Mart 13, 2021

it all started in 2005 2

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When I woke up I looked down and saw Eddy was fucking Kelly whit Kim between their legs shit what a site so fucking erotic I looked at my watch and saw that it was almost time.
I was coming back so I went out the back doors sat in my car for ¼ of an hour, then got out and went around to the front doors as I did this I looked up at the doors to the no 1 cinema and saw its door close,

I went to my office and moved stuff around until they all came in, I looked up and asked how the film was the girls said yeh very good I think I would like to see it again said Kim yeh me to Kelly piped in, how about you Eddy you liked it, me and movies I think I dozed off after a while, I laugh yeh I know what you mean.
All ready then I said ok lets lock up and go; we are going for a bite to eat to McDonnell’s, would you and Kimy like to come Kevin? Sure why not. I tough interesting Kim never said anything; she does not normally like to be called Kimy. off we went two girls in the back as we were on our way, I don’t know why but for some reason I looked at eddy’s pants and saw a large stain on the crotch of them, as they were black, the white stain it stood out more, when we got to Mac’s the girls got out and ran inside I took hold of Eddy and told him I said I am not In the habit of looking at men’s crotch’s but the stain is quite large you might want to do something about it before the girls see it and think you had a wet dream while you were sleeping at the movie and laugh, with that he took himself off to the loo to sorted it out when came back he said the dryer is not working in the bath room you could see a large wet stain their you would think he had wet himself I gave the keys to the car, I said don’t worry we will get a takeaway
I told the girls they laugh and said sure we would like that, the girls ordered the food for all of us, I paid we picked it up and went back to for the car Eddy was sitting in the back, Kim had the food and she sat in the back, but as Kelly went to sit in the back it was a bit thigh whit the food and drinks, I suggested that she sit in front so she did as she got in her skirt slid up her thigh enough for me to see she did not have any knickers on I saw a glimpse of her pussy I purposely blushed at her and looked away as we drove back I asked if anyone would like to eat in the car by the lake on the way home, Eddy said sure it will give me some time to dry off the girls where happy whit this so we drove to the lake, I went to a out of the way spot I knew no other car would fit in to that spot.
As we were eating I would turn around to talk to Eddy and I notice that Kim`s skirt was very high up her thigh you could see her pussy as she had not put her wet knickers back on,
She did not see me looking as she opened her legs a little, l turned back I looked in the mirror I could Eddy looking down, I knew he was looking at her pussy (lucky shit) I looked away so as not to let on I had seen them after eating I gathered all the empties and put in the bin that was 100 feet away from the car, I stood there and looked out to the lake it was beautifully out on the lake,
I looked back towards the car I saw Kim`s head come up, I am sure she was sucking, him he started to adjust himself, I came back to the car I saw Kelly in conversation whit her dad, as I got in I could see she had raised her skirt I got a fantastic view of her long legs almost as far as her pussy but not quite, as I looked in the mirror I could see Eddy tell her whit his eyes to raise it more as she turned back I pretended not to look but I could see from the corner of my eye her moving her skirt up more as we were talking, I looked at her and then down to her legs and the view of her pussy, she knew I was looking at her pussy and done noting she just sat there she looked at my crotch I had my hand on my cock she saw me squeeze it a few times trough my trousers now it was her time to go red as she looked up I was looking straight in her eyes she smiled and I looked away as I looked in the mirror I could Kim`s shoulder moving up izmir escort bayan and down as if she was wanking him off.
As I turned she quickly pulled her hand away and he covered himself, I said time to make a movie he said a movie it’s just a joke I mean to move home oh sorry he said so we set off I dropped Eddy and Kelly off at their home as their gamma was going in to the house to, we wave good bye to Kelly and Eddy, said we should go out for a day some time, sounds fun I said we will talk soon and was now in the front I could not help looking at her legs on the way home, she was dozing in the car I could see her knickers in her bag I slipped my hand in and pulled them out and put them in my pocket, as we stopped she woke up all right sleepy head she just laugh and got out I said I will be there shortly I need to get some stuff out of the car, she went in I felt the seat she was sitting on in the back it was wet, I went inside she was in the kitchen getting a drink from the fridge as she turned around she saw me sitting on a chair in the centre of the kitchen looking straight at her, are you all write dad she asked I looked at her asked can you get me a drink of whisky please it is on top shelf, sure dad and reach for the drink I could her naked butt under her short skirt she poured me a drink then turned and saw me looking.
