Şubat 22, 2021

Interruption Time

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I stand in the doorway and watch my lover sitting there, he looks busy, engrossed, as he usually does. I smile because he hasn’t heard me arrive and I like to see him unaware like that. I am buzzing, my cock is buzzing tantalizingly thinking about him, about his body, his flesh mobile under my hands. Thinking about my body exploring his warm internal spaces. I move my hand to my filling cock and stroke over it as I move in to him. I stand behind him and he still doesn’t know I am there, he’s so engrossed. I reach out my hands and make contact at his shoulders, running them down his chest as he jumps, startled.

“You frightened me,” he says laughingly.

“Will I go?” I ask, not wanting to, pinching his nipples, my hands now back there after having glided down and up his firm torso.

“No,” he says relaxing back in his chair. “No,” he says again as I turn his chair around and bend my head to take his mouth with mine. His hands are on my hips moving across my arse, I reach for the gas lift lever and lower his seat.

He casino şirketleri is breathing heavily now because he knows I’m going to fill him soon. Give him just a small taste of what I am looking forward to doing to him tonight when we climb into bed together.

I am leaning over him as he slips off my pants, as I spring free for him. I unzip him and he lifts his arse for me to pull his pants off him. Then I kneel down as he slides his arse forward and together we arrange his thighs wide and up over the chair arms. I love it when he presents himself to me like that. He is scrunched up, but his lean flat belly curls and creases nicely, a rippled bed for his hard cock.

“Fuck me,” he says quietly, his eyes fixed on mine, his hands caressing me.

“So you want my cock in here?” I say smiling. Then I’m biting his nipple as I plunge two wet fingers inside his arse.

“Yes,” he gasps, as I nibble his other nipple softly, a dozen times. While I move my fingers inside him as he likes me to. I withdraw them and casino firmaları find his mouth again; he pulls me in to him eagerly, hungrily. My cock knocks his, slides against his, dances with his. I run my hand down and hold them together, briefly, as I take his mouth. His hands knead my shoulders until I let go and unbend.

I kneel and take my cock in my hand and watch as I move the head up and down from his arse hole to his sac, circle his hole, wetting it, and then moving gently up, stroking him. He is looking at me; I could drown in his eyes when I am starting to make love to him. Then his hands are moving on my arms, then he’s touching himself. I like to see him touch himself a bit. I arrive back at his hole and press in. I am wet and I slip in the first bit easily. He moves his hips to me as he does always. He likes me inside him so much, wants my cock filling him, living inside him, warm and alive and occupying him, connecting us inside and outside.

He locks on my eyes and I smile at him as he takes me, he smiles güvenilir casino back briefly. Then I am fucking him as he holds himself open for me, there in his office chair. I ride him in slow long strokes loving the tightness that encloses me. When he starts to moan I look at him hazily, lovingly, seeing his eyes closed for a moment. He’s lost in his softly moving body rocking to my motion while caressing me. Connected and joined, sharing the pleasure of his flesh.

It’s long and slow. A timeless lazy afternoon as he moans and sighs, shivers and arches his body, rocking on a wave of sensual fucking motion. I join him, moving to the same swell until I fill him with my liquid, overflowing from me in a great arching shudder. He’s stroked himself and come too, in a shot of white spray up the shore of his naked rippled belly.

I move in to kiss his mouth one last time then gently lick his salty spray from his warm skin. I kiss his nipples softly because tonight I’ll make them burn, kiss his belly, inside which I so love to move my cock, kiss his fingers, his thighs, his soft skin, feel his body hair, brushing it with my lips.

I leave him to do some work so he doesn’t complain that I demand too much. I’m humming again, thinking about what I’ll do to him tonight.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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