Şubat 27, 2021

It Was Nineteen-Seventy Something

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“Jeez, it’s like an oven in here!” Melanie complained as she gingerly sat down onto the leather upholstery of Gary’s luxury sedan. They had worked closely together for several months to land a large account and were headed off to celebrate with a nice lunch at company expense. It was a scorching Georgia summer day.

Melanie was an attractive woman in her thirties with silky fine red hair, green cat’s eyes and a figure like a brick shithouse, as her husband so inelegantly phrased it. She slid her long slender legs, encased in silky stockings and businesslike black heels, into the passenger side of the car and shut the door. Gary slammed his door and started the ignition.

Gary was a tall, distinguished man, ten years older than Melanie, with hair just beginning to be touched with silver at the temples. Fellow account executives at the city’s largest ad agency, they had just obtained a contract to represent what would become the firm’s largest client and they were giddy with success.

After a brief but high-spirited argument about who got to choose the restaurant, Gary pulled out of the office parking lot and headed toward the upscale eatery they had compromised on. Having been coworkers for several years, they counted each other as good friends. They were both happily married, and although there was an edge of sexual tension to some of their conversational exchanges, nothing inappropriate had ever happened between them. However, they were both aware that they skirted closer to the edge than was wise, sharing intimate details of their sex lives and sensual fantasies.

Gary knew what color lingerie Melanie favored and that the undersides of her breasts were the most sensitive spot on her body. She knew he liked to wear metal cock rings occasionally and kept his pubic area clean-shaven. Perhaps they each fantasized about putting this and other accumulated knowledge to use, but they resisted, knowing it would be wrong. Melanie consoled herself with the thought that her fantasies would always be perfect and romantic while real life could often be messy and disappointing.
“Saw Star Wars at least eight times, Had the Pac-Man pattern memorized
And I’ve seen the stuff they put inside…Stretch Armstrong
I was Roger Staubach in my backyard, Had a shoebox full of baseball cards
And a couple of Evil Knievel scars, On my right arm.

It was nineteen seventy somethin’, And the world that I grew up in
Farrah Fawcett hairdo days, Bell bottoms and eight track tapes
Lookin’ back now I can see me, Oh man, did I look cheesy
But I wouldn’t trade those days for nothin’, Oh it was nineteen seventy-somethin’.”

Melanie jumped as Gary hit the radio button and loud music poured from the car’s speakers, then she laughed.

“What are you doing listening to country?” she asked. “I thought you were strictly a classic rock kinda guy.”

“A well-rounded individual has diverse tastes in everything,” he assured her loftily, but couldn’t help cutting his eyes at her and grinning. “Besides, Sarah drove my car last night. Her boyfriend is a DJ at that rinky dink country station outside of town so she pretends to like it because she thinks he’s, oh how did she put it? Oh yeah, ‘Dad, he’s such a HOTTIE!’ ” He rolled his clear blue eyes theatrically and she laughed.

“I sure as hell wasn’t thinking of Stretch Armstrong and Roger Staubach in the ’70s,” he stated emphatically.

“Well, what were you thinking?” she asked teasingly, although she had a pretty good idea.

“Sex, drugs and rock and roll, baby!”

He thought for a second before amending, “well, not drugs so much. Sex was my recreational substance of choice.”

“Still is as far as I can tell,” Melanie said dryly, and enjoyed the sound of his husky laughter.

“Jesus, we had some wild times back then,” he continued.

“I know,” she pouted, “By the time I came along safe sex and family values were all the rage. I sure missed out, didn’t I?”

“You sure did,” Gary rubbed it in. “We used to play games and have a great time and nobody took it too seriously.”

“Games?! Like what? Spin the Bottle and Seven Minutes in Heaven?”

“Nah,” he chuckled, “a little more adult than that. My favorite was everyone put 10 or 20 bucks in the kitty. You paired up with someone you’d never been with before and the girls went down on the guys. The first woman casino şirketleri to make her guy cum got half the money. The last guy to cum got the other half. I was ALWAYS the last to cum. Made most of my spending money that way for a couple of years,” he finished smugly.

He glanced over at Melanie, grinned wickedly at her incredulous look and said, “Shut your mouth, you’re catching flies.”

“Damn, I’m so sheltered,” she sighed. “I’ve only ever been with one person. And he’s incredible, don’t get me wrong, but sometimes I wonder what I missed.”

“Ah, yes,” Gary said, his eyes taking on a faraway look. “I remember one night my girlfriend and I went with two other couples to a Grateful Dead concert at the Omni. One of the girls, Tanya I think her name was, was a real cock-hound. She’d just go right up to strange guys and ask them if they wanted to fuck her. That night she picked out a couple of dudes at the concession stand and invited them back to her apartment for a gang bang.”

Gary again glanced over and smiled slightly at Melanie’s wide-eyed expression.

“Their names were Bill and Ted.”

He shook his head, “Shit, I can’t believe I even remember all this. Anyway, they couldn’t agree fast enough so after the show all eight of us piled into our friend Shaggy’s van, the “Sin Bin”, he called it. Yes, he really went by the name Shaggy,” he answered her unspoken question.