Is there something wrong dad, you look angry, no baby just confused somewhat, do you know who these belong to I lifted the knickers up for her to see, she put her hand down to her pussy ,she forgot she had not put them back on her. You could see the tears welling up in her eyes, and that`s not all where you sat in the back the seat is all wet and it is not water. I think we need to talk some come over here to me and stand at the side keep looking straight ahead, as she stood alongside me I said now Kim I want you to tell me the truth no lies ok none what so ever promise me ok, with a sniffle I promise dad. I will ask you questions you will answer them only, ok let us begin
Q. are you a virgin
A. no dad she seemed a little worried, ok don’t worry I am not going to bite
Q. when did you loosed it or how old where you
A. 8, what? 8 she started to cry no baby don’t cry sorry I did not mean to shout ok relax as I said I love you and won’t be angry whit you, sniffle o.k. dad
Q. have you had a man’s thing in you
A. yes dad, are they some words that I can’t say, no baby you can say anything you want. I meant did you have a man`s cock in you, yes I did have a cock in me.
Q. how many
A. 3
Q. do you know them
A. I know two of them
Q. I need to know who they are I will not go to the police I promise ok first person
A. Uncle Tony. At this time I could not believe this how could he, the fucker I will kill him I said to myself
Q. Second person Eddy Kelly’s dad
Q. when
A. today
Q. where
A. in the cinema Kelly watched the door in case you came back, oh dad please don’t be angry whit me please,
I won’t baby as I said this I put my hand up her leg under her skirt to her pussy and started to rub her clitoris I then put my finger inside her, in out in out she kept looking straight ahead at last she did not have to pretend to be a sleep I just kept finger fucking her she was getting so wet. The moans her knees were wobbling somewhat.
Q. the third
A. A stranger
Q. how did it happen, all the details
A. in the train I got from nannies it was a single compartment nobody else but the two of us
Q. did you want this to happen
A. I think so
Q. you will tell me the truth ok
A. ok dad I promise, I was sitting in this compartment on my Owen when this man saw me the train started to move off he ran to the door opened a jumped on he sat straight in front of me, he started to laugh and said I nearly missed it I smiled as the train was going I was looking out the window, I could see his reflection in the window he was looking up my skirt, I pretended to have itch up my leg and started to scratched it as I did it lifted my skirt up I buca escort looked at him he was looking up my skit and could my knickers I took my hand away but did not pull my skirt down you could see my knickers. (I had put two fingers inside her, I was really finger fucking her now).
Q. Did you like the idea of him looking up your skirt honey?
A. Yes dad I wanted him to feel me up. Then I felt his leg come between my legs, I didn’t move away then he started two push my legs apart, as he did this he moved up on his seat I felt his hand touch my leg he had his hand on his knee, began to rub his knee at the same time he was rubbing my leg he got really brave and put his hand on my thigh as I did not push him a way he moved his hand higher when got to my knickers he put his finger under the lining and start to feel my pussy lips, he then got both hands and pulled down my knickers, he knelt down and started to lick me he put both my legs over his shoulders, then started to lick my ass wow I really liked that, I came twice he then stood up and took out his cock a put it to my lips and told me to suck him for a while I did this, I was really enjoying this a stranger had his cock in my mouth.
Kim started to cum hard on my fingers as she was telling me this, oh dad ohhhhhh god dad I cumin soooooo ooshit shit sooooo hard my fingers where soaking wet I kept pushing in out in out ohhhhhhhhh dad. I love it me I have never been finger fucker like this,
carry on what else happened, he took his cock out of my mouth and put it between my pussy lips and started to push it in, I pretended it hurt a bit but really it was smaller than uncle tony, it was nice he fucked me for about 20 minutes until he came
He said he was really sorry and please don’t report him. I said don’t worry I won’t I liked it. The train was coming into my stop, can we do this again sometime, sure I would like it then he gave me his card and fifty pound, I said I am not a prostitute you know, I did not mean to imply that. The money was for you to by some short skirts or anything else you wanted please forgive me; I smiled and took the money ok bye for now and I left.
