places.

“Hey, Derrick, come her for a sec.” I walked over, and still couldn’t figure out why she was looking at me with so much intensity. “I wanted to thank you for the concert tickets that you gave me. That show is going to be totally bad ass.”

“You are definitely welcome, Jazz. I hope that you have a great time.” She weaved a little drunkenly, and caught me in an embrace. Actually, it was more like I caught her, to keep her from falling over. Her face was close to mine, and what she said next, she said quietly.

“So you know that I am legal now. I’m eighteen, as of today.” She was making no move to break my hold around her; quite the opposite, her body was molded against mine.

“Yeah, Jazz. This is your party.” She rolled her eyes.

“I mean that if you ever wanted to be more than friends, I would be willing to give it a shot.” This surprised me so much that I never even saw the kiss until I felt her lips against mine. My body reacted naturally, as it had to being kissed a thousand times before. I pulled her closer, and this kiss deepened. I felt her grinding her hips against me, and her tongue slid between my lips. I sucked it for a second, and then I broke the kiss. She leaned close and put her lips right next to my ear.

“I’m not wearing any panties tonight, Derrick.” She kissed my neck quickly, and turned, and walked outside. I must admit that after that encounter, I watched her ass swishing across the kitchen with much more interest than I should have.

Nothing else happened that evening. I had just assumed that she was drunk, and that she might not even remember our conversation the next day. I knew that this was not the case when I got a surprising text from her the next afternoon.

Jazz: I have on pink panties with little white bows on the front, do u wanna see?

Me: Sure. Why not?

Five minutes later I got a multimedia text from her. It was a phone pic of her. She had just held the phone out from her body, and took the picture. It had probably taken quite a few shots to get the right angle. She was wearing a very small pair of pink cotton panties with a little white bow in the center of the waistband. They were supposed to be reminiscent of the panties that little girls wore, but they had only a tiny bit of fabric to them, so they were very naughty. They were fairly tight, and I could clearly make out the shape of her camel toe impressed into them. She was smuggling a big fat monkey in those tiny underwear.

Jazz: U like?

I hesitated, but said what the hell.

Me: Very much. Those don’t cover very much, not that I am complaining.

Jazz: If you look really close you can see a wet spot. It was really casino şirketleri hot sending this to you.

Me: Thanks, I’m honored to have seen it.

That was all that I heard from her that day. I must admit that I probably looked at that picture a dozen times that day. Her panty-clad image lingered in my mind like that song that you just can’t get out of your head. I suppose that was just the effect that she was hoping for. The next day I decided to push my luck, and see what happened, so I texted her.

Me: Hey Jazz 🙂 What color panties are u wearing today?

Jazz: A black thong. Would u like to see?

Me: Very much.

Jazz: I’m in math class for another half hr. I will go to the bathroom and take a pic for u when I get out of class.

Me: That would be awesome.

I was cleaning my apartment. I had a rare week day off, so I figured that I would take advantage of the time, and get my cleaning for the week done early; that way I will have the weekend free. After a little while I heard my phone chime twice. I had to admit that I was a little excited by the prospect of seeing her pictures. She was my best friend’s baby sister. It was so naughty. Before I could get across the room to it, my phone chimed again. I picked it up, and opened up our conversation to see her pics. The first pic was a shot of her ass in the thong. I had to admit that her ass looked fantastic. She ran track, and worked out several times a week at the gym. It definitely showed in how perky her butt was. The tiny strip that ran between her ass cheeks was invisible, except at the top where it met with the waistband. She was bent a little forward, and I could distinctly see her fat pussy that was covered by the very sheer black satin.

I slid my finger across the screen, and it pulled up the next pic. She had pulled up on the waistband in the front of her panties. This made most of the fabric slide between her pussy lips. I could see glimpses of her perfectly shaved pussy on either side of the fabric. It was a very erotic picture, because it revealed some but not all of her charms. This girl was really getting me going. The last pic was the thong spread back over her love monkey. I could see the huge dark spot on them where they had been between her pussy lips, and they were soaking wet.

Jazz: How did you like them?

Me: They were incredible.

Jazz: I sat there in math class thinking about taking those pics in the bathroom for u, and my pussy just kept getting wetter, and wetter. My clit is sooooo swollen. I wish that I would have had time to rub it a little, but I have to move on to economics 🙁

Me: God, Jazz. You are smoking hot.

Jazz: Did I get a rise out of u?

Me: As a matter of fact, u did.

Jazz: Let me see 😛

I was in my boxer briefs anyway while cleaning, so I put my phone in camera mode, and pointed it down my stomach, so that my eight inches of rock hard cock would be displayed to best advantage. I snapped the picture, and before I could chicken out, I sent it to Jazz. Her reply came less than a minute later.

