Nisan 3, 2021

I Want You Ch. 03

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I had no clue what time it was when I woke up but I assumed that night had fallen since no light was shining in through the windows. The only source of light was the alarm clock perched on top of his bookshelf. The green glow of the time illuminated the entire bedroom. I looked around Michael’s room as I allowed my eyes to adjust. Then my eyes fell on Michael laying there beside me sound asleep, the occasional cute snore slipping out. I turned on my side smiling as I watched him adoringly. I watched his chest rise and fall with each breath that he took. I took in his naked body. I was glad to finally be able to appreciate it since the past 2 times I’ve been in the nude with him I’d been so distracted with his touch. I found his 28 year old body immaculate. While a lot of men would rather drink beer and let a gut grow after graduating high school or college, he definitely kept himself in shape. Even in the dim light I could see the contours of his abs so perfectly defined. I noticed his bicep muscles. They looked so strong to me. They were arms that any girl would kill to be wrapped up in. I smiled to myself at the thought of them around me. It’s a comforting and safe spot to be. My eyes trailed down his arms, to his chest, and abdomen. Clothes really don’t do this man’s body justice. I had no idea that he would look like this underneath his long sleeved button ups and khaki Dockers. It just seemed that everything about him was perfect. And what made this revelation all the more better was that this perfect man was mine, at least physically.

My mind became racked with many thoughts as I looked at him. How did I get here? How did this happen? The shock of the situation finally hit me as I was laying down next to my teacher in his bed. Quiet shy girls don’t end up sleeping with their history teacher. Girls like us only dream about it but don’t usually get the guy in the end. Girls like us usually end up unnoticed. I wasn’t popular and talkative. Yes, I’m attractive. I admit that my slender 5′ foot frame, high cheekbones, dimples, and 34C breasts get me attention from time to time. But I wasn’t the only pretty girl that took Mr. Watson’s history class who hiked up their skirt hoping to grab his attention. What sets me apart? I didn’t sleep with Michael for the thrill or having him as a novelty. I always saw him as Michael the individual and not just my teacher. The more I got to know him the more my crush grew. I knew that his favorite color was blue and that the Los Angeles Lakers were his favorite basketball team. I knew that he’d been playing guitar since he was a child. I felt something when he placed his hand on my cheek that day in his classroom. I felt a spark that made my school girl crush turn into something more adult when his lips crashed against mine for the first time. It was undeniable. Michael and I have a great amount of sexual chemistry, but I think there might actually be some real chemistry there as well. I know more than I thought I would ever find out about him. After our first encounter, we’d opened up to each other during our nightly phone chats and epic text conversations. I’m still learning more. Glad to have been given the chance to talk and get to know each other in a new light face to face. But as I looked at him, all I wanted to do was explore his body once again.

I couldn’t just look at his body anymore, I needed to touch him. My fingertips tingled to explore his body. To trace lines up and down his chest. I scooted closer to him and reached my left hand onto his chest. My fingers lightly raked through his patch of sexy chest hair. I know a lot of women aren’t into it but I adore chest hair on an older man. I lightly traced my fingertips over the lines of his well-defined abdomen then up his chest along his shoulders to the bicep closest to me. He shifted a bit but didn’t wake up. I brought myself even more close to him, pressing my breasts against his left arm. My fingers continued moving along the contours of his body until they were just below his belly button. I walked my fingers around his lower abdomen contemplating my next move. I looked at his cock, his amazing cock. Thick, veiny, and semi-hard even in his sleep. Wonder what he’s dreaming about… I dragged my fingertips lower until I reached his pubic bone. I tempted myself to touch him, to take his cock in my hand and wake him up. I wanted him to touch me so badly. I moved my hand back and forth keeping contact with his skin as I debated going ahead with it.

“Don’t stop now, you little nymph,” I heard him mumble. My eyes quickly shifted from his body to his face. He smiled at me before saying, “Keep going. I like where you were going with it.”

