Şubat 26, 2021

It All Started at the Wedding Ch. 02

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The last dance was beautiful. May held Jack so close as they danced. She felt so good in his arms. When the music stopped those that were left applauded the band. Jack would have enjoyed another few dances with May. They sat together. A few of the guests approached May and thanked her for a wonderful reception. Then they were the only two left in the room. May said, “I have transferred my overnight bag to Kay’s room. Could you go to your room for your bag? Tomorrow morning I want to wake up with you beside me. Could you ruffle the sheets to make your bed look as though it has been slept in? Thirdly, I would like to be wearing something comfortable when you come to the room. I have a lovely Basque that I’d like to put on. Can give me ten minutes to get myself ready?”

“Of course, do you have champagne in the room?”

“Yes, I got them to put two extra bottles in the mini-bar.”

They both then left for their rooms. Ten minutes later, Jack knocked May’s door; the door opened immediately. Jack entered, May was standing behind the door, she quietly closed it when Jack had entered. May looked stunning; the pink Basque was so sensuous, her massive tits wobbled as she walked, she was wearing self-supporting stockings and heels, she looked gorgeous. Jack followed her into the lounge; she poured Jack a glass of champagne and topped up her own. They sat together on the sofa; May said, “Jack if you want, you can take your clothes off then I can caress your skin as we chat, I like to do that.”

Jack’s cock was already hard; it had gone stiff when he saw May in her Basque. He stood up; he took off his shoes, then his jacket and shirt. He took off his trousers; he kept his boxers on. The outline of his erect cock was unmistakable; it was lying sideways, if it had been upright, half of his cock would have been above the waistband of his boxers. May saw then said, “Let me help you take off your boxers, that big boy is bursting to get out.”

Jack stepped out of his boxers, his cock looked impressive, Jack sat down, May put her hand around Jack’s cock and stroked it then said, “Jack, I can pop my tits out of the Basque if you want? I can also open the crotch of the Basque; there’s a velcro flap on it. Let me do this for you then you can touch me anywhere you want.”

May’s tits were fantastic a little smaller than Ann’s but still a good handful. May’s pussy was smooth; she had a perfect sex slit, Jack put his glass on the coffee table then took May in his arms, they kissed tenderly and lovingly for several minutes. Both their hands were exploring the other’s bodies. May was very wet; she had a huge clit. Jack teased it with his fingers; May was purring with pleasure. May said, “You have a magnificent cock; he is so long and thick. I would love to suck him.”

Jack replied, “May, let’s lie on the carpet, then we can 69?”

“I would love that Jack, but let me lie on a towel, I can get very wet.”

As May went for the towel, Jack thought, May and her daughter both get very wet. May laid the towel on the carpet. Jack then positioned May so she could suck his cock and he had perfect access to her ass and pussy. May was soon taking Jack’s full length, her tongue was everywhere, her mouth was going up, and down his cock, she was so good at it. May had spread her legs wide for Jack, Jack spread her cunt lips open, out popped a sizeable hooded clit, it was like Jack’s thumb. Jack went down on her; he sucked her clit as he finger fucked her. May loved it; Jack kept going for several minutes then May orgasmed, she flooded his mouth with her cum.

There was so much; Jack swallowed a little, May had filled Jack’s mouth with her cum. Jack them came off her, May said, “Jack, that was amazing, you’re the first man in my life that has ever done that to me, it felt so good, the way that you stimulated my clitoris was amazing.”

Jack didn’t say anything, he then cum kissed May, her cum was now in her mouth, May’s tongue was working overtime, transferring her cum from Jack’s mouth into her mouth. The cum kissing lasted a couple of minutes then Jack said, “May, you have a gorgeous cunt. I enjoyed doing that for you. It felt incredible for me too. I loved the warmth of your cunt casino şirketleri juice when you came in my mouth.”

They lay on top of the towel, kissing and touching; they both were being so intimate. Then May said, “Jack, let’s go to bed, would you mind if I went on top? I want to get used to the size of your massive cock. If I’m on top, then I can control how much I take. I’ll bring the towel with me then we won’t soil the sheets.”

They went into the bedroom; May positioned the towel, then Jack lay on top of it. May then squatted over him; she then held Jack’s cock at the base, she started to tease her clit with the bulbous head of his cock. She loved that, she said, “That feels so good, my clit is so sensitive tonight, I think that I’ll cum a lot. Jack, I haven’t had cock for a long time. Let me do this my way until I get used to the size of this beauty.”

Jack didn’t say anything; May teased her clit for a couple of minutes. May had taken off her Basque; her body was superb, Ann could do with May’s flat stomach. May then pushed down on Jack’s cock, with the first push she took half of him, she smiled then said, “That feels amazing. I am hungry for more.”