Jazz: OMG! You are huge. I have totally changed my mind about diddling myself. I’m off to the bathroom. I will just have to be late for econ. TTYL :-*

Things went on between us like this for the next month. It was all mostly flirting, but I could sense that she was serious about getting into my pants. Candy even noticed. Jazz showed up more regularly at our practices, and when we had free time, she made it a point to come and talk to me. I guess her body language was all too easy for Candy to read. After one particular practice, Candy caught me as I was getting into my car. She went around to the passenger side, hopped in, and closed the door.

“I need to talk to you for a minute, Derrick.” She looked very serious, which was not her style at all.

“Sure Candy-cane: shoot.”

“I see the way that Jazz looks at you Derrick, have you been fucking her?” I must have looked slightly guilty at this question.

“No, I haven’t been fucking her.” She stared at me as if waiting for the other shoe to drop. The silence continued for over a minute, her eyes drilling holes through me like diamond tipped bits. “Ok, I haven’t been fucking her, but we have been flirting ever since she kissed me at her birthday party.”

“What the fuck are you doing, Derrick? Do you know what Brian will do if he finds out that you are fucking around with his kid sister?”

“She’s not a kid, Candy, she’s eighteen.” She actually swelled with indignation.

“She will always be a kid to Brian. You guys are best friends; don’t fuck that up by banging his sister. If you want sex, just call me. It’s not like we haven’t crossed that bridge many times. With me, you know that a fuck is just a fuck. When morning comes, I put on my clothes and leave; but if you fuck that girl, she will fall in love with you, Brian will be pissed, and it will break up the band.”

“So this is about the band?” I sounded dubious.

“Look, casino firmaları I shouldn’t have to tell you that not fucking Jazz is the right thing to do. If you are going to touch her, then you should talk to Brian about it first.” I sighed audibly. “Look, Derrick, the band is all that I have going for me right now. I work in a tiny cubicle editing books that are one step up from horse shit. I live in a tiny efficiency apartment, and the only boyfriend that I have uses AA batteries. The band is the only thing that is going right in my life now.” I sighed again.

“Candy, you don’t still harbor these delusions that we are going to be ‘discovered,’ do you? You know that we are a bar band, and we will never be anything more.” She gave me a look that I have seen many times before. “Yes, I know that anything is possible, and the songs that you write are killer. The odds are against us though.”

“Look, Derrick; just think about what I said. If you fuck her it is going to create a huge mess, and you are going to spend a long time cleaning it up. You will hurt Jazz. She is a young, innocent girl, Derrick. Don’t fuck her life up. If you feel the sudden urge to bang someone, then call me, and I will take care of those urges.” Her hand strayed over to my lap, and she gave my cock a squeeze. Candy and I have been fuck buddies since we were in high school. We have never seemed to want to date each other, but the sex was always very good.

“I will carefully consider your advice.” She stared daggers at me. “I promise that I will think about it hard before I do anything stupid. That is the best that I can do right now.” It was her turn to sigh. “Do you want to come over and spend the night?”

“No. I can’t tonight.” She sighed audibly, as if turning down my proposition caused her physical pain. “I have this stupid meeting at seven A.M. tomorrow. It is probably all bullshit, but I need to get more than a couple of hours of sleep tonight.” He looked at her watch. “Damn, it’s already past midnight. I’ve got to run.” She leaned in, and kissed me softly on the lips. She smelled delicious, like some exotic fruit. Before I could say a word she was out of my car, and closing my door. I drove home; and I was very alone with my thoughts.

Things continued on between Jazz and me all through the month of May. She seemed to gradually get bolder and bolder in her flirtations. Sometimes she got damn near pornographic. I thought about what Candy said about her being an innocent girl, and I decided that she might have Candy fooled about that.

In the middle of May, Jazz started sending me videos. She had got a new phone, and it took amazing quality HD video. At first it was just her in her mirror, in her bra and panties. She would do a little dance or a strip tease for me. Then she got a little tripod for her phone, and editing software on her computer. That is when things really started to get… interesting… crazy… out of hand… frustrating; I don’t even know which one to pick. All of the above.

Her graduation party was June 10th. On June 1st she sent me a video of her lying in bed, wearing a pair of red panties and nothing else. She masturbated herself to orgasm; twice. She had her hand down those red panties while playing with her clit, and I heard her moan my name as she came. At the end of the video, she told me that she was going to send me a video a day until her graduation party, at which my band was supposed to play.

I invited Candy over that evening to relieve some of my frustration. I relieved it three times, much to Candy’s delight. I stopped counting her orgasms at twenty, and that was during the second go round. I didn’t have her fooled for a second about the reason for my illustrious performance. She not only knew the reason, but she wanted to talk about it. I showed her the video, all seven and a half minutes of it. I could see by the look on her face that she was shocked.

“I don’t know what you have done to that girl, Derrick; but I think the damage has already been done.” I did not try to hide my indignation at this remark.

