Nisan 3, 2021

Interview of a Lifetime

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… My first story, it was a request. Constructive criticism/feedback are appreciated. Thanks and hope you enjoy it!


Checking my clock as I walked through the parking lot to the office building I realized that my interview was in less than 10 minutes. “Fucking I-93 Traffic” I thought out loud angrily as I hurried up the steps into the building. It wasn’t just the traffic’s fault. I was partially to blame as I had taken my time that morning to look good. Full charcoal wool suit, cream colored Italian shirt, tie, and freshly shined shoes with some nice cologne had some heads turning and I couldn’t blame them. I caught the elevator door and hit the 3rd floor button hoping that by some miracle my interviewer was pre-disposed. Upon arriving at the office door, I stopped, caught my breath, asked for some luck and walked in the door.

The receptionist was an elderly lady who simply smiled at everything I said. They’re kind of cute that way but you can’t tell if they’ve heard everything you said and understand it to boot. I took a seat and nervously strummed on my portfolio as I awaited my interviewer. It’s like the calm before the storm every time. I work myself up, but come through in the clutch no matter what. As I examined the wall painting thinking how ridiculous it looked, my interviewer walked in. Holy crap… I wasn’t expecting this…. 5’4 petite bombshell two-piece business suit slightly open around the chest, heels, a pearl necklace, auburn hair, and the scent to die for… I shifted uncomfortably and tried to put on my best “Hi pleased to meet you” face and introduction without openly drooling.

“Good morning, I’m Adam Smith, very pleased to meet you.”

“Hello Adam, I’m ____, it’s great to have you please walk this way.” She smiled… I almost melted to my feet on the spot.

She turned and led the way into a room with the blinds closed and no other windows than the ones to the outside. I couldn’t help but drop my eyes to her curvaceous rear as we walked through the hallway and let out a quiet yet audible groan. She turned around and asked in a concerned tone if everything was alright. I responded that everything was just family stroke porno fine, my stomach was uneasy a little.

She laughed, “Relax, it’s just an interview, you’ll be fine. Besides you look great and prepared!”

I grinned back, “You look fantastic also.” Whoops, easy killer, don’t flirt with your potential boss.

She blushed a little, smiled back, “Thanks.” Whew, I thought to myself, at least she didn’t ask me to leave!

I lost track of time as the interview went by, I found myself more and more looking directly into her eyes as I answered all of her questions. I was so utterly distracted and helpless. It wasn’t helping that her cleavage was very prominently on display with her choice of suit jacket.

“Adam? Adam? Are you alright?”

“Huh, oh what, I’m so sorry, could you repeat the question again?”

“Are you enjoying the view?”

“Uhhhmm, I’m sorry?”

“I said are you enjoying the view of my breasts?”

“I uhh, I’m sorry, I don’t quite think… I’m not sure if I uhh follow you.” I said as my face began to turn a different shade of red never seen before.

She smiled, got up out of her chair and walked around to my side. Oh boy, here it comes, I thought to myself, I blew it and going to get yelled at and thrown the hell out of here.

She sits down on the desk next to me still smiling.

“Well Adam, I was going to discuss the benefits of working here at this firm later, but I guess we can do that now.”

“Uhh, sure definitely.”

Without a word, she leans over and puts her mouth to mine opening my own to apply her sweet soft tongue. I groaned and thought to myself that this can’t be happening. I’m going to wake up from my dream any second now. But it wasn’t a dream. I daringly put a hand on her thigh and she kept on kissing me. I let my hand creep up her skirt and discovered stockings… silk black stockings. Holy shit, I groaned audibly.

She smiled, “I take it you like that.”

I whispered “You have no idea you horny little vixen”

She laughed and then groaned as my hand continued up her thigh and found her pussy. No panties either… wow. She was as wet as female taxi porno a hot muggy summer’s day in New England. This woman did not mess around! I pulled her in front of me as I continued to kiss her and rub on her clit with my hand. Her eyebrows furrowed together in anticipation as she knew what was coming. I broke the kiss but not eye contact as I gently spread her legs to reveal her soaking wet crotch staring me in the face. She sighed, grabbed my head and forced it in between her legs. I gave her lips a gentle teasing lick with the tip of my tongue.

She moaned, “Don’t fucking tease me anymore, eat my pussy please… NOW!”

I didn’t hesitate. Slipping two fingers inside I leaned in and began to lap away like a man who had been stranded in the desert dehydrated for hours suddenly finding a lush oasis.

I quickened my pace with my fingers and tongue as she continued to moan louder and louder. Her breathing was becoming more frantic and deep. I decided suddenly to give something a try figuring I had nothing to lose as I continued my abrasive abuse with my tongue on her pussy. I slowly extended my pinky finger and put it gently on the end of her asshole and slowly pushed in. To my surprise she moaned a very audible “Yes!” Upon hearing this I unrelentingly pushed harder until my pinky was all the way in her puckered hole while my two other fingers and tongue continued their barrage on her pussy. A few moments later, she grabbed my head gripping it tightly and jammed her other hand in her mouth, quivering and shaking every which way while gushing into my mouth. Finally when it was over she got up and pushed me back into my seat, kneeling in front of me.

“My turn.” She said decisively clearly in control.

Unzipping my pants it took her no time to rip out my already protruding and very erect member and without hesitation while looking me dead in the eye, engulfed it with her mouth all the way down. Holy fucking shit I said as I groaned.

“Mmmmm” She hummed as she slurped on my penis. Clearly this girl knew what the hell she was doing unlike some amateurs. She rolled her tongue around while my cock was in her mouth and continued female agent porno to make eye contact while jacking me off and sliding her mouth up and down noisily.

Pulling her mouth off she smiled and said “God I love how your hard cock feels in my mouth” and drove it right back into her mouth. I shuddered. At this pace I wasn’t going to last long and if this was the interview I at least better finish it on a better note.

I grabbed her roughly and pulled her mouth off my cock and put her back on the table, spreading her legs and putting one over my shoulder. I looked at her and without hesitation and I placed my cock at her entrance and pushed in sharply drawing a very audible groan of satisfaction. I began to pump my cock in and out of her at a considerable pace never taking my eyes off of hers. She licked her fingers and put them in her mouth. “Yeah that’s right, fuck me with that cock. You want this fucking job don’t you huh you fucker?” She hissed at me catching me off guard with her dirty lust-laden talk.

“Yeah you like that don’t you huh you little slut? You knew you wanted my fucking cock inside you the second you saw me” I reciprocated even catching myself by surprise with my blunt words.

“God yes, I wanted to fuck you right there in the waiting room you fucker, God please fuck me. Fuck me harder now now now!!!”

I was pumping away like a madman caught up in the moment of a dream come true. I drew my cock all the way out and plunged it back in as hard as I could all the way to the bottom of the hilt.

She shuddered and moaned as I continued pistoning my cock in and out of her.

Suddenly she cried out “I’m going to fucking come, oh my god oh my god, I’m going to fucking come, fuck me harder!!!”

I gladly submitted to her request and started slamming home for all that I was worth as I felt my own orgasm coming nearer.

She cried out and I felt her pussy clamp down on my cock as tremors engulfed her body and her eyes rolled back into her head as she looked at me while I held her head firmly. At the same time I cried out and unleashed a torrent of my own cum into her. The feeling was absolutely electric, euphoric, and it seemed as if we were both cumming for an eternity.

Finally, when we both managed to catch our breaths and it was over, though still glued tightly together, I looked at her, smiled, and asked, “Well, do my credentials meet your company’s standards.”

She let out a laugh, and smiling asked, “When can you start.”

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