“We got back to Tanya’s, smoked a little more weed, drank some cheap wine and everybody mellowed out. Somebody put on some music…Bad Company, I think it was. Then everyone started making out.”

“God, it was SO seventies. A little efficiency apartment with burnt orange shag carpet, beanbag chairs, vinyl records dropping down onto the turntable. I was with this girl named Katie. She was a tiny blue-eyed blond with a southern accent as thick as honey. She had a mouth on her like a Hoover. You thought she’d suck your dick right off, nuts and all. Jesus, she couldn’t have been more than 18. Prettiest little pair of tits you ever saw and a pink pussy sweeter than that honey-flavored voice.”

“At first, we were paired off, me and Katie, Shaggy and Tanya, and another couple named Marcia and Bob. Bill and Ted just sat back in these funky papa-san chairs and watched wide-eyed.”

Gary’s eyes took on a faraway look as he recounted his memories of that long-ago night.

“Katie and I were laying on this naugahyde couch against the wall. Tanya and Shaggy were on some big cushions on the floor in one corner and Bob had pulled Tanya’s murphy bed out of the wall and was laying on it groping Marcia.

“Not one to be shy, especially after she’d had beer and pot and God knows what else, Katie reached over and kissed me hard, swirling her tongue around my mouth and rubbing those sweet breasts against my chest. I put my hands on her hips and dragged her into my lap, grinding my stiff cock against her soft ass. We just sat there dry-humping for seemed like hours.

“I looked up and saw Marcia and Bob going at it. He had her shirt pulled up and was sucking and licking her tits and she had her hands in the open fly of his jeans, jerking him hard. It really turned me on to see him sucking and squeezing her big knockers so I grabbed Katie’s shirt and slipped it off. She had these uptilted boobs with little pink nipples. God, I can still remember how good they tasted. And they were so incredibly sensitive I could just lick and suck them to give her a screaming orgasm.

“Katie moaned as I laid her back against the arm of the couch and had at those tits. I sucked and pinched her nipples like she liked it, making her roll her head around and squeeze her thighs together.

“Do you want me to touch you?” I whispered roughly.

“God yes, Gary, please make me cum,” she begged. I could hear “Feel Like Making Love” blaring from Tanya’s cheap speakers as I shoved Katie’s jeans and white cotton panties down her legs and yanked them apart. I was such a horndog back then. Had absolutely no finesse.

“She was like a peach, all sweet and juicy. Running one hand up and down her wet lips, I used the other to keep playing with her nipples. She arched against my hand, bucking her hips and clenching her thighs together trying to make me frig her faster and harder.

“I looked over to where Bob and Marcia were. Bob had straddled her middle casino firmaları and was plunging his thick rod up and down between her big tits. He was twisting and pinching her large brown nipples and she was screaming that she needed to cum. Her legs were spread so wide everyone in the room could see her dripping bush. Ted, the taller of the two guys Tanya had picked up, finally got up out of his chair. He lowered his pants and pulled Marcia’s ass closer to the edge of the bed. His cock was long and thin with a wicked curve to it. He buried it in her balls-deep in one quick thrust. She must have cum immediately because she screamed and nearly bucked Bob off. They were both still fucking her good when I looked back down at Katie.

“She was whimpering and pushing against my hand. Using two fingers, I slid inside her tight hole and kept rubbing her clit with my thumb.

“Faster, do it faster,” she begged. “Please Gary, make me cum.” Instead, I backed off, withdrawing my fingers and slowing the tempo of my thumb on her clit. She screamed in frustration, digging her fingernails into my arm.

“A loud “oh yeah!” caught my attention and I looked in the other corner of the room to see Tanya, Shaggy and Bill going at it. Tanya was on her hands and knees and Shaggy was drilling her from behind while she sucked Bill off. Shaggy, who really did look like the guy from the TV show — tall, skinny, weird hair — had a huge dick and he would shove it into Tanya, pull it out almost all the way then shove it home again so hard you could hear his balls slap her ass. The harder he fucked her the harder she sucked on Bill.

“There was a series of clicks and Led Zeppelin dropped onto the turntable. I remember thinking that was appropriate because as soon as I got this little girl off I’d be climbing the Stairway to Heaven. I kept toying with her hard nipples while I fucked her with my hand. I didn’t know much back then but I did know the clit was the right button to push, so I rubbed and pinched and flicked it until she stiffened up and squealed. She dug those little kitten nails into my arm hard enough to draw blood and convulsed into what had to be three or four orgasms. By this time my rod was so stiff I was afraid I was going to cum in my pants and at nineteen, that’s a guy’s biggest fear. Soon as she came down I unzipped and flopped her back onto the couch. I grabbed her hand and guided it to me. She was slow and a little clumsy at first, still stoned I guess, then she really got into it.

“Some wild thrashing drew both our attention. “Oh fuck, I’m cumming” screamed Ted as he sank himself into Marcia one last time. Bob had apparently already shot his load because he was passed out, looked like, head pillowed on Marcia’s soft tits.

“Katie continued to stroke my stiff cock with her small hand, studying it with intense concentration, eyes wide, lips pursed. Those soft lips tantalized me and now it was me begging, “Suck me Katie, please.”

