Şubat 28, 2021

Inside the Athlete’s Village Ch. 01

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Big Dick

WARNING: This is a stroke story. It contains group sex, oral sex, anal sex, facials, girl-on-girl, and lesbian incest. It does NOT contain significant character development or much of a plot. If any of that bothers you, read something else. Similarities to real people are quite intentional, but names have been changed to protect the less than innocent. As usual, this story is mine, and you do NOT have permission to repost it or publish it elsewhere.




// Oh-oh say can you see… by the dawn’s early light? What so PROUD-ly we hailed… at the twilight’s last gleaming…

Even though the anthem was an instrumental version, I could still hear the lyrics in my head. With my right hand over my heart, I felt moisture forming in my eyes as I looked left to see my country’s flag held aloft, ever so much higher than the two flags flanking it to either side.

You’d think I wouldn’t be emotional at a time like this. After all, this wasn’t my first rodeo or anything. I’d been swimming competitively since I was four years old, blowing away first boys in the 6-and-under division and then even the 8-and-unders. I won nearly every swim meet I entered at the local level, and most every one at the state level too. Only when I hit the international circuit did I start to find competition that could keep up with me, but even that only drove me to compete harder and train even more to lower my times.

I won a Grand Prix or two. I medaled at the Pan Pacific Championships. And in the run up to these Games, I’d even won a WORLD Championship. But that was just the World Championships. This… THIS… was the Olympics.

And I was now a member of a VERY elite club… I was an Olympic Gold Medalist.

This was Fuck-TASTIC!

Wiping the tears from my eyes, I bent my head down and looked at my shiny new hardware. I knew what to expect, of course; every athlete knew the look of the medals well before ever showing up. I liked the design, the Olympic Logo centered in the middle of the circular disc with scattered lines behind it. I was especially pleased that the organizers hadn’t fucked things up like the past Winter Olympics, with that wavy, lopsided piece of shit that looked like someone had left the medal inside their car on a hot day and had the thing melt halfway before re-hardening.

Flipping my disc over, I smirked as I checked out the reverse of the medal. I knew full well that the figure on the back represented Nike, the Greek Goddess of Victory. But at the moment, I couldn’t help but notice that Nike was half-naked, with her unfettered breasts hanging out for the world to see. And as I belatedly remembered that the world’s television cameras were on me at this moment, I wiped the smirk off my face and stood up straighter, thankful that my baggy warm-ups would hide the growing bulge at my crotch.

Shit, man… Just hold it together until you get back. Just a little bit longer… a little bit longer… and THEN man… you are SO gonna get fucking LAID.

I hadn’t had sex in weeks already, not an easy thing to do when half the women’s swim team wants you to nail them (again). (Breaststroke? I’ll show you a ‘breast stroke’).

But rules are rules. Not that there were any laws against getting laid. No, my rules were part of my training, part of my discipline. My entire life had been building to this point, to this singular moment at the end of a grueling series of laps back and forth across a short fifty-meter expanse of water. In one, solitary effort I had challenged myself against the best the world had to offer… and I’d come away victorious.

I’d kept my eye on the prize, and it had all been worth it. Sex would have been unnecessary exercise right at the time when I was tapering, carefully controlling my energy expenditure to ensure maximum endurance and optimal performance when it really mattered. Not only that, but sex (or even masturbation) would have drained my balls of needed testosterone.

Who needs performance enhancing drugs? Not me, my balls make all that juice for me. Excess testosterone at the right time means more power, more energy. That little bit may have been the reason why I swam 0.12 seconds faster than the silver medalist. That little bit may have been the reason why I now had this golden hardware around my neck. And for that, I should really thank the women’s swim team for doing their level best to flaunt their nearly-naked (and sometimes fully naked) bodies for my viewing pleasure, knowing full well that it would help me build up my own natural, non-doping steroids.

But all that was over now. I’d finished my last event. There were no more competitions on my immediate horizon. No more tapering, no more ABSTINENCE. All that was left to do now… was PARTY.

// O say does tha-at Star Spangled BA-nner yet waaave…

Oops, time to wrap this up. Stand straight. Chest out. Smile for the cameras, fucker. After this, it’s just a short press conference, a pep-talk güvenilir bahis from coach, and then you’re onto the shuttle to take you back to those high-rise condos they call an Athlete’s Village. You’re an Olympic Gold Medalist, man… and now it’s time to reap the rewards.