She then started moving up and down with a circular movement on Jack’s cock; she soon had a powerful rhythm going, May like Ann, both had powerful cunt muscles, both were grippers, both knew how and when to grip. Jack was stroking May’s clit with one hand; his other hand was playing with her beautiful tits. May said, “Jack, I have never felt so filled in my life, I feel stretched, but there’s no pain. It just feels so good. The head of your cock is hitting my cervix, I’ve never had that before, that feels great too. Darling, this feels so good, I’m so happy that we’re doing this.”

For the next twenty minutes, May pounded on Jack’s cock; she was like her daughter, they both gave a great fuck. Jack thought that if someone had told him that he was going to fuck a mother and daughter today, he wouldn’t have believed them. Amazingly, they both climaxed simultaneously; May had a body-shaking orgasm when she composed herself, they kissed and touched again. May said, “I want you in the morning before breakfast. I usually wake around seven. Can I wake you then? The locksmith will be at Ann’s house at ten. Will you come with me there?

“Wake me in the morning, I want to visit mum sometime tomorrow, but I can be with you if you want me?”

“I want you tomorrow night, can you stay with me?”

“Of course, I will. I would like that. I have some work to do tomorrow but not a lot. Let’s go out for dinner, or we could stay in and order a takeaway?”

“Let’s decide tomorrow; we are both flexible.”

They were both asleep five minutes later. Jack woke just after seven to find May stroking his flaccid cock. She went down on him; he was soon rock hard. Their foreplay was slow and loving; they got into a 69 position and sucked and licked. May was very wet; thankfully, she was lying on top of the towel. Jack slid a finger up her tight ass; she loved it, she said, “I have got a wonderful lube at home, I would prefer to use that if you want to ass fuck me.”

Jack was then looking forward to tonight. Jack then got May on all fours, he went behind her then went inside her dripping cunt doggy style. May loved it; Jack was so deep. He soon had a steady, powerful rhythm going. It felt incredible; May was gripping at the base and head of each thrust. Jack wondered what Ann would be like doggy style. May’s tits were bouncing everywhere, Ann’s much bigger tits would be a sight to see. May said, “I’m close, Jack, are you close? It would be great if we climaxed together. This feels so good; you’re going so deep. Cum for me, Jack, cum for me.”

A minute later they came within seconds of each other, once again May had a body-shaking orgasm, she recovered more quickly from this one, Jack pulled out, turned her around, they lay on top of the towel kissing and touching. They showered together; May said, “Jack, you go down first, check out then I will join you for breakfast, we can’t have them thinking that the bride’s mum got fucked after the reception. I loved it anyway.”

Jack did as May wanted casino firmaları him. The dining room was quiet; he sat at a window table. His phone beeped, it was mum, she wrote, “Jack, those pictures are excellent, they are so clear. Could you find out the make and model of the camera? I want to have one. I have my last meeting with the Consultant this morning. He is wonderful, an excellent surgeon. I’ll be swimming at 5.00 this afternoon if you want to pop in for a chat. If you do then you are in for a surprise, I will be wearing my bikini. Hope to see you at five. You can tell me all about the wedding then. Love mum xx.”

May joined Jack; she was wearing a blouse and skirt; she looked good. Over breakfast, she told Jack that she had employed a Private Detective. He had lots of evidence of Bob’s drug-taking and relationships with men. Peter, May’s lawyer, would deliver an ultimatum to Bob first thing on Monday morning, he would have five working days, including Monday or the files would be handed over to the Law Society. Peter had told May that he would accept on their terms or his law career would be finished.

After breakfast, they drove in separate cars to Ann’s house. It was a beautiful house. May opened the security gates with her zapper. Ann looked lovely; she was relaxed. She and the girls had to be at the Church at ten-thirty, May and Jack would be there for the locksmith. Bob hadn’t many things in the house. He had moved a lot out when he moved into the apartment.

Jack asked Ann about the camera. She told them that Amazon had them on special at the moment; they were six hundred pounds cheaper than the shops. Jack got his phone out and ordered one for mum. He was amazed at the service. If he ordered by ten, then it would be delivered by four this afternoon. It was a Sunday he gave the Hotel address and ordered.

May was playing in the lounge with the two girls, Jack and Ann, were in the kitchen. Ann was making coffee for them. Ann hugged Jack then kissed him passionately; she said, “When can I see you again? My pussy is still tingling from yesterday. I loved that, but I’d like to see you soon.”

Jack was careful with his words, he said, “May wants to have a meal with me tonight. I have also to visit mum. We can fix something for during the week if you want?”

“Mum looks delighted this morning; she’s glowing. I haven’t seen her like that for a long time. Did you fuck her?”

“Ann, I’ll have to be discreet with your mum, and I’ll have to be discreet with you until your divorce is completed. Yes, we fucked, she needed it the same as you. I want to see you too, but it’s better if we do things quietly at the moment.”

“Will you still be seeing mum?”

Jack thought hard, but he knew he was in a strong position, he said, “May needs me too. I want to see both of you.”

“Jack, I want to see you too, it’s a bit of a shock to know that you’re fucking mum, but if you can keep us both happy, then I don’t have any problems with it.”

