Şubat 27, 2021

It Takes All Sorts

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“Wow look at that, its gorgeous” gasped Brenda whilst browsing through a lingerie catalogue.

“No I prefer that,” said Kaylee pointing to a hot -pink lacy chemise.

Brenda and Kaylee were good friends, ever since Brenda married Andy three years ago, they clicked straight away.

Andy happened to be best mates with Kaylee’s husband Karl, as they were at university together in computing.

Andy walked through the door and smelt the freshly brewed coffee; that tantalized his nostrils.

“Coffee Hun?” he asked sarcastically.

Rolling her eyes Brenda got up from the breakfast stool and poured Andy coffee in his favourite mug that had a picture of a bikini babe, who becomes naked when the hot water hits the inside.

She had bought it for him at one of the parties that their local sex shop organizes, she had been to a few months back; it has been going for years now.

Sex parties only used to cater for woman, but In this day and age it’s for men, woman and couples.

Brenda sat back down next to Kaylee who was glued to a baby doll outfit. She was very tempted to purchase it.

“What’s this then, buying some more naughty things for my pleasure?” Andy mocked peering over the girls shoulder.

The girls totally ignored him and flicked over to the end page that happened to have adult parties Advertisements on it.

“So what happens at these parties then; ooh is it an org?” continued Andy pathetically.

His wife glared at him with daggers in her eyes, with such a shallow attitude that annoyed her at times.

“No, not at all!” she snapped.

“Honestly you men so shallow” Kaylee butted in without raising her head.

There was a long silence before she realized what the time was, and had to be some where.

“I’d better go, see you later guys” she said rushing out the door.

Andy downed the rest off his coffee and kissed Brenda on the cheek,

“I had better dash too; I’d said I would meet Karl in the pub for a pint, see you later babes.”

It was lunchtime and the pub was packed full of businessmen in their suits, smoking expensive cigars and drinking, laughing and just being vulgar.

Karl was in the corner looking smart in his black jacket, with his brown hair gelled back. He always looked immaculate, and he was very good looking, always finding it hard to not get the eye.

He waved frantically at Andy who just about managed to order his pint; he then walked through the smoke filled room to greet him.

Karl was grinning and looking sheepish with a magazine in front of him, as Andy sat down opposite, looking curious.

“How about this; you fancy trying out one of these sex parties like the girls go to sometimes?” he said with excitement but discreetly lowering himself so that the table reflected his face.

Andy listened closely brining his ear towards Karl, whilst sipping his beer.

“The woman who organizes it is called Chloe, and she does strictly male parties; what do you think?”

“Yeah sounds good but will the wives mind?” Andy was concerned.

“Nah… they have their fun; just think it will be a laugh, imagine this girl might be really hot” Karl gave a convincing grin.

In deep thought Andy began to fantasize Chloe modelling the sexy underwear. He felt his trousers tighten at the crotch as he grew hard feeling his cock tingle, his mind swimming with the erotic thoughts.

“Yeah ok why not; is there a number?” he finally replied back.

Karl showed him the number and circled it at the top of the page of the magazine that ironically happened to be a bit more pornographic, totally different to where Brenda and Kaylee get their bookings from.

Within that half an hour the party was booked, eight o’clock Thursday around Karl’s and Kaylee’s flat.

“I had already told the lads at work, they are well up for it” Karl said so excited he couldn’t keep still.

He was a typical lad but never cheated on his wife on who he was devoted to fully. However he never took a blind eye to an attractive girl in a Mini skirt and golden long locks.

Getting up ready to leave to go back to work, Karl finishing his second pint and headed to the door popping his head around the door to shout at Andy.

“Don’t forget to tell the lads Andy; the more the merrier eh?” his voice faded through the crowd as he left.

Kaylee was sitting on the sofa watching her soap when Karl barged casino şirketleri in and announced she had to go out Thursday night. Luckily she had already arranged a drink with Brenda and her friends Tanya and Lisa that night.

Looking a little worried she questioned him.

“Orgy is it then!” she jeered as Andy did earlier.

“No! Just a lads night in” Karl replied with a defensive look in his deep brown eyes.

She sniggered at the phrase ‘lad’s night in.’

“Yeah… right.”

A knock at the door broke the conversation. It was Brenda coming around with more catalogues.

Karl stood there smiling smugly at her as she walked into the room.

“Yeah I know; I’ve been ordered too” she said to him.

Brenda sat down and put her neat little blue handbag down beside her. She had just come back from a meeting and looked sophisticated with her dark brown short hair clipped back. She was wearing a skirt suit with matching stiletto shoes, red lips and green shadow.

“I’ll leave you girls in peace then.”

Karl had to get back to work that evening. He was the manager of a busy restaurant and had to help out, as it was booked up that evening.

It was later; the bottle of wine that Brenda bought over was empty.

“I’ve just had a brilliant idea” Brenda announced after a quiet moment.

“Shall we secretly film this party?”