“Härter, härter! Ahh, **scheisse!** Fuck me du hurensohn!”

I grinned and slapped Anneke’s ass before crooking my fingers to get a better grip on her hip bones and then started to REALLY lay some wood on the gorgeous dirty-blonde German swimmer. Her English was much better when she wasn’t mid-orgasm, and we’d been flirting for more than a week both at the Aquatics Centre and around the Village since before the Olympics had even officially begun. It was clear from the beginning that we were destined to fuck, and having finished her only event two days ago, she’d been itching to get into my pants ever since.

Win or lose, Anneke had promised me I’d get to nail her. In fact, she’d been so eager to jump my bones that she’d tried to talk me into fucking her right away, even before I was done with the competition. But I hadn’t spent all this time and come all this way to fuck up my Olympic dreams, so I’d sent her away to focus on my swimming.

I held no illusions that she’d kept herself pure for me over the past two days; this was the Olympics after all. Relationships weren’t part of the deal, and when you put thousands of young, physically fit people into a confined area, shit is gonna happen. There’s a reason a hundred thousand condoms disappear in two weeks, but this place is a little like Vegas: What happens in the Athlete’s Village, STAYS in the Athlete’s Village.

I didn’t know who Anneke had been with, and I didn’t much care. All that mattered was that she’d cared enough to come watch my event, meeting me in the locker room before my event and parting her robe to show me she wasn’t wearing a thing beneath it. She’d rubbed her firm little B-cups against my naked chest while telling me dirty fantasies of the things she wanted me to do to her after I won the Gold Medal, and fuck, that last bit of testosterone four minutes before my event started might have been the reason alone for my 0.12 second victory.

She’d been waiting for me after my press conference, and rode the shuttle back to the Athlete’s Village by my side. Her bright green eyes danced with mirth as she wrapped herself around the world’s most recent Gold Medalist, and we couldn’t RUN to my room fast enough.

My roommate, Tyler, was still at the Aquatics Centre, waiting for his own event. I had no concerns about him dropping by unannounced, and I didn’t even bother to lock the door after more or less tackling Anneke through it and onto my bed.

After almost three weeks without an ejaculation, I was more than ready to go. Anneke and I took turns shoving our tongues down each other’s throat and tearing at each other’s clothes without actually getting them off each other. We’d fooled around a bit without going TOO far, so this wasn’t actually my first time getting my paws on her titties. But I still enjoyed their weight in my hands, and especially enjoyed the sensation of her cool hand wrapped around my iron-hard cock.

I am ashamed to say that I popped my cork thirty seconds after she took me into her mouth. What, like YOU wouldn’t after having been teased and prodded and sexually stimulated for three weeks straight to build up your testosterone without being allowed to cum? But thankfully, Anneke didn’t seem to mind, swallowing every drop like a pro before taking my shaft in hand and using both her fingers and mouth to bring me back up. It certainly helped that while she did so, I had my tongue buried in Marika’s cunt.

Oh, did I not mention Marika? Funny story about Anneke and Marika: the world thought they HATED each other. Both girls were eighteen, and had spent the last couple of years competing in the same events each year. Some of the press tried to make it into a kind of Cold War between blonde German Anneke and raven-haired Dutch Marika; but then, the last time the Dutch were a military superpower was like in the 1600s.

At the pool, the girls made it a point not to even look at each other, let alone speak. This was of course, quite awkward every time they were put in lanes 4 and 5 together, but that was just their competitive spirit. In the water, each of them wanted to be the best; but out of the water, they had actually become the best of friends. That sort of thing happens when you compete against the same person at meet after meet after meet.

The two girls were together when Tyler and I met them in one of the communal lounges. Though Anneke and I immediately hit it off, Marika and Tyler just didn’t seem to find that spark. After a few minutes, Tyler wandered away to get a drink… and then never came back. About an hour later I saw him chatting up an Argentinean cyclist. In the meantime, I’d enjoyed the pleasant company of two beautiful teenage swimmers in the prime türkçe bahis of their sexual desirability.