Ann hugged Jack; they kissed tenderly and lovingly, then Ann said, “When will you fuck my shaved pussy?”

“I’ll message you tonight.”

They heard May coming towards the kitchen; Ann said, “How many sugars Jack?”

Jack knew then that it was going to work. At ten, the locksmith arrived. He was so professional; he told them it would take an hour to change everything. Ann explained that she and her girls had to go to Church, and her mum and her friend would stay with him. He gave her a new Zapper for the gates and keys for the front and rear doors. Twenty minutes later, Ann left for the Church; she tongue kissed Jack in front of her mum. Jack knew she had done that deliberately.

The locksmith left, everything was changed, May said, “I’m relieved that this is done. I’ll phone Peter now; he will proceed in the morning. Have you time to come back home with me?”

“Yes, I have things to do this afternoon, but I want to know how well your lube works. I know that I am going to enjoy lubing your tight ass.”

“Jack, let’s do it. Am I a nymphomaniac now? I want your cock.”

They went back to May’s; it was impossible to know how many times she had cum, the towel she güvenilir casino had put on the bed was soaked. May had many vaginal orgasms when Jack ass fucked her. The bulbous head of his cock stimulated her G-spot, she just orgasmed. They showered afterwards, May said, “Jack, I’m exhausted, could we postpone tonight otherwise I don’t think that I’ll be able to walk tomorrow?”

They kissed and agreed to do that. Jack had been impressed with the lube; it was water-based, May had sucked his cock clean after he had fucked her in both holes. Jack asked May for some lube so he could have it at home. She gave him two canisters of it. Jack left, May went back to bed. Jack went to the Hotel. Mum’s camera was there; he was amazed. He then messaged Ann; it read, “I’ve looked after mum, she is satisfied. Would you like me to visit tonight but send me an SMS saying that you are worried Bob may come around? That gives us a reason for me being there. Let me know if you want this? Jack.”

Five minutes later Ann replied, it read, “I’m so happy, that’s a great idea, I will send you an SMS now. The girls and I are having Leg of Lamb tonight. Can you be with us for seven? The girls go to bed around nine. They are still exhausted from yesterday. I wake them at eight tomorrow morning; you can stay in bed until I get back from the school run. I feel so happy. Thanks, Jack, see you at seven.”

Jack got a wonderful SMS from Ann, for her daughter’s and her safety, could Jack stay with them? It was beautifully worded and would stand up in court. Jack then sent May a message telling her that Ann had asked him to stay with her as she was scared that Bob might do something. He had kept May in the loop; Jack wondered what her reaction would be. Jack arrived at the rehab centre and went straight to the pool. Mum was swimming, she came over to him and said, “Thank you for coming. I have been here for an hour. The doctor is very pleased with me, but I still have to take it easy. Let’s have a coffee, and I will tell you all about it, I hope that you like my bikini.”

Mum stepped out of the pool; it was a micro bikini she was wearing, she looked gorgeous. She had a beautiful body. Mum used a towel to dry herself, when she was dry she didn’t cover herself with her towelling bathrobe, she wanted to show her body. The bikini hardly covered her; the pants were tight, mum had a marvellous Camel’s Toe. Her tits were massive and swayed within her bikini top. Jack gave mum the camera. Mum couldn’t believe that she had got it so quickly. Jack was impressed as to quickly she got it set up. She was taking selfies in seconds, mum said, “This is an excellent camera, it has a Zeiss lens, no wonder it’s so good. Will I take some pictures of me in my bikini for you?”

Mum took a few pictures. Jack linked his phone to her camera. He showed her how to transfer photos to his phone when she was connected to WiFi. Mum asked, “If I take pictures tonight, even though you are not here, I can still send them to your phone?”

Jack told her yes, mum was impressed. Mum said, “It was embarrassing this morning with the doctor, he told me when I get out I can now have penetrative sex but take it easy at first. I couldn’t believe what he was saying. I can do it in the missionary position, but I’ve not to spread my legs too wide, or I could dislocate my hip. Scary stuff.”

“Mum, it’s his job to tell you these things. He doesn’t know about your personal life.”

“Jack, you’re right, I must admit that I got excited when he told me I could do it in the spoon position and also doggy style. Now all I need is a man. Honestly, all my pain is gone. Can you collect me on Friday morning? The other thing is, can you stay in my apartment with me for two or three weeks, in case I have an accident?”

“Sure mum, I’ll do that for you. We can eat in the Hotel, that will save you cooking.”

Mum then squeezed Jack’s thigh, she forward and they kissed. Jack got a shock; his mum was tongue kissing him. They kissed for a couple of minutes. Mum broke away then said, “Jack, I enjoyed that; you’re the first man that I’ve kissed for years.”

Mum then took a selfie; she had pushed her breasts inwards, her hard left nipple could now be seen in her bikini cup. She showed Jack the picture then sent it to him. Mum’s supper was now being served, so she had to go. Jack left; he arrived at Ann’s at five to seven. He had brought two bottles of champagne with him and some drinks for the girls. Jack

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