“What do you mean, what I have done? I haven’t done shit. She sends me pics of her underwear every fucking day.” I scrolled through the file that I had of the last two months of her panties so that Candy could see. Her mouth hung visibly open at this. Out of the two months, she never wore the same pair twice. “She kissed me at her birthday party, then she started sending me these pictures; now it’s videos. I’m not going to say that I have ever tried to discourage her, but I haven’t really done that much to encourage her, either.”

“Did you ever send her any pics of you, like dick pics?” I shuffled through my photo album, and showed her my boner pic that I sent her right after she sent the first pic to me. “Well, that pic is pretty impressive, but not impressive enough to account for all of the effort that she is putting into getting you to fuck her.” She actually sounded speechless, for once in her life. “It’s always the quiet ones, güvenilir casino Derrick.”

“What’s always the quiet ones?”

“It’s always the quiet ones that are the biggest freaks in bed. I have to say that I was wrong.” I almost fell out of bed at this stunning revelation. “This girl is not going to be satisfied until you fuck her. She may, or may not fall in love with you; but best believe, she is going to have you. I saw that look in her eyes in that video. It was like a lion stalking the antelope with the broken leg.” She smiled at me smugly. “You, Derrick, are that antelope.”

“Wait a fucking minute, Candy-cane. Are you actually telling me that I should bang Jazz? After you going all preachy about Brian being mad, and the band breaking up? Now you are telling me to go to town on her?”

“Absolutely not. I am saying that she is going to chase you until she separates you from the pack, and puts her jaws around your throat. I am not giving you the go ahead, but I’m telling you as a friend that she won’t stop until she catches you. She has this goal set in her mind. Maybe when she catches you, you should just be really horrible in bed, and then maybe she will leave you alone after that.” She laughed loudly. “Maybe she will lose her taste for antelope.” I failed to find any humor in her analogy.

True to her word, Jazz sent me a video every day until the day of her party. They seemed to get more explicit as the days went on. In the fourth video, she started giving me little peeks at her pussy, by pulling her panties down, or to the side. I have to admit that she had a beautiful shaved snatch. The morning of the party she sent another video of herself masturbating while lying in bed. This time there were no panties in the way. The camera was focused on her entire body this time; she diddled her clit, and when she looked into the camera, I felt like she was looking directly into my eyes. She detailed how that she wanted me to sneak into her room in the middle of the night, and fuck her senseless. She fingered herself again until she came.

“I’ll be waiting for you, Derrick. I can’t wait to feel your cock inside of me.”

The night of the party arrived much too quickly for me. I had weighed the pros and cons of doing as Jazz asked and sneaking into her room. Everything that Candy said went around and around in my brain. I knew what she meant by the antelope analogy. Sooner or later she would catch me by myself, and would throw herself at me. If I fucked her, then it could be good or bad; but I could see no upside to refusing to have sex with her. After months of flirting, she would be crushed. The thing that stuck in my mind is that I wanted to be in control of the situation. I didn’t want it to be drunk groping in her dark bedroom, all while trying to be quiet. If I invited her over to my place; I could cook her dinner, and make her feel special, then she would have a much better experience. I didn’t know for a fact that this was her first time, but if it was; I wanted it to be special.

When I got to the party Jazz ran up and jumped into my arms. She had apparently already had a few drinks. It was totally over the top, and I saw a few of her friends eyeing me knowingly. I take it that they knew perfectly well what was going on.

“Can we talk for a minute, Jazz?” Her smile was radiant, as she linked her arm through mine, and led me away from the crowds into a more secluded area. We walked around her koi pond, and went behind a thick stand of pines that shielded us from view. She immediately moved in and kissed me soundly. I returned the kiss, and slid my hand down her back, and grabbed a handful of that tight, teenaged ass of hers. After a minute or so I moved to break the kiss. She seemed like she was having trouble catching her breath. I knew that she was hot and bothered, and I was affected by the kiss as well. I felt my cock stiffening even as she smiled at me. Her brown eyes looked so innocent, and I knew that I had to play this just right in order not to hurt her feelings.

“Jazz, the last couple of months of flirting has been incredible. You are a gorgeous young woman.” Her face sort of fell and the sparkle went out of her eyes.

“Why do I think I hear a ‘but’ in that sentence, Derrick?” She looked on the verge of tears.

“It’s not a bad ‘but,’ Jazz. I just think that we should wait a few days to have sex. We can do it at my apartment, and it would be really special. I bet that you could even arrange it somehow where you can spend the night.” The light shined brightly in her eyes again.

“So you didn’t pull me back here to give me the brush off?” I smiled at that, and I took her hand in mine, and touched it to my now raging erection.

“Does this feel like I’m giving you the brush off?” She rubbed my cock slowly through my shorts. She felt its entire length, and then she tried to gauge its considerable girth.

“God, Derrick, you are so fucking huge!” I let her go on rubbing it. It felt amazing. My mind kept thinking about those videos that she sent me, and I just got harder and harder. I rubbed her handful sized tits through her tank top. Even through her bra her erect nipples were apparent. I brushed them lightly with my thumbs, and she threw back her head and moaned.

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