Şubat 21, 2021

In Hot Water Ch. 01

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(This is a male/male story that possibly involves more than one man and also possibly some forced sex. If you’re not interested in that, please don’t read it. If you are interested, please leave me a message. It’s also not meant to be a great piece of literary prose. It’s meant as a fantasy of mine; nothing more. Enjoy.)


Site visits are my favorite part of being in construction management. Our company is doing a new project in eastern Wisconsin and since I’m the only one in our office with an actual degree in construction management, I go there every two weeks to see the progress and make sure that things are going according to plan.

I’m staying at a little hotel in the middle of the woods, by myself as usual. The same hotel I always stay at. I know it well and everyone there knows me because I’ve been coming back every couple of weeks for two years now. I see the same people every two weeks, even the same construction workers. That can be both good and bad. A few of the workers don’t like me too much because sometimes I have to be the bad guy on the construction site and point out things that were done incorrectly. As I was having dinner, by myself as usual, in the hotel café, I saw a few of the construction workers from the job site. They were sitting at the bar having a beer and talking. I wasn’t sure if they saw me sitting there or not, and after the trouble I caused for one of them today on the job site, I wasn’t about to say anything to them. My boss probably wouldn’t want me to be too casual with the crew working on our project anyway, he wants me to keep things all business.

After dinner I went back to my room and had a couple of beers that I brought with me and kept in the small fridge there. It was a hot day and wearing that buttoned-up shirt and tie out on the job site all day really wore me out. I needed to relax and those beers really hit the spot. This hotel is pretty remote and there are rarely more than a handful of other guests staying there, especially in the winter like this. Some of the construction workers have long-term rooms here for the duration of the project. I’d hate to see what their rooms look like; they’re probably as messy as the job site was today.

Because it’s usually always deserted, I normally go down the hall to the little indoor pool and hot tub area. I look forward to relaxing there all by myself, although those big windows sort make me feel uncomfortable at night. You really can’t see out of them at all at night but anyone that’s outside can see in the pool area when it’s lit up at night. The beers that I had in my room made me a little more confident. And, I’m in great shape anyway so who cares if anyone is looking inside. I changed into my trunks, wrapped a towel around my neck and headed down there. I was hoping it would be empty. As always, it was empty in there. I threw my towel on a chair by the hot tub, kicked my flip-flops off and dipped my foot in the water like I always do. I’m not sure why I do that, I know that it’s hot. It’s just a habit I guess. I sunk in the hot water up to my neck and sat down on the seat-ledge and then I realized that I forgot to hit the whirlpool button to start the jets. So, I got out and walked to the wall where the big, red button was and I pushed it. The jets started shooting the water around in the hot tub. As I was standing there, dripping with hot water, I realized that my swim suit was clinging to my ass and was making the outline of my cock really pronounced. Then I thought of those dark windows again and hurried back into the hot tub.

I sat in the hot tub for about fifteen or twenty minutes all by myself, thinking of the day and what problems there had been on the job site and thinking that it has been a really, really long time since I’ve had sex. Of course, that’s always on my mind but being in this hot tub always makes me horny anyway. Being there all alone in the middle of the woods like that doesn’t help, either. I look forward to coming out here to this hotel by myself, it’s so remote that I fantasize about things that could happen out here. I’ve often brought myself right to the brink of orgasm in that very hot tub thinking of what it would be like to have someone in there to have sex with.

About 11:00 pm, without any warning, all of the lights flickered and went out! No warning; nothing. Bang, pitch black. Everything was out, even the outside lights and everything! Oh boy, now what? I’m sitting there in the dark; the whirlpool jets have stopped circulating the water so it’s quiet in there again with the exhaust fans out, too. I start rubbing my cock under the water through my suit, thinking this is a perfect opportunity to work out some sexual frustration. I’m wondering when I’ll ever have sex again. It’s only been three months since I broke up with my girlfriend, but for me, that’s a long time to go without sex.