Kaylee’s eyes lit up, and now wondered were her old camcorder was. Last used at her brother’s wedding two years ago, and just got put away.

“Why not; it would interest to see how different it might be” she answered almost


Brenda bit her cherry coloured bottom lip and stood in thought for a while.

Hesitating, Kaylee had doubts, what if they get caught and would it really be a good idea

“Should we?” she then questioned.

“Oh come Kay; we can take the right piss out of them. It’ll be fun” Brenda nudged.

Still unsure she agreed, giving into Brenda who was a very dominant woman and just couldn’t say no.

The girls rummaged around in the downstairs cupboard, that was full of junk that had been collecting for years.

Boxes from their wedding presents, Christmas decorations, tools you name it, it was in there.

Finally right at the back there was a box where the video camera was, still in good condition but a little dust lay on the service.

The girls looked at each other and clapped acting like juvenile young girls.

For two thirty year olds you would of thought the known better.

They took it upstairs after clearing up the mess and started to play about with it, it was still working perfectly.

“Now we will have to find a home for it” Brenda thought out loud pondering at a large plant in the corner.

“No too obvious.”

“Perfect! Brenda yelled looking at a corner unit where the T.V was. There was a small hole just big enough for the lens.

Being very slender Brenda squeezed around to the back where the camera fitted perfectly, having to move some of Karl’s stuff first.

Brenda looked through the camera to see the position, zooming in and out to get the right view.

“Well?” Kaylee’s feet said in front of Brenda, as she moved the camera upwards to see Kaylee’s face with expression of question on it.

“Move over” Brenda snapped.

“Perfect, you can see most of the lounge.”

The girls looked back to admire their efforts; feeling so excited and they couldn’t wait.

Soon enough the night was here, and the girls rushed out so quickly, not giving a thought to say goodbye to their husbands.

“Bye then love” Karl shouted to Kaylee as she shot out the door with a sheepish grin on her face.

He continued to put the six pack of lager in the fridge, waiting for his friends to show.

Andy was already their helping to prepare things for the night. Putting out bowls full of nibbles on the table and he lit a few candles to get the mood.

He was quite feminine for a man, taking pride of the house, the sensitive and romantic type.

An hour later the lounge was filled of laughter and crude innuendos with testosterone in the atmosphere.

There was a loud male cheer as the door bell rang.

“Finally” Calvin hollered, who was one of Karl’s loud work colleagues.

Karl shushed the rowdy men and ran to the front door, faced by a stunning Auburn –haired woman.

“I’m sorry casino firmaları I’m late; the bloody car is playing up again” she huffed.

“You’re here now” Karl said hardly containing himself from such beauty.

Chloe was wearing a sparkling black top with her cleavage plunging over.

She was slim with a tiny bum that her tight trousers clung to.

* * *

A week later the wives finally got the chance to watch their great home video.

With a pizza ordered and a few bottles of wine for courage, they were ready to settle down.

What they where about to see was sure to shock them.

Andy and Karl were out with a few friends, and wouldn’t be back till early hours.

They compared notes on how that night affected them; resulting with both girls having a great night of sex with their men; best they had had for a while.

“Andy bought a new vibrator and some other stuff; it was fantastic,” expressed Kaylee smirked.

“Karl and I experienced some great role play, and bought me a PVC set, they should do this more often” Brenda giggled.

“Come on Kay, play it go on” Brenda shouted bouncing up and down.

The first thing that was seen on the tape was Brenda’s mug filling the screen, and talking.

“My god do I really sound and look like that,” she said in disgust off herself shovelling down a slice of pizza.

“Shut up you look fine” Kaylee said disagreeing feeling quite nervous about what she might see.

The first five minutes was of them both messing about and acting stupid.

After the silent empty room was shown, gradually friends started to arrive.

The angle was perfect as it had almost all the lounge, showing from the centre.

As they watched on, they listened in on the conversations that went on between Brett and Ash,

“Ooh gossip” Brenda squeaked turning up the volume.

The time came when Chloe walked into the room making the girls feel quite intimidated on how attractive and younger she was.

Chloe dropped a huge suit case on the far left of the room, and then she disappeared out of view.

“Damn it! She’s off sight” Brenda scorned.

Kaylee shushed her and concentrated on what she was going to do next.

A wide range of underwear was displayed on a rail including kinky uniforms and fetish wear, with whips and cuffs and a box of other toys.

A relief went though Kaylee, as she thought it was just like a party that would be the same as what she would attend.

Chloe came back into view and she was stripping off her clothes, and the men weren’t looking away either.

“Here’s one I prepared earlier” she said in a deep husky sexy voice making the men glare more.

She stood right in front of the camera wearing a black thong that was attached to a bodice, showing off her perfectly toned ass.

Kaylee and Brenda were fixed to the T.V. but in away turned on. What was about to happen in their minds, but frightened that she will seduce them.

Nothing happened for a while; she was just showing the clothes that they might like to buy, vanishing sometimes to model the outfits on the rail.

When she returned for the last time she was wearing a black PVC corset with a zip unfastened half way revealing her full cleavage.

