Şubat 24, 2021

Is This What You Really Want? Ch. 02

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He had parked on the edge of the deck, so as he trudged to his car he was able to see out into the night. It was a clear, crisp evening — there wasn’t a single cloud in the sky, and a the ghostly silver of a crescent moon had risen up in the east to compliment the innumerable twinkling of stars that sprinkled the heavens.

It was the kind of calm, beautiful night that anyone would have enjoyed, but Timothy was exhausted and distracted. He couldn’t help but notice the sign on one of the concrete ceiling slabs that hung down as a warning to large vehicles: “Clearance 6’6.” He immediately began wondering what it would be like to encounter a woman that tall, and he grew week in the knees as he walked under the sign, realizing how huge she would be standing next to him as she looked down at his small form.

For the second time that day, he felt that he just couldn’t stand it — his giantess fantasy was so strong that it left him literally pining, and he uttered a little whimper as he stumbled into the side of his car. How was he going to continue on like this? He knew how the whole charade would play out: he would go home, plop himself down in his chair in front of his computer, and proceed to jerk himself off to anything new he could find on the internet that depicted larger women dominating smaller men. But he knew it wasn’t enough — he knew that here wasn’t enough out there to satisfy his increasing lust. He’d have to return to old content he’d masturbated to dozens, even hundreds of times. It just…it just wasn’t cutting it anymore.

“If only,” he said out loud to the starry night as he leaned against his car. “If only I could…I could just…get smaller.” A sudden breeze kicked up behind him in the parking deck, and he became aware of the scent of something sweet…like roses…only muskier, and somehow more fragrant. The cool breeze whipped around his leaning form and danced up under his clothes and through his hair as the luscious scent filled his nostrils. He sighed out at the sky, enjoying the breeze and the smell. “If only,” he murmured to himself again, “If only…”

“But you can, Timothy Springer,” said a deep voluptuous voice from behind him. Timothy uttered a cry and spun around, clutching at his car from behind to keep from toppling over. What he saw shocked and amazed him. Directly behind the “Clearance 6’6” sign stood the hugest woman that he had ever seen. She was so tall that her head was completely obscured by the concrete beams of the ceiling: evidently she was a good deal taller than 6’6. Timothy could only see her from the neck down, and what he saw made his mouth go dry. The woman’s body (for it was clearly a woman) was clothed in an almost see-through green and black dress that seemed to quiver about her and float this way and that on the breeze…almost as if it were the breeze itself. And her body…well, Timothy had been weak in the knees before, but now he absolutely needed the support from his car to remain standing. She was utterly bodacious — she had massive globular breasts, far bigger than any he had ever seen. For her imposing height, her waist was small, but as his eyes went down her figure, he saw that her shape widened and grew aggressively. Her hips were fearsome…they had to be at least 60 inches wide, and probably more. Although he only saw her from the front, he could see the luscious curves of her ass behind her, which did more than enough to support her sensuous bulk. Her legs were muscled and developed, yet undeniably womanly and fleshy. Timothy started hyperventilating as he beheld this startling apparition.

“Wh-wh-who…wh-who are y-you?” he managed to squeak after a few seconds.

“Who?” came the deep voice again, unmistakably womanly and full, “Or what?” With that, the figure bowed her head so that she could clear the concrete beam and took a few steps towards Timothy. Now she was standing just about five feet away from him and he could see her face. He couldn’t believe his eyes. He was craning his neck up to look into the most beautiful, profound, and imposing face he had ever seen. It was perfectly proportioned…angelic. And yet there was something about it that made Timothy’s heart quicken in fear. It must have been her eyes…they were deep and dark, almost black…and yet Timothy could swear that with every little motion she made, her eyes sparkled and flashed with different colors. First a dash of deep green here, then a flash of red there. But surely he was imagining that…surely he was imagining all of this. As he looked up at her face, framed by a flowing ocean of silky-straight, jet-black hair, he had only one thought: there was no way that this woman was real.

Her blood-red lips upturned into a mischievous smile, a smile that didn’t exactly comfort him.

“You don’t believe in me,” she said, smiling down at him.

“I—I—uh…” stuttered Timothy. He was completely at a loss for words. The fact is she was right; he didn’t believe in her. He must have been having some kind of casino şirketleri hallucination brought on by overwork.