Then, as I’m sitting there in the dark in the hot tub, I hear the door to the pool area open and hear some footsteps. casino şirketleri Someone just walked in! I still can’t see anything because of how dark it is in there and I have no idea who just walked into the room. Maybe it’s the front desk lady seeing if everything is alright in there? She’s always sort of given me a look like she would be up for a romp in the sack. But, she’s about twice my age, probably mid-50’s I’d guess, so I haven’t really gotten to that point yet.

She knows I’m here by myself every two weeks, and who knows, she probably has fantasies like everyone else does. With the way my cock is growing at the moment under this water, and the way my sexual frustration has been growing the last three months, if she got into this hot tub with me right now I’d definitely give her something to look forward to for the next two weeks. Maybe she has a thing for younger guys. Maybe she’s been with some of the construction workers, who knows what happens out here in the woods. She sure has a killer body and a nice, tight rear end; my weakness. I know for a fact that some of the workers talk about her.

I hear the sound of heavy shoes or boots being kicked off and landing on the tile floor and then the “zip” of a zipper and hear pants dropping to the floor. It’s dead quiet in there and it’s echoing like crazy with all of the tile in that room, so every sound is amplified like it’s on a loud speaker. Next, more clothes hitting the floor and I hear the shuffling of bare feet coming towards the hot tub, rubbing against the tile like they’re not quite sure where the lip of the tub is and don’t want to run into anything on the way there.

Still, no voice so I don’t have a clue who it is, man or woman. I hear someone getting into the hot tub! They still haven’t said a word and I’m starting to get both excited and nervous at the same time. My cock is starting to get a mind of its own, especially after I was just rubbing it a few minutes ago, and it’s starting to get hard. It’s pressing against the front of my suit as I sit there, wondering when this person will say something.

I’m finally able to make out the silhouette of a man but I can’t tell who he is or see any details, it’s too dark in there. He sits by me and neither of us say anything for several minutes, just sitting in that hot water; our breathing is the only sound in the room. I want to say something, but I figured that he was there to relax just like I was so I didn’t want to get all friendly and pretend that I wanted to talk.

Actually, I was starting to get quite a hard on. I’m not sure what it was about that situation, in the woods at a small hotel with an indoor pool and hot tub, no lights or power other than the emergency lights in the hallways, sitting next to a stranger and neither of us are saying anything. I wasn’t sure what was going to happen next. I knew that if I started to get out he would be watching me, apparently he can see in the dark better than I can because he didn’t trip on his way over to the hot tub.

If I get out, I’d have to awkwardly bend to step up from that low seating ledge and my clinging swim trunks would form-fit to my ass. Even worse, my now rock hard cock would be hard to hide, poking against the material of my wet trunks in the classic “tent pole” fashion. I stayed there under the water, just sitting, not moving or making a sound other than my breathing. I was trying to think of a way to get my cock to settle down a bit so I could get out and feel my way back to my room in the dark.

That’s when I felt his hand on my leg! I jumped! Then I heard his voice. It was one of the construction guys that I had to make an example of today because of poor performance. I was now starting to get a bit worried. Was he going to try to beat me up for making him look bad in front of his workmates? He finally spoke, “Hey, man, I know you were just doing your job this morning. I’m sorry for messing up, I deserved that beatdown.”

I was shocked to hear him say that. I had seen him and a couple of his workmates at the counter in the hotel café a couple of hours earlier. I never, ever thought this would be happening with him! He must have known that I was in that pool room! Was he watching me, waiting for me, hoping that I’d go into this hot tub? I wonder if he was watching me from those black windows knowing that I couldn’t see out of them at night.

He probably watched me get in the hot tub and then get out again to press the whirlpool button. All the time watching my clinging, wet swim trunks and seeing my wet body. This wasn’t helping my cock to get any softer. I was suddenly getting even more excited. Since breaking up with my girlfriend, I’ve always had a fantasy of being taken by a man. Maybe now, in the dark, in this hot tub, I should stick around and see what happens.

I spoke up for the first time, “Sorry about that, my boss likes to keep things pretty tidy on the job sites. I normally don’t yell at anyone in front of casino firmaları their co-workers like that.”

