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Ina the Indonesian maid

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A true story of an older man, Mike and his young Indonesian maid, Ina…

When the good wife is away…
The horny old man will play…
With Ina, the Indonesian maid…
Right there on the matrimonial bed…:)

The life as an expatriate for a multinational corporation in the Far East has many benefits although fraught with risks of broken marriages. Thus it was with mine. The many temptations afforded by exotic, nubile sirens so well versed in the art of pleasing her man both in and out of bed led to the inevitable breakdown of my first marriage. I ended up marrying a local girl, less than half my age and we had an exciting and invigorating sex life but instead of satiating my sexual appetite, it only served to whet it…

As a senior executive, I was entitled to the services of a personal driver and a domestic maid although I don’t recall discussing sexual services as part of the package…

The new Indonesian maid brought in to replace the previous one was much younger. She had a tanned complexion but this only served to make her even more attractive. I have a weakness for dusky complexioned young girls. Her name was Ina and she couldn’t have been a day over 18. Her official documents stated 21 but then it was only to satisfy the authorities as only those 21 and above were allowed to be employed as foreign maids. She was a petite girl but has a nice budding figure and a pleasant, if not a beautiful face…but then she was young!

Ina was rather shy and this was her first trip abroad. She comes from Java, Indonesia. From the first evening that I saw her, I was already attracted to her and my mind was working overtime on how I was going to seduce her. By the way, I am 50 years old and has been married for a few years. – my second marriage. We have a daughter who is just 3 years old.

Amongst several fetishes, I have been a voyeur for quite a few years and even with the last maid, I have made a small peep-hole in the bathroom door where I have enjoyed many nights peeping at the maid in the shower. Thus, it was just a matter of time…actually about a week after her arrival that I finally got the chance to peep at Ina in the shower.

Ina went into the bathroom and she promptly took off her shorts before lowering her little cotton panties and squatted on the rim of the wc instead of sitting on it.The peep-hole is directly in line with the wc and this gave me an unfettered view of Ina’s little pussy. It was a gorgeous pink gash with a little wisp of black pubic hair above. When she gushed her golden pee, it was so arousing but what was even more exciting was how she fingered the crack when she finished and teased her wet cunt. It was as if she knew that she was being watched and was putting up a little show for me. She stretched her legs wide apart and slowly inserted a wet finger into the crack and I could hear a soft moan…as she finger-fucked herself gingerly…first with a single digit and then two…This was followed by a little more intensive fingering and rubbing casino oyna of her little clit until she shuddered and in a short but intensive orgasmic climax…almost falling off the wash closet… She has just jacked herself off.

She then took her shower, rewarding me with more enjoyment, watching her soap her small but perky firm young tits and how she leisurely soaped and cleaned her pussy…legs wide apart…All too soon, she was finished and I beat a hasty retreat from the peep-hole which has given me so much visual pleasure.

My wife had to go back to her parent’s place as her dad has taken ill, leaving me in the house with Ina and my daughter. That night when my daughter was asleep, I went down to the lounge and put on a pornographic Video Disc. It was one of those that focused more on just raw sex rather than any pretence of a storyline. The light in the lounge was low and I was in my dressing gown with just my pajama pants…The scene was one where a very young girl was giving a fantastic blowjob to a middle-aged guy with a huge dick. She was almost gagging on it but she certainly seemed to be enjoying herself.

Without realizing it, I was beginning to get very aroused and my hard dick poked its head out of the pajamas and the dressing gown. Instinctively I started to pump my dick vigorously when I suddenly felt the presence of another person in the room. It has got to be Ina, the maid since we were the only ones in the house other than my sleeping daughter. ‘Ina, is it you?’…, I asked.

‘Yes sir, it is I, Ina’ came the sheepish reply to which I promptly invited her to join me in watching the VCD show on the TV. She was rather hesitant but after some cajoling she sat cross-legged on the floor, just next to the settee. From where I was sitting, I could see that she was not wearing a bra under the light T-shirt that she had on. The outline of her very small tits but with two perky nipples were clearly visible and they looked really hard. Her eyes were transfixed to what was happening on the TV screen and as the moans and mews of pleasure got louder and the action ever more torrid, Ina started fidgeting and involuntarily, she slipped her hand under her T-shirt and started massaging her tit. I got off the settee and slowly joined her on the floor where she was in a trance-like state, quite oblivious to my presence. I gently wrapped my arm around her trembling body and also slipped my hand under her T-shirt, grasping her other tit, The nipple was so hard and Ina shuddered when I rolled it between my finger and thumb. I nuzzled her hair and nibbled gently at he ear as I continued to tease her nipple until she flung her head back in abandon and offered me her sweet lips. Her eyes had a glazed look and …

Our lips locked in a passionate kiss and our tongues inter-mingled as we explored the deepest recesses of each other’s mouths. I gently eased her down so that she was now lying on the floor, hair in disarray and her breathing irregular and gasping like someone drowning. I reached slot oyna down between her legs and gently caressed her thighs. She involuntarily opened up the legs to allow me easier access as I slipped my hand under her loose fitting shorts and grasped her now soaking wet pussy covered by the thin material of her panties. As I rubbed the wet spot, she shuddered and made low mewing sounds. I eased down her shorts and panties all in one movement, exposing her maiden pussy with the little wisp of hair to my hungry eyes. She crossed her legs as she was shy but when I ran my hand along her inner thighs and with just some slight encouragement, she open up her legs to expose her glistening, wet pussy.

