Şubat 11, 2021

Isn’t Technology Great?

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The summer she turned eighteen, Aislinn was spending the majority of her free time at her best friend Kim’s house. The girls had been thick as thieves since kindergarten. In fact, Aislinn still had the macaroni portrait that Kim had made of her with “my frend ayslon” scrawled at the bottom in crayon.

Kim had a brother, Kyle, who was one year older than the two girls. Growing up, Kyle had never wanted to play with the girls. But whenever they decided to play House, Kim forced Kyle to be the pretend father, and Aislinn the pretend mother, saying it would be weird if she pretend married her own brother. Kyle would scream and put up a fight whenever they tried to play with him – except when they played as a pretend family. But that had been nearly thirteen years previously. Now, he was nineteen and coming home from his first year at college.

The girls had their graduation ceremony at the end of May. Soon, Kim would be heading out to California to learn fashion design in the fall, and Aislinn was staying in their Chicago suburban town to figure out what she wanted to do in life. Aislinn and Kim spent every moment possible together, knowing that in just a few short months they would be separated for the first time in over a decade.

One day in late June, the girls were tanning by Kim’s pool when Kyle pushed open the sliding glass door holding the phone.

“Kimmy, they need you at work.” He said, holding out the phone for her. Kim groaned and stood up, taking the phone. After a short conversation, she hung up and handed the phone back to her brother, who disappeared back into the house.

“Leslie called in sick and they need me for the lunch rush. I’ll be there for like three hours, but you can stay and use the pool. Pick out some movies and we’ll have a marathon later to make up for this. I’ll pick up snacks on my way home.”

“Sounds good to me. See you in a few hours.” Aislinn said, flipping over to tan her back.

“Okay, I’ll see you around two-thirty.” Kim went inside to change, and not long after, Aislinn heard her car leaving the driveway. She tanned for half an hour longer before the heat really started getting to her, and she jumped into the deep end of the pool.

The cold was a little shocking, but it felt good in comparison to the blazing heat. She floated without direction for a while, but a sudden growl from her stomach signaled it was time to eat something. Knowing she had permission to ravage their kitchen, Aislinn climbed out of the pool and dried off as best as she could. When she was no longer dripping, she wrapped the towel around her head to dry her hair and went inside.

Something smelled delicious. She wandered over to the kitchen and saw Kyle facing away from her, working at the stove. She leaned against the doorframe.

“What is that amazing smell?” She asked. Kyle turned and Aislinn could have sworn that his eyes were roaming over her body before he looked her in the eyes and answered.

“Chicken tacos,” he said casually. “Want some?”

“Hell yeah,” she answered enthusiastically. “Let me go change and dry my hair.” She grabbed her bag from the living room before going into the bathroom on the first floor. She hung her towel and swimsuit on the towel rack and changed into a pair of denim shorts and a blue tank top. She dug Kim’s hair dryer out of the mess that was the sink cabinet and dried the remaining pool water out of her hair. She brushed and fussed with it until she was satisfied with how it fell around her shoulders, parted on the right side the way she liked it, and left the bathroom.

“What can I do?” She asked when she got back to the kitchen.

“Chop up some tomatoes while I grate the cheese.” He motioned to the island counter where a ripe tomato was sitting on a cutting board.

“You trust me with this knife?” She joked.

“If you wanted to kill me, you’ve had thirteen years to do it.” He teased back.

“Maybe I was just waiting for an opportunity. We are alone, maybe I’ll make my move now.”

“Maybe you will.” He said casino şirketleri mysteriously. With all the ingredients ready, the pair fixed their tacos and sat down at the counter.

“So, how’s college?” Aislinn asked.

“Crazy. I’ve started dealing drugs and sleeping with professors in exchange for grades.” He joked.

“Smart. Got to keep that scholarship somehow.”

“What about you?” He asked. “I seem to remember you always struggled with science. Getting any help with that?”

“Yup,” she answered, matching his sarcasm. “I’m sleeping with the class nerd in exchange for being his lab partner.”

“Who knew a shy little thing like you could grow up to be a grade a slut?”

“Shut up!” She laughed. “You’re the one banging professors at least twice your age.”

“Good point.” He conceded. The lighthearted tone abruptly left his voice. “You’re not… actually sleeping with that kid, are you?” He asked cautiously, sounding unsure whether he wanted to know or not.

“Why do you care?” She asked. He shrugged. “No, I’m not. My lab partner is Jessica Pierce.”

“Oh.” That was all he said. He seemed embarrassed, and wouldn’t meet her gaze. Aislinn checked the time on her phone, both having finished their lunch.

“Two and a half hours to kill,” She thought aloud. “Got any good movies? We’re having a marathon tonight.” Kyle finally looked her in the eyes again.