Marika hadn’t been around every other time I’d met up with Anneke. Anything and everything goes in the Athlete’s Village, and I knew she was hunting on her own. Fuck, -I- was hunting others rather frequently in my down time, no matter what chemistry I’d been building with Anneke, and I was sure she was doing the same as well. But Marika had been around quite a bit, especially on one particular occasion when I’d met the girls in Anneke’s room and they’d proceeded to team up and give me a full-body rubdown with their tits, purely for the sake of improving my testosterone buildup, you see. So it really wasn’t much of a surprise when two minutes after Anneke and I burst into my room, the sultry Dutch 18-year-old sashayed through my unlocked door.

She made sure to lock it this time, while Anneke popped off my cock long enough to explain that she’d texted Marika to come meet us and figured I wouldn’t mind. I’d busted my nut down Anneke’s throat while watching the sleek raven-haired teenager strip her clothes off and shove two fingers into her freshly-shaven twat. And as Anneke went to work reviving me I’d invited her best friend to straddle my face and let me get my first taste of her.

But that was just the start.

“Härter, härter! Ahh, **scheisse!** Fuck me du hurensohn!”

Oh, yeah… back to the present. Long story short, having gone off so quickly, I was in the mood to prove my manhood, no matter the excuses. So I grabbed onto Marika’s thighs and kept her trapped on my face until I gave her a screaming orgasm, then tossed her aside and bodily yanked Anneke onto the bed so I could give her one as well. Then, and only then did I slap on a condom, fist my eight-inch cock, and slam it home, spearing Anneke’s pretty pussy while she was still in the throes of her orgasm. I quickly fucked her to a second climax, then pulled out and moved over to where Marika lay beside her friend, pounding the Dutch girl with all of my pent-up sexual frustration before yanking myself out, ripping off the condom, and then stroking my meat until I covered her tits and belly with my spunk.

Anneke then showed me a side of her I wasn’t expecting, although I wasn’t totally surprised by it. Lots of female competitive athletes were into girls, and more than a few of them were full-out dykes that wouldn’t give me the time of day. But fortunately for me, these teenaged swimming starlets were definitely bisexual, and they were showing me their other side as Anneke licked up all my creamy jism while making repeated trips up to Marika’s mouth to share what she’d found. I’d beaten my cock with my right hand watching them swap sperm with their tongues, blonde hair intermingling with black hair as they attacked each other with fervor.

I reached full hardness some time after they scissored their legs and began grinding their clits together. And now that I was fully ready to rejoin the party, I reached up, grabbed Anneke’s hips, and dragged her backwards until she was on all fours with her face over Marika’s crotch and her ass in the perfect position for me to impale her from behind.

“Härter, härter! Ahh, **scheisse!** Fuck me du hurensohn!”

Okay, so NOW we’re back to the present. Anneke started yelling at me in German to fuck her harder, screaming her enjoyment before shoving her tongue as far as she could into Marika’s snatch. I crooked my fingers and really started laying wood to the German girl. And all three of us groaned and moaned our enjoyment through the rather thin walls of this budget-built condominium complex.

“Cumming! Cumming!” Marika screamed as she tossed her head left and right, reaching down with both hands to grab the back of Anneke’s head and tug it deeper against her crotch. The movement had the pleasant side-effect of trapping her perky tits between her arms, squishing them together and making her even perkier rose-colored nipples thrust up into the air, just begging to be sucked.

But I was a little too far away to do much about that right now, so I waited until Marika ceased her orgasmic thrashing and let her thighs fall away from Anneke’s cheeks. Then, I reached down to grab the German girl’s jaw and pull her head back so that I could whisper in her ear, “Doesn’t she have such pretty nipples? I want to see you suck them.”

Anneke moaned her agreement and then started crawling up the bed. Doing so dislodged my prick, but once she had her lips wrapped around a succulent teat, she waggled her ass invitingly and I climbed after her to resume our doggy-style fuck.

The blonde girl whimpered as I long-dicked her, maximizing her pleasure while delaying my inevitable third (and probably final) ejaculation. I reached under her torso to palm her firm tits, rolling her nipples between my fingers before gripping them and tugging her body back against mine with each stroke.

She lost the rhythm once, stiffening and pulling her mouth off güvenilir bahis siteleri of Marika’s tits. I glanced down and realized that the raven-haired Dutch girl had begun rubbing the German girl’s clit. So I sped up my pace a bit and silently mouthed over Anneke’s shoulder, “Get her off and I’ll do you next.”

