Şubat 22, 2021

I Bisexual Ch. 02

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God it felt good! My jeans so fucking tight! Hugging my ass cheeks, hugging my balls and cock. Almost gripping them. I sauntered into the store, and felt the cool, cold surface underneath my barefeet. Any surface felt good tonight. Walking barefoot Over a bit of grass, cold cement, sensual black tarmac. Such a hot and enticing feeling. A sensuality as potent and varied as my mouth on a cock, or licking a hot wet pussy. Sucking on a nipple or my tongue rimming my dominants asshole. God I felt like a slut. Going barefoot could be that good.

My hair bushwhacked like I’d just gotten out of bed, which I just had.My eyes bloodshot, and me high as a kite, all in the twilight, stinking of cum, sweat and perfume.

Back at the cross light I pulled out a long menthol cigarette and lit it up. The bangles on my wrists accentuating a certain femininity as my long slender fingers worked to light it.

The first inhale was always the best. Like sucking in the sin with relish and exhaling even more satisfied. Always expecting more and never being disappointed. Crossing the street, I saw a lady cop. Wow! She was built with tits like torpedoes. An insanely wicked idea crossed my mind! My cock got even harder! “No!No!No! I can’t go there! ” I giggled to myself!

Maybe people were right.The way I’d been acting I was gonna get myself in trouble.

I went up Sylvians stairs and opened his apartment door.

My god! I couldn’t believe my eyes! Why are these people here!?!Looking as shocked as me, standing there in the living room was Jane, an old Cleopatra like aquaintance. She looked hot in tight Calvin Klein jeans, three inch stiletto heels, and a purple/silver shiny tank top. I had at one time become her drinking confidente. Her demented muse so to speak. Somehow though, she always gave me a hard time. With her was Maurice. A definitive gay queen. I had met him in a gay bar and we had shared some of the hottest mutual masturbation sessions possible, with Us two sitting close, legs intertwined, bare toes touching each others asses. His body was taut, muscular though middle aged. He wore his Jeans tight too. He wore a bahis firmaları black fishnet top and his short hair grey and spiky.

He considered me not butch enough to be his top and he was almost always a bottom, thus our mutual masturbation sessions. The climaxes were incredible to say the least! He liked to give me a hard time as well. How did these two know each other? How did they did both know Sylvian?

“Wow! ” uttered Jane.

“You know Sylvian? ” she questioned me. I didn’t reply.

“For fucks sake! ” she exhorted.

“You and Sylvian are fucking each other! This is so fucking hot! ”

We sat down on the couch and poured some wine.

“We’ll do some Cocaine ,” said Maurice, pouring lines out of a plastic bag onto a small mirror he had in front of him.

“Not for me! I just stick with booze, “said an Exasperated Jane.

I snorted my lines. Feeling the heady rush as my nasal passages became icy. I got up and opened another bottle of wine and lit a cigarette while still standing.

“You’re really going down babe, ” said Jane.

Somehow she had alway’s gotten a certain pleasure from taunting me. Somehow, it turned me on too.

Sylvian then entered the living room.

“So you know my friends then? ” he said, clutching my crotch and once again locking lips with me for a hefty, sweet very sexy kiss.

“Yes, I do, ” I said, giggling as I began to peak on the Cocaine. He then pulled away from me and a look of distain overcame his face.

“You’ve been doing Cocaine all of you? Here? ” He said, seeing the powdery residue on the table.

“Yeh, It’s fun! ” I said, exhaling a long thick stream of smoke.

With that I felt his hand smack aggressively against my face.

“Owwww! ” I scowlded, realizing that I’d made Sylvian angry.

He pushed one of his painted nails into my chest and I backed up into the bedroom. Seeing him this angry was definitly turning me on.

“You fucking slut! ” He shouted as he pushed me onto the bed. I hit the

mattress face down.He put one hand behind my back, and with the other smacked

my tight blue kaçak iddaa jeaned ass several times. It smarted and stung and I knew I’d bear the red marks. I was getting very fucking hot!