“Stand up straight,” she commanded him suddenly, issuing forth a long, sharply-nailed finger and curling it upward. “So you can see me better, Timothy.”

Her voice was impossible to disobey. Without thinking, Timothy did as he was told, and stood up as best he could, facing this…this giantess on shaky knees. Standing before her, he realized that he was looking directly into her breasts. Almost instinctually he glanced down at her feet to get a look at the giant heels that she was certainly wearing. The nerves on his skin buzzed and his mouth got even drier when he found that she wasn’t wearing heels or shoes of any kind. She was barefoot, and her large (and proportional) feet were standing confidently, almost ethereally, upon the concrete. It was so strange; Timothy felt the force of the contrast between the grey concrete and the alabaster flesh of this giant woman who stood before him. It was almost like seeing the contrast between the artificial world of humans and nature itself. With effort he brought his eyes back up to her breasts, and he saw through the gossamer strands of her light and airy dress that her nipples were poking out erect from the middle of the large and darker-brown pigmentation of her areolas. He tried to swallow and collect himself, but his throat was bone dry.

“Well?” asked the woman, putting her hands on her hips. Her hands, just like the rest of her, were utterly huge, and just like the rest of her, were perfectly proportional to her massive frame. Timothy looked apprehensively at the sharp, blood-red nails that looked very much like claws at the ends of her fingers. Willing himself to do so, he raised his face to meet hers. She stared down her breasts at him imposingly, arching an eyebrow.

“Feel my breath, little man,” she cooed down at him, and blew a gust of wind directly down her breasts and into his face, ruffling his hair and making his eyes water. That was where that sweet smell was coming from! It was…her breath.

“Does that feel real to you?” she breathed down at him. He nodded his head. “Come closer…closer,” she said to him gently, but with undeniable authority. Timothy took a step closer, and then another. His face was almost right at her nipples, and all he could see looking forward were her hulking breasts.

“Feel them,” she ordered. He reached up a shaking hand and touched her left breast, drawing it back suddenly like he had been burned. He didn’t know why, but this woman filled him with fear; he was terrified of angering her.

“Feel them,” she repeated, the authority hardening in her voice. He reached up again and felt her breast, this time lingering his hand there. They were incredibly plump and squishy, and at the same time they felt dense and substantial. He had never felt anything so perfect. In awe, he reached up his other hand and began to lose himself in kneading his fingers into their twin perfection.

“How about those, Timothy?” Her voice came from on high and snapped him out of his reverie. He took his hands away and looked up again into her face, which was still smiling down at him impishly. “They feel real enough to you?”

“Y-yeah…yeah they do,” he said simply.

“Good!” she said. “Now that’s out of the way, we can get right down to business.”

“B-business?” he asked. “Wh-what kind of…of business?”

“Why, don’t you know, Timothy?” she said brightly, her smile widening down at him. “Making all your dreams come true.”

“My…d-dreams?” He was totally thrown for a loop. What was this woman talking about?

“You were only just now saying,” said the woman, shifting her huge body and starting to walk in long elegant strides around him, “if only…if only.” She looked down at him, and he could swear he saw a sparkle of deep purple flash through her dark eyes. “That sounds like you were dreaming, doesn’t it, Timothy? Fantasizing.”

“Uhh…” he said, thinking back to his giantess fantasy. “I, uh…yeah. Yeah I was.”

“Mhmmm, yes you were,” she hummed down at him, circling him slowly in her graceful strides. She suddenly stopped and looked down at him seriously, her deep eyes boring into his so intensely that he wanted to look away, but couldn’t. Her eyes held him captive.

“I’m here to offer you a chance,” she said, “a chance to make your deepest fantasies come true.”

Timothy gawked at her words for a few moments, unable to say anything in response. The giant woman resumed her slow strides around him, and Timothy couldn’t help but feel a bit like her prey, from the way she was circling him and looking down at him. And…had she just licked her lips a little? He shook his head, not believing what he was hearing.

“My…my fantasies coming true?” he asked incredulously as he shook his head. “No…no, that’s just…that’s impossible. There’s just…there’s just no way!”

“Oh but Timothy,” said casino firmaları the woman, an irrefutable authority in her voice, “look at me. I’m real, am I not? You’ve felt my breath and touched my flesh, haven’t you?”