It was a gorgeous sight and I bent down and started planting little kisses, first on her navel, lower abdomen and on the little wisp of downy pubic hair. Instinctively her legs spread wider in anticipation. Her hand reached out shyly to grasp my now rock hard cock and she audibly gasped at the sheer length and girth of my engorged manhood. She started stroking it with her little hand. It was so thick that her fingers could barely grasp it all but she was trying. She pulled my cock towards her mouth and as I continued administering little kisses to her most sensitive spots, she gently tugged my cock towards her mouth. She started kissing the tip and running her tongue along the sensitive slit before she took the head of my cock gingerly into her wide open mouth.

Her legs were now spread wide open. Her gaping pussy was sopping wet and was crying for relief that without hesitation I lowered my lips and enveloped it in one gulp. She shuddered and open her thighs even wider as I inserted my tongue as deep as I could into her hole. Her love juice flowed copiously and as my tongue flicked against her little button, her clit, her moans of pleasure became even louder. Her sucking of my cock became even more desperate as she tried to take my whole cock into her little mouth. It was physically impossible as it was too long and thick but she tried. She was now more than ready to be fucked. I gently pulled my cock out from her mouth although she was reluctant to let go; got up and knelt between her wide open legs.

I rubbed the head of my cock against her clitoris and around the opening of her wet hole. Her hips moved up and she tried to engulf me with her pussy. The cock was still wet from the saliva and the love juice from her pussy. I positioned the head of the cock at the entrance of her pussy crack and pressed down slowly. The head entered her pussy and as I inserted more of the cock in, I felt some resistance. Ina was a virgin but she was so far gone now that even if I wanted to stop, she wouldn’t have let me. Her hips moved up involuntarily and her hand grasped my waist, pulling me towards her. She wanted my cock real bad and had thrown caution to the wind. By now, my cock was throbbing with anticipation and was as hard as a steel rod. With one downward stroke, I plunged my cock right through the resistance canlı casino siteleri and broke her hymen, taking her virginity. She shrieked out in pain at the sudden stab of my cock but she clung on to me tightly as if her life depended on it.

The cock, all 9 inches of it was now solidly embedded in Ina’s tight pussy and I could feel the wise–like tightness grasping it along its whole length. Her breathing was irregular and her eyes were tightly closed but tears were streaming down the edges. Mewing sounds were still coming from her mouth as I kept still. My cock was so sensitive now that any sudden movement would have sent me over the edge. Then the strangest sensation followed. Was I imagining things or I could feel her pussy muscles working; grasping and releasing my embedded cock. Slowly I started to withdraw a couple of inches, press down again and slowly entered into a rhythmic in, out stroke. Her legs were spread wide open over my shoulders and I started fucking her with slow steady strokes as her pussy got used to the intrusion. Ina started to match my strokes and very soon she was meeting every down stroke I was making with an equivalent upstroke. Her pussy was about the tightest that I have ever fucked but it was so wet that each stroke was like drawing a vacuum.

I alternated between slow and fast strokes and this continued for some twenty minutes during which Ina never once opened her eyes but she licked her lips and rolled her head from side to side. She was in a world of her own. Then I felt a definite greater sense of urgency in her movement. Her head was rolling more furiously now and she was biting her lips. She was close to cumming again. Her thrusts upwards became more urgently and furious. Suddenly her whole body went into a spasm, her fingernails dug into my back and she screamed out aloud like a banshee. That triggered me as well and I felt my hot seed coming to a boil and coursing through my balls, along the throbbing cock and spurting out in an endless stream deep into Ina’s pulsating pussy. It was less then a minute, but at the point of cumming, it felt like it was never going to stop. I flooded the deepest recesses of her pussy with my hot cum.

I collapsed next to her and Ina was also exhausted by our torrid session. She just laid there and as I got up, I could see a cocktail of cum and blood leaking out from her well fucked pussy. That was when I almost panicked – what if Ina got pregnant? In the heat of the moment, I did not take any precautions. Talk about sowing wild oats on a Saturday and praying for a poor harvest on Sunday! Anyway, after an anxious couple of weeks, I found out that her period came and she was not pregnant…

The wife has a habit of taking sleeping pills due to insomnia and this has given me many opportunities to sneak down to Ina’s room for a quick fuck. Ina is definitely a fast and enthusiastic learner…she now gives fantastic blow-jobs and has mastered the art of deep-throating…even managing to take my whole thick 9 inch cock totally without gagging. Now she loves the taste of my hot cum…swallowing every drop and then licking my cock clean…She is also warming up or rather opening up to the idea of me to fucking her virginal ass. …But that’s going to be another tale…

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