“Let’s go check.”

After putting their plates in the dishwasher, they went down to the basement. Their basement was carpeted and had a fifty-something inch HD television on the back wall. Across from it was a huge leather couch with reclining seats. Lights in the ceiling were connected to dimmers, so they could be set for any level of light. Promotional posters for movies ranging from It’s A Wonderful Life to The Amazing Spider-Man lined the walls. The cabinet to the left of the TV housed all its components: the cable box, gaming console, DVD player, et cetera. The cabinet on the right had smaller shelves lined with rows and rows of cases for DVDs and video games. Kyle opened this cabinet and they scanned the names across the spines of the cases.

“These are almost exclusively children’s movies.” Aislinn commented.

“Yeah, since everything started going online as we grew up, we started buying less DVDs. Luckily, we can connect this TV to the internet and stream movies.”

“Huh. Technology sure is fascinating.” Kyle smiled and grabbed the remote. They fell back onto the couch and Kyle clicked the TV on.

Plastered across the screen was a girl with long black hair being bent over a couch with a muscular man fucking her vigorously from behind, her hair twisted in his fist.

“Holy shit!” Kyle and Aislinn yelled simultaneously.

“What the hell is wrong with you?!” She screamed, punching him in the arm. “Watching porn on your family’s TV!”

“I’ve never seen this before!” He shouted back defensively. He pressed a button on the remote that brought up a list of all the devices connected to the screen.

“Oh my God,” he said incredulously. “It’s streaming from Kim’s laptop.” Sure enough, there was a check mark on the screen next to her laptop’s name.

“Jesus Christ,” Aislinn breathed. “Um… I’m sorry I hit you.”

“Th-that’s okay.” He said awkwardly. “It would’ve made more sense.”

Aislinn looked down to avoid looking at him. That was when she noticed a slight bulge in his shorts. The video had turned him on. Another thought crossed her mind,then a memory of how they all used to play house together, and before she could stop herself, she was speaking.

“She kind of looked like me, didn’t she?” Aislinn mused quietly. Kyle gave her a confused look, then saw where Aislinn’s eyes were and pulled a pillow onto his lap.

“The girl in the porno. We have the same hair.” Kyle stuttered the he didn’t know.

“Is that why it turned you on?” He stuttered incoherently. She stood in front of him and put her hands on his shoulders, holding his gaze.

“I saw you casino firmaları looking at me earlier. Checking me out.” He mumbled something that sounded vaguely like an excuse. The sexual tension in the air was almost electric. She pressed her forehead to his.

“Why did you care if I was seeing anyone or not?”

Aislinn moved the pillow from his lap and put her knees on either side of his lap and sat back on her heels, effectively straddling him. Her intent had just been to keep teasing him, but he surprised her by suddenly taking control of the situation. He pulled her face to his and kissed her deeply.

She moaned against his lips and drew her fingers up from his shoulders and into his hair. He bit her bottom lip lightly and she could feel herself getting wetter. His hands traveled down, grabbing her ass and pulling her closer to him. They both moaned when her pelvis collided with his erection. Kyle broke the kiss.

“How long do we have?” He asked breathlessly. Aislinn pulled her phone from her pocket.

“Two hours and fifteen minutes.”

“Perfect.” He growled. Suddenly he stood up and dumped her on the couch on her back. He knelt over her and stared at her with a hunger that turned her on more than she could ever imagine. He leaned down and kissed her again. The intensity of the moment was so strange, as though they were breaking some sort of unwritten rule. But their passion washed away the doubt.

Aislinn reached for the hem of Kyle’s shirt and pulled it off of him. He did the same to her, and then resumed kissing her as he cupped her breasts in his hands. He squeezed them gently, feeling the warmth under his fingers, before moving behind her back to unclasp her bra. She had to unhook it for him, and as soon as the damned thing was loose, he threw it down to the floor and attached his mouth to one of her nipples. He alternated between breasts, nipping and sucking on her nipples while she dug her nails into his back. She was panting and stuttering his name.

He broke away from her chest and returned them to the position they had been in before, him sitting back with her straddling his lap. Now that she had access to it, she ground herself against his erection while he continued playing with her nipples.

It suddenly occurred to them that they were still wearing clothes, which for some reason felt terribly wrong. They each shimmied out of their shorts and were left in just their underwear. Aislinn grabbed his hard cock through his boxers, and Kyle danced his fingers along the hem of her panties. She started groaning in anticipation.

“Kyle, stop teasing me!” She moaned. Kyle cupped her mound inside her panties, his fingers stroking along her slit. Aislinn reached into his boxers and grabbed his length for the first time unhindered by fabric. She started to stroke from the base to the head, and his fingers finally found her opening. He pushed his index finger in and began to slowly fuck her with it. She groaned and her grip tightened on his cock.

