Şubat 25, 2021

I Love Your Milk Ch. 02

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It was a beautiful April afternoon. I was just leaving school, even though the final bell had rung a few hours ago. Some friends of mine had decided to hold a study group in order to prepare for our final exams. I was grateful for the study time; Senioritis is a hard demon to fight. In a few weeks, I would be graduating.

I had been in a really good mood this week; my grades were good, I had graduation gift money pouring in, and I had great plans for the summer. Now, it was Friday, and I was itching to order some pizza and play some video games. Just as I reached my car in the parking lot, my phone rang and displayed a number that I didn’t recognize.

“Hello?” I said into my phone.

“Afternoon, Lucas,” said a familiar female voice with a British accent.

My heart skipped a beat. “Gretchen?”

“Yes, it’s me. How are you?”

“I’m fine…How are you?”

“Good…very well…listen, I was wondering if you wanted to come over for tea.”


“Yeah, it’s pretty lonely over here, just me and the baby. What do you say?”

“Well,” I gulped. “I’m not a big fan of tea. I’d actually prefer…milk.”

My cock throbbed within my pants after that last word. In her lack of an immediate reply, I hungered for an answer.

“There might be some milk here for you,” she answered.

“Good, I’m on my way over.”

“Right. See you in a bit.”

I quickly got into my car and departed my school. My heart was pounding as I did my best to remain within the speed limit. Could this really be happening?

Last month, my mom had sent me to Gretchen’s on an errand. She’d recently had a baby, so my mom had baked a batch of brownies as a gift. During that visit, I had learned that Gretchen had gone up a few cup sizes and was lactating profusely. Unfortunately, her newborn son was not fond of breastfeeding, leaving her very frustrated and engorged. In desperation, she’d allowed me to help her pump out her milk…and eventually let me suckle from her breasts.

Before that day, Gretchen hadn’t really been one of my favorite people. I’d always seen her as an obnoxious, freeloading, wine drinker who loved to embarrass her husband in public. Now, she was the supreme object of my wet dreams.

I pulled into the driveway, grateful that Gretchen’s husband Peter wasn’t at home. Peter worked as a consultant, and his job frequently kept him on the road. A few seconds after I had knocked on the door, she answered.

“Come in,” she said.

Gretchen was wearing a pink wool blouse and a drab grey skirt, both of which were failing to conceal her jiggling ass and breasts. I silently followed her into the house.

“Glad you could make it,” Gretchen said. “The tea’s right…OH!”

I pressed my body against her back, reached forward, and started fondling breasts her from the rear. bahis firmaları My nose was nestled in her black hair, savoring her female scent. The warmth of her body against mine was such a relief.

“I told you,” I whispered. “I don’t want tea.”

“Stop it!” she said, prying herself out of my grasp.

I was filled with confusion and fear. Had I misinterpreted her invitation? Just as I was about to leave, she grabbed my arm.

“I…that’s not what I meant,” she said. “I just meant that…we need to go upstairs first.”


I followed her to the second level of the house, once again to the privacy of her master bedroom. Once I had closed the door, I removed my shoes and socks while staring at Gretchen. She heaved the blouse over her head, baring her nursing-bra covered chest. I responded by removing my shirt.

She then removed both flaps on the front of her bra. Once I saw those hard, pink nipples staring at me, I felt an uncontrollable thirst overwhelm me. I watched her climb into the bed and lay herself sideways on her left side, using some pillows to cushion her upper body.

“How do you want me to…?”

“Just lay on your right side like this, right in front of me,” she instructed.

I did as I was told, granted, it took a few minutes of awkward positioning and a couple of pillows for myself before we were both comfortable. Once we were settled, I eagerly took her stiff nub of her right breast into my mouth. I looked up to see Gretchen biting her lip to keep from moaning. It didn’t take long for the milk to start coursing into my mouth. Gretchen gently began stroking my hair as she fed me.

“Yes, that’s it,” she breathed. “Oh, god. Why is there so much? I swear, I must have milked myself three times yesterday.”

I was barely listening; I was too wrapped up in this moment of intimacy. I loved having my face mashed against the warm, firm flesh of her breast. I loved prodding her nipple with my tongue, urging it to give me more of the delicious nectar I craved. I thanked whatever god there was that had cursed Gretchen with an infant that didn’t want to breastfeed. I had gladly taken his place.

“Lucas? Lucas! Wake up!”


I sat up in the bed, slowly realizing that I had fallen asleep. Gretchen was looking at me with an expression of mild amusement. I yawned and stretched, still tasting her milk in my mouth.

“Sorry about that,” I told her. “It’s just that this bed is so comfy, and it was so quiet.”

“It’s alright,” she assured me. “You looked so peaceful, but I didn’t want you sleeping too long.”

“How long was I out?”

“Maybe five minutes.”


“Stop apologizing,” she implored. “Do you want to have a go at the other one?” She offered her other breast to me.