I took my fingers out of her I told her to go up stairs and have a shower, she looked and at me and said dad I am so sorry, please don’t tell mum, what if I ask you to suck another girl, yes dad I would even suck another girl, anything for you dad up she went had her shower,
I came up after I had relaxed for a while, what a site she had put a grey armless vest that made her little buds look bigger a short grey pleated skirt white socks just below the knees as if I was not hard enough, I went over to her put my hand under the skirt and started to play with her pussy , please bend over the end of the bed with your legs on the floor as she done this I knelt down behind her lifted the skirt put my tongue straight to her ass and lick her hole I was trying to put my tongue in as far as it would go she said god dad that’s lovely don’t stop I won’t baby we have all week I was licking away and the phone rang on my bed stand, you answer it baby. I went back to licking her asshole, it was Helen our next door neighbour, I looked up told her to put it on loudspeaker she giggle and put it on. I carried on with licking her ass and down to her pussy it was hard for me to listen to her friend talk, she asked how things went, but first when you where outside this afternoon you where leaning against your dads car you could see your knickers, what you a spying on me now, no listen I saw this because when I came out of my bedroom my mum was looking out the window she had her dress lifted up and her hand was in her knickers playing with her pusse she was to engrossed to notice me, I went back into my room looked out my side window that looks onto your drive and saw what she was looking at it was you cause your dad was not there at the time, are you sure it’s your mum we are talking about , I know it sounds craze but I had my suspicion for a while. After I came home early one day and heard some loud moans come from my mom’s izmir escort room I crept back down stairs and pretended to open and slam the door so she could hear me come in, I went to the kitchen and made up a drink as I turned the tap off my mum and her friend came in, the girl must have been about 16 years old, said this is Clair she just pop around to pick check something on her report card she handed her some letter from her bag that was in the kitchen and said good by Clair as she was going out the door I heard my mum whisper to her see you soon, thank you very much Mrs. power the girl smiled at her and left.
I am not surprised at all, I could see why my mom had her fingers in her pussy looking at you, you looked so sexy today in that short skirt, didn’t your dad object or was he to busy looking up your skirt at your knickers to LOL, you’re not wrong girl I was hoping he would put his hand on my pussy and finger me. I think he was looking at me a lot on the way to Kelly’s, how did it go, I will tell you but can’t tell anyone promise me (I looked at Kim to say no but then she said) or I will tell everyone about your dog licking your pussy, my eyes nearly popped out of my head Kim just smiled and winked at me, I looked back as if to say really it did happen. You know I would not say anything, you know I want you to try it whit rover to you will love the way he licks pussy, I think he licks mum to, by the way I have to ask you something to, what Kim said, no you go first tell me about today, well we went and picked Kelly and her dad Eddy up we went to the cinema, we sat and started to watch the film and eddy moved his hand down by his side I felt against my leg I did not move so he started to move his hand up and down his leg at the same time he was rubbing my leg not moving he then put his hand on my leg up my thigh, , then he put his hand onto my knickers god he had his finger inside me in seconds he was finger fucking me then Kelly went over to the door to see if dad was coming, where was your dad? He had to go out on some earns he would be gone a least two hours , shit I wish I could have been there, shush I will tell you Kelly said all is clear I got down between his legs and started to suck him Kelly came back and I sat on his lap he slipped his cock inside my pussy, I felt Kelly helping him then she started to lick his balls and my pussy it was too much for me I came big time we switch places and I started to lick his balls then I licked Kelly’s pussy until she came, you sound like you are Cumming now , I am I am fingering myself as we are talking,( in fact I was licking her pussy and she was Cumming on my tongue as she spoke). Shit what would you do? If your dad came into your room and saw you, I wish he would god I would love a fuck Wright now lol. Did you like licking Kelly’s pussy please be honest whit me, sure why not it was nice why are you into girls. I don’t know I have never tried I think I would like to try it. If you like licking dogs cock you should like pussy lol, anyway what was it you were going to ask me, oh yeh I was sitting at the table eating this afternoon, after she saw you by the car she said you looked very nice, then she said you should ask her over for a sleep over I ask her when she said as soon as you like why not tomorrow, I think she wants to get inside your knickers, what about you, I don’t think she wants me lol. No silly I mean do you want to get inside my knickers too what`s happening are you fingering you self, ye s I am Cumming think about sucking your pussy, immmm sounds nice. I will ring you later and let you know ok bye. She hung up I couldn’t wait any longer I stuck my cock in her pussy and fucked her silly for a ½ hour she had orgasm after orgasm at least five before I came and boy did I cum I thought I would never stop, we both had a shower together after we went onto my bed and just laid there we fell asleep, when we woke it was 8pm I said shall we order in some Chinese sounds good to me dad I ordered our Chinese when it came we sat down and ate it all up not one bite left over we were both famished from our days activities.
To be continued up to you if you liked it please let me know this is my first time telling anyone about my life

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