“God yes,” Aislinn panted. “Fuck me with your fingers. Fuck, it feels so fucking good!”

“God you’ve got me so hard,” Kyle said through his teeth. “This tight ass,” he said, squeezing one of her cheeks while the other hand was still fingering her. “These tits,” the hand that had just squeezed her ass now pinched and pulled on her nipple. “I could fuck you for hours.”

Aislinn moaned. She wanted more of his cock, more than just touching it. She pushed off the couch and kneeled on the carpet in front of him, still stroking him. Kyle’s eyes widened as he realized what she was doing. This was something Aislinn had never done before, and a bit scary. She had heard of girls choking when they went too deep, or hating the taste, but this was something she had always wanted to do. She started by licking from the base to the tip, and then she wrapped her lips around the head and started to swirl her tongue around it. She started to bob slowly, taking a fraction of an inch more with each bob, until she could feel the tip poking at the güvenilir casino curve of her throat, and she gagged.

“Aislinn, you don’t have to…” Kyle’s words trailed off into a moan as she took another fraction of an inch into the back of her throat. She gagged again and pulled her mouth off him. She took a moment to catch her breath and went back at full speed, taking him as deep as she could without choking. Kyle swept her dark hair together and loosely held it in his fist, gently guiding her motions. When she came up for air again, he nudged her backwards so she was lying on the carpet, and he knelt over her.

“Kyle,” Aislinn panted. “I’m a virgin.”

“So am I.” He mumbled back before firmly kissing her. Back on all fours, he swept his gaze across her body and then looked straight into her eyes.

“Can I please fuck you?” He asked breathlessly.

“Yes,” Aislinn breathed back. “Please fuck me!”

Kyle pulled her off the carpet and bent her over the arm of the couch so that her ass was turned up towards him. He held her wrists against her back and admired the way her black hair spilled out over her pale skin. He lined up the tip of his cock with her pussy, and suddenly stopped.

“Do we need a condom?”

“There’s no time!” Aislinn complained. “I need you in me now! Just pull out, I don’t care if it’s risky!”

How could he deny her what she wanted so badly? He started to push into her. Aislinn could feel her muscles loosening to accommodate his length. He slid into her slowly, watching his hips get closer and closer to her ass. His left hand still held her wrists, but he took his right and began to rub her ass cheek gently, feeling the smoothness as he slipped more and more of his cock into her. When he was all the way in, both stood still for a moment. With the same slowness and care, Kyle started to pull back out. Aislinn moaned at this new sensation. She had never felt so full before.

“Oh, God, faster!” She begged. Kyle wordlessly sped up, pulling away from her until only the tip was buried in her tight pussy. He drew his right hand up and slapped her ass, simultaneously thrusting all the way into her again. Aislinn moaned.

“God yes, smack my ass!”

“You like getting spanked, huh?”

“Yes!” She cried. “Leave a handprint on my ass and fuck me with that amazing cock until I can’t fucking walk straight!”

Kyle fell into a rhythm of smacking Aislinn’s ass with each thrust. He let go of her wrists and balled her hair in his fist again, pulling it to the side so that her head was turned and she was looking at him while he slammed into her from behind. He gained speed, thrusting until they could hear his thighs slapping against her ass. She loved the way he was fucking her. She loved feeling so full one second, and the pleasure of being filled again the next second. They fucked vigorously. Being held over the arm of the couch, Aislinn didn’t have the mobility to thrust back on Kyle. She could only try to keep her feet on the ground while Kyle slammed into her.

He pumped her hard and fast until he felt like he was going to burst. After one final thrust, he pulled all the way out and jerked off onto her back and ass. The sight of his cum pooling above her ass had him instantly hard again. It took him a moment to understand why she wasn’t moving.

“Shit, I’m sorry! Let me clean that up.” He made a mad dash for the basement bathroom and returned with a box of tissues.

“I’m so sorry Aislinn, I was so focused on not doing it inside that-“

“It’s okay, Kyle. It’s kind of hot, actually. Don’t you think so?”

“Y-yeah,” he stammered. “Are you sure it was okay for us to do it without…?”

“It’ll be okay. But let’s use a condom next time, anyways.”

Kyle paused.

“Next time?” he asked incredulously.

“Yeah,” Aislinn replied. “I didn’t get to finish this time, so you owe me.” Kyle smiled. This was a debt he would be happy to repay.

When the cum-soaked tissues were flushed and the two teens were dressed again, they kicked back together on the reclining sofa and cuddled.

“Hey,” Kyle asked, stroking Aislinn’s hair. “How much time do we have left?” Aislinn checked her cell phone.

“An hour and forty-five minutes.”



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