“And, um…what are kaçak iddaa you going to do about that?”

I followed her eye line, realizing that she was looking at my crotch. Whether it was because of her bare breasts, or my short nap, I had a boner. Granted, I had been developing a chubby ever since she’d called me on the phone, but now it was unbearably hard.

“Go ahead and take them off,” she said before I had time to think.

I didn’t even bother to feign any form of protest. I quickly removed my pants and boxers and threw them away while Gretchen got on her back. I rested my head upon her and took her unsuckled breast into my mouth. The milk came out so easily and it tasted just as good as the other one. Gretchen let out a low moan and clutched my head closer to her chest.

I’m not sure whether or not she meant to, but her knee moved up and nudged my erection, which was enough to make me moan as well. I gently began moving my hips so that I was rubbing my dick against her knee. It might have been deluded, but I thought that Gretchen would not notice. My eyes fluttered open as I felt her fingers enclose themselves around my penis and gently rub it. My ears burned with arousal and I sucked on her nipple harder.

A daring idea popped into my head. I’d had this idea shortly after my first breastfeeding session with Gretchen, and it had been buried after I thought I would never get a chance with her again. Now, it seemed like the perfect opportunity.

First, I gently slid my arm around her and began rubbing her arm and back. When, she didn’t put up any resistance I waited a few minutes for my next move. I took my mouth off her nipple, pushed myself against her, and rolled the both of us until I was on top of her. She didn’t make a sound. I made no further moves after that.

She looked up at me with a solemn expression, as if she knew what I wanted of her. Gretchen wasn’t the first female I had been in bed with, but I never thought I’d be in this position with her. I waited in agony for her to speak.

“Lucas…I’m very flattered…but I don’t think this is a good idea.”

I could feel both my dick and my spirits deflating. Still, I felt like I should tell her how I felt.

“I know you’re married, and I like drinking your milk, but I can’t stop thinking about fucking you.”

I guess hearing me say the word ‘fuck’ really tickled her, because she started giggling. She reached up and gently rubbed my cheek.

“Thanks, I really needed that. Ever since I had this baby, I haven’t felt sexy in any way. I feel like every bloke who looks at me sees a big, fat cow. It’s nice to know I can still make the lads randy.”

“Very randy,” I assured her.

“The last time I had a man inside of me, I got knocked up…”

“I could put on a condom!”

“Still not going to happen,” Gretchen kaçak bahis said as she sat up and gently pushed me off of her. “Oh, I feel so much better. Listen, you’ll be off to uni soon, and you’ll have plenty of girls younger than me to fool around with.”

“But none of them are going to have big, lactating tits,” I told her.

Gretchen just sat there, smiling and blushing as she put the cups back on her nursing bra. I sullenly got off the bed and got my shirt. Trying to be courteous, I grabbed her blouse off of the floor and turned to give it to her, only to find her completely topless, bra on the floor.

“Are you full again?” I asked her.

She said nothing, but just walked over to me. When she stood face to face with me, she slowly sank to her knees. My eyes went wide, and my penis got hard again.

Not wanting to ruin this moment, I kept my mouth shut and my eyes on her. She lifted up those large, gorgeous tits of hers and sandwiched my dick between them. I moaned and started to gently rock my hips, enjoying the feeling of her soft skin against my member. I could barely see my dick as it was smothered in the heaven of her cleavage. She helped by moving her tits up and down against me.

I could feel her arousal in the way her skin became warmer and her breathing more pronounced. I began to realize that while she wasn’t willing to sleep with me, she could at least help me get off in another way. Maybe it was sympathy, or simply payment for relieving her of her milk. I didn’t care. Just when I thought things couldn’t get any better, Gretchen stuck out her tongue and sent it into her cleavage. My mind was reeling as I felt her tongue prodding my glans.

I was panting heavily, my toes curling and digging into the carpet. It soon became unbearably hot inside the room. Was it me, or was the air conditioner off? I mopped the modest amount of sweat off of my brow continued my mild thrusting. Gretchen then let go of her breasts.

“Sorry, my arms are getting tired,” she said.

Just when I thought she was finished, she dove face first into my crotch and took me into her mouth. I cried out and clutched her head as I felt her tongue bathing my dick. I took all of my strength to remain on my feet; the pleasure was so overwhelming.

I guess Gretchen didn’t like me holding her head, because she gently took my hands off. Just when I was about to mutter an apology, she started bobbing her head back and forth. I clenched my fists, hoping that I could savor this blowjob as long as possible. The gurgling, slurping noises that Gretchen was making were driving me mad with lust. No longer able to hold on, I released myself inside of Gretchen’s mouth.

She gently pulled her mouth back from me so that my dick fell out of her mouth. I was breathing heavily as I watched her swallow my ejaculate. I was still speechless from what had just transpired.

“Well, at least you’ll have a good story to tell all of your friends when you go off to university,” she said as she rose to her feet. She grabbed a new top and put it on.

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