I didn’t need any further encouragement to wrap my small hand around his semi hard cock. I pumped his penis in my fist a few times feeling him grow and harden in my hand. I heard him sigh and craned my neck up to kiss him. The kiss started off sweet but in mere moments we were kissing each other hungrily. Our tongues danced against one another’s. He darted tecavüz porno his tongue in my mouth and I sucked on it. My tongue massaging as I sucked. Our lips met once again after I released his tongue. Our lips kept at each other as I scooted my body back a bit to give his arm room to move. His left arm snaked underneath my waist so that he could grab my buttocks. His right arm reached over and caressed my cheek. We moaned into each other’s mouths. As our kiss heated up, I sped up my hand. I moved my hand up and down his erection faster making him tremble and sigh. My hand movements weren’t consistent enough to get him off and I wanted that. I wanted to tease him. I wanted to just get him ready for my little pussy. He moaned against my mouth due to my ministrations. I smiled and released his cock from my grip then began to lightly run my fingertips up and down his cock. My hand slipped further down to caress his tight ball sac a time or two. My fingertips would lightly flutter underneath them before briefly cupping and moving them in my hand. I rolled them between my fingers, feeling the weight of them. Then I took his member in my hand once more and started to move my hand up and down his shaft furiously. Tightening my grip when I got to the head and then loosening it on the way down. I moved my hand up and down slowly then sped up only to slow down again.

“You’re so fucking sexy,” Michael said as he gave my right butt cheek a good squeeze.

His right hand moved from caressing my face to touching my breasts. His fingertips lightly circled the areola of my left breast. Then without warning he pinched my nipple, my whole body tensed up seizing my task of jacking him off. I whimpered as he continued to pinch. Then he released and started to lightly circle once again. His fingertips felt so light on my skin.

“I think it’s my turn now,” he grinned devilishly before removing his arm from underneath me. He then ordered me to lie down on my stomach. He sat up on the bed and just looked at me for a moment. “You have such a sexy body,” he said as he ran his index finger up my thigh. “And you’re so soft too.”

I positioned my head to the direction he was and watched him. His index finger continued its trek up my thigh. Once it was at the upper thigh, he moved his index inward gently caressing my inner thigh. My whole body tensed and slightly shook to his touch. He knew that it drove me insane. He continued moving it up and lightly grazed it against my pussy lips.

“Mm I love how you keep your pussy bare. It makes me want to lick your pussy all day,” he said as bent down and licked from the crease where my thigh and buttock meet then upward.

I gasped and closed my eyes. Images of Michael licking and sucking my clit took over my mind. Even just thinking about it was turning me on. Every single thing this man was saying and doing to me was making my pussy wet. I didn’t want it to end. He bit my right buttock making me arch my back and moan to the sensation. Then he trailed kisses up my back and along my shoulders. He lightly bit my left shoulder before kissing down my back sending shivers through my whole body. He then licked the sides of my stomach with the tip of his tongue with the smallest amount of pressure. The sensuality of it drove me mad. He then flipped me over so that I was on my back. I smiled when we locked eyes.

“So beautiful,” he smiled before he leaned down and gently kissed my lips.

He kissed my jawline and my neck then licked up my throat. I moaned as he did this. His tongue traced along my collar bone and shoulder. He lightly bit my shoulder before he traced back to the nape of my neck with suckling kisses. He licked up my neck to the area slightly behind my ear and began to suck and lick there.

“Oh my gosh,” I panted closing my eyes as he continued to make my body tingle with his mouth.

He then started to kiss downward. I brought up my legs and bent my knees. He spread my legs then maneuvered himself so that he was between my legs and hovering over me. He kissed between my breasts. Then he poked out his tongue to lick the undersides of my breasts. I had no idea that such a thing would feel good. He placed a few sucking kisses on the sides of my breasts before tracing his tongue to my right nipple. He lightly flicked it a few times before taking it in his mouth and sucking it. He sucked and moved his tongue over my nipple repeatedly until he had it into a hardened pink peak. Then he trailed his tongue to my other breast to repeat the same manipulation on that nipple. Michael then started to kiss my stomach. First downward, then upward, and then side to side. He licked the sides and the middle all the while placing sucking kisses and nibbles everywhere.