Maurice had entered the room and stripped off his pants. Sylvian grabbed the bottom off my jeans and tugged. “Take them off my bitch! ” he said. I undid the waist button and the jeans slid off, exposing my bare ass to him as I was sat on the bed on all fours.

Maurice knelt on the bed before me, shoving his huge throbbing cock right in front of my face. “Suck my cock barefoot boy! You’re my queen now, ” said Maurice.

God that turned me on! being called that by a flaming fem like him was definitely a compliment. I’d come a long way baby!

“Oh fuck!This is going to be hot!I gotta see this! ” gushed Jane as she sat on a chair, crossed her legs and smoked and drank.

Sylvian didn’t give me any lube and I didn’t want it. I liked it rough and bareback was the only way for me now.

With a quick thrust Sylvian shoved his thick potent cock into my asshole. My insides shook. What a fucking feeling! Sylvian at first kept a steady rytham of one massive thrust per second. Each one seeming to drive deeper into me, up against my prostate.

My cock was now in Maurice’s hand.He squeezed and fondled me.My prick erect

and hard enough to stretch my foreskin to it’s limit.

I shoved my mouth onto Maurices big prick. Felt the hairs in my mouth. I sucked it like my life depended on it. I really wanted to choke to death from it! I needed it that bad. He moaned with delight!

“Suck me good you tart,” said Maurice Unforgivingly, as Sylvian fucked me, and rolled my nipples through his fingers. Indeed sexual pleasure from all sides.I was in Heaven!

I rapidly mouth massaged Maurices member. Sucking and feeling it’s head at the back of my throat and savoring the pre-cum. Sylvian’s cocked bashed repeatedly into my asshole. I started to gyrate my ass as he changed Rytham ever quicker. Fucking clockwise then counter whilst I was being the best ever cocksucker I could be. I was in sexual ecstacy! The lightening kaçak bahis fire anal thrusts were lifting my burning ass higher into the air! I was on fire babe!

Maurices cock swished rapidly back and forth in my mouth like the head of a viscious Cobra snake! I felt the first shot of cum hit my tonsils. I drank it down like the thirsty, hungry fallen slut I’d become!Then more came! It seemed to come in pints! Some dribbled down my Chin!

Just then I felt Sylvians cock explode into my ass. The thick hot cum shot into me from his Firehose. The head of his cock pulsating violently and going beserk deep inside my asshole. Serpents juice hot, and it swam into me, throughout my entire body.He repeatedly battering rammed his cock into me. Injecting me with his river of sin. Fully until the last! He panted and groaned as he filled me!

I was in such ecstacy I couldn’t stand it anymore! My ass full of burning cum. My mouth and throat full, indeed in all of me, all full of semen. I touched my cock, knelt over on my side and my cum began to shoot out. A large puddle forming and building on the bed sheet. I wanted to scream with pleasure, but instead gargled and nearly choked from the semen already in my mouth.

Sylvian Hard slapped my ass one more time! I was having the greatest orgasm I’d ever had! I moved my head over and licked up my own puddle of cum. The cum shot out of me as I masturbated.

I lay there for a good minute masturbating,licking up my own cum.Getting the last from the heat of my hot sex with two gorgeous gay men.

I lay there in exhaustion when I was finally done.

“Maybe you’re not bisexual.Maybe your gay, ” said Jane, still sitting in the chair.Arrogant,decadent thing she was.


We whiled away the next few hours drinking wine and smoking pot. Sylvian threw a roll of twenties on the coffee table before me. This was much more than just two taxi rides. He always insisted though. There was nothing I could do about it.

I was probably going to go out to a club anyway. Sylvian was intent on watching some televised London theatrical production of “The letter opener” by Fatwa_Morgana. Sylvian claimed to know her. He said she wasn’t speaking to him anymore with a touch of sadness.

I didn’t care. I wasn’t interested in that hi brow shit. He could watch it alone.

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