“Y-yes…but —”

“And as real as my breath and flesh are to you now,” she continued, “so too can be your nethermost longings.” She gestured to the air with a great hand as she spoke, and with at arm’s movement, Timothy could feel another fragrant breeze come up and quicken, seemingly out of thin air. “All you need to do,” she said, “is tell me what you desire. And I can make it become real. As real as this — ” and she shook her impossibly smooth and silky black hair, and it glittered and sparkled mysteriously in the moonlight. Timothy felt another onrush of powerful rose scent. “And as real as this — ” and she turned around and displayed her massive ass, which gleamed up at him in alabaster white from under her thin dress. She shook it effortlessly in his face, sending undulating ripples and currents though its wide curves. Timothy realized that her ass came nearly up to his shoulders.

“But — but how?” he suddenly blurted out. “How are you going to do that?”

She turned back around to face him, smiling again. “It’s simple, little man,” she said. “I can make it happen.” And here she stood up to her full, imposing height, and Timothy saw that her nipples even rose a bit above his eyes as he stood before her. “Because I am Maia, the goddess of growth and decay.”

“G-goddess?” croaked Timothy. Although he felt like his mind was cracking right now, he couldn’t deny the nagging feeling that was growing in his stomach: she certainly looked and sounded and smelled like what he would imagine a goddess would be. There was no denying all that. Still, though…goddess??

“I—I just…I just…I don’t know,” he panted pathetically after a few moments. “I don’t…know what to believe.”

“I’ll make it easy for you, little one,” she said, and without hesitation she strode over to the edge of the parking deck, past Timothy’s car. He noticed that the hood of his car came just up to her swaying hips…god she was huge. But what was she doing…?

She had reached out her arm to a small tree branch that hung in close to the parking deck. With a swift motion, she stuck out a long index finger, touched it to the branch, and held it there for a moment. Timothy was baffled…what could she be doing? After a few moments she strode back over, evidently holding something on her finger.

“What do I have here on my finger, Timothy?” she asked. He bent in closely to look.

“A…a caterpillar.”

“Mmmmm, yes,” she breathed. “Now watch.” And almost immediately, the caterpillar started to crawl and undulate itself up and down rapidly on her finger, almost like it was attempting to escape from something. After a few seconds, however, it stopped moving and went rigid. A hard brown covering started to form over its body, and in a matter of seconds it was completely ensconced in a cocoon.

“W-what?” gasped Timothy in surprise.

“Watch,” came the woman’s voice, hard with authority. He obeyed and watched the brown cocoon, which sat on her long finger for a few seconds, and then a few seconds more, with no apparent change. Then suddenly — out burst a butterfly, extending its wings of orange and gold (which gleamed strangely in the moonlight), and alighting off her finger to fly in several liberated laps around her head. She looked down at him, once again arching her eyebrow knowingly as the butterfly orbited her. Timothy was dumbstruck. She extended her finger out again, and immediately the butterfly landed right where it had been before, remaining stationary as it lazily fluttered its wings back and forth like an obedient pet.

“You see, Timothy?” said the goddess, smiling enigmatically down at him. “The power of growth —” and she turned her glance down at the butterfly on her finger, “—and decay.” Suddenly the butterfly seemed to flatten itself on her finger, and appeared to roll itself up in its own wings. Timothy saw with astonishment that it had reverted back to its cocoon form. He kept watching, and after a few moments the brown hardness of the cocoon snaked out into a lither, green form as he beheld the original caterpillar. But it didn’t stop there — the caterpillar seemed to flail and thrash in its spot, as if trapped, and Timothy could see that it was getting smaller and smaller, and lighter in color. Tinier and tinier it grew, until it curled up into a larva, and then rounded itself into a tiny speck of a white egg, and then…nothing.

“Wh-what happened to it?” exclaimed Timothy in shock.

“It’s gone,” said the goddess simply. “Decayed into nothingness.” He looked back up into her eyes, and she shifted her attention from her finger to his face, her eyes once again flashing little hints of red, green, and purple. Her smile remained, and it made Timothy shudder with an odd intensity of feeling. He felt the güvenilir casino power of this…this goddess, and it awed him and moved him, and yet…it terrified him to his core.

“I…I believe you now,” he said lamely, bowing his head, ashamed that he had doubted her.