I felt his kisses go lower and lower. He then licked and kissed my pelvic bone, sucking at the sensitive hollow skin there. At that point, I was dripping. I wanted him to touch me in my most special spot. I ached for it. I spread my legs wide in anticipation. travesti porno Michael traced his tongue downward to the area where my pussy and thigh met. He bit lightly before kissing my inner thigh. Michael kissed up my thigh to my knee. He left a sucking kiss on the area behind the knee before kissing back down to the apex between my legs. I continued to watch as he licked and kissed my thigh. His kisses turned inward towards my pussy. He paused for a moment and looked up at me. He smiled mischievously before giving my slit a quick lick. I moaned and slightly arched my back picking up my hips for a moment. He kept his eyes glued to mine as he gave me another quick lick. I whimpered and lightly bit my lip looking down at him, hoping he would keep his tongue there. Instead, he went to work on my other thigh.

“You’re almost as big a tease as me,” I joked.

He smiled as he lightly bit my thigh. I moaned and shook each time he bit my inner thigh. He then held up my legs and kissed the back of my thighs, starting with the left. I knew he was teasing me but I loved every minute of it. My hands took hold of the sides of my knees to hold my legs in place. He placed sucking kisses at the spot where my buttocks curve. Then he lightly traced his tongue along my left butt cheek before lightly biting it. I gasped in response. He began to lick along my right thigh and buttock. Placing nibbles and kisses along my thigh. He would kiss across my thigh getting close to my pussy but then he would skip my pussy and start kissing the other thigh. My thighs got more sensitive the longer he touched them. Every time he bit me, my moans grew louder. I could tell he was enjoying making me squirm. And I’m sure he knew how wet I was too, with his face so close to my pussy like that. My pussy was engorged and my slit glistened with my juices. But he just kept at the licking, kissing, and biting of my thighs. He kissed up my thigh and then back down again. Kissing the sides and nibbling my inner thigh.

Then, he quickly licked my pussy slit. I gasped in surprise. Strategically, he grazed my outer lips to drive me insane. I moaned and bucked my hips releasing hold of my legs. He put his hands on my thighs and slowly pushed them down. He kept his mouth on my pussy as he looped his arms under my thighs, his hands holding the top of my thighs keeping me spread. He didn’t start off slow like how he’s done before. He just dove right in. Licking my entire pussy. He pressed his tongue firmly against my entrance and then moved his head upward. He did that a few more times before quickly flicking my clit with his tongue repeatedly. I closed my eyes and moaned in pleasure as his tongue kept fluttering against my clit with the perfect amount of pressure.

“Oh god, Michael. Fuck. Lick that pussy. Lick it,” I moaned as my hands made their way to the top of his head. My fingers entangled themselves in his hair.

I pushed my hips upward in attempts to get closer to his face, as if it were possible. My hands pushed him down upon my pussy. I ground my hips against him as I felt myself near. His tongue felt so amazing. He darted his tongue in and out of my pussy. I moved my hips back and forth as if I were fucking his tongue like a penis. I heard him moan as he licked me. It turned me on knowing that eating my pussy was turning him on. He nibbled on my labia for a quick moment before getting to work on my clit. He sucked it in his mouth and massaged my clit with his tongue. I then felt him insert two fingers in my pussy. He pumped them within me fast as he continued to suck on my clit. His fingers curved upward to massage my G-spot. I wasn’t used to it getting touched like that. Guys have tried before but I told them that it felt too weird. Michael was the only one that I allowed to keep massaging it. With how stimulated he had my clit, it felt amazing actually.

“That… that… that feels so good,” I moaned.

I could feel my pussy getting warmer with each second that passed. We both knew that I was going to cum soon with the way my vagina was contracting around his fingers. Squeezing them when his tongue and fingers hit the right spot. He sped up his hand and flicked his tongue quick upon my clit until I felt the stirrings of my orgasm.

“Please, don’t stop. Keep going… faster… please,” I begged. Egging him on to fuck me hard with his fingers.

My whole body tensed as my orgasm tore through me. It affected every inch of my body. During this orgasm, it was as if I could feel my blood rushing through my veins from my head to my toes. He kept pumping his fingers in me even as I screamed that I was cumming. He just kept moving them in and out while sucking on my clit hard. I humped myself against his hand and mouth as I came. My hand was still in his hair, I involuntarily tugged it as my back arched and my body shook. Then, my body began to settle down. He took his fingers out of my pussy slowly and let go of his hold on my clit. He licked my pussy from top to bottom ever tumblr porno to so lightly and my body trembled at the slightest touch. An aftershock of my orgasm rippled through me.

“Wow,” I sighed out of breath. “You made me cum so hard, baby,” I smiled.