He kept his hand on my leg and, oddly enough, I didn’t move it. I let him rest it there. It wasn’t at rest for long. He started rubbing my leg under the water, and I have to admit, it felt great. Apparently the time for talk was over with.

It’s been literally months since I’ve had any sexual contact what so ever, other than with myself.. He started rubbing a little higher and higher, trying to get his fingers under my tight swim trunks but there was no room. I thought that since things seemed safe and he seemed like a nice guy after all, I’d give him some help. I mean, what could possibly happen?!

I untied the waist band on my trunks and stood up a bit and slid them down to my ankles under the water. It was still pitch black in there so there’s no way anyone could see what was going on anyway. I thought, hey, since I’ve had this fantasy for so long and since I was as horny as I’ve ever been, I’d go with it.

That’s all the help he needed. He worked his hand up to my now fully erect cock and started stroking it under the hot water. It felt as good as anything I had ever felt in my life! He’d stop at my cock head and put his thumb over my pee hole and hold it there while squeezing with his fingers, like he was gripping a beer bottle when you shake it up and put your thumb over the opening and then move your thumb and it shoots out like a geyser. He’s done this before, I thought to myself. I wonder what else he’s done, and what else he was going to do to me! I never thought the day would end like this; with a guy that I chewed out earlier in the day, sitting next to me, naked, in a hot tub, in the dark, with his hand on my cock!

I got up the courage and reached over towards his lap and yep, he was in fact naked and had a huge hard on! His cock was a little bigger than my 7″, probably 8″ I thought, but it was about half again as thick as mine. I took his lead and started stroking his cock, doing the beer bottle grip thing that he was doing to me. Maybe he liked that and thought every guy did as well? My former girlfriend never did anything like that to my cock. All of a sudden, I don’t miss her that much anymore.

We kept stroking each other for a few minutes; both of our other hands were roaming all over each other under the water. That seemed so dirty and so innocent at the same time, like we knew that nobody could see us in the darkness anyway, but just in case we’d keep things under water.

Well, before too long he reached over with both of his strong arms and lifted me up so I was floating, and because we were in the water it wasn’t as hard to do as you might think. The “hard” part came when he sat me down right on top of his waiting, and rock hard, cock! In one swift, smooth motion, I went from fantasizing about being taken by a man in a situation like this to actually being in this situation! I have had things up my ass over the years, fantasizing about being used by a man; carrots, bananas, things like that, but I’ve never actually had a cock in there before! I’ve always wondered how it would feel; so hard yet with a soft cock head. What that would feel like parting my butt cheeks and working its way up my tight little asshole.

He had so much pre-cum from me stroking him that he slid right between my hot, wet cheeks and up into my virgin asshole! I sat on his cock like I was sitting on a flagpole. We were both upright and looked like we were just sitting there, but I was sitting on his lap and his cock was buried up my ass! WOW, what a feeling! I could have stayed like that forever, just sitting there with our hot, wet bodies pressed together like that, him with his fat cock shoved up my ass.

It felt great to have his hot chest against my hot back, pressed together with him gripping me around my waist like he was giving me a bear hug. He was squeezing me, almost like he was trying to force me or make sure that I didn’t leave. It was a weird feeling, but exciting at the same time. Then he started to sort of move his ass up and down on that ledge to pump his cock in my ass. I put my legs on the tile floor of the hot tub and tried to help him by bouncing up and down as much as I could in the water. It’s not as easy as it sounds. My feet would keep slipping out away from us and I couldn’t get a grip on the floor at that angle.

We did that for several minutes, him sliding his fat cock in and out of my hot, wet ass as I was almost forced to sit on his lap and get fucked. How he could even keep that up for several minutes was beyond me, I would have shot my cum so quickly if it was up someone’s ass in a hot tub!

Maybe we’re more alike than I thought earlier in the day when I, yelled at him on the job site. It’s not the first time I’ve had to tell him about problems with his work. Maybe he’s forgotten about that now and he just wants a hole to stick his cock into? I certainly have a tight hole, güvenilir casino one that’s never had a cock in it before. I’m probably not too good at this, bouncing up and down; flailing around like a kite in the wind on the end of his cock.