“She did, slowly lowering her head to suck me into her warm waiting mouth. I almost blew right then. She took me so deep, all the way, nose buried in my pubes. One hand squeezed my balls and the other was on my hip, using it for leverage as she slurped me in and out. I had my hands buried in her blond hair, fucking her mouth like I’d never stop. I remember wondering if I’d die from how good it felt.

“Another album dropped and the Moody Blues began to sing about Nights in White Satin. Katie’s mouth felt like hot satin and I knew I couldn’t hold back much longer. Wanting it to last, I looked away from her head bobbing up and down on my crotch and checked out the action on the bed.

“They had changed positions and Tanya was on top, riding on Bill’s cock and sucking Shaggy’s. That girl was wild. I could see she was squeezing the base of Shaggy’s cock with one hand and rubbing his ass with the other. As I watched, she stuck a finger in her mouth and wet it. Then she slid it into Shaggy’s ass. He grunted and started fucking her mouth even harder. I had never seen anything like that and almost lost it right there.

“Suddenly I desperately needed to be inside Katie’s wet cunt. I removed my hands from her hair and pulled her head back slightly.

“I want to fuck your pussy,” I told her, lying her back on that ratty old couch. I kicked out of my shoes and jeans but left my socks on like an asshole. güvenilir casino Spreading her legs, I slipped a finger between her lips and rubbed. She squirmed and arched toward me. Grabbing my dick at the base, I gradually slipped it inside her. She was so tight and hot it made me groan out loud. I started pumping into her, slow at first then faster and harder. Her legs wrapped around my waist and I could feel her nails digging into my back. She raised her hips to meet each thrust of my rock-hard cock.

“Fuck me, Gary” she whispered and I obliged enthusiastically, if not particularly skillfully, banging her harder and harder until she began to whimper and moan. I pulled out almost all the way, then slammed back into that tight slick pussy over and over until I could feel her thighs clench tight around me with yet another orgasm.

“Looking over the arm of the couch, I could see Tanya was having the time of her life. Shaggy was lying on his back and she was faceup on top of him. His cock was buried in her ass and he was holding her hips, pushing into her hard. Bill was squatting over them, buried to the hilt in her pussy. He and Shaggy were pumping to the same rhythm and Tanya was screaming and thrashing around, her hands pulling and twisting at her own nipples. Swear to god, I don’t know how they managed it but all three of them came at the same time. Between Tanya screaming and the two guys panting and moaning, they almost drowned out the sound of Aerosmith singing “Sweet Emotion.”

“That sight was enough to put this inexperienced young boy right over the edge. One final thrust was all it took and I was shooting what felt like buckets of cum into Katie’s tight hole. I thrust and spasmed and grunted for what seemed like hours. She stared up at me with those baby blue eyes and grinned like the kitten who has just licked up all the cream. Drawing one last deep breath, I collapsed on top of her, not wanting to smother her but barely able to muster up the strength to keep from it. I kissed her softly and told her how fantastic she was.

“After a long while I rolled off her and scrounged up a blanket. Everybody else was passed out, so I curled up next to Katie, covered us up, and just went to sleep. We saw each other a couple more times after that but grew apart after awhile. I wonder whatever happened to her?”

Gary’s voice trailed off as both he and Melanie seemed to wake from a trance, realizing the car was parked but still running in the restaurant lot. The heat rising off the pavement shimmered outside the car and the air conditioner was on full blast. Melanie tried to convince herself that the A/C must be the explanation for her nipples being rock hard and clearly visible through her thin silk blouse. She shook her head to clear it, determinedly putting the vividly graphic sexual images Gary had painted out of her mind.

Gary blinked and shifted restlessly in the driver’s seat. Following the movement, Melanie’s cheeks flushed as she realized Gary had a raging hard-on. She quickly turned her attention to gathering her purse and suit jacket. Opening the car door, she stepped into the August sun. The waves of heat engulfing her were mild compared to the burning between her thighs.

Gary emerged from the driver’s side and joined her to walk toward the restaurant, courteously taking her elbow as they walked over the rough pavement. They were uncharacteristically silent, lost in their own reactions to what had just happened. Melanie wondered nervously if a line had been crossed. They’d had sexy conversations before but they were mostly flirting and innuendo. This had been intimate and very erotic.

‘Oh, God,’ she wondered. ‘How in the world are we going to go to California next week, stay in hotel rooms near each other, and act like nothing ever happened?’ She took a deep breath, ‘we’ll manage, that’s all. Our working relationship is too important to let this weird us out.’

She said brightly, “I’m absolutely starved!”

“Yeah,” Gary said quietly, “me, too. Let’s order right away.” His voice had returned to its normal tone and delivery, very different from the slangy, coarse way he had talked while telling Melanie the story of his youthful adventure.

They chatted about the new client, their boss, and other work-related matters as they ate their lunch. Slowly, the tension seemed to ease and the conversation became less strained. By the time the meal was over, they were teasing and joking with one another again, although they stayed carefully away from any sexual references.

‘Whew,’ Melanie breathed silently. ‘I think everything’s going to be OK.’

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