Her legs were long and slim showing through the fishnet suspender tights leading up to a chained micro mini skirt.

All the guy’s eyes bulged as she moved towards them bending over to whisper to them.

“I can’t hear” Brenda winged grabbing the remote to turn it up full volume again.

“Rewind it Rewind it.”

Kaylee did so and just about catching what she was saying.

“Now for some real fun” Chloe uttered, she now had full power over all of them, Seducing them slowly.

Moving away she creaked with the sound of her clothing, producing I long stick from her box of goodies.

A black leather Cain that she slapped against her thighs, making the men jump.

Her form completely covered the lens that irritated Brenda.

“GET OUT THE WAY I CAN’T SEE” she shouted.

Pointing the Cain at Andy, she beckoned him over with her gloved finger, now moving away from view again.

With Kaylee’s horror she saw her husband on all fours with his trousers down, whist Chloe instructing another member to come over to him.

Other implements of sex was laid out now as she stood with the Cain on Andy’s ass, güvenilir casino slapping it gently for Calvin to rim, using some toffee flavoured body paint to rub over.

Andy shuddered as Calvin smeared it on his buttocks and tight little hole.

“Here is the game, you make him cum and you’ll get a prize” she whispered.

She then pointed the Cain to Brett who looked terrified of what she might to do with him.

“You I want you to suck him” she instructed dominantly.

Again the prize was offered to him if he had succeeded to make Calvin climax.

Chloe sat back and watched the three men giving each other pleasure, finding her self becoming wet.

There were still two of them that were left, looking horrified but rock hard with arousal. Chloe looked with lust fall eyes at their erections protruded out under their clothing.

Telling them to stand, she ordered them to show her how hard they were, and done as there were told quickly, it was as if she had a spell on them.

Karl and Ash lay on the floor side by side giving each other pleasure, as the Cain snapped against Ash’s ass so hard he yelped.

“Come on suck harder than that; deep throat him, do you not want your prize?” Chloe hissed.

Ash nodded with his mouth full off Karl’s shaft.

A few moments went by, as Chloe walked around, her thigh high leather boots, stepping over the heap of groaning men as they sucked and played each other.

She cracked the Cain; every now and then on naked flesh for more hastiness.

She sat down on the sofa spreading her legs parading herself as the prize, exciting them more as they randomly glanced at her bareness between her legs.

She then started to tease her hands over herself, round her strawberry-blonde pubis. Her fingers rubbed slowly, her eyes fixed on the small orgy in front of her.

Someone broke with a loud noise of rapture and ecstasy, as Andy exploded his juices over Brett’s clenched fist.

Chloe walked to him; smiling at the exhausted man collapsed on the floor.

“Good, you can now claim your prize,” she lifting his chin.

Then a chorus of cries filled the room as all four of the others came in random moans.

The odour of salty sex scented the air and Chloe now knew she succeeded in what she had wanted.

Heavy breaths and yet sticky with white gooey juices seeping from their bulbuls cocks.

Chloe commanded that they stand, watching as she gently touched her hard pink clit, massaging slowly licking her lips teasingly at the horny guys.

“I think you all deserve a prize'” she muttered in that deep sexy voice.

Pointing at Andy who was the first to cum, spread her cheeks open invitingly.

“Come and taste me.”

Andy lapped her wet aching pussy as the other stood and watched, growing hard delving his tongue inside deep into her hole.

“Stop, now you all wanna fuck me?” she uttered breathlessly.

Nodding agreeably Andy entered her, thrusting hard in the passion.

Chloe’s cheeks rippled as each man took it in turns to take her from behind, leaving her ass red and sore with prints of fingertips where they held her tight as they rammed her.

She screamed and groaned, flipped over to her back, fingering her moist sex. Pinching her erects nipples with the other hand.

“I…. I … want to be covered in your cum, taste it in my mouth, smear it all over my body, strip me boys.”

Lying naked in the middle of the floor exploring her self, the guys circled around her like some kind of ritual and rubbed them selves over her heaving naked pale flesh.

Brett picked up a large Dildo and knelt beside her and inserting it slightly in and out.

He then he pushed a mini lipstick like one up her tight ass. Chloe whimpered as Brett’s movements became more rapid.

Showers of hot sticky liquid hit her burning skin, she cried out in ecstasy feeling droplets fill her open mouth as she climaxed.

Karl was the loudest moan as he shot his load on to her breast.

She smeared it over her body like cream and shuddered, looking around at the content faces.

“So seen anything else you want?” she tittered looking at the instruments that was used on her.

Brenda and Kaylee collapsed in a heap both naked and breathless.

It seemed that the video was more erotic than they thought.

“Well?” Brenda asked.

Kaylee giggled and wiped her mouth “Mm bloody good blue movie wasn’t it.”

The girls softly kissed and sat back.

“It takes allsorts of things to turn you on” Brenda sighed resting her head on Kaylee’s shoulder; as they watched the friends gradually leave on the video.

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