Well, I guess he had enough of that position and he boldly and strongly, with his cock still firmly planted in my ass, stood up and lifted my legs so I was floating in the water. He proceeded to ram his cock up into my ass in that standing position for several more minutes. My legs were floating out in front of me on the surface of the water and he was sort of crouched forward with his cock ramming up into my ass. It felt great. The hot water was making things slippery enough, especially when he would pull his cock all the way out of my ass and then RAM it back in! I could feel the hot water going into my ass at the same time his cock would plow back in there. It was an unusually good feeling. So hot and so dirty.

This newfound fantasy-come-true was going great so far. His cock plunging in and out of my ass was a great feeling. It was almost like I was helpless and he was taking control of everything. Almost like he was sort of forcing himself on me, forcing his cock up my ass whether I wanted it or not. Almost like he was raping me. I loved it though, the feeling of being used like that was really a turn-on for me.

I’ve always had the fantasy of being used as someone’s sex toy; and so far, so good. He was in total control, I felt like just a floating asshole with a body attached to it. Like I was just the one who happened to be there when the power went out for him to shove his cock into. It’s weird that he seemed to be getting bolder and bolder as things got hotter and hotter. I was literally floating in that water and he was holding onto me around my chest, controlling what angle he fucked my asshole at, how fast he fucked his big dick into it, everything. He was in total control; unlike when we were on the job site a few hours ago. It felt strange to not be in control. I was starting to get the feeling that he knew the roles had reversed and he was now in control.

Without a word, he apparently got tired of that floating position and he held onto me and pushed me down onto the corner of hot tub ledge under the water! The seating area around the bottom of the hot tub. I grabbed onto it with my hands so I didn’t go under the water but he grabbed my arms and pulled them behind me and and pushed me down so I was on my knees with most of my body under the water and just my head sticking out!

He was behind me and he really started to fuck into me as fast and hard and deep as he could. I could barely keep my head above the water. But, I have to say, I was really thinking that this is what I’ve fantasized about for quite a while, being used by a horny guy that I didn’t really know; having him use me as his personal fuck hole. Shoving his cock into me and there wasn’t a damn thing I could do about it. My fantasy was becoming reality in this dark room, in this hot tub, with a guy that I had yelled at in front of his workmates a few hours earlier.

I kept picturing him and his buddies on the job site today, all dirty and sweaty, looking at me with a sneering grin like they were thinking about something. Something that they didn’t want me to know, like they were planning something. It was really getting weird the more I thought about it, but I couldn’t help it, I still loved every minute of having this guy force his fat cock up my ass over and over again. I was almost wishing that his dirty construction buddies were there too.

He couldn’t pump into me too fast because the water held up his speed; it was like a 75% fuck frenzy, not quite a 100% fuck frenzy. I wondered how fast and hard and deep he could plow into me if we weren’t in that hot tub. I had a feeling that I’d find out later that same night how fast and hard and deep he could ram that fat cock of his.

He was really squeezing my arms together behind my back so I knew that he had to cum. This was not only the first time I’ve ever had a cock in my ass, it would also be the first time a guy had ever cummed in my ass! Another fantasy come true. That’s two in one day. How many more would happen today, I wondered?

I could feel his cock pulsating and then he let loose, grabbing onto my hips and I could feel his hot cum shooting up my ass! It felt almost like the times that I had given myself an enema. It was a weird feeling but it felt great. Jets of hot cum being shot up inside of my ass from a guy who was, sort of, working for me. Mixing with the hot water that he was sloshing up there by taking his cock out and plunging it back in for so long. I was almost getting an enema as he fucked me.

It was strange, being taken like this by a worker from the job site, but it felt great none the less. I really didn’t care who was cumming in my ass, I just didn’t want him to stop! I wanted him to keep going and cumming and cumming and going. We now both knew that I loved getting fucked and I think it was news to both of us. In the back of my mind, I was wondering if this was really the end of things, now that he knew that I was so submissive when I wasn’t punched in…

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