Michael gave my pussy a quick kiss before sliding up my body and kissing my lips. I tasted myself on him and kissed him hungrily. Licking and sucking my juices off of his lips and tongue. My tongue traced his lips and onto his chin to lick up every bit of me off him. He brought up the hand that he used to finger fuck me and placed it in between our lips. We kissed as we licked and sucked my juices off of his fingers. He stuck out his tongue and I sucked it like a cock. My head bobbed back and forth as I sucked and swirled my tongue around his.

He pulled away quick enough to say, “It’s so hot how you love to taste yourself.”

Then, his lips were on mine again. We moved our lips to a slow rhythm, savoring the moment. Our kiss was slow and deep. Yet it took my breath away just as it would if it were him kissing me quick and passionately. My hands rubbed along his shoulders and back as we kissed. One of his arms was hooked under my right arm. His hand pressed firmly against my shoulder. His other hand tangled itself in my hair, holding my head close to his. He sucked on my bottom lip and I moaned. We continued to kiss as we humped our bodies together.

“I need to feel you,” I panted between kisses.

Michael and I kept moving our bodies to a slow humping rhythm, his hard penis rubbed against my clitoris. My secretion from the orgasm I had a few moments before left lubrication for him to rub against me without hurting me.

“Please. Please, I need it,” I moaned.

He didn’t stop what he was doing though. I could feel myself building the more we moved against each other. His strokes were slow yet strong. It was so hot the way we were moving together. Then he slightly arched his back, moved his calves back, and pushed up his knees to be on either side of my buttocks to be in a semi sit position. He held himself up with his left hand and grabbed my left breast with his right. He gave it a hard squeeze before slowly moving his hand up my skin to my neck. We looked each other in the eyes as he placed a loose grip on my neck.

“Beg for it,” he said to me with his eyes smoldering.

“Fuck me,” I whispered. I knew perfectly well that the whisper would egg on his dominance.

“Say it again,” he said huskily tightening his grip on my neck.

“Fuck my cunt,” I said louder. I felt his cock poking at my entrance. All he had to do was move it forward a bit and it would be inside me.

“Say please,” he said as he brought his hips forward. His cock was on my pussy separating my labia.

I couldn’t take it anymore. We could play the dominance game later, I just wanted to be fucked. “Please, stick that nice hard cock in me,” I managed to say with my tightened airways.

Michael released his hold on my neck and placed his hand on the mattress. He moved his hips slightly forward and finally began to penetrate me. He didn’t drive himself in to the hilt like I was hoping though. With each back and forth thrust he would move more inside me. It drove me insane just how good this man was at teasing.

“You fucking tease,” I said.

“That’s what you get for making my cock hard during class,” he grinned before pushing his whole length within my hot tunnel.

“You feel so good,” I sighed closing my eyes.

His strokes were deep and long, moving in and out at a leisurely pace. I wanted to drive this out just as long as he did. We wanted to just enjoy feeling each other’s warmth. As much as I loved getting fucked fast and hard, I just wanted to savor his touch. We got the pent up frustration out of the way so we could take our time this time around… at least for a little bit. He pushed his knees back, straightening them a bit, then bent his elbows and lowered his upper body. His right forearm held him up. His left hand caressed my side and slid down to my thigh. He traced his fingertips back and forth across my creamy soft skin. We locked eyes once again and his lips came crashing down on mine. Our kiss matched the slow rhythm of our hips. Our tongues traced each other’s lips, asking for entrance to the other’s mouth. He thrust himself all the way in and moved his hips in a circular motion. I moaned against his mouth and pressed my fingertips into his back. He slowly pulled himself out, like a slow drag, then he eased his hard and hot member back inside my wet hole.

“You’re so tight,” he whispered in my ear.

I moaned as I rode this slow wave of pleasure with him. I turned my head to the left and kissed his bicep, I just wanted my lips on him. I heard a soft moan escape from his lips then continued to kiss, lick, and suck on his bicep. His increase in pants urged me on. I brought my head up and kissed his shoulder. Then I kissed my way to his collar bone, kissing and licking the hollow skin there. He let out a long breathy exhale as I kissed his neck, dragging my tongue up and down the length of his neck. I lightly bit his neck and he moaned. He didn’t stop rocking within me even as I kissed the sensitive skin of his neck and throat.

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