Marika smirked and nodded her agreement, then reached up with her other hand to paw at her best friend’s breasts while continuing to fingerbang her. I held onto Anneke’s tight butt cheeks, moaning deep within my throat as I watched my thick dick piston in and out of her tight cunt. And when I felt the blonde teenager’s inner muscles begin to spasm, I sped up and really power-fucked her through her climax.

“Ah! Ah! **Scheisse!**” Anneke cursed again as she came. But then seconds later she screamed as her balance was thrown off and she found herself collapsing straight on top of Marika.

Anneke fell because I pushed her, driving forward with my hips and pulling back on her thighs to literally knock her legs out from under her. My dick and I went with her, my body weight driving my cock an extra half-inch into her body while the momentary shock only added adrenaline to her climax. At the same time, Marika must have been expecting my move, perhaps having seen the sudden smirk crossing my face, because she practically caught her friend, meeting her with an open-mouthed kiss. And together, we sandwiched and smothered the German blonde with pleasure from all sides as she quivered and quaked her ecstasy.

And I wasn’t done yet. As promised, the moment Anneke finished cumming, I slid out of her and notched my cockhead a few inches lower. Now it was Marika’s turn to scream as she was invaded by eight inches of American dick. And after relocating my hand grips onto the Dutch girl’s hips, I pounded her pussy with renewed vigor.

Minutes later, Anneke recovered enough to take her friend’s face in hand and resume their makeout session. Stacked tit-to-tit and crotch-to-crotch, the girls moaned and writhed beautifully, giving me both audio and visual stimulation to keep going no matter how tired I was after two ejaculations and the energy drain of my competition. I began switching back and forth between them, fucking Marika for a while before rising up and drilling Anneke, keeping both girls at the precipice of new orgasms before pulling out and changing partners.

But all good things must come to an end. I felt my balls reaching the boiling point, and knowing I didn’t have much time left, I kept myself in Marika’s cunt and flexed my kegels to angle my cockhead up and really get it to scrape across the Dutch girl’s G-spot.

“Oh! Oh, *neukertje*!” Marika cried. “Fuck me! Fuck me with your big cock!”

I fucked her. Anneke sucked on her neck. And just for good measure, I reached around her ass and wriggled a finger into the center of her crack.

“AIIIGH!” she screamed, bucking her hips off the bed. Fuck man, some of these swimmer chicks have REALLY strong core muscles, because she managed to lift both me AND Anneke up with her. But after arching her back and screaming her climax to the headboard for about thirty seconds, her strength left her and she collapsed completely.

Now seeking my own release, I grabbed Anneke’s right tit in my hand and used it to flip her over onto her back beside her best friend. The German girl grinned as I pulled out of Marika and shoved myself back into her. And she raised her legs up and over my shoulders and giving me a sultry grin as I rutted away.

“Cum for me,” she crooned, reaching up and rubbing my forearms. “I want you to cum on my face.”

Shit man, that’s a sentence any man would love to hear, but it’s SO much sexier coming with that accent!

I grinned and sped up, feeling the pressure build. I hammered her harder and harder and harder until the whole bed was shaking. Leaning forward, I drilled my dick down as far as it could go while pressing Anneke’s knees back almost until they were on the mattress. And then finally, I felt the pressure going slack and I yanked myself out of her, stripping off the condom and kneeling by her side before groaning as Anneke took matters into her own hands, jacking me rapidly until my abs clenched and my cockhead belched out a thick glob of spunk that caught her right across her forehead.

“Nn-gah!” I grunted as I felt my ball pressure suddenly go slack. A second jet of cum flew out and splattered her from nose to cheek. And as the wave of ecstatic relief swept over me, I sat back on my haunches and let her finish me off.

Anneke had picked her head up, leaning forward so that she could take me into her mouth and there milk out the rest of my spunk. “Mmm,” a satiated Marika moaned as she turned onto her side and leaned over to extend her tongue toward Anneke’s face, licking up cream until the German girl pulled off my deflating prick and turned so they could share what they each had found.

When there was no more cum to be swapped, the girls rolled apart and then beckoned to me. I circled to the foot of the bed so I could climb in-between them. And then lying on my back, I spread my arms so they could each pillow their head on my broad swimmer’s chest.

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