“So,” she said, ignoring his pronouncement of faith, “tell me what you desire, Timothy.”

He paused, not sure where he should start. The silent moments passed by…they hung in the air like fog…and then, suddenly, Timothy was talking and blabbering so fast that he could barely contain himself.

“I want to shrink! But not like all in one go — I want to grow smaller and smaller bit by bit, so that it’s almost not even noticeable at first…I wanna get smaller and smaller in front of all these girls I work with, and my boss, and just…just all women in general. I want to shrink slowly…like…height…I want to get shorter, but not only shorter…like, I want to get smaller too — I want everything to get smaller!! And…and…I—I wanna get smaller not just any times but specific times. This is very important: specific times…and I want those times to be when I get uh, when I get…uh, d-dominated, yeah, that’s it! Dominated in any way, either physically or, uh…verbally. Any time that happens…I wanna shrink a little bit. And it’s uh, it’s, uh…it’ll be like in proportion, you know? Like if I get dominated just a little bit I’ll shrink just a little bit, and if I get dominated a lot I’ll shrink…I’ll shrink a lot. Ok? Ok, do you got that?”

“I’ve got it Timothy,” said the goddess Maia, smiling down at him warmly. She had put her hands on her hips again, evidently amused and enjoying Timothy’s breathless requests. He wasn’t even close to finishing yet, though.

“And…” he said after gathering up a deep breath, “And I want a girl…a girlfriend…a girlfriend that’s hot and sexy and understands and…and, uh, appreciates this fetish as much as I do. I want that, goddess…I want it so much!”

“I understand, little Timothy,” said Maia, her smile growing bigger. “Really, I do! Continue on — I know you have more.”

“Yes…ahhh,” said Timothy, heaving another deep breath and then launching back into his desires, “and I don’t just want to get smaller. That’s not…that’s not enough for me. I’m too far gone!! I need…I want women to grow too!! I want them to grow bigger and bigger even as I grow smaller.”

“Mmmm,” purred Maia, her hands still on her hips. Clearly she especially appreciated this request. Timothy was essentially out of breath now and his throat was completely dry, so he coughed and strained to clear his throat. Maia sidled gracefully over to his retching form and got down on her knees, snaking a big, luscious arm around his back and squeezing his shoulder with her strong hand. He felt the weight of her warm arm on his back and shuddered at how pleasantly strong the odor of roses was now that she was so close to him. He noticed that, even as she was on her knees, the top of her great head rose all the way to his chin. She squeezed him again with her arm, beckoning him to finish.

“One more,” she intoned, glancing slightly up at him from her kneeling position. He felt the strange and mysterious power of her voice, a deep earthy resonance, and he grew afraid again. “You have one more request, Timothy. Tell me.”

“Ahh…y-yes…yes…I want…I want women to get sexier too. I mean, they’ll be sexier wh-when they’re taller than me, b-but I want them to…to get just sexier in general. Like I want their, uh, their breasts to get bigger and their legs to get longer and their butts to get bigger and their lips to get plumper and their voices to get richer and their hips to get —”

“I understand,” chuckled Maia, standing up again to her imposing height, “what you mean, Timothy. Beautification. You want women to grow sexier and more beautiful. So they come to look so far above you in every way that they look like me.” She finished this statement with a knowing wink down at him, flipping her ethereal hair as she stuck out her great hips in a show of erotic power.

“Y-yes. Yes, exactly,” said Timothy, finding it hard to argue with her words.

“Well, that all sounds just dandy, Timothy,” said the goddess cheerfully. “And I think you’ll find all four of your desires hashed out exactly as you said them right here on this parchment.” With a flourish, she snapped her fingers and a piece of paper seemingly appeared out of thin air and fluttered lazily down to Timothy, who caught it out of the air. He read it over quickly, hurriedly, glossing over words and phrases here and there. It had all four of the main points, and that was all that mattered to him: he’d shrink, he’d get a sexy girlfriend who was into his giantess fetish, women would grow, and they’d also get sexier and more beautiful. That was it…that was all that mattered to him. Still though, this parchment…this document…he looked up at Maia flabbergasted.

“How did —?” he started to ask, but he realized from her sly grin that she wasn’t going to tell him. It didn’t really concern him, anyways. What was important was getting these things that were written down on the parchment to happen.

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